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    85 Reviews
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      14.03.2014 11:03



      I 'signed up' with Loquax a few weeks ago, and it said I would receive an email and I should click on the link to authorise my registration. No email arrived, I emailed them back but only received an automated reply saying they do not have the time to reply to all emails sent. Since then nothing. Then my friend tried to register and exactly the same thing happened to her. Has anyone out there managed to register with them? Or had the same thing happen?


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      28.04.2010 19:23
      Very helpful
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      A good comping website - well established.

      I've used loquax for a number of years now, I do like the site and it has improved alot.

      It has competitions in catagories and you can also narrow down the type of competition by doing competition ending today.

      The thing I like the most is you can tick the little duck next to the competition you've entered so that you know not to answer it again.

      I must admit though unfortunatly I've never actually won anything on this site, I always use a comping email address I have which is worth doing as you get loads of spam by entering competitions.

      I don't know how many competitions you have to enter per day to actually win anything and I'm usually fairly picky as I don't want a load of stuff I'll never use.

      Generally with most competitions the answer is on the website so they don't usually take a long time to answer. Sometimes competitions require a tie breaker where you have to say something clever about the product ie why you like something I find these the hardest because no matter how much I think mine is original there's always one that's better!

      All in all it's an easy site to navigate around and it's free. I like having a sparadic go from time to time just to see if I'll win anything!!


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        30.12.2009 15:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A competition portal with all the answers to make life easier for you - go on give it a go!

        Loquax was the UKs first competitions portal. It was establised in 1998 and since then has gone from strength to strength. It has a huge amount of competitions from you to choose from with many different ways to search.
        It is easy to register and this is advised as it helps you to track what competitions you have entered already so you dont exclude yourself by entering more than once (some competitions delete your entries if you can only enter once)
        When you register you can also sign up for the daily updates and newsletters. Registration takes a few minutes and you will need to be able to receive emails from kirsty-forums@loquax.co.uk and jason@loquax.co.uk so add these to your acceptable emails or they may go into your junk mail.
        Once you have confirmed your email address with them you are then free to browse the site and comps forum.

        The Comps Forum
        This is where all users can post a competition when they come accross one. If it is a weekly or monthly competition it is usually posted by the same member so there is no duplicates.
        They have a
        daily entry thread which speaks for itself
        Extra online and email ~ which is all free to enter competitions
        Phone and text ~ which has the amount it will cost you to enter by this route (this saves you clicking on it if you only have a limit of say 25p as some are up to £2 to enter!)
        Postcard ~ which is competitions you have to post your entry, they usually say if you can use an envelope or postcard.

        All comps are posted with the date the comp ends and if it is SMS (text/phone) WWW (internet) EMAIL (email of course) and PCARD (post). some comps have all these options and we tend to use the free and quick option here but some people actually try all the options if you are allowed more than one entry per household.

        They also have U2U (User-to-User competitions) which are where members do there own competitions for other members to win, these are usually things like postcards or a not required win. There are rules to enter these though and mostly if you have a certain amount of posts or not a new member.

        The Forum also has non competion threads just for chatting or saying what you have recently won, a discussions thread and also a newbie thread.

        Once you click on a posted competition for the information and think you would like to enter you click on there link and once done come back to the post and press the 'thank you' button. This no only thanks the poster but also lets you know that you have entered the competition. This comes in very clever when in future you search for comps you have not entered yet.

        Searching for a comp
        This can be done in many different ways. You can search by comp entry (ie SMS, WWW Email, PCARD) This can also be done by comps you have not entered in these catergories or by comps closing (this will put them in order with todays date at the top) I feel this is the best way so you dont miss any that might close sooner.
        You can also do an advanced search if there is a particular comp you are looking for.
        If you click on a post for something that is posted regularly then at the bottom of that post is a thing called a tag. This tags all the posts for that competition so if you click the tag all the posts for that comp supplier will be found. This is good if you only want to do a certain magazine comp or website comp and you only do them every so often.

        Free Threads
        There is also a thread for freebies that people find but please be careful that they are what they seem before requesting them.

        Help I'm stuck
        This is a thread for when you are doing a competition and need help with a question.

        Entering a competition
        This is usually by a website link and I recommend downloading Roboform which is a godsend to compers who do lots a day. This allows you at the touch of a button to fill out all your name and address details in seconds! The link takes you to the competition page and usually they give you the answer to the question too. Simple! then press enter and you are entered into the competition.
        If its an email comp then the email link is given with the subject title required and the answer.
        A postal has the address given (I usually have an returns address label to stick to my postcards as saves time and I stick it slanted so you dont get the postcard sent back to you!)
        A text gives you the number and the first word you have to put in the text (this is very important so you enter the right comp) (ie PUZZLER answer name address) and they will tell you how much the text will cost you to enter.

        There are absolutely hundreds of competitions out there and they need to be won by someone and it could be you but you need to enter it first don't you :)

        The Main loquax site
        This has many other things to deal with, they have discount codes, offers and deals, shopping, bingo and these also can be searched for by shop or catergory.

        Disadvantages of this huge site
        Well it has so much information and it can be quite daunting for a newbie to search through. I tend to only go on the comps forum and do the next days comps that are finishing so I know where I am up to.
        If you are entering website comps you more than likely will need to register with that site and possibly sign up for their newsletter. I would advise that you only have an email just for comps so all the junk mail goes to that and doesn't clog up your main email.

