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Founded in 1995 by sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg, Maximuscle embodies the notion that through commitment and understanding, your physique goals can be easily achieved and your sporting performance surpassed.

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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2009 01:23
      Very helpful
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      Some good products, although price can be a turn off

      Zef Eisenberg is the stroke of genius behind these formulas that can assist you on your way to improving your physique. The company was founded in 1995 and is one of the biggest mainstream sellers of sports nutrition.

      His profile is as follows:
      Age: 33
      Company: Maximuscle
      Position: Founder and President
      Proposition: Sports nutrition supplier
      Founded: 1995
      Employees: 43
      Turnover: £34m to April 2007 forecast

      In the space of 14 years, he has managed to make a hell of alot of money. How he started off:- Zef wrote a book "Steroids: The Facts" through which he gained alot of respect from the body building community. Some of the products he used to sell when the company started up were aimed at body builders, but nowadays there is more emphasis on health and wellbeing. As Maximuscle has gone mainstream their products are aimed at the masses, rather than just bodybuilders. Zef has proved his worth as not only a fitness expert, but also a very shrewd businessman, with the company proudly upholding the fact that it has never been in debt.

      I have tried a variety of their products and can vouch for a select few for their effectiveness when used in combination with a controlled diet. The only snag I do have about them is the exorbitant prices they sell their products for - a little shopping around definitely goes a long way. I have recently purchased Maximuscle Promax Diet (1.2kg) from an ebay seller for £30 including p&p, as opposed to the shocking prices in excess of £40 on the high street. This product can be used as a meal replacement for those looking to lose some weight whilst maintaining a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients. I tend to have a meal replacement shake after a cardio workout and feel that this is more than sufficient to keep me fuelled until lunchtime (228 calories - broken down into 38g of whey protein, 10g complex carbohydrates and fibre, EFA's, 1700mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid, caffeine, green tea, xylitol and pantothenic acid).

      If you do go for the Promax Diet I would not recommend the strawberry flavour as there are always remnants of black residue that remain within the formula and have an odd taste. In my opinion, the banana flavour is by far the best and tastiest of the three flavours (chocolate being the third).

      The Viper Extreme bar has got to be, put bluntly, THE most disgusting, vile product I have tried from their range. It was rock solid to bite - potentially causing me to consider dentures, the taste was extremely sour and the herbs contained in the bar could literally be tasted, not making for a pleasant experience in the slightest. The initial smell was ok and it looked edible, but don't be fooled, you're in for a hurl fest! I would recommend going elsewhere for your energy bar, such as Muscletech's Meso-Tech Complete Bar - Meal-Replacement Bar, which is a very similar product without the herbs and caffeine. The price is very similar, at around £23-£25 for 12 bars, for the taste I think its worth paying just that little bit extra.

      I have used Thermobol in the past and did at the time, find it to be effective, however I'm talking about the old formula, since then things have changed. Maximuscle have altered the ingredients in order to comply with IOC (International Olympic Committee) testing. As they have gone mainstream (Boots, Asda, Fitness First) alot of their fomulas have been toned down in order to satisfy the do-gooders. I personally think that Maximuscle do put alot of research into their products, however, I think they should have a hardcore line of products for those of us who are not drug tested. Price wise, they need to bring them down and relate to the consumer, as there are alot of American brands that are far more established (Prolab, Muscletech, Twinlab, and Tropicana, to name a few).

      The Maximuscle website can be a handy tool - there is a daily meal planner, a calorie counter, and diet plans, which are all very user friendly. The meal planner, for example has over 3,000 foods in its database, meaning you get to choose from a huge variety. The website in general is very easy to navigate through, having separate sections for women, articles, special offers, and a drop down menu of their products. The site is internet shopping safe, so the worry of purchasing online in minimised. At the moment, they are offering a mix and match - buy 4 get the cheapest free. I have also made use of their articles, in particular 'the key to great abs' has proved to be very insightful. There are bountiful testimonials which detail the effectiveness of the products from personal experiences. Training accessories are also sold on the site, such as items of clothing, gloves, belts and straps.

      For those of you who are into fitness, it is worth checking out the site. Find a product you think might be useful, and it's worth shopping around. One last thing to mention, it that their helpline fulfils its role, in that any queries are dealt with there and then, with politeness, not that its worth going bankrupt for that!


