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Since we first set up shop in 1998, market research companies have been coming to us for a glimpse into the brains of the man or woman in the street. And we've been helping those companies to plan, organise and collect the data that they need.

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    5 Reviews
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      28.03.2013 14:21




      I had to write a review on here, as my experience has been totally different from the glowing reviews aready on here.

      I joined Indiefield in 2009 and in 4 years have only ever noted a couple of surveys being offered to me (I have logged in to check, not just waited to be emailed). I was offered a £10 survey a few months ago, which I completed, it took around 30 mins of my time. However, after completing the survey I never received the payment and despite numerous emails and contact via the website, Indiefield has never bothered to reply. Quite frankly, I would never trust them again.

      To be honest I am sure some people have been lucky and got a focus group (where they have to pay you when you turn up!). But my experience is shockingly poor.

      My advice for completing surveys is to use Valued opinions and for focus groups use Focus4People - they are excellent and really trustworthy. Avoid this bunch of charlatans like the plague.


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      16.05.2010 09:54
      Very helpful



      Definitely worth joining

      Like many people, I am signed up to a number of survey sites but I have to admit that I do find doing the surveys quite tedious even though I always like giving my opinions. To be honest though, it's a lot of effort for very little reward. This is why I am pleased that I am a member of indiefield as this is a market research company that is both more rewarding and entertaining!

      It's very easy to sign up for this company as all you need to do is go to


      provide your email address and answer a few basic questions including agreeing to the terms and conditions. You then submit the form and wait for a confirmation email explaining how to activate your account. Once you are registered and have decided on your password, you can log in whenever you want.

      There are three main areas to keep an eye on. These are:

      My profile
      My invitations and
      My history.

      The most important one to keep checking regularly is 'my invitations' as not all potential assignments or fieldwork are emailed to you - although some are. These can be very interesting and some invitations even involve travel abroad (although with family commitments I have never yet been able to apply for any of these!). They are also often looking for a specific group of people such as doctors, students or van drivers. It can also often depend on what car you drive as to whether you might be called forward for an assignment. There will also be some screening questions for the main assignment and it is very important to put a phone number that you can be contacted on at any time. This is because you will be called back if they want you and once they have a full quota you will have missed your chance.

      IF you do get called for a project it could virtually be anything. I have test driven cars, been part of a discussion group about packaging for garden furniture and been asked to talk about my feelings for a particular car. It normally takes about two hours and payment is usually about £50 for the session which is much better than the hourly rate for filling in most surveys! Also you get paid on the day so there is no waiting to reach a specific amount or for a cheque to arrive in the post. Of course, I should point out that if you are a tax payer you should obviously being paying tax on the amount you receive!

      You normally have to travel somewhere to take part but you always know where these will be taking place from the screenings so you do need to weigh up whether it is worth the travel. Many events take place in London and as this would generally involve the cost of a train fare it does not seem worth it to me. You are treated well at your destination though and there's often refreshments provided. The market researchers are also quite friendly although they are very focused on their questioning. You do have to sign a confidentiality form though agreeing not to talk about what you have been doing with anyone else.

      You won't make a fortune from indiefield because the likelihood is that you'll only get asked to do one or two things a year but it is worth doing especially if you just want to do something a little bit different. My favourite assignment was definitely when I test drove the cars. I had someone with me in the passenger seat and I had to give them a running commentary of everything I noticed and thought about the car as I was driving - not something I often do when I get behind a wheel.

      Overall Indiefield seems very professional and I would definitely recommend signing up. It pays well for doing something a little bit different and you get to say what you think too! I thoroughly enjoy being a member and I only wish that I got a few more assignments!


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        07.01.2010 13:35
        Very helpful



        see review

        Back in May I read an article on the Moneysavingexpert website entitled "how to boost your income". Dooyoo was featured along with some market research / focus group websites one of which was Indiefield.

        I signed up for 4 of them but Indiefield was my first invitation to trial so for anyone wondering about them I thought I would share my experiences.

        ** ABOUT INDIEFIELD **

        Indiefield describe themselves as a consumer directory whose purpose is to test out products and ideas on the general public on behalf of the manufacturer. Feedback is then submitted to the manufacturer as to whether they are onto a winner! This could be to test a new product to the market, or to test the water with changes to an established product.

        ** HOW TO JOIN **

        Registration is free and really simple. Just log onto their website (www.indiefield.co.uk) and register some basic details and you are in!
        You will then need to complete your profile which gives Indiefield more of an idea about you, your background, your lifestyle etc. The more they know about you, the more likely you are to be selected on the basis that you match the criteria for a particular trial.

        All this is for a basic account. If you want to upgrade to a Premier Account you will need to submit a photo - it's still free but means you will be even more likely to be selected for research.

