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IMRS Market Research

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    1 Review
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      20.09.2007 16:58
      Very helpful



      Another online market research sites that offers you the chance to win money.

      Here’s yet another review for all of you out there who are trying to make a little bit of extra cash off the internet. This is a site that I’ve been a member of for about a year now and have quite mixed feelings about. IMRS stands for Internet Market Research Services and from that title alone you can probably determine what the site is actually about. They’re located in London and the majority of their work is targeted on the UK although in recent months there have been several studies done in other areas of Europe. The research they conduct is mainly done online however some is done over the phone, by post or even face to face.

      It’s another online market research company that offers businesses and companies the chance to find out information from the general public. They target members and sectors of the public to find out both qualitative and quantitative data regarding products and services that are currently on offer or are perhaps likely to be on offer in the future. The company itself also boasts a range of additional features including providing suitable participants for phone interviews, tracking purchasing habits of the population within the UK and strategies to enable organisations to measure the damage done by a certain claim or product.

      The Homepage

      The homepage is quite scientific looking to a certain extent and thankfully not overloaded with information. The majority of the site is targeted to attracting businesses and companies with relatively little advertising or information geared towards attracting individual members of the public. On the left hand side are two links, the first allowing you to register with IMRS and the second allowing you to log in to the site and complete surveys which are on offer to you.


      The joining process is done by filling in a single page which asks you to input basic information such as name, address, date of birth, marital status, etc. This is probably one of the easiest sites to join as the process takes literally 1-2 minutes which is incredibly quick. You will also be entered into a prize draw to win a case of wine for your troubles; this is drawn at the end of every month.

      Member Area

      Once you’ve joined or logged into the site you’ll be taken to the member area which is rather sparse and extremely straightforward. The main page shows any available surveys that you are currently eligible for along with a short description of what they’re about. At the top are three options; the first allows you to change any account details or deregister, the second simply takes you back to survey page and the third allows you to log out of the site. Below these three options are a further three options which include “help” which offers you some answers to any frequently asked questions, “contact us” which gives you the email and postal address of IMRS and finally “about us” which gives you a very brief insight into the company itself.


      Surveys are normally emailed to your inbox however you can also log into the member area to see any available ones. The frequency of surveys is extremely low; I find I get about 1-2 a month and they can take anything from 2 – 15 minutes to complete. When you log into the survey area you’ll find that they’re not updated very often as there’s still surveys on offer here from as long ago as 2006. Therefore the frequency and the renewal of surveys are quite poor really.

      With regards to rewards which is arguably the main reason for joining this type of site, you’ll be very disappointed I’m sure. For participating in any survey you’ll simply be entered into one of a number of prize draws to win anything from £500 cash to a large screen television. These prize draws are drawn at the end of each survey and therefore I’d guess that my chances of winning are extremely low indeed. Different surveys seem to last varying amounts of time, some disappear from the survey area within about a week although at present there’s no way to find out the winners of the prizes or if there are legitimate prizes.

      My Opinion

      I’ve been considering deregistering from IMRS for some time now and think that I probably will do in the near future as at present I simply delete the emails that they send to my inbox. There’s no incentive to complete the surveys as the chances of winning one of the prizes are so slim it does seem like answering the surveys for absolutely no reward really. If they introduced some remuneration scheme whereby you earned a small amount for completing surveys then this site could really work, but at present there’s just no incentive to join or stay a member I’m afraid. I certainly wouldn’t recommend joining but if you do want to then simply visit www.imrs.co.uk and click on “registration” on the right hand side of the top menu for more information.

      Thanks for reading!


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