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Get the best money saving offers sent to your inbox weekly!* *Our Newsletter is FREE. NO ADS, NO SPAM! Sign up! It's so easy to save money online! Browse thousands of retailers to see who's got the best deals and discounts pound100 discount argos.co.uk pound50 discount boots.com pound60 discount comet.co.uk pound100 discount currys.co.uk 15% discount dell.co.uk pound100 discount dixons.co.uk 50% discount littlewoods.com 10% discount marksandspencer.com 50% discount pizzahut.co.uk 70% discount play.com pound50 discount tesco.com pound15 discount travelodge.co.uk Welcome to My Voucher Codes UK ! Voucher Codes are a great way to save money when you shop online. Sometimes known as promotional codes, e-vouchers or discount codes , they are simply special codes which will get you a discount / money off the listed retail price of many goods, at a variety of different online UK retailers.

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    9 Reviews
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      15.06.2011 08:12



      good bits but its the bad bits that deter me away

      its very good but to be honest it does show too much on each page making it cluttered and they seem to chuck out any old junk on it . you go on google and type ,free asda VOCHERS (yes i know its a typo) it just links to pa ge with irrelevent content , they have even made a page called porn vouchers ???? just keep it simple . the good bits are without doubt the iphone app .its great if you are out and about and the local store vouchers seem to be going down a treat so i think thats where the future lies for them , id give it 5 out of 10 mainley because theres mainly more dud links then genuine links .google fishers farm vouchers and it will prove it .it just sends shoppers to clikc on something different and can be very missleading


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      02.02.2011 15:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      a great way to make a saving

      I love this website and make sure I go onto it before I buy anything. They are particularly good at restaurant deals and high street fashion stores. Although most of the deals can probably be found on other parts of the web or on the company's website by using myvouchercodes you can get them all in one place. Also if you sign up to them they will send you weekly e mails with their best deals. I regularly get two for one in restaurants and 10% or 20% off of clothes by using them. Over Christmas they also tend to have deals on free delivery for lots of companies and this can save you a small fortune.
      The website is very easy to use you just type in the name of the shop/restaurant/website you are looking for and they bring up the deals. If they don't specific to what you are looking for then they will give you some alternatives. The home page always has their latest and best savings so is well worth a look to.
      This is a great website which is totally free and can save you lots of money. My friends and I have just got restaurant vouchers from here and saved ourselves £20 off of our bill. I would highly recommend.


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        13.07.2010 08:44



        Myvouchercodes.co.uk is a pretty good and useful website but they need to remove expired vouchers because it makes the site looks cluttered.


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        06.05.2010 20:21
        Very helpful




        I just wanted to show my appreciation for this absolutely WONDERFUL site by writing a review all about how amazing it is.
        I really love this site. I check it everytime I am shopping online, to see if there are any promotional codes available on the websites I want to buy. I have saved lots of money using this site. There is no spam and the codes available actually do really work. What's not to love?!

        I first found out about this site through google. I will never pay full price for anything online, so from a business point of view this site is also a fantastic way of attracting customers to your site.
        I discovered it from a search where I had typed in something like 'discount codes shopping online'. It was easy to find and it was also really easy to know what the site was for, and how to navigate around it and find the offers you personally want to use.

        There are absolutely loads of different offers and codes available on this site. I would advise every online buyer to check on here when they want to buy something online. Because you can save so much money, like I have done, and I would never pay full price for something online again.
        I love this! I definitely recommend it. There is no spam, no ads and its also free to use. So like I said, what's not to love?! :)


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          04.04.2010 11:33
          Very helpful
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          A good website if you take the time to look for the vouchers!x

          This was written and published on Ciao a while ago, so if it is a little dated I apologise, however I think I've amended it so it is up to date!

          When I found out about these discount voucher websites, I jumped for joy! And after checking out quite a few, I concluded that My Voucher Codes is by far my favourite!

          ~*What's All The Hype About?*~

          We all know about the credit crunch Britain's got itself into recently. And although things are looking up (apparently!) we are all scrimping and saving as much as possible. And these voucher websites are a very helpful way of doing so! I'm not saying that they will save you thousands, but the discounts do add up over time, and even though you may not realise how much your saving, I can guarantee it will be a fair few quid!
          So What Makes MyVoucherCodes So Special?

          MyVoucherCodes is the UK's number one discount code website, which is saying something. There is a lot of competition from other websites such as HotUKDeals and Latest Discount Vouchers, but in my opinion they can't compare to MyVoucherCodes! In this in-depth review I will do a mini comparison (Good Lord, expect me to be wearing a twirly moustache, putting on a few stone and singing with a French accent with all this comparing lark!) between these three websites, to try to prove to you why MyVoucherCodes is the UK's number one discount code website, and what it has to offer where other similar websites lack.