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        12.05.2009 14:09
        Very helpful



        A brilliant website dedicated for body fitness , Highly recommended.


        Every human needs a well-balanced daily food plan and well balanced amount of nutrition to live a healthy and happy life. It always not about muscular body, it's about how fit your body is and what amount of calorie we are having per day. There is a prescribed amount of calories and food for everybody varies along with different age and also different height and weight. But, usually we cannot maintain this daily routine due to the apparent fact that, we have a very busy and hectic life. So, we easily end up having either excess or less calories and food-nutrition that we need daily. In the long run, we suffer from different types of health related problems.

        Here comes the rescuer, one of the most useful website regarding health related problems and issues named ''' www.maximuscles.com ''' . It is a website dedicated to help and support their customers regarding any type of health related problems and also achieving maximum body fitness.


        Maxi-muscle is one of the most famous and renowned sports nutrition supplier in England. Strange but true, it is the only British brand that achieved wide popularity and recognition both locally and also internationally. Rest of the suppliers in UK are American companies.

        Founder and president of this Company Mr. Zef Eisenberg, is a famous, creative author and experienced researcher in food-nutrition field and also in sports science and has achieved wide popularity for his writings. Zef, a multi-talented and versatile genius, used to be a competitive body-builder, qualified gym instructor and also a herbalist. He founded Maxi-muscle in 1995 collaborating with some famous researcher, food-consultants. The motto behind Maxi-muscle is to facilitate and help the consumers to understand the healthy food cycle, how to achieve body fitness with easier process and how to achieve maximum sporting performance.


        It is really classy website, simple in design with non-flashy look. It does not require high bandwidth and really easy and fast to access to this website. There are four options on the top of the website. If you are interested about the background information and related companies, then you can have a look. There are different sections for both men and women. You can find some important and very useful health related articles under article&routine section. You also find daily meal planner and food guidelines under this section.


        If you are interested to use this website, then it is preferable to open an account on maxi-muscle. If you are not interested, still its worth the try because they will send you some helpful tips and free catalogues and magazines, which I found really helpful and informative. It is really easy and simple to register and join maximuscle.com. Simply click on the register tab(top of the website), then put all the usual personal information about yourself. Under 'please select' section, there are three boxes to select. If you don't like to hear from some related companies then please don't click it, it tends to send way too many brochures and information via email, which is a bit of annoying to be honest. Rather than that, you can request a catalogue via post. I already ordered it and its really informative and helpful magazine full with attractive offers and discount coupons.

        NAVIGATION :

        After joining this website, they will send you a confirmation email and you need to confirm your membership , then you are ready to use the website. According to your choice and preference, they will select some article and products for you. Just after you join, they will send you an introductory offer. When I joined maxi-muscle, they offered me £5 discount on my first buy (the condition is I have to spend more than £25 to enjoy that discount). It is really attractive offer, but offers vary time to time. There are some exciting competition and quizzes going on the time. Right now there is a competition going on named "Body of the year" and winners will get £6000, £3500 and £2500 respectively.


        All products are divided in five sections, such as

        *Burn Fat & build muscle.
        *Gain weight & Muscle size.
        *Lose weight and tone up.
        *Stamina, Energy and Endurance
        *Speed, strength and power.

        Though there are different ways to find a particular product. To find a product straight-away, you can enter the products name in the search box on the top of website. Otherwise, there is three drop-down menus in the left hand side of personal webpage such as

        *Shop by product
        *Shop by Goal
        *Shop by category.

        It is really helpful if you order the free catalogue, it will help you to choose product more accurately and you will understand what exactly you needs. There are some articles explain the background of a product and suitability of them. So, if take time and read those articles, then it will be much easier to choice the right product for you.


        This website is dedicated to facilitate and help both men and women. So, just go to the required section (by clicking on tabs from top) and start looking for the products. In men section, there is similar layout as I have explained before, there some helpful tabs in the bottom side of the website.