        My Opinion
        Loquax is a great website with lots and lots of information with an abundance of ways to search for what you want and an easy way to keep track of all the comps you will ever need. The community of members are all so lovely and everyone helps each other. If you are going to be a keen comper (which I am) then it does take a good few hours a day to do all the comps that are on there so maybe if you are just starting out just to the ones that appeal to you first so you get into the swing of things.

        I also use MSE comps thread which is also good but doesnt have the options of searching as good as Loquax although it does have MORE competitions.

        Happy Comping and Good Luck


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          09.07.2009 20:33
          Very helpful



          A quitter never wins and a winner never quits

          I joined Loquax when my mother recommended the website to me. She'd used it for several years and never really won anything but found the nature of entering competitions to be addictive! Without a job I had a lot of time on my hands and it seemed like the perfect way to waste away a few hours with the bonus that I might actually win something!

          WHAT IT'S ABOUT
          In simple terms, Loquax is a free and unique website dedicated to grouping together and listing competitions. It's not only a portal to hundreds of online based competitions, but also advertises prize games, lotteries, and postcard competitions too.

          Registration is quick and simple and necessary if you want to make the most of the website. I'd recommend that you create a new email address especially for entering competitions. Why? Because lots of competitions rely on you having to join email mailing lists in order to be entered into a prize draw so you will get spammed a lot!

          EASY TO USE?
          If you're looking for a specific type of competition you're likely to find it here. Competitions are listed in a prize directory and categories include fashion, books and cameras. You can also search by competition starting or closing date, weekly competitions, one off competitions, A to Z and even pending competitions! The website is updated daily so there's a handy tracker system so that you avoid accidentally entering competitions more than once! Each competition listed will have details on exactly what you have to do to enter and if there are any restrictions on those allowed to enter. It's useful that you're told this information before clinking on the competition link because it means you know what to expect.

          However, it can be a little scary for new users because there are just so many categories, sub categories and sections that you can narrow competitions down to and there's links everywhere. It often feels like you aren't getting the best out of the website because there's just that much to discover including an excellent and friendly forum and a freebie section full of even more categories and links! If you take your time to work out the layout and try not to get too overwhelmed by the massive choice of competitions on offer you should be ok! But even I feel that the website could be a little less cluttered and I've been a member for some time!

          There's so many different competitions to enter and the website is updated so regularly that even if you find yourself visiting everyday, there's probably going to be even more competitions to enter and it becomes really addictive and fun, even if you aren't winning much!

          The website has a really friendly feel to it and you'll find lots of help. There's some guides available offering competition hints and tips which are useful if you're feeling down in the dumps about not winning anything and the forums are full of people eager to help. There's even a section where you can ask other forum members for the answer to a competition!

          I've only ever won a book about pirates (that I cant even remember entering for!) a DVD and a broken bottle of perfume so don't join thinking your going to win a holiday to Barbados or a new car! But if you enter regularly you prizes will soon pile up and it's still nice to bag a freebie!

          As mentioned already, the fact that there is so many categories can be a bit scary for a newbie and choice of competitions can overwhelm you. But once you get used to the website this because less of a disadvantage and more of an advantage!

          These websites offer the same kind of service so if you cant get on with the Loquax interface, try these:


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            24.06.2009 19:37
            Very helpful



            Great site if you fancy improving your chances of winning prizes

            Loquax is the original UK competitions portal - established in 1998. I first came across this site while I was on maternity leave with my first child when I had lots of time on my hands. This is now my favourite web site and have to admit to using it daily. Basically in a nutshell Loquax lists 1000's of competition for you to enter.

            So if you've been hit by the credit crunch and fancy trying to blag yourself some extra cash and holiday or a brand new car then this is the site for you. Other site list competitions but whats sets Loquax as side from the rest is how easy the site is to use. There are different ways to find competitions to enter you can search by closing date or by prize. They also list competitions depending on type of competition like on line, e-mail, postcard, phone/text competition. They also have an excellent system which let you track the competitions you have entered through the site you don't duplicate entries and disqualify yourself. 100's of new competitions are added daily.

            They also have a great forum which is a really friendly community where people share hints and tips to increase your chances of winning as well as sharing what prizes they have won recently which often spurs me on to enter more. Some people really do managed to win cars and fancy holidays. I have to admit I have never had a huge win like a holiday, car or big cash prize but I won plenty of smaller prizes which make it worth while. My wins have included trainers, ds lite, vouchers and dinner with an over night stay in a hotel all very welcome. I've also won lots of little treats and toys for my son too.

            You can also sign up for the weekly newsletter and the site lists lots of bingo offers and discount codes. I'm a bit reluctant to share this excellent site with you all as the more people using Loquax and entering competitions the less chance I have of winning anything. I also have to issue a warning, Loquax can become very addictive once your prizes start appearing. Good luck everyone.

            This review has appeared on helphound under same username


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              19.06.2009 20:47
              Very helpful



              A great website for entering competitions

              If you love entering competitions this website is the one for you. Loquax is a community of compers. The website is easy to navigate and simple to use.

              The website is really easy to register on, it takes a few minutes and then you are ready to start entering competitions and start winning!

              The website is organised in to different sections to make the comping experience easier for you. You can choose to enter competitions by the closing date, newly added competitions, by type of competition, and by the prize.

              The website has a useful section which lists offers and discount codes so you can save money when you spend online so you get more for your money.

