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An online war game where you build a kingdom and fight against other players by trying to take their settlements

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2009 12:12
      Very helpful



      A fantastic game that my husband and I like to play

      Kingsage is a browser based war game, where you build up your kingdom and have fun attacking other players.

      To start off in Kingsage you need to choose a world and then where you would like you village to be ie south-west, south - east.

      The idea of the game is to build up your resources so that you can expand your buildings and make an army. Once you have got an army you need to go out farming to other settlements and steal resources so that you can build your settlement a lot quicker. But also once you have an army you can attack other players and also protect yourself from any incoming attacks.

      A player can take your settlement off you with counts, your realm of power has to go down to zero before they can take the settlement from you. You will then have to restart from the beginning which can be quite annoying.

      Once you have a decent army and have got yourself some counts you can attack a settlement and noble it which means you take the settlement over. To take a settlement you need to send offensive troops with 1 count, you might have to send out 2 or 3 lots of troops closely together otherwise the settlements realm of power may go up.
      Then once you have taken a settlement you get to rename it and build it up.

      Here are some of the features in the game -


      The map is very useful as you can see where your settlements are and more importantly where your enemies and allies are.


      There are 50 build levels with the castle, as your castle gets bigger it will mean your other buildings can be built a lot quicker. Once you get to level 15 you can tear down your unwanted buildings but you will need to have an alchemist first.


      This is where you train your troops to send them out to attack and to farm, you have a choice of troops.

      *Templar - Defensive infantry which are not very effective but are cheap to build.

      *Squire - Good defense against longbows and cavalry cheap to build.

      *Berserker - These are the main attacking force, they are quite cheap to build and are very effective.

      *Longbow - Very good defensive against infantry but quite expensive to build

      *Spy - You use spys to gather intellengence about other settlements and to protect your village from incoming spies.

      *Crusader - They are an attacking troop not quite as effective as the beserkers but they are very very fast. I tend to use these more for farming other settlements.

      *Black Knight - These are a good defensive troop but as they are very fast they can be used to protect other settlements.

      *Battering Ram - These are used to break down a wall of a settlement.

      *Trebuchet - They can be used to break down any building in a settlement apart from the hideout.


      In the top right corner of the screen it will tell you how many free settlers there are, this is important as if you run out of settlers you cannot expand buildings or build troops.


      This is where you store all of your resources, make sure that your warehouse is big enough as you will lose precious resources if it becomes full.


      Stone, Wood and Ore are needed to build buildings and troops, there are 50 levels for the resources. You start off with 30 units per hour, this goes up to 6.200 units at level 50.


      If you have an incoming attack you can hide some of your resources from the enemy, there are 30 build levels for a hideout the higher the hideout the more you can hide.


      The Miller makes flour to feed the troops and to create new settlers.

      ~Town Wall~

      You will need to build your town wall to level 20 to help to protect your settlement against incoming attacks.

      ~Donkey Stable~

      You need donkeys to be able to carry your loads to and from the market and to other settlements.


      This is where you trade resources with other players.


      This is a laboratory which is pretty useless other than you use it to be able to reasearch the residence.


      You build your counts in the residence, to build a count you will need gold armour.


      This is where you build gold armour which is needed to appoint a new count.


      You can build a memorial once all your buildings are maxed out, it is quite expensive to build one but it is well worth it as the memorial will strengthen your defense by 50%

      ~What do I think?~

      I have been playing this game since February, it started off very slowly as I only had a few resources to use every day but gradually my settlement started to grow. I then got invited to join a team, I made some friends and started to really like the game.

      I am now in my 3rd team which I am really enjoying, I currently have 27 settlements which can be a pain sometimes as every morning I go through each of them to build troops and resources.

      If you decide to play this game I really recommend that you join a team or an alliance as it is called as this will protect you from other players farming or attacking you.
      Unfortunately I do not get attacked very often so I tend to send to support my fellow team mates.

      My husband and I are in the same team, I sometimes wish he was in another team so that I can attack him!

      The website is very easy to use, it is easy to navigate and you will quickly work out how it works.
      The creators of the game are Gameforge.


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