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Israel Sports Radio

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Israel Sports Radio is a website offering Sports broadcasts online. The site also offers sports blogs and timetable information.

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2010 12:22
      Very helpful



      IsraelSportsRadio.com - broadcasting live from Jerusalem on t'interweb


      This is officially review no.50 for me..... I've reached the big five zero......does that mean I can start reviewing Saga products??. Well for my fiftieth I am going to share with you Dooyooers a wee slice of my life .....IsraelSportsRadio.com - The ONLY sports internet radio station in the crazy place that is the Middle East.

      Now the reason this is part of my life is because every Monday 3-5pm GMT, I co host a world soccer show - cheesily named, On The Volley. Apparently I always had the face for radio...or so my mother continually insisted on telling me anyway..... So I guess it was only a matter of time before my awful London-cum-Hertfordshire accented tones hit the airwaves, albeit on the t'interweb.

      IsraelSportsRadio is the brainchild of three American born sports fans living in Israel. Two; Andy and Ari were presenters of an American Sports Radio show whilst Josh was a sports blogger. The guys live and breathe sports....much to the dismay of their very tolerant families..... And saw that Israel with its incredibly eclectic mix of people lacked an English speaking outlet in sports. Heads came together, literally too I hear, and on Oct 4th of this year IsraelSportsadio.com burst onto the internet with more bang than Cilit Bang.

      Broadcasting from 2pm -10pm GMT the station has something for everyone..... Unless of course you are only into Lacrosse, Tiddlywinks and Eton fives; as yet no shows on those... but there are fitness, hiking, rugby and cricket, football and a plethora of American Sports shows of to keep you entertained. My involvement came into being after replying to an ad.... Obviously once the guys saw my face...the radio face... they took me on and the rest as they say is history.... Its been going for a couple of months now and its doing ok... It's a lot of fun to do and keeps me busy and out of real trouble for at least afternoon a week. I absolutely love football.. And one of the hardest parts about moving from the UK to Israel was giving up my season ticket at Spurs... and sods law it is the one that Spurs have had the most successful season in living memory. As I will quite happily chat all things football with anyone, anytime....its a bonus to get paid for it... well... I say paid.... Whilst it's still in its infancy there is no financial reward to this adventure, but I do get to eat as many chocolate wafers as I can find littered around the studio. It's also a bonus as Im now an accredited sports journalist which can get me into VIP for any football games in Israel. However I can't bring myself to go and cheer for another team... I can't do that to Spurs...it's like cheating on your beloved partner...especially when she has never looked as hot as she does now...... it just wouldn't feel right. Ive also got to interview a few players - and I still feel like a 9 year getting an autograph when I speak to heroes of mine....very professional I know!

      If you love American sports this is for you.... Enough talk there to keep the lovers of baseball, basketball and American football merrily entertained. Check the schedule on www.israelsportsradio.com, obviously look out for On The Volley every Monday 3-5pm GMT - (yes, unashamed plug - my pride went years ago.) and if you like to talk football do get involved on 0203 051 6221 - free I think... Anyhoo... check out the website, click the listen live button and enjoy some good ol' fashioned sports talk. There are listen again facilities for you to enjoy if you missed a show and I hope you give it a go.

      Thanks for reading Dooyooers....here's to my next fifty


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