              There is a really useful feature called the tracker. This function tracks your entries, so that if you are like me where sometimes you can enter hundreds of competitions a month, you do not enter the same competition twice and end up disqualifying yourself, which would be really bad.

              There is also a list of daily entry competitions, these are competitions where you can enter everyday for a prize draw or sometimes there are instant win competitions, which are really fun.

              ***Entering competitions***
              Entering competitions does not take long at all, it can take about a minute to enter a competition, if you use something like google autofill then all your address and details will be completed automatically so all you need to do is find out the answer, simple as that and fun too.

              The website has it's own forum, which thousands of people visit to discuss competitions, their wins, answers to competitions, and just chat generally about stuff. The forum is split in to numerous sections, a getting started section for beginner to Loquax and comping, a chat section for general discussion and technical help, a money saving section for discussion of free stuff and bargains, winners lists, and competitions added by users.

              ***My comping***
              I have been entering competitions for the last few years, I have won lots of fantastic prizes including a holiday to Wales, a washing machine, a wine hamper, money and lots more. People always complain about how lucky I am, and how they never win anything, but as the saying goes You gotta be in it to win it.

              ***Bad points***
              The only bad point about comping is the fact that you get lots of junk email and occasionally junk through the post, I tend to just ignore most of the emails, some people make a separate email address for entering competitions to keep the junk separate from the normal emails but I haven't bothered doing that.

              Overall I think this is a fantastic website, comping can be really addictive especially when you win, even better when you are using such an easy to use website, try it and you may win something. Good luck.


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                27.04.2009 21:15
                Very helpful



                Great site and win plenty of prizes

                You have to be in it to win it. That is person's philosophy that enters competitions as a hobby, if it's not then you aren't going to win a lot. This is where this website earns its weight in gold, I have been with this site since 2001 and have won so many prizes that it would like I'm showing off. Just to give you a taster this last two months I have won £1500 in cash, and Playstation 3, a Sony Bravia TV and 10 Blu-Ray movies.

                You honestly, honestly can win prizes you don't have to think of someone you know being really lucky winning something and you think that you never are that lucky. Loquax is basically a window to access thousands of competitions that are currently being run all over the UK. Virtually every company run competitions to promote themselves and Loquax helps you get to these competitions. You don't have to pay to be a member so there's no sign up fee and the website itself is very discreet on outside advertising it has to help fund itself.

                The people who run are very professional and very helpful, so if you do join you can always seek advice and be happy that you will get the answer you're looking for. In terms of the competitions themselves, they lay out the format to suit you with various ways of viewing the competitions. You can keep track of every comp you enter so you have no fear of entering the same comp twice. You can also decide on hat types of comps you are wanting to enter.
                So be it, MP3 players, cash, computers, holidays etc, you can choose. Also you can set it up so you can enter ones that are due to close soon, or ones that have just come online. People can rate, similar to this site, every company's competitions to give a good idea how good they are in winning from, what people have won, and express any concerns like a website is a con or they were slow in sending your prize.

                The other section worth noting is their forum. The people on there are amazing in how they can help you, so much so they will give you the answers to the very same comps you are entering. So ones you see in the likes of Take a Break or Real People for example, someone will have worked out the answers and then posts them on the forum. Although there's nothing stopping you doing that if you enter any you want to share. They also have sections for people who have won a prize they don't want and are happy to run a mini comp for someone else to win it. See I told you they were very helpful!

                Other sections on the forum cover, general chitchat, help with a hard competition question, people who post what they have won, winners lists to check if you have won anything, and another good one people who finds good offers like free cinema tickets so you can get the freebies yourself.

                Like I said at the beginning if you keep it as a hobby and not a chore, you can win prizes it might only be say a DVD, but the excited feeling you get when the postman has a parcel for you, is similar to that Christmas feeling. Go on give it a try you just never know what you might win.


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                  16.02.2009 12:37
                  Very helpful



                  If I can win you can too!

                  Did you always think those competitions were a scam? Well I use to as well but have always had a thing for entering competitions online and doing the Take a break competitions seeing If I could bag myself a good prize. And I have won prizes but I will tell you about that later.

                  Loquax is a brilliant and free site with a lot of context so it does take a while to realise and learn how the site works.

                  I've been a member for years and years and use it frequent as they list thousands of competitions that you can enter online for free and those prizes can be cars down to the smaller prizes such as DVDs.

                  It literally would be a full time job to enter them all. As there is so many.

                  It's a good community but they don't like people to just take, take, take so if you see a competition that is not listed you can inform the site owners or you can list it under the email competitions and there is a section on the forum oh how to do this.

                  The forum is very busy and if you post anything you are sure to get a reply really quickly. It's also moderated so not full of spam or rubbish.

                  The site is fast loading and you literally could spend all day there as they list pretty much every single competition.

                  Competitions can be easy or hard to enter, a lot are simple form filling and clicking send, or answering a simple question.

                  With the more complex ones where you have to answer lots of difficult questions everyone gets together on the forums and helps one another.

                  You don't have to use the forums if you don't want too as plenty of competitions are listed on the site alone but on the forums they list phone, text and email competitions as well as the daily phone in competions such as loose women as you can enter those daily now for free online.

                  What I love about the forums more then anything is reading peoples wins, every day people are winning big prizes, TVs, holidays and the odd car win, plus thousands of pounds. It keeps me wanting to enter more and more I just wish I had more time.

