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    1 Review
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      11.10.2012 00:06
      Very helpful
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      A great site well worth joining

      What is a PTC site?

      MarathonBux is a PTC site which stands for Paid-To-Click. A PTC site is one in which members are paid to click on adverts for a small fee which is in between $0.001 and $0.02 depending on the advertisement length (between 3 seconds to a minute.) While earning through this method is slow, there are also many other ways to earn most notably by gaining referrals. All the methods of earning money will be explained below.

      PTC Advertisements

      As previously described, PTC advertisements make up the main part of any PTC sites. A PTC ad can range from 3 seconds to 60 seconds and will pay the member clicking it a certain price as depicted below. In addition to this, the person who referred this member to the site (or in the case of an unreferred member, the person who rents him) will also earn a portion of his earnings. At MarathonBux this is 30% for Standard members, 40% for Golden members and 50% for Diamond members. Below is the list of all the different types of advertisements:

      Tiny - 3 seconds - $0.0005

      Micro - 5 seconds - $0.001

      Mini - 15 seconds - $0.005

      Standard - 30 Seconds - $0.01

      Extended - 60 seconds - $0.02


      AdGrid is a game that can be played on MarathonBux. Each day members are given 25 chances to click on a grid and view an advertisement. After the timer has loaded, instead of getting the usual $0.01 you will have a chance of winning the $5 jackpot. For promotions, this jackpot is sometimes raised to $10 or the chance of winning is doubled. Alternatively, sometimes member's are given only one chance in the day which is a guaranteed win.

      AdGrid is a fun game to play and offers you the chance to get $5 very quickly however it is all dependent on luck.


      At MarathonBux it is also possible to get paid through PTR (Paid-to-Read) This is an optional feature and consists of members getting promotional e-mails sent to their accounts. Members are paid $0.01 for each e-mail they view which is quite a lot. On average you would receive over 1 e-mail a day which means that it is a nice way to supplement your daily earnings.


      MicroJobs introduces a whole new dynamic to MarathonBux; It converts it from a standard PTC site to one which is also a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. With MicroJobs, advertisers pay you to accomplish simple tasks such as joining a website, liking a Facebook page or completing a survey. All MicroJobs pay at least $0.10 and some can pay above a $1. This is a great feature of MarathonBux and can help you earn money quickly from it.


      As mentioned before, standard members receive 30% of all income from ads clicked by their referrals while Golden members receive 40% and Diamond members get 50%. There are two main types of referrals:

      Direct Referrals are ones which you refer personally to the site. This can be through advertising or more commonly by talking to your friends/family. Direct referrals will always be linked to your account and you will always earn from them for free.

      Rented Referrals are the member's who join MarathonBux without any Direct referral. These can then be rented from MarathonBux at the very cheap price of $0.15 a month. It is possible to extend them for just $0.10 a month as well as recycle them (if they are not clicking enough) for just $0.05. All members have to go through a rigorous filter including the length of time they have been members and how many clicks they have made in the last 3 days in order to become a rented referral. Rented referrals are a great way to make a lot of money through MarathonBux.

      IMPORTANT: In order to earn from all of your referrals, you must have clicked on at least one advertisement the day before.


      There are three different types of memberships at MarathonBux; Standard, Gold and Diamond.There are several differences between these membership types which are listed below:

      Guaranteed Ads (These are $0.01 ads which, as the name suggests, are guaranteed for the member every day,)

      Standard - 1 Ad a day = $3.65 a year

      Gold - 4 Ads a day - $14.60 a year

      Diamond - 9 Ads a day - $32.85

      Earnings from Referrals

      Standard - 30%

      Gold - 40%

      Diamond - 50%

      Maximum Direct Referrals

      Standard: 100

      Gold: 250

      Diamond: 10,000

      Maximum Rented Referral Limit:

      Standard: 100

      Gold: 250

      Diamond: 1,000


      Standard: Free

      Gold: $14.99 (3 months) or $49.99 (a year)

      Diamond: $19.99 (3 months) or $59.99 (a year)


      MarathonBux is affiliated with BuxEssentials - This is a website which enables you to track your earnings, daily activity and referral count on many different PTC sites. This is extremely useful if you are a member of many PTC sites as it makes it a lot easier to click on ads without forgetting all the websites you are members of.


      BuxBonus is an exciting new feature of MarathonBux which rewards member's for their activity. If a member completes the following task each day they will earn a $0.05 bonus on top of all other earnings:

      Click on 10 PTC ads
      5 AdGrid plays
      1 MicroJob completed
      5 PTR e-mails confirmed


      At MarathonBux it is currently only possible to redeem your earnings via Payza, which is a free-to-use payment system similar to PayPal. The minimum payout is at $2, however this increases to $5 on the next payout before becoming fixed at $10. After receiving a payout it is obligatory to post a payment proof on the website. There are many payment proofs available to view at the moment to prove that MarathonBux is a trusted website.


      While MarathonBux offers adverts for member's to click on it obviously also needs advertisers to supply the adverts. Advertising is very cheap at MarathonBux including deals such as:

      $10 for 10,000 Tiny clicks
      $15 for thousands of hits across a whole month of AdGrid
      Banner advertising from just $2.40
      It is possible to advertise either using the funds in your balance or by adding money from your Payza account.


      MarathonBux currently possesses a forum - This is an important feature in any trusted websites as it means that they are forced to abide by their rules. MarathonBux also has a blog which contains regular updates and a support ticket system in which you can ask any questions. Responses are usually extremely prompt and come within 24 hours.

      MarathonBux on Facebook

      MarathonBux has a Facebook page which it is possible to 'Like.' This lets members interact with the site and the admin far more than normal and therefore is a very positive feature of this site. If you 'Like' the MarathonBux Facebook page you also have access to additional competitions, contests and promotions. For example, there is currently a competition running to give $5 to a random member once 500 likes have been surpassed.

      Promotions and Contests

      MarathonBux regularly has competitions - Prizes usually include a free Diamond membership as well as $5 to the second place. The current competitions is traffic competition which awards prizes to the members who have sent the most traffic to MarathonBux. Similarly, they often have competitions for Most Forum Posts, Most Direct Referrals Gained or Most Ads clicked. These are usually weekly and offer a great way to get free upgrades or money.


      To conclude, I think MarathonBux is a great site which is well worth joining. It might not make you a millionaire overnight but it offers the chance to make a small daily income from a trusted source.


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