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Website where you can earn money for taking pictures and uploading them.

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2012 22:06
      Very helpful



      A fun site that looks at trends in society, so you can earn money and have fun.

      I first came across this website after reading a review about it, and I was so intrigued, I joined the very same day. I come across a lot of web sites where you can earn a little money. Some genuine, some not genuine, some are fun, some are hard work, some are good payers, some are not. I join a lot of sites to answer surveys or take part in communities, but if the website does not grab me, then I am the sort of person who gets bored and stops participating.

      I joined iconzoomer on the 13th of September. It is basically a community website that follows trends, and to do so, you are asked to complete photo assignments by uploading photos you have snapped onto the site. This can be done using a camera phone, with apps for iPhone and Android phones, but it can also be done with a digital camera if you are like me and don't own a camera mobile phone. A mobile phone would be more useful for some of the assignments that I have seen, just because I would feel less self conscious taking some of the pictures that the assignments require you to take if I could do it while pretending I was checking something on my phone.

      There are a variety of assignments, and you can join in with whichever assignments you like as soon as you sign up to the site. The main ones that I have been participating in involve taking pictures of the food that you eat throughout the day, but I have also shown plants around my home, and new food trends, and what I look for when buying new shoes.

      On a daily basis, I tend to take a photo of my breakfast, my lunch, my afternoon snack, and my dinner. This can be when it is on my plate, or while I am cooking my meal. I then visit the iconzoomer website to add my photos to the relevant assignment. My photos are then held until they are checked, and I then get credited into my account when they are approved and being shown on the website in their picture gallery. Approval can take anything from a few minutes to a few days depending on when you add them. My longest was 4 days when I first joined. As well as the photo, I put on a little description of what the picture shows, and I need to say what brand names that I have used. So tonight's dinner was home made pizza and potato wedges served with baked beans and sauces, so I wrote exactly that as my description, then used brand names like Branston, Heinz, Tesco. I tend to log on maybe once or twice per day and spend a few minutes uploading my assignment information before logging off again.

      Payment is dependent on what sort of member you are. When you first join you are a bronze member. This means each photo that gets accepted you get paid 5 credits for it. When you have had 26 accepted, you then become a silver member and this increases to 7 credits per assignment. When you upload 51 pictures, then you get 9 credits per picture. One credit is approximately equal to 5 euro cents.

      This might not sound a high payment, but for the amount of effort, these credits do then add up really quickly. I can't say I have uploaded pictures every day even, but since I joined I have reached the first payout threshold twice, and have been paid for my photos.

      Payments can be either a paypal payment which is in euros, amazon.com vouchers, or a charity donation. You can cash out when you reach 200 credits, 600 credits or 1000 credits. 200 credits = 10 Euros, 600 = 35 Euros, and 1000 = 60 Euros. I worked 10 Euros out to be about £8. When I got paid, I didn't realise that paypal would charge me for getting this money, but I still got £7.29 for 200 credits. I have reached this level 3 times since joining, but now I know the site definitely pays, I will save up for the bigger reward. Payment is only once a month, round about the 1st of the month, so I will hopefully be there in time to get a nice reward at the beginning of December to go towards Christmas shopping.

      I find the site interesting to use. I like taking photos, and I have previously blogged and takn photos of meals I have made to make blog posts, so taking pictures of my food comes very natural to me. I have been less inspired by assignments that require me to go in shops and take photos of dairy, fruit and veg or meat displays as frankly I would feel a bit of an idiot whipping my camera out while doing my food shop. I do enjoy doing the assignments that fit with my lifestyle though. I find I am a bit more inspired to cook some different meals as it is a bit boring taking pictures of the same types of food, and I also realised just what sort of junk was being consumed for my afternoon snacking. I also find it quite interesting to look at the pictures that other people have uploaded to the gallery.

      Customer service seems to be fairly good too. I had to contact them as I accidentally uploaded a picture into the wrong assignment, and I got a nice little email the following day telling me it was all sorted.

      It is quite different from other sites that allow you to make money, as you can spend as little or as much time as you like on there, and I have found that I am earning about £4 a week for doing something a bit quirky and a very small effort from myself. It would be even less time if I had a phone camera and could upload directly to the site rather than putting my camera card into the computer, then uploading. I find it as held my attention well for 6 weeks and I am still finding new things to interest me as there are new assignments being added all the time. I can now also take pictures of toiletries trends, and household products that are poorly designed. I am quite glad I came across it.


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        08.10.2012 19:40
        Very helpful



        paid to complete picture assignments

        I'm always looking for opportunities to make money online and when I found this site that pays you to take pictures I was more than happy but a bit sceptical about weather it was legit. After being on it for 2 months I have been paid twice and think it is definitely the best site for making money that isn't time consuming like most of the sites I use now. The site is very new and I though it would be a great idea to share it with on here.