          ~*The Homepages!*~


          Although the homepage is a little busy, I think it is fairly attractive and I love the blue and white colour scheme; the blue is very eye catching and really livens it up! On the homepage is the small title and a little text box boasting the fact that they are in fact, as mentioned earlier, the UK's leading discount code website. I will come back to the tabs later on, but apart from the navigation tabs it includes a handy search toolbar, where you can select a category from the drop down list and then type in what you are looking for. The categories are listed in alphabetical order, with this weeks featured deals at the top marked with asterisk's (*). Since the welcome page is so big (my only tiny criticism!) there is a massive task bar down the left hand side which features the following:
          ~ The option of browsing by letter or viewing all the stores featured on the website.
          ~ You can go straight to the promotional categories of the week (as I type they are City Break Discounts, I wish I could be checking out these, but I doubt they will have a big enough discount - e.g. 100%! - that would enable to let me afford these at this moment in time, and Chocolate Week, which is, quite simply, Heaven Week for me!).
          ~ There are the options which are now common on most popular websites, that links to follow their company on Facebook and Twitter (not for me I'm afraid, I can't be bothered with these things!), to download their toolbar to get alerts on new vouchers (I made the mistake on downloading too many toolbar's on my last computer and was bombarded with annoying links, alerts and pop-ups, so I won't be trying that out, although I'm sure it is very useful) and to bookmark or share MyVoucherCodes by emailing, bookmarking, sharing via Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Delicious or Google,
          ~ There is a link to a competition where you can win £1,000 by placing a banner of MyVoucherCodes on your website, blog or social network page. For more information, terms and conditions simply click on the link!
          ~The 'In The Press' text box is where they boast that they have been featured and very probably praised by the UK's media, and shows who has mentioned them! You have the option of visiting the 'Press Room' which tells you how to contact the site owner or the public relations agency and it shows you their latest press releases, with quotes that they were mentioned in. Just scanning through the press room you can see many magazines, websites and newspapers have recommended them, and needless to say they have not had any negative press (or so they say, but I doubt they'd print it if there was any!).
          ~ Further down the taskbar are logos of clickable featured and 'hot' retailers.
          ~ Hot Voucher Codes show you MyVoucherCodes cream of the evouchers recently. This is handy as you may come across one you might not have thought of searching for, but it is annoying that it is featured so low down the page!
          ~ Latest Retailers shows, well...the latest retailers to offer vouchers etcetera to be advertised on the website, and Most Popular Retailer's This Week feature links to the most popular retailer's this week...bit of a no-brainer really!
          Back up to the top of the page now, and to the main page. There is a scrollbar which shows the thousands of retailers that supply promotional vouchers that can be found on this website, with the caption 'It's So Easy To Save Money Online!'. Then popular retailers such as Boots, Comet, Argos and Dell flash across the box. This really enticed you and confirms you can get some worthy deals here! When you scroll down (and down, and down, and down...) the paragraphs tell you all about MyVoucherCodes, and other bits of information and tips to do with the website, along with bright blue boxes advertising more Featured Retailers and the like.
          **Since the review isn't really about the two following websites the paragraphs won't be in such great detail.**


          When you type www.hotukdeals.com into the search bar and press enter, it is nowhere near as welcoming as MyVoucherCodes. I know that presentation is only a small factor of these types of websites, but it can really put someone off straight away. The colour scheme is a sludge and bottle green and it is absolutely awful - very dull. Like with MyVoucherCodes, I will say more about the tabs later, but HotUKDeals only has a very basic search bar, and a voucher finder. Their taskbar is on the right, and it is very small, with three topics: Hottest This Week, HUKD Blogs, and HUKD Tips And Help. I think the headings basically say it all, but I'll just add in case your not very on the ball today (don't blame you, I need about twenty cups of coffee to keep me awake at the moment!) HUKD stands for HotUKDeals. Then on the welcome page are mounds and mounds the latest deals to be submitted by users. I find it very hard to see what the deals are about, as the headings, details and retailers are difficult to spot. The whole thing just really put me off and was hard to understand and just generally very off-putting.

          ~*Latest Discount Vouchers*~

          Something good about this website - in contrary to the other websites, it has an average sized front page which is fab - no trawling through just the front page for hours! The colour scheme isn't bad, it is just very very boring - mainly white with tinges of blue to it. There is another basic search bar and the option to bookmark the web page. There are a few links to basic categories, but they are not very in depth at all! They have a 'Daily Pick' (ooh, today is the Travelodge!) and, like MyVoucherCodes, they also have a list of the media which has featured them
          (though their list is somewhat shorter than that of MyVoucherCodes!). The two things last mentioned are
          both on the left sidebar. In the main textbox of the homepage it tells you how about Latest Discount Vouchers, and underneath in the next textbox is the option to sign up fro Latest Discount Voucher's newsletter. I won't be doing this, though,as I am not keen on their website. Below that is tells you what evouchers are, when they are updated on their website and what else Latest Discount Voucher's do (they also feature sales and offers, much the same as the other two websites!). To the right hand side are the navigation tabs. The website is very plain and dull and looks as though it has been put together by somebody with less than outstanding web design skills.
          So far, it looks like MyVoucherCodes is winning the race, but looks aren't everything! If you'd like to check out for yourself, check out my print screen shots below!