        I have chosen not to submit a photo - just a personal preference I really don't like doing that as you will notice from my dooyoo avatar :)

        ** WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? **

        Well for about 5 months not a lot really...from time to time I logged into my account and updated my personal profile but I didn't receive any invitations to participate in trials. I wasn't too bothered as it had been free to join and required relatively little effort. However in November bingo! I received a questionnaire about alcohol consumption which I completed and submitted.

        A couple of days later I received an email inviting me to take part in a wine testing trial.

        ** ABOUT THE TRIAL **

        I was told that I would need to go along to a hotel in the city centre on the given date and time to collect three bottles of wine and answer a few questions.

        The questions took about 10-15 mins to answer and were done face to face with a representative from the company. I had to look at several bottles of wine and answer some questions about the bottle appearance and label design etc.

        After I had finished I was given three bottles of Jacob's Creek Vintage Shiraz to take home and test. I was quite surprised that they were all the same wine as I was expecting them to be different - also thought wow that's rather generous that they gave me three!! Not being one to complain about free wine, off I went and was told that after a week I would be required to complete an online questionnaire about the wine and then after another week, would be invited back to collect a further 3 bottles.

        I did my duty and drank the wine (well it's a tough life...) and completed my online questionnaire which asked mainly about aesthetics of the bottle and label and very little about the actual wine. A couple of examples were about the height and weight of the bottle which didn't look any different to me than a normal bottle.

        Upon my return visit there was no questionnaire this time but when I was handed my wines I was surprised to find that it was the same stuff as the previous time! I asked the representative if that was right and she told me "well that's what they have allocated so..."

        At this point I began to think that it was going to test me to see if my answers were consistent. I tried the wine expecting a different taste but it was exactly the same stuff to my tastebuds anyway. The label and bottle appeared the same to me so when completing my final questionnaire (which was a repeat of the first one) I gave the same answers.

        I have since found out that their was a difference in bottle weight and height - I honestly didn't notice that at all!

        ** REWARD **

        So six bottles of quality free wine was payment enough right? Wrong - I was also informed I would be sent a cheque for £30 for my participation!

        The support was great too as I did email to ask when I could expect my cheque and received a reply the same day - it's reassuring to know there is someone on the other end to actually answer your queries. I did indeed receive my cheque so I hope that reassures anyone who might be thinking of joining Indiefield that they are reliable and reputable.

        Based on my experience, I don't think there are any bad points about Indiefield. I would be more than happy to participate in any more trials they send my way!!


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          09.07.2009 00:49
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good payouts but surverys can be very particular

          I registered with Indiefield about 2 months ago following a review on survey sites on money saving expert, on the basis that if they said it was credible then it would be worth giving it ago.

          Firstly if you google indiefield the .co.uk address is not the one for the online surveys - you need to look a few lines down for the .net address. Admittedly the website is abit bland looking but do ew really need to be convinced by pictures of perfect smiling individuals that this is a survey site worth considering - I think not.

          So once you are there you can register - the My Profile part is the necessary part or evil of the registration process - but within Indiefield its not as onerous as some.

          There are stages of membership Standard, Verified and Premier. Standard - means basically they know your name and you filled in the my profile form. To become Verified you have to provide at least one phone number, postal address and request a pin that is posted to your home which you then enter online (I am at this level) the pin took a couple of weeks but it came. To become a premier member you have to upload a pic - I have tried this a few times but it doesn't seem to like my pic (who would), it's in the correct format and within the size limit but no joy.

          That aside I have had invites (but obviously according to Indiefield the higher the status of your account the more highly considered for events you will be) - bear in mind Indiefield is not about frequency and from my experience (if 2 months qualify for that) you need to be abit more of a high flyer to benefit from the surveys. I have been lucky with the first two surveys - one online and one completed over the telephone - I got a £5 Love to Shop Vocuher for one and a £5 cheque for the other (was meant to be a voucher but the letter with it said an error had occurred and hence the cheque).

          The three invites I've had since I haven't been able to particpate with - because it involves being in Paris within the next month for which you would get 30 or 100 euros depending on how you participated, or you had to have been at silverstone last weekend - if so you got £50 for attending a interview, but if I could have referred someone that participated I would've got a £10 referral fee.

          The My history section of the website has never regsitered the two surveys that I did get paid for and the My Invitations section has no record of the last 3 emails I have not participated in - but hey ho its not life threatening and it didn't affect getting paid.

          All in all I'm quite happy to sit back and see what fruit Indiefield bears on the basis I just stockpile the vouchers to pay for christmas so i'm not after a massive income from it - but from the invites I have seen there are certainly some well paid surveys being conducted by them.

          The best thing is there is no accruing in order to achieve a payout threshold - so you get paid for what you do straight off. With this in mind you've really got nothing to lose by registering as even if you get nothing back you haven't lost anything.


