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Category: Television

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2010 11:32
      Very helpful



      Helps you to understand the mysterious Lost

      Although it is not as popular as when it first began I am still completely hooked to the television show 'Lost' as it has just the right amount of nutty goings on to keep my interest. We are now halfway through the final series (sob!) and so I wait eagerly for every episode (sad I know, but I cant help it). 9 times out of 10 just as the episode has started and something strange has happened, such as a plume of smoke eating somebody, a ship crashing through a 50ft statue of an Egyptian God or me actually beginning to understand what the hell is going on, the phone rings and I miss the rest of the episode (I love Lost, but cant be so rude to say to someone I would rather watch television than talk to them!)
      When this happens there is only one thing I can do (shut up to those people who say get a life!!) and that is head to Lostpedia an online encyclopedia of everything 'Lost'.

      Lostpedia began in 2005 during the second season of Lost and was started by a man named Kevin Croy who is a massive fan of Lost and wanted a place where fans could get info about the show. He reckons it will be a Lostpedia fan who figures out what Lost is all about, but as the show is ending soon they better get a move on. Now apparently Lostpedia is a Wiki. I am none the wiser but according to the internet Wiki is software that can be used to create collaborative or community websites (forgive me if I have got something wrong). I think that means that people can contribute information to the website and then an administrator will moderate it (Is that like Dooyoo???). Apart from Wikipedia, Lostpedia is one of the most visited wikis on the net with over 80,000,000 page hits and no, its not all me!

      The front page of Lostpedia is jam packed with info, including articles, blogs about Lost and recent news related to Lost. I never really look at this information as its not so much about the show but more information surrounding the show. One piece of info that should be noted however is the fact that Lostpedia is updated according to the American broadcast, which is on a Tuesday and so if you live in the UK, you should be careful with what you look at on the website as we get a new episode on a Friday.

      The best thing to do when browsing Lostpedia, is scroll to the bottom of the front page and there you will find an index with links to all the information you ever wanted to know about episodes, characters, mysteries (trust me there are a lot of those!), recurring themes and important locations. All you do is click on a subject you want to find out about and it will take you to a page with lots of information and links that will take you to even more information! So if I wanted to find out about Sawyer, one of my favourite characters I would click on his name and I would get a brief overview of his character and life before he crashed on the island and then there is a season by season breakdown of everything that happens to Sawyer. At the bottom of the page there is trivia about Sawyer and unanswered questions surrounding his character and here fans can post answers to these questions (though we are yet to know if they are right). Unlike the layout of the front page the pages containing this kind of information are clearly laid out and accompanied by pictures that fans would probably like seeing.

      On the front page and to the left there is access to a forum though I haven't joined it and also options to change the language of the website, which I think is pretty amazing and useful given the fact that Lost is a worldwide hit.

      One amazing thing about this website is realising the amount of time that people put into it. In early seasons of Lost, often when a character was alone in the jungle indecipherable whispers could be heard. Well someone on the website got specialist sound equipment and transcribed what was said. Now is that dedication or obsession? I'm not sure but I don't mind benefiting from it.

      So overall I would say this is a brilliant website for a Lost fan, but basically useless for everyone else. I don't believe there are any downsides apart from a cluttered front page, but somebody else might find that information useful, so I cant really mark the website down for that. If you are a fan of Lost you should definitely take a look as it will remind you about so much of the early shows that you may have forgotten about, for example who was it that Juliet resembled? You will also find that it will help you understand everything that is going on in the final series, which will hopefully mean that when the series ends you will know exactly what it was all about and you will be Lost no more.


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