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Photos, videos and WWE videos about wrestling star John Cena.

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2009 02:50
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      "JohnCena4U.com" is an Internet news and information portal dedicated to the American professional wrestler and actor John Cena. The website appears to have started in 2008 but does not have any recorded launch date according to Alexa traffic research. It sees a 31% user share from India and is followed by 14% in the United States.

      JohnCena4U.com offers its users a variety of photos, videos, news and other multimedia related to the professional wrestling icon. Unfortunately, it is a very poor resource and does not meet any sort of intended purpose. This website is horrid in terms of its organization. Immediately upon loading the website, the user is placed within the "John Cena Pictures" section which is the third hyperlink in sequential menu order. Further browsing continually reveals an abundance of bits and pieces of information which are scattered amongst the various headings and are sometimes inappropriately placed. For example, the "John Cena News" section reveals a steadfast of quotes which ought to be in the similarly named "John Cena Quotes" section.

      The website itself sports grey text on a black background with steel blue menu links and headings. I don't find this particularly hard on the eyes but the website's usability in generally low. It's clear to me that the webmaster of this site requires further opportunities to build upon his on her skills. The general feeling I get when browsing around the domain is that it was hastily put together without any consideration for the end user. JohnCena4U.com also appears very out of date with the last entry originating some time around August 2009. It's possible the webmaster is no longer maintaining the domain and it is being left to expire.

      Despite being graphically intensive, JohnCena4U.com is quick to load and respond. Independent testing suggests that 4 seconds are required to load 367 KB when using a broadband connection. Through my usage of the site I have always found it to be a fast experience but I have always been equally as nimble to exit my web browser and access another resource for information related to the professional wrestler.

      Overall, I would not recommend JohnCena4U.com to prospective users. The website has continually proved to be a dreary user experience which is now rapidly falling out of date and being left unmaintained. It is not something which looks as if it is going to be revived in the near future, and is best left untouched in favour of other resources related to the subjects of John Cena and professional wrestling.


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