        ----------How the Site Works------------
        The company that runs the site looks for trends in day to day life of people. They post assignments regularly where they ask you to upload pictures of you doing certain things.
        Assignment - Show us how you eat breakfast.
        What you do - Take a picture of your plate of breakfast or your pot whilst cooking breakfast then upload it.
        How you earn - Once your picture is uploaded you will have to wait till it's approved to earn your credits which is usually 1-2 days 4 days tops.
        With a task such as this on I have stated you can upload pictures of all the different breakfast food you eat on any day just so long as they are different. With some tasks you can't upload more than one e.g. Show us the latest furniture you have brought. Now this task is obvious that you will only have one latest piece of furniture so if you upload more than one the second probably will be rejected so it isn't really worth it to try.

        It really is as simple as that and I could not believe it when I found it was actually a legit website. I find the assignments to be very fun because it's weird when you actually takes notice of you lifestyle habits. It wasn't until using this site that I realised that I eat so many snacks because I always seem to have pictures of my snacking foods to upload. Snap it, Upload it, Earn it is their motto.
        -----------Credits & Membership--------------
        The sign up process to the site is very quick and takes about 5-10 minutes which is good because some sites take long to register. The site is very new and excepts everyone and are actively trying to get new members. The way the membership works is you start of as a bronze member and earn 5 credits per picture accepted. Once you have had 26 pictures accepted you will move up to a silver member and earn 7 credits per picture. The final status is gold and you reach that status when you have had 51 pictures accepted and from then on you will earn 9 credits per picture accepted. As long as you follow the term & conditions your account will stay open but if you start trying to cheat the system your account will likely to be closed.

        The main rules to follow are DO NOT upload images that are not yours or from the internet they will not be accepted because they are not your own.
        ----------Image Quality & App-----------
        On this site image quality is very important. Pictures have to be good quality and not edited to be accepted. The pictures you upload can not be blurry and need to be taken on a decent camera. I know it sounds daunting getting good quality images but to be fair the age of smartphones make it easy for me to upload good pictures and nowadays my pictures always get accepted. I started uploading my pictures that I was taking on my iPod but was realising not all my pictures were being accepted because of the quality was sometimes dark. When I started using my phone which is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray I realised everything I was taking started to get accepted so I decided to stick with my phone.

        Uploading pictures on mobiles is very easy because they have got an iPhone and most recently and Android app to make things very easy. The way the app works is that you will download it then you will be able to see a list of your assignments. To upload all you do is click the assignment you want to do and you are given the option to take a new picture or go to your gallery. Most of the time I find it easier to take my pictures throughout the day the upload them all at night before bed or when relaxing or something. The app makes it very easy to participate in Iconzoomer on the go. Non iPhone/Android users will have to upload their pictures online through the website but it is just as quick and simple as the app. The app only allows you to upload assignments all the other features such as getting a payout, seeing what has been accepted and haw many credits you have need to be checked online.
        -----------Website & Navigating through the website--------
        The website is very presentable and has some high quality photography used for their background which I think as someone who is interested in photography is excellent to look at. It also shows how much time and effort has been put into the website itself.
        The website is very easy to navigate through and has bold headers to take you to each section. On the home page you have a a live feed of pictures that have recently been accepted and I think that is a good feature because it allows you to see what others are uploading and let you see trends going on at the moment. In bold on the home page you will also see how many credits you have, and you member status.

        Online you can check your assignments and see which ones are pending and which ones have been accepted. Also you can check new assignment that are there and request a payout.
        The site itself is very easy to navigate through and very attractive to look at which makes it fun when using it. The site updates the assignment very often so there is always something to do.

        I think this is probably the section of this review most have been waiting for so here it goes. Payout is very simple you redeem your credits for a selection of 3 rewards. You can choose from Unicef donations, Paypal Cash and Amazon.com vouchers. Each of the 3 categorised of prizes can be redeem when you either get 200, 600 or 1000 credits and you can redeem as many as you want. Each payment will be made on the following 1st of the month of when you requested it. If the 1st falls on a weekend you will get your payment the Monday after the weekend. e.g. you request on the 12th of august and your payment will be made the 1st of September. If you request more than on payment leading up to the 1st of a month all will come on the 1st and all payments are notified by email. The site is 100% percent legit and I have been paid twice so you can take my word for it.
        200 credits = 10 euros
        600 credits = 35 euros
        1000 credits = 60 euros
        Payments are changed into your local currency if you redeem for cash but not sure on other payments because I have not had them yet. As far as I am aware of this site pays all of Europe. I am in the UK so I get my rewards in pounds.

        In terms of how much you can earn I am a gold member earning 9 credits per picture so I only have to upload 23 pictures a month to have 1 payout. For the amount of assignment that they give out 23 pictures is achievable in a week.

        The site is a very good idea and it is very easy and fun at the same time. Most of all it is not time consuming so you never feel the strain of having to go and use Iconzoomer it just feels like a fun activity that I always do like checking Facebook. There isn't much more I can say about the site than hurry up and register because it's probably one of the best sites for making money that is fun that I have comes across to date. It's not a get rich scheme it's purely a trend spotting website that pays you so don't expect to become a millionaire but definitely make some extra money.

        I know it sounds to good to be true but check it out yourself is all I can say.


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