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4 Reviews

Match attax trading card game.

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2010 16:05



      a fun craze.

      Everyone with school aged kids will have heard of Match Attax trading cards. They retail at 50p per pack of 6, which is a bit of a hike on least season when they were selling for 40p. You can buy them from most newsagents, or from the larger toy stores such as Smyths, where they have a box of them next to the counter. It is still a good "pocket money" buy.

      Most packs contain a shiny special card, which really appeal to kids. The shiny cards feature the top players, and rarer cards are called "100 club", but these are really hard to find. Most kids at school collect these, so it is easy to swap cards to fill in the holes in your collection. it would be impossible to get the whole collection from buying packs alone. If you tried this, it would cost hundreds of pounds! Topps, who make the cards, run events throughout the year where fans can come together to swap cards and play the game.

      My only gripe with these cards is that you get a lot of repeated cards- This year its Jody Craddock and Junior Stanislas! You can get a special folder to keep your cards in, which costs about £5. An index at the front of the folder shows you which cards you need to get to complete your collection. The plastic pockets in the folder make it easy to add and remove cards, as well as keepong them in pristine condition. You can also buy a collectors tin for your cards, which retails at about £10. This is a bit steep, but the tins do become collectors items, so are worth holding on to.

      Topps have an official website where you can find out more about the cards and the game as well as recording your collection online. The stats on the bottom of the card are actually for playing a game, although my son actually gets them all on the floor with a ping pong ball and pretends they are real players! This year, Toops are doing a special world cup version of the cards, which come in a red pack. They also have a line called "extra" which includes new signings and managers.

      You can't get these at the end of the season, and kids can't wait until the new season arrives so they can start collecting again. My son has been collecting these for two seasons now, and we have them absolutely everywhere. Football fever shows no sign of abating!


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      30.05.2009 18:42



      For hardcore collectors only

      This is one of the best collections of football trading cards on the market. Not only are they manufactured to the highest quality, made out of plastic or card or something, but the statistics are incredibly accurate; in fact, they are the most accurate to date, this is indisputed. It is a very reqarding collection, priced very reasonably so that even the poorest kid can buy at least one pack to get them started and then get swapping. That's the beauty of this trading card game... if you already have a copy of one of the cards what you can do is swap it with a mate who is also a collector, thus helping you both complete the collection bit by bit. Each card has a picture of the player, plus his name, his position, a ranking out of five stars and his defensive and attacking stats. There's also a little club crest in the top right-hand corner. On top of this some of the information is reproduced on the back of the card. This game can be quite addictive and can cost a lot of money if you don't control yourself. For instance, I bought 500 packets in a two week period just after they came out and then had too many cards to swap with people, so I had just wasted my money. The most amazing thing about this collection is the shiny cards, which have real life shiny metal or something on them and are usually reserved for the very best players. A good collection for football fans and people who like to collect things with statistics on them and put them in a binder in a set order, then do nothing else with them. There's also some game you can play with them against another person, kind of like the game football but with cards. Top stuff.


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      02.11.2008 23:08



      Match Attax have stopped selling their cards online this season. Their is one website selling these cards individually for a fair price.www.macattax.comThey even let you trade in some of your kids swaps when you join.


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      15.10.2008 18:04
      Very helpful




      Topps Match Attax is the new craze sweeping the uk , europe and beyond.

      It is a football trading card game based of the Barclays Premier league.

      Topps is an American company based in New York that was founded in 1938 and originally dealt in tobacco until the great depression. They then decided to try a new product, the product they chose was chewing gum. There most successful product in the early years was Bazooka Bubblegum and in 1950 and they tried to increase sales by placing a card of 'Hopalong Cassidy' in the packets, who was a huge TV star at the time. They then started to produce packs of Baseball cards and from this time they focused on the collector card market only.

      When spring cleaning the Topps Headquarters in 1952, they decided to have a clear out and shipped out 500 cases of there baseball cards to be dumped in the Atlantic Ocean. They did this unknowing that the cards would one day be extremely valuable. Included in the cards that were dumped into the ocean was the first 'Mickey Mantle' card, todays most valuable card. It is said a 1952 pack of Topps would today be worth $5000 = to $1000 per card, and it was worked out that the 500 cases dumped into the ocean would today be worth $1,440,000,000.

