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A collection of childhood beliefs.

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2003 21:13
      Very helpful



      Jim Morrison once said ‘People are strange’ but ‘Kids can be weird!’ I know I have three! They can talk about strange things and even the most mundane subject can take on a freaky slant when it becomes processed by a child’s mind. The thing we tend to forget as adults is that we were all like that once! And also most of the time we as adults are responsible for putting these strange thoughts in to the child’s mind…. ‘iusedtobelive.com’ is a site that will remind you what a weird and wonderful world a child lives in, it focuses on collecting strange/funny things that adult remember having believed as children. It’s great fun to see if you can find any beliefs that were shared by you. For instance… ‘I use to think sheep shrank when it rained’… (Think about it!). Or that some believed that slugs were snails that had come out of their shells and if you go around breaking the empty shells they wouldn't be able to get back home. THE LAYOUT The layout is very simple, a single uncluttered page with a search facility on the top left hand side that will attempt to match any word or phrase with a saying in the database. The facility is very fast and the results were all accurate. Just below the search box you’ll find a list of category headings listing all the ‘beliefs’ collected so far. These range from animals to transport and include such categories as body-part, food and toilets. You click on a heading and a fall down menu appears dividing the category further, clicking on one of these will produce a simple list of all the entries in the central part of the webpage. Along the top of the page you’ll find some links… ADD YOUR OWN Self-explanatory really. The site depends on people submitting their own childhood beliefs to expand the database. A simple box appea
      rs for you to fill in your entry. You can provide you name but this is optional and you select a category you wish to add to. A fairly standard privacy policy is also outlined. It takes up to a couple of days for your entry to appear. ABOUT THE PROJECT The site’s creator Matt Conneley explains that when he was a child he had a fear of toilets because he believed that that there was a vampire living around the s-bend who would attack him if he spent too long on the loo… (I told you kids were weird!) When he got older he started to wonder about what other kids had believed in and he started the site to collect all these together. It’s as simple as that! LINKS Here you find a list of links to similar or related websites these include: ‘the framley examiner’, playground law’ and the comic ‘Blip!’ NEWSLETTER This gives subscribers the opportunity to receive via E-mail the best twenty beliefs on a monthly basis. You obviously have to provide your E-mail address for this but there is an assurance that it will be kept confidential. You can also e-mail in your top ten choices for the month, all nomination will be added up and the overall top ten will be listed on the main page under the heading ‘TOP TEN’. AWARDS The site was a ‘Yahoo pick of the year for 2002’ and you can access a review of it by clicking on the link on the main page. OVERALL The site is interesting to see if you can spot some of your own childhood beliefs in there and also to see how many strange things parents told their children and ended up being taken for the truth. The choice of categories covers most things and is constantly expanding, the entries can be funny, strange or very weird. It’s certainly interesting to look at and at time of writing this there were over 10,000 entries on the site so you could spend hours rea
      ding through them although I feel it is more of a ‘dip into when you have a few moments spare’ sort of site. The submissions to the site seem to be from all over the English speaking world and it is fun to see that some national difference do exist even in the field of childhood beliefs. So there you have it a ‘no frills’ site that is easy to use and fun to explore… But remember the moral of the site is ‘PARENTS BEWARE WHAT YOU SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN!’ Thanks for reading and rating this opinion! © Mauri 2003


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