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Kiddie Records Weekly. Children's tales from the golden age.

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2008 15:09
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      Fabulous free site with high quality vintage children's records to listen to

      This is one of those sites that is great for nostalgia buffs and families with children. The owner of this site collects vintage children's records, and has kindly uploaded them for free to his site, long with the album covers and any accompanying storybooks that attended it originally for all to enjoy free of charge. It's organised by year of upload, beginning with 2005. Each year is subsequently broken down into months, with one record uploaded for each week. Intended as a fun short term project, it has actually been ongoing now for the past 3 years, with 2008 being in the Bonus Record section, as it is now added to on a more infrequent but still ongoing basis.

      The albums can be listened to in a variety of ways. One can bookmark the site and simply return to it and listen via live audio stream, or download a torrent zip file or as an mp3. Those choosing the mp3 version can also download the image file to get the pictorial content, while those using the audio stream mode can also elect to open any storybook that is present, and "turn the page" when the record prompts one to do so. While the DIY versions of getting the album is free, for those you prefer to have them all ready formatted and ready to just play, can elect to pay for a cd of the corresponding year to be sent to them. This a very reasonable offer, with the cost being $15 per year selected or $35 for all the material, and it includes the cost of international postage. Though many persons and a couple of businesses have donated their services, profits go towards maintaining the site for the public including the associated costs of buying such pristine records. Those who like to can also donate any amount, no matter how small, via PayPal to the site. I myself do the DIY approach, but from time to time when I have PayPal funds and a small amount is left over after buying things want, I donate it to this site or project Gutenberg due to the great enjoyment they provide my family. Little drips and drabs of a few pence here and there make the world of difference, as that penny jar soon fills up!

      A good many of these records date from the mid 40's and through to the late fifties. Some are Walt Disney records, running from their storybooks such as Robin Hood and Cinderella to music records such as their Latin American big band soundtrack SALUDOS AMIGOS. Others are from other well known to the slightly more obscure production companies, but the offerings so far have all been surprisingly high quality. My children have enjoyed the selections offered for each week whether it was a Bozo the Clown recording or the lovely tale of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince. They love these so much in fact, that we have begun from the beginning again and began following the once a week recordings, using them as a weekly treat. One of the bonuses gained from this has not only been the fact that my children are enjoying high quality entertainment and it has cost me nothing save the occasional happily given donation, but the children have improved their listening skills. having to pay attention without moving images to help fill in the gaps, or if a storybook is present, to know when to turn the page, has made them more careful listeners and a wonderful side effect has been noted by myself and others that the children pay more attention when spoken to.

      My seven year old daughter and five year old son equally love the selections on offer here, and actually find many of these lavishly produced offerings far superior to modern children's story recordings, and a far greater variety of listening. It goes to show that a lot of the things of the past are definitely worth preserving and sharing. No matter how many high tech toys and games we offer, sometimes the simpler things are enjoyed the most. We certainly find it true in this case, and hope that your family will enjoy it as much as we do.


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