                  I must admit over the last month I haven't done much, as I feel I need a break from it now and again as its enjoyable but it also takes a lot of the small amount of time I have.

                  WHAT HAVE I WON?

                  I have been comping for a long long time, I don't know how long exactly but I'm guessing over 6 years in total.

                  I have won a trip to Rome for 2 nights to watch Roma v Atlanta in the football final all accommodation and flights were paid for.
                  The other week I got a cheque through the post of £100 from INSIDE SOAP magazine I've also won a few £25 cheques from Real People.

                  A few years ago I won an IPod when they had just come out. And a few mobile phones.

                  In one year I won 2 Xbox 360s and a Nintendo DS.

                  I've won a few DVDs and an experience day and some kid's toys which have been always welcomed.

                  With the prizes I sometimes decide to sell them on eBay to make a bit of money as cash is always better but I only do this if its something that will bring in a lot of money I wouldn't enter a competition such as concert tickets if I cant attend as it just seems pointless.

                  I use to enter a lot of smaller competitions where you have more chance of winning but I now just enter money and bigger prizes and I probably win a few nice ones a year.

                  People say I'm lucky but its not really all about luck when someone says to me "oh your so lucky, I never win nothing" I say to them well you do need to enter to be in a chance to win.

                  If you put in as much time as energy as I do into entering you will win something, everyone does!

                  As at the end of the day if you don't enter a competition you won't win!

                  It's a numbers game, it can become tedious and boring that's why I give myself a break and at the moment I am enjoying writing reviews on Dooyoo so that is where all my energy is going.

                  A few tips for easy competition entry is to download google toolbar as you can then autofil in the forms which makes things so much easier.

                  Id recommend going to Loquax it's the best competition website by far!

                  Good Luck!


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                    04.12.2008 10:53
                    Very helpful



                    A reliable site with links to other websites running competitions.

                    I was never a big 'comper' until about a year ago. Prior to that I had entered competitions few and far between but, amazingly, won nearly every one I entered! My freinds and family actually started rubbing me for luck! I figured if I was so lucky I may as well enter a few more and see what happened.

                    I tried googling 'competitions' and hit pretty much immediately onto the Loquax website. To me it looked like a scam site. The site has a lot of banner ads which made me suspicious and there are lots of references to bingo, lottery and casinos with links to these kind of websites. I also couldn't access certain features unless I joined - a sure way to ensnare people into signing up - and I was sure that once I provided my email I'd recieve all sorts of spam. So I used a 'junk' email address to become a member.

                    The site has a clear and organised layout. On the left margin of the page there is a main menu with links to various pages which reveal links to websites holding a competition. The links are grouped together on the Loquax pages in certain orders. For Example: Daily Entry; Closing Competitions; Prize Quizzes; New Competitions; Caption Comps. They are also listed in terms of competition prize, although this only applies to 'big' prizes: ie. televsions, mp3 players, vouchers, holidays. This means you can choose how and when you want to enter each listed competition.

                    I tend to go straight to the 'Closing Competition' page. This shows you every competition about to close within the next fifteen days. The amount of competitions can vary from day to day. They list approximately 20 competitions per page. I have seen a meagre four pages worth and at other times, especially on the last day of any month, have seen these pages stretch to hundreds. I do find that the amount of competitions listed is not necessarily the amount you can enter. Lots of them are linked to sites where you need to have been a member for some time - survey sites or cashback sites for example. There are also lots of bingo related or betting site competitions which I simply avoid.

                    Loquax allows users to track each competition, report a missing link, rate and review the competition and see a winners list for competitions that are held regularly. These are all handy features and allow you to evaluate whether a competition is worth entering and what your chances of winning really are.

                    Emails from Loquax are not bothersome or too frequent and my fears about spam seem to be unfounded. As a member of the website I had to choose a username and can complete a member profile if I desire. I can also contribute to the Loquax forum and recieve personal messages from other members.

                    This site is one of the most popular competition sites on the internet. Some sites even sponsor Loquax to advertise their competition. As a result of this I find that it is difficult to win much, particularly on popular comps with big prizes. Saying this, I have won many things over the past year using this site including clothes, books, DVDs and vouchers. I do find, however, that I tend to be more successful with competitions that ARE NOT listed on the site or ones that require a little effort or skill! Nevertheless I rely on the site and use it daily. It is the best source for competition links that I've been able to find. It is also simple to click through to the sites - one click and a new window opens up as a direct link to the competition website.

                    The site has a search engine and a help section and also runs its own competitions although the prizes are often a bit daft like a rubber duck, the logo of the site! There is also a comprehensive competition guide for 'newbies'. Overall it is a great site that provides quick links to the best competitions online.


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                      23.10.2008 15:20
                      Very helpful



                      so glad i found it although addictive have had some great wins

                      loquax.co.uk a fantastic friendly site which is a must have for any keep competition addict. I signed up about 2 years ago after getting jealous of my friends winning so many prizes and was shocked after less then a month getting a prize myself, only a dvd but a prize is a prize. two yearls later they kept rolling on from games consoles, dvd players, kids toys, nursery equipment and a fantastic £500 of shopping vouchers to the more bizarre such as a bed from the big brother house including dirty sheets to a severed head movie prop used in the film the Cottage. I have recently took a break due to work commitments and having no time, but desperate to get back in to it very soon as miss the postman knocking everyday.

