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Children's furntiure and toys

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    2 Reviews
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      25.11.2009 21:58
      Very helpful



      an aspirational site, you want to be young again!

      I have recently used a site called Kids Rooms - you can find them at www.kidsrooms.co.uk and it will come as no surprise to find out, they sell everything for.....kids rooms!

      Not only have they go categories for girls rooms and boys rooms though, they also stock items for waiting rooms for places like dentists and hospitals and also schools too.

      There is furniture, such as four poster beds, lights, murals for the walls, you name it.... plus there is even a section of fabulous wooden toys to put in the room. Items like dolls houses, trains and tracks, you know - all the charming traditional stuff (no Star Wars light sabres here...Yuk!)

      Back to the furniture on the site though, you have never seen anything like it. It's not the cheapest site but it's not IKEA tat either - this is good, high quality and stunning....take the Life Time Collection, there is a Tree House four poster bed for adventurous young boys, and a Roses four poster for aspirational little ladies who just want to be a princess.

      With furniture for all exacting little customers it's well worth a look.

      Incidentally, we got the First Bike Blue - reduced to £48 for Christmas, it's a chunky little balance bike just ride for our little one to learn to ride on.


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        21.09.2009 19:17
        Very helpful



        Worth a look if you have children to buy for

        Since I have recently become a Great Aunt - good heavens doesn't THAT make me sound old - I have been looking at various websites with a view to buying presents for the new arrival. I have already written a review about the toy box and, whilst searching for a good deal I found a new website to checkout and it is a belter so I thought I had better tell you all about it. After all Christmas isn't too far away is it?

        What is it?

        The site in questions is www.Kidsrooms.co.uk and they stock a fantastic range of children's furniture, accessories, wall coverings, soft furnishings and toys.

        The Site Itself

        My first impression was that the site is very user friendly. I hate logging onto sites where the home page is so busy that I have no idea where I need to go to find the item I want. As with everyone else, my time is at a premium so I like a site that is straightforward and gives me the basic information on the home page together with clear instructions as to where to find things. This site is one of the latter I am glad to say!

        The home page loads quickly with a picture of a young girl playing in her well furnished room together with a brief, clear description of what the site has to offer. There are also further pictures showing a selection of the sort of items that you will find on this site.

        Across the top of the page the tabs give us the choice of Home, Clearance Items, Customer Services and Contact Us.

        Across the bottom of the page there is the following information - Delivery Information, Cancellations and Returns, Corporate Information, Security and Privacy and Shop with Confidence.

        Down the side of the page there is a facility to 'shop by room' or to 'shop by product' making it simplicity itself to find exactly what you are looking for in the minimum number of clicks. Incidentally as you move from page to page the information remains at the top, side and bottom of the screen so that you do not have to return to the home page to move onto another page within the site, which is another thing that I hate with some sites!

        Shop by Room

        I will try and give you a flavour of what is on offer on the site without going into so much detail that I end up writing a book rather than a review!

        The rooms available to for you to make your choice are as follows:

        Boys Bedrooms
        Games Rooms
        Girls Bedrooms
        Interior Designs
        Nursery Furniture
        Schools & Day Care
        Teenage Bedrooms
        Waiting Room Furniture

        As you can see there is a wide variation not only for the home but also for the school, nursery or hospital too so they have all bases covered.

        As you click on each room you then get a list of the various designs within that section together with a picture of each one and a brief description. You can then click on a link within that description which takes you to another page showing the whole range in detail. This shows every item of furniture in the range with a description and price and also a link to the final page where there is a large picture of the item with a full description, size details, whether any assembly will be required and the delivery timescale. This page also has a list of related items down the right hand side so that you can move easily between items within a range.

        Shop by Product

        I wouldn't normally dream of putting a long list within a review but in this case, because the website offers such a wide range of furniture, toys and related items I thought it would be acceptable just to show you what is actually on offer here, otherwise I will be writing about them individually and this review will end up being far too long to be useful to anyone.

        So here goes - the list of product categories is as follows:

        Activity Tables
        Arts & Crafts
        Bean Bags & Chairs
        Bedroom Sets
        Bedside Cabinets
        Bunk Beds
        Cabin Beds
        Chest Of Drawers
        Clothes Hangers
        Clothes Hooks
        Clothes Racks
        Cots and Cribs
        Dressing Tables
        Foot Stools
        Four Poster Beds
        Height Charts
        High Sleeper Beds
        Junior Beds
        Keepsake Boxes
        Light Switch Covers
        Mid Sleeper Beds
        Name Plaques
        Schools & Day Care
        Sofa Beds and Z-Beds
        Step Stools
        Tables & Chairs
        Toy Boxes
        Trinket Boxes
        Wall Coverings
        Wooden Toys

        As with the 'Shop by Room' section you just click on the category in which you are interested where you will see the range of items shown with pictures and descriptions. You then click on the link to the particular item where you will see a full description a good sized picture and any further information such as dimensions and delivery timescale if relevant.

        The Furniture

        There is a wide range of furniture on offer at this site including beds, wardrobes, drawers, shelves, chests and bedside units. These can be purchased individually or as part of a room set. They even sell four poster beds for your little princess's bedroom!

        The Finishing Touches

        To complete the room you can also order cushions, curtains, wall coverings, bedding sets, bean bags and then all the little things such as fancy coat hangers and special light switch covers shaped like hearts or castles.

        The Toys

        There is an extensive range of toys on offer including new themed toys such as Ben 10, wooden puzzles, dolls houses, building blocks, early play to help development of learning and even wooden bicycles, baby walkers and push along toys.

        The Suppliers

        The site sells a wide variety of products from a selection of suppliers which gives a good range to choose from. For example most of the wooden toys and toy chests are supplied by John Crane Limited which will give you an example of just how high the quality of the products is on this site.


        As you would expect the prices are somewhat higher than the basic stuff that you can buy from such as Argos but the quality is of such a high standard that you really do get what you pay for. The finish in particular is excellent meaning that the items all meet high safety standards.

        The delivery prices are fair as well - for example the toy chest cost just £4.95 for delivery and this is the same for any order below £200. Orders above £200 are delivered free.

        Returns and Cancellation Policy

        The site allows the cancellation of any order up until the time of delivery and all costs will be refunded to the customer.

        Obviously items can be returned if they are not satisfactory but you can also return any item about which you change your mind providing you do so within 7 days and the goods are returned in perfect condition. You will then get a refund of the cost of the item but you will have to bear any postage costs yourself which is fair enough.

        Contact Us

        There are various ways in which you can contact this site - telephone, mail or e mail and all the details are given on the site so that you can ask any questions before you order making it unlikely that you will be disappointed.

        In Conclusion

        I found this site really easy to navigate and finding what I was looking for was quick and simple. The pictures are really clear and the descriptions are comprehensive so you know exactly what you are being offered. The prices are good and the delivery costs are excellent. All the information that you need regarding privacy, returns, security etc. is clearly shown on the site and is easy to read and understand.

        I had a thought as I was just reading through this review to make sure that it made sense. A great idea if parents are looking to decorate the child's room would be to decide on the range of furniture that they want to buy and then maybe friends and relatives could buy the accessories and soft furnishings to go with it and thus split the costs a bit.

        All in all I am very impressed with the site and I can see that I will be a regular visitor now that I am a Great Aunt! LOL!


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