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Innocent drinks website.

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    2 Reviews
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      18.05.2010 01:50
      Very helpful



      the innocent website for an innocent company

      This is the website for the fruit juice drinks maker. The site is about adding to the brand image and showing the consumor what the brand is all about. To this end I think the website has succeeded.

      The look and feel of the site is fun and innocent for wanting of a better word. The site works well and is very responsive to requests. There is a lot of information about all of the products on sale in the UK and where they can be bought from. This is useful advise because not every product is available in every store. The soups for example are almost exclusive only to Boots shops which have a sandwich fridge.

      The best part of the site and the most risky part of it from the companies point of view is the comments section for each product where passing users who do not even have to log in or sign up to the site can add their own mini reviews of the products. This could back fire massively if a product is universally criticised which I have been happen at least once on the site. From the user's point of view though it is good to find this stuff out before wasting the money on it since they are all premiumly price products. However, it does stop you being adventurous and trying something new which is maybe a little sad.

      Lastly, the site appears to be actively added to by the founders which gives it a feeling of being a small company which principles. There is a feeling they are trying to do something different and make a difference. In reality they are mostly owned by coca-cola but they founders still work in the office on the day to day stuff.


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      17.04.2009 20:49
      Very helpful



      Very informative, they could have got away with a lot less

      It was actually doing a review for an innocent smoothie that I first came across the site. I was looking for some background information to put in my review and found the site so useful felt it worthy of a review in it's own right!

      For those of you not familiar with innocent (where have you been??!) they are a company who make smoothies, juices and now even healthy snacks form 100% natural or 'innocent' ingredients.

      The design of the site works with the whole style of the innocent brand. It's simple and clear, informative yet has little quirky touches that make it a joy. The background is white, which may sound boring, but it is the easiest colour to read against on screen. I'm all for funky colours and fantastic looking sites but when it comes to reading the information it contains I don't want to strain my eyes!

      There's a big promotion for innocent's new product which takes up nearly half the home page, 'The British spring greens veg pot.' There's also a news bulletin and 'daily thoughts' section. At the moment this is dominated by the news that Coca Cola now has a share in the company, which has caused outrage amoung fans and the most crazy partnership since L'oreal took over the Body Shop. The company do well at defending their decision however. Clicking on this taster from the innocent homepage takes you to an article regarding the take over and also includes videos of one of the founders, 'Rich' answering press questions. The 'Doesn't this go against everything you stand for?' question I think is the one most people most want to ask. Take a look and you decide if he answers it. I'm not so sure.

      Also on the homepage is an invite to innocent's AGM, link to the blog and a link entitled 'save £££'s.' I always like titles like this! Here gives you all the supermarket offers on innocent at the moment and also a little chart showing how 'great value' thier smoothies are. They take a flavour of smoothie and calculate how much the fruit to make it would cost the customer to make it themselves. Of course, innocent smoothies are cheaper. I know all this is advertising intended to persuade me to part with my hard earned cash, but I did like the unusual little additions to the site like this. Attention to detail is obviously important to them.

      Across the top are the area of the site to visit. They are animated, so the words wobble. Cute. The site is divided up as follows -

      Things we make -
      This is the bit I used and found very helpful for smoothie reviews! It contains details on all of their vast range of flavours, with ingredients, nutritional information.. and you'll like this dooyooers..reviews under each flavour! I was impressed at the detail put in and the amount of products covered.

      Us -
      Fairly self explanatory, gives a brief outline of the company and information about their ethical standpoints. There is also information here about contacting them and signing up for newsletters etc. The standard 'info' part.
      I want a cow van! (no, I haven't gone mad, it moos and everything!)

      I've already mentioned this. A detailed page giving more information on that partnership with Coca Cola, links to Twitter and Facebook pages and the chance to have your say. Lots of archive information about the company but also an awful lot of messing about for the employees. Yes it's a light hearted company, but some of this nonsense I wouldn't call 'news.'

      Family -
      Yet another link to the page trying to get all your details so they can send you junk mail.

      Bored? -
      This was the part of the site I enjoyed flicking through. There was a page here on the 'Big Knit.' (first I've heard about it I have to say.) The project is to raise money for Age Concern and bottle of innocent are sold with little knitted hats on and each one sold raises money for Age Concern. Completely ridiculous as you kind of would expect form innocent but bizarrely, the little bottles look rather cute! Also in this section is the 'gallery.' Anyone interested in branding or advertising with like this. I studied both Design and Media at college and wished I'd found this site then. There is an archive of all the labels used on the bottles, if you know innocent products you'll know each has a face on the bottle and here each one has a different name such as 'costner', 'magnum pi' and 'cuba.' In addition to this there is an archive of innocent advertising, both print and television. Maybe I'm a bit geeky but I found this all rather interesting.

      Press -
      As you can probably gather, press releases, snippets of innocent products on the press and an image gallery.

      Current vacancies in the company and information on working for innocent.

      Overall, I think this is really good company site and a must see if you have any interest in the brand. I usually visit a company's website, find what i'm looking for and don't linger, but I was browsing here for a while. They could get away with putting a lot less into their website, as companies often do but just goes to show that they are proud of their brand and so they should be. I just hope they stick to their guns and don't let Coca Cola take their innocence away.


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