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            07.07.2009 23:26
            Very helpful



            Another way to earn some extra pennies!!! Have I just shared my secret?

            Indiefield - the name of this company tells you absolutely nothing about what they do or who they are! But their opening slogan "Opinions That Count" start to make you realise they are some type of consumer directory/survey/marketing company.

            So what exactly is Indiefield?
            Indiefield who do market research of behalf of a range of clients. On behalf of their clients they pay consumers for participating in market research/surveys.

            How do I join?
            To join Indiefield it's as simple as joining their Consumer Directory at www.indiefield.net

            What do I need to tell them?
            As little or as much as you wish to. Generally it's the basics - age, marital status, employment status, sex, location, contact details etc
            There are 3 levels or account types with Indiefield, and each account type has a minimum level of information required. The higher the account level, the more chance you have of being selected to participate in surveys and market research.

            Standard account
            Entry level account. Name and contact details only

            Verified account
            Mid level account. Name and contact details, plus a verified postal address. This type of account will mean you may be asked to participate in "face to face" surveys

            Premier account
            Highest account. Same information for the above accounts, but you are also required to post a photograph of yourself. Indiefield claim this gives their clients more security.

            How easy is it to navigate the website?
            The website is set out in a very user friendly manner. All the information pertaining to your account and your details are held in the "My Profile" section on the left of screen.

            This is further broken down into 6 key areas:
            ** My Account: Your name, email address, contact preferences, password etc

            ** My Address: Address details (and confirmed if you verify with the pin they send you as part of Verified account), contact phone numbers

            ** My Details: Photo (if you choose Premier Account), sex, DOB, martial status, house/flat details, household income bracket, marital status, banking/financial products

            ** My Car: Make, model, type, age etc plus a section for a second car

            ** My Work: Employment status, job title, personal income bracket

            ** My Leisure: TV and media (what do you watch and read), Technology (phone provider, key websites you use/visit), Miscellaneous (travel and pets)

            There is also a called "My Invitations" where any surveys or research that is available will be listed, and you select to request to join.
            And finally there is a section called "My History", where any money you have been paid is shown.

            How do you get selected for the surveys?
            Once you have joined and completed the information required about yourself, Indiefield will send you invitations to ask you to participate in paid market research either face to face, in groups, online or over the phone. The "reward", generally a cash payment, varies depending on the type of survey, ie face to face pays more than over the phone; the length of the survey - some group interviews are for 2 hours; the product they are reviewing.
            The invitation details the type and nature of the survey, where it is being held, how long you will need to attend, date and time and how much it will pay.

            To be selected for their market research you must follow the link to complete a short survey online and then you will have a phone interview to ensure you are suitable.
            If you are selected, you will be sent an email confirming all the details including payment and time/location.

            The survey payouts range from £5 to £60 depending on the effort required etc.

            My experience!
            My boyfriend and I have been members of Indiefield for more than 2 years now. In that time between the 2 of us, we've probably made over £120.
            We've been invited to participate in many more surveys, but they are often held during business hours which make it impractical to attend.

            I attended one face to face market research for a drug company on my perception of Japanese encephalitis which paid £60 for 45 min. They video taped me whilst asking my questions relating to travel and my knowledge and understanding of Japanese encephalitis. It wasn't too bad and the reward was worth it.

            My boyfriend attended one face to face interview when there were some really bad storms on in London and their survey population was dwindling, so they doubled the cash reward as incentive to attend!!!

            Most recently I've been invited to, but unable to attend, a survey based on British tourists who will be in Paris over certain weeks in July!

            We've also done the odd phone interview or 2 where we've been sent cheques as rewards for participating

            So does it pay?
            The good thing about Indiefield is you can choose to participate or not. They invite you to participate - which you can choose to do or not, and then they will screen you to take you to the next level.
            I don't waste their time or mine doing the survey screener questions for surveys I know I can't attend or participate in, eg a survey on cars at 10am on a Tuesday in Liverpool.
            I always read their invitations to see if I'm eligible and take it from there. It's another way of earning some extra cash!!!

            Now for the not so good stuff!
            I will say however, that I've noticed less surveys are being posted on their site and they are coming more through email. There also haven't been as many surveys in the last 6 months - signs of the economic times?

            They do have a referral system - if you aren't eligible you can give the details of someone who is, and if they are selected to participate then you are rewarded with £10. I did refer one or two people, but can't say I ever saw the reward.

            I've also never had the "My History" pages updated to show the surveys I have attended/particpated in.

            A word of warning - as with any market research surveys, they seem to have an automatic exclusion from the survey if you have recently completed similar market research for another company in the past 6 months!

            I've found it worth participating in the surveys that Indiefield offer. It's a great way to make some extra cash - and you never know you may learn something!! I certainly knew nothing about Japanese encephalitis until I did the survey!!


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