      The baseball cards they first produced were done in 2 sets, known as Red Backs and Blue Backs, in each set was 52 to cards to collect. They then changed the format and in the next series there were 407 cards to collect and their trademark Bubblegum was again inserted into each pack and each card had biographical information of the Baseball player on it.

      Topps would get the rights to print the cards by getting individual players to sign contracts, as oppose to the group and league contracts that are signed today.

      There fiercest competitor in the 50's was a company called Bowman Gum, who also put baseball cards in their packs of gum. Topps also started producing football and Basketball cards in the 1950's aswell.

      In the mid 70's Topps aquired a british confectionary company who mainly focused on football stickers as oppose to cards, a brand that we now know as Merlin who's closest rival is Panini.

      Topps soon entered into the non sports market and created the famous 'Garbage Pail Kids' sets and also many 'Star Wars' sets and the more recent phenomenon 'Pokemon' cards.

      Today there is no limit to the types of cards Topps produce. Anything from Football to High School Musical, Hannah Montanna to Marvel comic book heroes, and of course the subject of my review the all new Match Attax cards that were first produced for the 2007/08 premier league and were an unbelievable success and set to be even bigger this season.

      And planned for 2009 in the release of UFC fighters, though i don't think this is an ideal move as it would be encouraging violence to young children.

      With the starter pack you get a binder to keep the cards in, a playing pitch for the game, 25 cards including a limited edition card and the game rules.

      The rules of the Match Attax trading game are as follows:

      The game is for 2 players just like a football match and the object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent.

      Each player on the cards is rated out of 100 in Defence and 100 in Attack.
      You need 14 players (cards) for a game, your first 11 and then your 3 subs. You then choose your best 11 players and its time to get on the pitch and start the game. You line up your team on the pitch with the cards face down making sure defenders are in defence and so on, filp a coin to see who goes first. Choose one of your players and choose if you want to attack or defend but don't yet turn the card over, now the other player chooses a player from his team, this player must do the opposite to you so if you have chosen to attack the other player must defend, in match attax you must play defence against attack at all times, so meaning you can't have attack verses attack or defence against defence. Both palyers then turn their cards over at the same time, if the player who chose to attack has a better attack rating than the other palyers defence then that is 1 goal scored.

      Leave them cards to one side. The player who won that round goes first and again chooses wether to attack or defend, and again the other player must do the opposite, but remember you can't see your players so remember how you have lined up. Turn the cards again to see who has scored, if the rating are the same then no one scores, remember to leave the cards you have played to one side.

      If you feel you can do better with your subs you can bring them into the game, each player can make 3 substitutions during a game but you can't sub your final player and subs must be made before each round. Keep track of the scores and when all 11 players have been used up the player with the most goals wins.

      The cards measure 3.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide.

      BASE CARDS: These are the 320 normal cards which feature the players from the 20 premier league teams, not all of them though as some of the big players are special cards, for instance their is no Fernando Torres base cards as he is on 3 of the special cards.

      The base cards are blue on the back with the match attax logo on and the club crest of the team that player plays for, on the front is a picture of the player and his defence and attack ratings.

      MAN OF THE MATCH CARDS: There are 60 man of the match cards to collect, 3 players from each of the 20 Premier league teams. These are the same as the base player cards on the back, and the front has the player on but a different background colour, it also has a metallic glittery effect and has 'man of the match' in gold down the right hand side of the card.

      A few examples of the man of the match cards are:

      Arsenal- Samir Nasri, Emmanual Adebayor and Kolo Toure.

      Liverpool- Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Javier Mascherano

      Manchester United- Patrice Evra, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez

      STAR PLAYER CARDS: There are 40 star player cards, 2 players from each club, again these are the same on the back, on the front they have the player, his ratings and the card has a silver border.

