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Jen Stark's Official Website. Intricate and beautiful art constructed, by Jen Stark, from Construction paper.

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2009 16:02
      Very helpful



      A really good "web exhibition" and just lovely artwork!

      Jen Stark is a young American artist who works in sculpture, drawing and even animation. Although not very famous, her work is extremely colourful and inspirational, and is absolutely exquisite!

      ~~~WEB SITE LAYOUT~~~
      The web layout is extremely simple, with a white background with black text and links on the top, in easy to locate, navigate and click on buttons, which bring you to several areas: her work, contact, biography and so on.

      Jen primarily works with sculpture, and her main media is with coloured paper. Using an Exacto knife, she carves layered paper into very original and fun shapes, whilst mixing folds and openings to create some very funky and attractive designs.

      The work is exquisite and very detailed, and are somewhat optically illusional, yet when closer, very very intricate cutting. The shapes are very well planned for a big purpose and a great vision can be seen through the work.

      To sum up her sculpture in one word is "WOW" as there is so much intensity of colour!

      A theme of colour and intricacy flows through into her illustrations and drawings, with very detailed designs. From far away, they may just look like squiggles, but they are very well composed and designed, and each one is very detailed, colorful and different.

      Whilst it may seem childish, and these squiggles somewhat dream like, it is a style that is original to Jen Stark and she creates some truly amazing work!

      There is currently only one animation on the site, where she uses her paper sculpture to create a very very cool animation of her paper sculture looking like a looking glass or a tunnel and is a journey of colour and excitement!

      There are no problems loading the video, very quick and not laggy.

      ~~~CV and Biography~~~
      There is also a section detailing her education and her past exhibitions which is nice to find out more about her.

      There is a contact section where you can email Jen Stark, and also join her mailing list. I have personally used this service, and received newsletter about new exhibitions, and also got a personal email response about Jen's work!

      It was very quick responding, so very pleased with that!

      The whole site is extremely well managed, crisp and clean, and is almost like a reference site as well. The site itself is like a web exhibition, all her work is displayed and are extremely enjoyable to view.

      Jen Stark represents a very childish art which is extremely likeable and fun, the colour and shapes very appealing.

      If you like art, and have never seen Jen's work, make an attempt to visit the site! You WON'T regret it!


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