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The latest news about social networking technology.

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    1 Review
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      06.11.2009 10:13
      Very helpful



      A website dedicated to bringing you all the latest technology news and information

      Advances in technology seem arrive at an ever increasing pace. Keeping abreast of what is going on is always a problem. How do you sift the wheat from the chaff of information? Many websites have sought to try to meet this requirement and most that succeed do so by doing the sifting for you. When you join a website that specialises in this valuable task for you, you do so in the certain knowledge that there will still be those items that are of no interest though. The valuable sites are those that keep his to a minimum.

      Such a site is Mashable.

      Mashable concentrates on news and information that broadly covers Social Networking Technology. True, I have found that this site interprets this somewhat flexibly but, so far I have been happy that they have the balance right. The website has now been added to my Firefox Tootlbar and that's always a good sign.

      The Mashable Home Page can be a little confusing initially. Firstly there is no signin as this is a site where the content is created solely by the Mashable resident editorial team. What there is at the top of the page is a row entitled "Mashable Lists" and below it another called "Mashable News". Against each of these are various categories such as: Twitter, YouTube, Games, Google, Firefox and so on, plus, at the end of the row, a link to "More...".

      As you will now have gathered, each of these links takes you to either collected information about the chosen category or else the latest news about it. The Lists categories are not particularly time relevant and are just a reference point for a whole load of useful information, much of which is in the form of "How tos". There is also a How To category all of its own, such as "HOW TO: Get Started with Google Wave".

      Below this is all the latest news items, today's lead item being, "Wow, Google Really Likes Muppets!" by resident writer, Stan Schroeder. The summary mainly consists of just the iniial paragraph or two, to give you a real feel for what this is all about. Clicking on the item takes you to a new webpage where you can read the item in full.

      I said that you can't join Mashable as such but, realising that half the fun of these sites is the ability to be able to add your own comments on items found there, Mashable has provided the ability for you to do so by logging in with either your Disqus, Facebook Connect or Twitter Id and Password.

      I have found the items on Mashable very well written and informed. Some of the comments left by readers are usually much less so though, although you do sometimes find the insightful addition. Best of all, from my point of view, is that Mashable can be linked to you Facebook News Feed page and so you can immediately see the very latest Mashable posts and, should any interest you, clicking on it in Facebook takes you straight to the full article on Mashable.

      I have become a big fan of Mashable and find loads of interesting and worthwhile reviews there. If you are a Technology fan as well, you could do far worse than to add Mashable to your favourites and, if you are a Facebook user, add the link to it there as well.



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