      Examples of the star player cards are:

      Aresnal- Adebayor and Fabrigas
      Aston Villa-Barry and Agbonlahor
      Chelsea-Deco and Lampard
      Liverpool-Torres and Gerrard

      LIMITED EDITION CARDS: There are 12 limited edition cards so these are quite special, again they are the same on the back, the front has a picture of the player, his ratings and this card also is finshed in metallic type glittery finish and says limited editon and the player name in gold.

      Limited Edition cards are:

      Gerrard and Torres-Liverpool
      Joe Cole-Chelsea
      Behrami-West Ham
      Miller-West Brom
      Jenas- Tottenham
      Martins- Newcastle
      Kitson- Stoke
      Arteta- Everton
      Young- Aston Villa

      100 CLUB CARDS: These are a new edition this season, they are hard to come by. There are 5 of these cards to collect, again they are the same on the back, have the player on the front with their ratings and are finished in a glitter finish with gold writing saying Hundred Club down the right hand side of the card.

      100 CLUB CARDS ARE:

      Christiano Ronaldo- Man UTD
      Fernando Torres-Liverpool
      Petr Cech- Chelsea
      Rio Ferdinand- Man UTD
      Cesc Fabrigas- Arsenal

      FABRIGAS SIGNED CARD: This year they have 100 cards signed by Cesc Fabrigas hidden in packs all over the world- Willy Wonker style.

      For a pack of Match Attax it cost £0.40p, you get 6 cards in each pack, the packet is a blue foil type packet and the cards can be bought from most local newsagents and major retailers aswell as on line at WWW.MATCHATTAX.COM. Though delivery of cards bought from this website can take upto 8 weeks.

      I personally use WWW.MACATTAX.COM, delivery is within 2-4 days.

      The starter packs that include the binder, pitch and 25 cards can also be bought from local newsagents and major retailers and again online priced at £4.99.

      Match Attax.com do a tour around the uk to hold tournements which fans can go to and play each other, compare collections and buy merchandise. Details for this are on WWW.MATCHATTAX.COM.

      Match Attax.com is a good website and has all the info you need about upcoming events, competitions, Topps tv, game rules and an online shop.

      Though like i said the site WWW.MACATTAX.COM is better for ordering cards.

      You can buy seperate cards on their own here, so any players you are struggling to get you can buy here, although the special cards are very often out of stock as a few weeks before the cards come on sale you are able to pre-order them and thousands of people buy up all the special cards to re-sell on Ebay when the sites are out of stock, and they make a pretty fair profit aswell, as on the website Macattax, a 100 club card is £5 accept for Ronaldo who is £10.00, and these are being resold for about £15 (why didn't i think to do this), if you think someone purchases 30 100 club cards at a price of £150 and sells them for £450 ,and they do sell them aswell, all the parents are paying this price because you just can't get hold of them on the websites, now and again the websites will have the cards back in stock but you have to be really quick before theyare all gone again.

      The base cards are usually always in stock and can be bought from 10-15p a card plus postage.

      Match Attax is marketed as a game and as a card collection series, though i think most people just collect them. My son is 6 and he is crazy on these, he doesn't really play the game he just likes to collect the cards and loves it when he opens the pack and finds a rare one. I must admit i love it too, it takes me back to when i was a kid and collected Panini stickers and did swapsie's at school, and i find myself getting really excited too when he gets a rare card. My son has the binder and keeps his cards really nice, he also has a Match Attax tin to keep his swaps in.

      The only downside like i said is if you want to buy a special card then you usually have to pay through the nose for it on sites like Ebay. I have recently bought the Torres 100 club card on Ebay for £10.00 as i couldn't get it anywhere. I then i saw it is back in stock on Macattax.com for a fiver so its always worth checking.

      All in all this is a great series of cards for kids to collect ( and adult collectors) and at 40p a pack is quite reasonably priced, i used to buy my son a football magazine every week for £1.85 and now he is happy with 2 packs of these cards instead.

      The binder i find quite reasonably priced aswell at £4.99 and is a good way of keeping the collection mint.

      I haven't seen the tin anywhere but Amazon uk priced at £9.99.
      [update 17/10/08:as far as i know the tin is no longer available on Amazon]

      This is a really good card collection and gives my son something to save his pocket money for and he really enjoys it too, and it keeps him quiet..................ace!!!!


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