                      More about the site. Loquax is a site dedication to competitions. It is regularly updated and has thousands of online competitions, which can easily be entered by clicking the link. Competitions can be sorted through by prize, theme, closing date or newly listed, and also has a tracker so you can keep upto date lists of what you have entered so you dont duplicate entries.

                      Once registered you can also view the forums which have loads of other handy things. Such as competitions added by memebers which are not already on the site. or competitions which are postcard/phone/sms for you to enter. there is also user to user competitions where you can run your own little competition for other members to enter to win a small prize and vice versa. Or why not read the winners post and be inspired by all the winning stories. there is also a special offers section as well as help and advice or just general chatting.

                      It really is a great site but bewarned its very addictive.


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                        07.07.2007 13:40
                        Very helpful



                        A single access point to thousands of online competitions


                        Loquax.co.uk (which was established in 1998) is a website which provides registered users with up to date links to literally hundreds of thousands of online competitions. I had a phase of using Loquax a couple of years ago and have recently got back in to it again.


                        The registration process is simple and won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Users are required to provide basic personal information, to create a username and to provide a valid email address. Loquax will send an email link to you to verify that this address is in use before you can view the site.

                        The Loquax Homepage

                        The homepage includes a link to a beginners guide although I never used when I was first familiarising myself with Loquax. I’ve had a look at it while writing this review and I don’t feel that it’s particularly useful. New users could just as easily pick every up by playing around. It is easy to navigate around the site and I have found the response times to be sufficient.

                        On the homepage there are links to the latest and soon to close competitions, in addition to competitions with the best prizes. There’s also links to the most recent discussions in the forum and the various other Loquax features which are discussed further below.

                        My Loquax

                        Users have the option to upload a picture and to include a short biography of themselves, visible to other members, if they so wish. The personal page provides links to a personalised competition list based on the competition links users have previously clicked on. Also visible are any forum threads recently contributed to and access to the private messaging service. There is also the option to add other members to a buddy list or to block certain members from viewing your profile. I haven’t personally used any of these features. There isn’t really any community spirit on the site and I don’t really see the need for these tools. However, the personalised competition list is a useful feature.


                        There are literally hundreds of competitions and they are updated everyday. To help members deal with the sheer number of them the competitions are divided into categories according to the type of prize, which is a great way to find the competitions you’re most interested in. A full list of the categorical division is included below:

                        Book and Music
                        Cars and Transport,
                        Cash, Vouchers and Shopping
                        Computers and Accessories
                        Events and tickets
                        Film and TV
                        Food and Drink
                        Gadgets and Gizmos
                        Games and Consoles
                        Health and Beauty
                        Holidays, Breaks and Flights
                        House and Garden
                        Kids and Parent
                        Local Interest
                        Sports Prizes

                        Additionally, competitions can be searched or sorted in many other ways. Firstly according to the date which they were added so users can view new competitions added each day and competitions about to expire. Users can also click on the ‘competition tracker’ link which will sort competitions according to those which have been entered already and those remaining. Competitions can further be divided into quick comps, as opposed to those which take more time to enter and can be sorted by member ratings regarding how good the prizes are.

                        Competition Entry

                        Loquax offer some competitions themselves but the vast majority are links to other websites. Many of the competitions require that entrants answer a prize question or provide some consumer information. I have generally found that neither takes long and the answers to the questions can usually be found very quickly by performing a simple google search. Additionally, entrants will need to provide their contact details be that email, home address or phone number.


                        As I stated previously, I had a phase of using Loquax a couple of years ago and have recently got back in o it. I sadly haven’t personally won anything but I know people who have!

                        My mum and her husband enter a lot of competition, primarily through Loquax and over the last three or four years they have won many impressive prizes. Most recently this has been flights to Australia with Quantas for two including $1000 spending money (about £500). Additionally, there was a recent win of a mini cruise for four with DFS from South Shields to Amsterdam (I’ll personally benefit from this one!), the latest 80G video Ipod and a Nintendo Wii. Older prizes have included have also won an £8,000 huge permanent gazebo which now stands at the bottom of their garden, a weeks holiday for four skiing in Val d'Isere and a trip for two to Prague. In addition to these top prizes they regularly win smaller prizes such as cinema tickets, wine, chocolate, vouchers, CD’s and DVD’s.

                        I promise that they really have WON all of this and more. It’s unbelievable isn’t it?! Of course, to win so much stuff you have to be willing to vote large quantities of time to entering competitions. My mum and her partner spend time doing this practically every night. It’s an obsession of their’s and it does pay off.


                        There is also an offers page where you will find details are companies offering special deals online. For example, Halifax are currently offering 30% off their home insurance if you arrange the policy online and there’s a link to a 10% off lingerie voucher with Figleaves. There’s also information about ways in which you can obtain free samples and information on online bargains. For example, if you currently spend £10 online at Woolworths.com they will give you 2 for 1 vouchers to UK attractions including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Madame Tussauds and Warwick Castle and The Sunday Times are currently offering a free case of wine with every case purchased.

                        Other Features

                        Other site features include the Loquax bingo, competition based and general forums, the Loquax shop and fun stuff such as free online games and horoscopes. I haven’t personally spent any time using these features so I won’t comment on them further. There’s also the option to sign up for the Loquax newsletter with information on the latest competitions and new Loquax features.


