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Internet Site / Website features a list of international radio stations that can be streamed over the internet

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2010 20:05
      Very helpful



      Fun and easily used site

      I'm a bit of a radio junkie but I have little time for the 'every one sounds the same' commercial radio stations that have taken over from the local radio of the 80s and early 90s.

      So I often flick through the live-radio site while I'm sitting at the computer because it has links to thousands of radio stations from around the world that you can listen to live on the internet. It's a fascinating exercise - have you any idea how different radio can be in other countries? I'll often listen to a music station even if I can't speak the language because you get to find new music.

      The site's definition of radio is the type that can be picked up by an 'ordinary' radio so there are no internet only stations. Beyond that, the choice is sometimes overwhelming. You can select a station by name but you can also search geographically and, from there, alphabetically by country.

      Generally what will happen is that the link will take you to the radio station's website and from there, you find the 'listen live' option. It's usually obvious even if the site is in a different language.

      Remember that some stations don't have 24 hour programming. Just because you can't hear anything doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem; it might mean they've all gone to bed.

      The site is by no means perfect; sometimes links are broken or stations are off air. But (when I'm in a good mood!) that's part of its charm because it forces you to search for something different.

      The site is at pains to point out that they only link to feeds, they are not responsible for them. So the other problem is the diversity of different streaming options that stations use. You might find that you need to install new software or update current software because stations generally stream using any one of several formats including RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or MP3. However, all the software is reliable, free of charge and easily downloadable using links provided on the site.

      There are issues with IE6 and 7 and for some stations you will have to disable your pop-up blocker. There are also some issues with stations that use Flash based players.

      Which makes it all sound complicated and time consuming but generally it's a simple but effective site. I know that worldwide stations can be accessed via other sites - probably the best known is iTunes. But the live-radio site has a character all of its own that makes it a pleasure to use.


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