        *Which product to use(some recommended products with detail description nd user manual)
        *Your training plan(Some PDF file to help you achieve your desired goal, for example, I wanted to burn fat so they provide me a training plan, meal plan and also a product stack)
        *Your account details(here you can edit/add more information, refer to friends to earn some extra credit in your account, change your subscription preference, check your order status and also change or add delivery and bank card details.)

        Women section is slightly different than men section. There is only two drop-down menu on the left hand side such as find product by goal or find product by goal. Otherwise all the products are divided into three sections such as Lose fat, tone up and boast energy.


        '''1.Clothing and accessories.'''

        *T-shirts(usually very cheap and good quality product and price stars from £9.78, but some time you get discount offers and can get them under £5.)
        *Vests(Expensive compare to other shops, prices range starts from £14.67)
        *Gloves(various type of gloves available for different types of exercises such as net training gloves, bar/waist straps knee straps etc and price range is £3.89 to £14.89)
        *Belts(different types of belts available to support you exercise, such as abdominals slings, dip belts, leather power belts, neoprene belts ets and price range is £29.35 to £34.25)
        *Caps(sports caps available price is fixed £12.72 but it will much less while using your discount coupons)
        *Maximuscle pillbox and water bottles(there is a maximuscle pillbox available for only £2.92 and two types of water bottles available, price varies from £3.91 to £4.91 along with storage capacity)

        '''2.Well Being and Health'''

        *Maximuscle's Immune support(A powerful, exclusive capsules for highest immune support for body costs around £21 and comes in a white bottle with 30 capsule)
        *Maximuscle's Protrient (A tough and efficient scientific formula based 'one-a-day' multi-nutrient, costs around £16 and special offer going on now buy three and get one free)
        *Maximuscle's Ache Free (A very helpful and effective capsule for quick relief from pain. It comes as 120 capsules/per bottle and cost around £35.22 and special offer going on now buy three and get one free).



        1. Can be paid by cheque (will take longer time than usual time and estimated time will be 10 working days)
        2. Cash/postal delivery (cash/postal delivery must be sent by special delivery and there is no cash on delivery options available, payments must be made prior to delivery)
        3. Bank cards (Supervised by Worldpay, the famous online payment service powered by Royal bank of Scotland and accepts Amex, visa, master-card, solo, Maestro)


        1.All orders are delivered free of charge and will take up to 1-4 working days.
        2.If you order by 2pm Monday-Friday, you will be able to get it next day morning and cost you £4.99 for delivery charge.


        To be honest with you, I really love and appreciate the service and support that Maximuscle provides to the consumer. This company has gained worldwide reorganization and also very popular among the customers for their quality products and excellent after service support. This is only British company which is widely famous for producing nutrition and energy boaster for common people and also professional sports-person. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product, anytime you can return their product, and they will pay back your money as soon as possible.

        This website will customize an exclusive personal web-page for you and help you decide and buy the best and most suitable products for you. As soon as you register with them, they will send you some attractive vouchers with discount coupons and codes and you can enjoy their products very cheaply. They also provides some very resourceful and informative articles for consumers, which enlighten us about different types of products and their functionality. It also gives a daily work-out planner, a daily meal planner which is designed based on your height, weight, age. I find this particular option very helpful.


        1.Very easy navigation, superb customer support and personalized homepage.
        2.Free delivery on each and every product.
        3.Free money back guarantee.
        4.Very informative and helpful articles.
        5.Daily meal planner and work out planner.
        6.Variety of products.


        1.Some of the products are really expensive and almost out of range(unless you have discount coupon it is really expensive)
        2. Give more preference to athletes and sports-person, though all of their products are actually very helpful for everyone. Still somehow I have the feeling they have given more importance to athletes (should also consider about very common and normal person who just want to gain his/her fitness)


        This is a revolutionary and very useful website for healthy life-style. It covers almost every aspect of our daily life plan to give us a healthy and fit body. They have variety of products and everybody will be able to find something useful for them. My personal opinion is, join the website, request a catalogue and have a close look, and then have chat with their specialist about your needs and goals. Then decide which product you want to buy. I personally does not recommend an impulsive buy, because I think it will have a side-effect on our body. So please take your time read the articles and consult with them before you buy any maximuscle products.

        Thank you very much for reading and wish you all have a healthy and happy life.


        '''*** This review also been posted at CIAO and HELIUM under same username.***'''


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