                        As the majority of the competitions are external to Loquax many sites require that you register. Filling in your contact details again and again is repetitive and annoying although it generally doesn’t take long. Additionally, this does mean that you’re likely to get masses of junk email which is a serious disadvantage.

                        One other small criticism of Loquax is that occasionally the links to the competitions are invalid. However, as this is infrequent and as there are literally hundreds of competitions this is really only a minor point.


                        There are many similar competition based sites and Loquax appears to be the best of these. There are literally thousands of great competitions on the internet and Loquax is wonderful in the way that it provides an up to date singular access point to them all. The site is well laid and the multiple means of viewing the competitions is a real bonus. I highly recommend Loquax if you have some spare time and fancy attempting to win yourself some new things. I guarantee that regular participation pays off, so get winning!!



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                          05.07.2006 13:10
                          Very helpful



                          online competitions portal

                          I registered on the loquax website when I started my maternity leave back in April becuase I was so bored.....

                          Whats' it all about?

                          Basically Loquax is one of the largest competition portals on the Internet and best of all it lists only UK competitions - so it's all relevent to us.

                          The website

                          www.loquax.co.uk is very easy to use. The homepage is quite basic and easy to navigate. On the left hand side there are a number of options - these are also repeated at the top of the page.

                          You can still use the site even if you don't register but registering has numerous benefits.

                          If you regiser on the website you will receive a weekly newsletter detailing any exciting news and competitions. You can also join the forums section and chat to other UK compers, share ideas, help each other out with competition questions, list new competions and free stuff and even take part in U2U comps set out by other members.

                          The most useful thing about registering though is the easy to use competition tracker. Here you can keep track of all competitions that you have entered. You can view all comps from a particular site and mark hem as entered. You will be informed when the comps close and when the tracked sites add new competitions through my tracker.

                          You can search competitions - search for a particular prize you want to win or just have the comps listed by either closing date or by prize directory. You can choose to just list the newly added comps if you have already entered most of the others on the site. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of competitions listed from many well known and not so well known companies.

                          There is also a pay to play section of the website where you can play bingo, lottery games and casino games etc. Icannot comment on these though as I only enter the free comps!

                          There is also a shoploquax section on the left hand side. If you click this you can look at many shops and their featured products (bbq's at the moment!) Shops included here include John Lewis, Dixons, Tesco, Comet and Prezzybox to name a few. Within the shop section there is also a section with lots of special offers, these include offers such as free trial dvd rental from Blockbuster, free £5 to play online bingo, £15 off your first order at Littlewoods and many others. There are discount codes and vouchers for various sites and details of getting rewards for surveys, writing opinions etc - pretty much like this site!

                          The forums section offers a place to chat to fellow compers not only about your wins etc but whatever else you like from the weather to your favourite dvd or even your favourite recipe.
                          There is a useful section where you can browse and list other comps not listed on the site and a section you can browse and list free stuff that you can get online - I have go many free samples and things from here including a cuddly cow from Cow and Gate and a Carlsberg glass. There is usually someone who posts codes etc that you will need to get the free things -some are web entry, some text/phone and some postal.

                          There is also a winners list - when winners of comps are published forum members can copy a list of the winners for whichever comp and post ont he site - if you are lucky you may even see your name here!

                          There is also a winners post where winners can post what they have won through entering comps - I have been lucky enough to have posted here a few times - I have recently won a set of childrens books, some dvds, a funky chick toy and some nappies! I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a big win but there is proof here that people really do win the big prizes!

                          There is also a U2U section where once you have been a registered member and posted several times you can enter comps by other members and run your own.

                          Another useful section is the swap section where you can swap unwanted prizes etc with other members.

                          The forums are very friendly and I have made several good friends on here!

                          Overall the site is well set out and easy to navgate. It is updated sometimes several times a day and the search facility is quite useful. The website downloads quickly and is a joy to use.

                          I hope that this has encouraged you to enter some competitions - you never know what you might win. Remember you have to be in it to win it!


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                            12.11.2005 13:56
                            Very helpful



                            Overview of Loquax

                            Most people will use sites like Dooyoo and Ciao to either write consumer reviews or use those same reviews to make a decision about a possible purchase. This may either make you money from reviewing or save you money from reading consumer reviews. Another indirect way of earning money is to use competition portals to try and win something via the magic of your PC screen. Sites like www.ukcompetitions.com, www.prizefinder.com and www.loquax.co.uk are all one-stop shops bringing all of the competitions doing the rounds into one place.

                            I originally started off with the www.ukcompetitions.com site around 3 years ago but was advised by an experienced comper to try out Loquax as it is a better site. Loquax was established in 1998 as the original UK competitions portal and is still thriving today.

                            The main portal itself is reasonably quick to load as it is mainly text based with just a smattering of gif images to show what you might win if you enter the various competitions. In the absence of anything more dynamic like javascript or anything else applett/Flash based to slow things down then even on a dial-up connection, loading should be just a few seconds. The main portal is divided up in the traditional template format with links down the left and right hand sides and more prominent text situated down the middle of the page to catch the eye. This means that navigation is pretty logical with several options possible to reach the same situation i.e. links are duplicated at times but that’s OK as it’s all about making things as easy as possible for the end-user. In saying that, you could argue that the portal is a little dull and for surfers there is every chance that they might move on quickly having failed to be gripped by the Loquax site. Over to you, web page designers.

