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    1 Review
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      16.06.2011 22:47
      Very helpful
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      A free online game, but sadly not free of problems

      Kings of Chaos is an online multiplayer game that is free to play and does not require any downloads. There is no option to buy anything, keeping it free and fair for everyone. All you need is a computer with the Internet to play this game and you don't have to worry about it making your computer slow or anything or it is all text based. Having said that, there are adverts which can slow the site down a little, but it does keep the site free.

      So what is Kings of Chaos about?
      Kings of Chaos, also known as KOC, is a text based web game in which you join a race and build an army. The aim is to build up your stats and make your way through the ranks. You can buy various weapons and attack or defense soldiers as well spies and sentries and even mercenaries. Every player is part of a massive table where everyone has a different rank based on their stats. As you progress in the game and make your stats higher and your army stronger your rank will get better.

      The site:
      The site is set out simply with a plain black background, menu to the left and content in the middle. At the top is the KOC logo with links to things such as the site forums and a Help page which will you tell you everything you need to know.

      The left hand menu is what you will use the most. It has links to the attack page, armory and more. The whole site is easy to use. For example, if you want to buy weapons you go to the armory page, find the weapon you want, type in how many you want and click buy weapons.

      It doesn't take long to remember what link goes to what and you can easily click between pages, which is very useful. Each page is set out in a similar way with information on the left hand side and any text boxes (e.g. for buying soldiers or weapons) on the right or in a table of information (e.g. the rankings table clearly lists each player, their alliance, their gold and their current rank).

      How the game works:
      When you sign up to KOC you join a race. You can choose from Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and the Undead. Each race has a different bonus. So, for example, Humans have a 20% income bonus and 15% spy bonus whereas the Undead have 35% sentry bonus and 85% fewer casualties.

      After this you have to buy some weapons and train your army. As you can see from above it's not all about attacking and defending. There are 4 ratings; Attack, Defense, Spy and Sentry. Your attack is used when attacking others and your defense for when people attack you. The spy is used for seeing others gold and ratings (to see if you would win them if you attacked). It can also be used to sabotage the weapons of others. Of course, this means people can do the same to you which is where sentry comes in. Sentry is there to catch spies, whether people are viewing your ratings or trying to sabotage you.

      You gain a certain amount of gold per minute (this varies depending on your economy - something you can upgrade- and army size). Once you've bought weapons and trained some soldiers you can begin to attack people for gold and experience.

      You start of with so many attack turns which you can use and you gain 1 attack turn a minute. When you attack you use 150 attack turns and gain 150 experience when you win. This experience can then be used to upgrade certain things such as your economy (how much gold you get per minute).

      Course just attacking and sabotaging can get a bit boring which is why there is also conquests. These allow you to gain 50 experience each time and only cost 10 attack turns. There is also the option of joining an alliance or chatting to other members.

      You can also gain officers by sending a link to friends. This will boost your ratings if they log in.

      While it may seem like there is quite a bit to this game it can become boring after so long. It's best to log on at least once a day, but it's not a game you can spend all day on as there just isn't that much to do.

      KOC has ages, which are like years. Each new age everything is reset and new features are brought in. For example, you used to get gold every 30 minutes and now it's every minute and the race bonuses were changed slightly. This keeps the game more interesting as you have a chance to start over and play the game slightly differently.

      There is a chat option and a forum for the game with lots of members and admin who are happy to help. Like every site it has its problems, but I believe they are usually happy to try and sort it, although I've never had to contact them myself.

      After a while there doesn't seem much to this game and it becomes less interesting to play. It also has adverts on it which can sometimes be a little annoying and cause the page to load a little slowly. It also has errors/glitches at times, which can be bad if you have a lot of gold out that you want to spend and you can't log in or get the page to load.

      However, this game is suitable for everyone, free to play and so long as you're not looking for a game to play all day everyday it is a good game and worth checking out.


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