                            Registration is simple enough. Your name e-mail address, user name and password will be enough to enable you to become a member of the site. This means you can take advantage straight away of things like an e-mail update of the latest competitions which is sent out weekly. It comes in the form of a Loquax newsletter. This usually includes a brief update of the site together with a list of the pick of the competitions including links to take you to the competitions you want to enter. The free registration will also entitle you to Quick Comp Listings, Discussion Forums, Chatroom and Loquax’s own prize draws too. New competitions are added daily and there is a Beginner’s Guide on the main portal.

                            With a site like Loquax, you do have the choice of either keeping things at arms length by simply using it to enter the competitions you want and running or you can become a member of the community through the various forums. Personally, I don’t post on the threads or ever go into the chatroom so I can’t testify from experience as to how busy they are although I do sometimes have a quick look at forums to see if there is anything interesting being discussed. Apart from the winners declaring their latest booty and lots of other members telling them well done, it is a traditional threaded set up with conversations about last night’s telly and the like so if you want to, you can become a fully fledged and active member of the online community. You have the option of setting up a user profile and can also send private messages to other members if you wish. A user control panel allows you to edit settings and options so if you really wanted to go to town, you can create your own little corner of cyber space in the world of comping.

                            The best thing about Loquax is the way the competitions are organised by category. By choosing to go to, say, daily competitions, you can decide as to whether to enter all the competitions in the holiday category, the books and music category and so on. There are 18 categories in all covering everything from sport to DVDs. Personally, I don’t see much merit in entering a competition to merely win a DVD but then lots of people do. Even if they don’t want the prize they’ve won then there is still the option of selling it on Ebay, swapping/selling it on the Loquax site or even giving it away as a present to someone (you cheapskate!).

                            The competitions are either ones being run by recognised sites like The Sun newspaper and/or competitions set up by the site itself. I tend to avoid sites like MyOffers as I am convinced that sites like this are rip-offs but I understand that people have actually won things there so who am I to question their integrity? Many of the competitions are either prize draws where you simply fill in your details or alternatively, many ask ludicrously easy questions but this will mean that the vast majority of folks will get the answer right and reduce your chances of winning! *bah*

                            I tend to use the latest competitions link myself which will take you the latest but you can also opt for competitions closing today (if you fancy being one of the last to enter) or even daily entries and a quick comps link. The daily entries section shows those competitions that can be entered daily (as well as highlighting those that allow multiple entries) whilst the quick comps links is a more abbreviated version of the main portal.

                            The competition tracker is quite handy as it highlights those competitions you’ve already entered. Right clicking on links will open competitions in separate windows and you can speed things up by opening up the ones you want to enter all at once. As with most competition sites, Loquax has an Add a Competition link. If you have found a competition that is not listed, you can put it onto the site by filling in a few details. The 7 day review section is handy if I go on holiday or I am away from home for a few days. This enables you to view all competition updates under different categories for the past seven days. The competitions are listed under individual days, with the most recent competitions being displayed first. If you have a favourite site for competition prizes, you can find it easily under The A-Z of Competition Sites. All sites are listed in alphabetical order and by clicking the relevant letter, all will be displayed. The type of Comps section lists competitions by type, so if you like captions and slogans, click on the relevant link. There is a special section for those users in Ireland, Australia and world-wide which lists all competitions that can be entered in to according to your location. The site has a section called Pick of the Prizes which is a listing of Loquax’s recommended and favourite competition prizes.

                            Of course, not everything is tickety boo on the site. First of all, your chances of winning are affected by the number of other people trying to achieve the same thing. I’ve seen the odds of 20,000 to 1 banded about for folks trying to win the big prizes like holidays and plasma TVs so don’t expect to just join and start winning straight away. You will be up against serial compers who enter hundreds of competitions every day. It’s a good idea to make a decision as to how many you plan on entering either daily or weekly. I tend to only do around half a dozen or so, daily and they are usually the holiday competitions as I would love to win a holiday some day! I’ve yet to manage it and in all my time I’ve only ever won a day out for 2 at Goodwood races. Statistically, the more competitions you enter, the better chance you will have of winning. If you are going to go for volume then you may want to visit www.roboform.com and register for an online tool that will, amongst other things, pre-populate your name and address details as you will get fed up of completing your name and address over and over again!

                            Another downside to the site is the ease of joining either a casino or bingo site. These will normally entice you in with the opportunity of winning something via a free prize draw on joining. Once you are a member then beware the addiction factor as these sites will fleece you very quickly as it’s all too easy to open an account and find yourself on a losing streak. The perils are every bit as real as this kind of activity in real life. Of course, for those that can control their gambling tendencies then they can be good fun too so it’s up to you at end of the day.

                            Loquax is not a non-profit set up (is that the same as saying it's there to make a profit?). With links to advertisers like AOL and an onsite shop with links to John Lewis, Currys, Marks and Spencer, Figleaves, Prezzybox, Buyagift, Tesco, Dell and others, Loquax is not dissimilar to other comparable sites looking to earn a commission from browsers choosing to buy online via the Loquax site whilst enjoying doing their competitions.

                            Loquax is a big site and it’s impossible to cover every angle in a review like this. If you like the sound of it then go and have a look. I enjoy Loquax. If you like competitions and want them all in one place then this will be for you. You can choose to spend from a few minutes to several hours a day on the site, it’s entirely up to you. If you are an existing member or even decide to join as a result of reading this then I hope you have better luck that I? Still, it’s all a bit of fun really innit and, who knows, the big one may be just around the corner!

                            Thanks for reading



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                              24.10.2004 00:36
                              Very helpful



                              Right where do I start
                              first off I will tell you that this website is extremely addictive.
                              If you like to enter competitions and win prizes then loquax can just about take over your life!!!

                              LOQUAX COMPETITION PORTAL

                              one big website dedicated to locating competitions for you and me to enter and win.

                              All different types of competitions to enter for example: 1. prize draws
                              2.question and answer quizzes
                              3. Slogans
                              4. Crosswords etc
                              also you can win all sorts of different prizes from cash to cars, washing machines to holidays!

                              ENTERING THE COMPETITIONS
                              Basically Loquax scours the internet for competitions to enter from lots of different websites for example: Argos, Radio one, Asda etc and lists them in a variety of ways.

                              You can find the competitions in the tracker system, which is a tracking system for registered users (more about the free registration later)

                              COMPETITION TRACKER
                              (located via the menu on the top right hand side or via the menu on the left hand side of home page)
                              The tracking system enables you to make notes about particular competitions and mark off which comps you have entered or not.
                              It also allows you to leave reminders to enter competitions
                              you can choose to hide previously entered competitions so you don’t enter any twice.
                              I personally don’t use the tracker system but do know people who do and say it’s great.
                              There is a newly revised guide to the tracker which is very handy when you first use the system.

                              QUICK AND EASY LINKS
                              This is the way I enter all the competitions on loquax its very quick and very easy to use
                              firstly you have a choice to view
                              *competitions added today
                              *competitions added yesterday
                              * competitions closing today
                              *competitions closing this week

                              My advice would be to pick one way of viewing the competitions and stick with it .
                              That way you never miss a competition and don’t end up doing the same one twice.

                              I always pick the new competitions added today and when I click the link I am taken to a page that lists all the competitions added today
                              a description of each competition,
                              the closing date and
                              what the prizes is.

                              If you like the look of a particular competition click the link and you will be taken to the website where that particular competition/prizes is.

                              There is a description of the competition and prizes whichever way you choose to view the list of comps either new today new yesterday or through the tracker.

                              Loquax is free to join (always good)
                              its also easy to join
                              you fill out your email address
                              pick a user name
                              and password
                              and when they send an email click on the link to confirm registration then that’s it your a member of the best competition portal ever! - And be prepared for it to take over your life!!!

                              LIST YOUR PREFERED COMPETITIONS

                              On the left hand side of the homepage you have the choice to list the types of prizes on offer and type of competition
                              so if you prefer to do only competitions offering cash prizes you can choose to view the cash prize comps only.
                              Or if you choose to enter only crossword competitions you can have only them showing if you wish.

                              There are many ways of viewing the competitions on loquax and no way is better than the other.
                              The best thing to do is to go take a look, use the navigation menus on either side
                              and soon enough you will find plenty of competitions you enjoy to enter to win prizes you want to win!!!

                              OTHER STUFF ON THE SITE

                              Loquax run there own competitions for registered users so its well worth registering
                              you will also get to use the forum if you register
                              more about that in a bit .
                              There is some handy comping tools which you will find on the left hand side
                              these include A reference guide ,crossword buddy ,winners search (which lets you search winners lists for your name ) etc

                              The forum is the perfect place to chat ,ask questions ,get answers for hard to answer questions etc
                              it also runs mini comps added by users for users which are great as I have won a few prizes in these comps .(cd , key ring all small things )
                              On the forum there is also a section where other users who find out about anything for free tell other users so we can all get freebies !!!

                              I absolutely love the Loquax website as it’s a handy way of finding lots of competitions all in one place without having to trawl the internet myself for them.
                              If you are comping mad then this is the perfect site for you

                              I HAD MY DOUBTS
                              I myself had my doubts when it was first recommended to me a few months back.
                              I thought it would be yet another site where I spend all day entering the things and never win anything BUT....
                              I have had a few wins so far and many more to come I hope
                              I have won £100, a Shrek 2 game , a t-shirt , cds etc still waiting for the new house by the sea and the million quid lol ;-)

                              There are prizes out there waiting for you to win them so if you enjoy answering questions and winning something for it then I recommend you go check Loquax out.

                              You can take a look at Loquax without registering
                              and have a look at the comps. I would advise you to register though
                              as its free, easy to do and has lots of benefits
                              such as the forums ,newsletters (which you can get or opt out of )and access to the competition tracker etc

                              Perfect for comping !!! Easy to use and yes! People do win I have and you could too.


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                                23.04.2004 18:22



                                • "My house needs a clean!"

                                Loquax is the Internet's best comping site that provides what the Internet does best - free stuff and new friends. I've won many prizes through this super service. Loquax is extremely thorough, easy to use and comprehensive in it's categories, presentation and listings. To a newbie it may look overwhelming but once you get hooked on comping, you develop a plan/style to your comping and Loquax caters for everybody. If you want to join the comping community then head straight for the forums. There is a comprehensive University forum that will answer any questions that you may have to start with. Then why not introduce yourself in the other forums? There are MANY helpful and friendly members who love to discuss everything comping and non-comping related. You'll be astounded how quickly you get sucked into the forums and comping. So.. what are u doing still reading this? Follow the duck to Loquax now!!


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