          ~*Navigation Tabs/Basically The Whole Website!*~

          There are eight main navigation tabs at the top of the homepage of this website, and I will explain them after explaining the headings underneath those tabs, which navigate you through almost all of the site!
          All Stores
          All Stores is a link to an A-Z browsing of all the companies featured on MyVoucherCodes. They are all clickable and takes you straight to the featured page of your choice.
          In the forum you have to register to post comments on the site. Once you are logged in, you can see if there are any new alerts on your subscribed threads. You can also edit your control panel (edit your details, profile privacy, contacts, social groups, editing options and miscellaneous). Here you can check out the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and use the handy search box - type in search word and select from the drop down arrows the 'matching options' and the 'search in' toolbars. You can join social groups, update pictures and albums, see your contacts and check out the members list (alphabetical order!). I don't use this feature as it is too much like Facebook to me! I just use this site to find discounts! There is a handy calender function so you can add events to it, perfect for when you need to remember the dates of the sales showed on the website! On the 'New Posts' section you can see what other members have posted on the website and you can also search the forum. There are also some 'quick links' to certain parts of the site.
          On the blogs it really just has posts of the latest offers, all about it and how to navigate to it.
          Competitions basically says it all! It features a list of the best free prize draws in the country and there are some worthy ones worth entering!
          Compare Prices
          You can compare prices of products via a lot of categories. It is very easy to find what you are looking for as the categories are clear and simple.
          This brand new section of MyVoucherCodes lets you browse the products available from the retailers featured on the store. I have yet to try out this part of the website, but it looks promising, with the usual categories.
          Totally random but fabulous, MyVoucherCodes actually has a 'Trolley Dash' game! It is a fun break from the time you have to spend finding worthy vouchers and it makes me smile! You can also add the game to your site.
          Request A Deal
          If you are a member you can post a request for any deals or discounts you would like to see on the site, and hopefully the website will find you one!
          Share A Code
          Here members can post details of codes they have found and they can...well...share them with other users!
          Home just takes you to the homepage!
          ~Most Popular
          This shows you the discounts which have been printed off/used the most by the public today.
          ~Hot Today
          These deals are handpicked by the editor of the site every day, so MyVoucherCodes recommends you visit this page often to see the cream of the UK's discounts...
          ~New Discounts
          Well, doesn't the heading just say it all??!?? This is a great link if you are sick of seeing 'expired' printed across the codes after searching, as they only show the codes listed from the last five days. Sorry, I feel a bit of an idiot explaining it to you after it clearly states what it is...but that's dedication for you!
          ~Expiring Discounts
          For Goodness sake! It is a list of discounts which are nearing their expiry date, so get them before they're gone!
          Yet another link to the A-Z list of retailers featured on the website.
          Search for a product using the main categories listed on this page. When you click on them there will be a list of all the sites within that category.
          ~Printable Vouchers
          This shows you all the printable vouchers from this site, plus offers that are in the latest newspapers or magazines that you should look out for.
          At the top of the tabs there are a list of categories where you can click them and they take you to all the offers to do with the category. The bad thing about this is that the categories are quite vague, for example just 'Clothing' rather than 'Women's Clothing', 'Men's Clothing', 'Children's Clothing' etcetera, which makes it quite confusing and hard to find what you want. The topics are:
          General Deals
          Below the 'topics' navigation bar is the 'forums' bar. You can click a category listed above and then choose from:
          Deal Requests
          For Sale/Trade
          You choose from this list to based on what sort of offer you are looking for.
          There are two ways to navigate this website. You can use the 'Categories' tool. The categories are organised as follows:
          Shopping ~
          Appliances/Catalogue Shopping/Clothing And Footwear/DIY And Garden/ Flowers/Food And Drink/Furniture/Gift Experiences/Gifts And Gadgets/
          Health And Beauty/Home And Living/Kids Shopping/Lingerie And Nightwear/
          Adult Toys/Sport And Fitness
          Computers And Electronics/Digital Photo Prints/Gifts And Gadgets/Mobile Phones
          Magazines/Music And Film/Tickets/Restaurants
          Car Insurance/Credit Cards/Current Accounts/Home Insurance/Loans/Pet Insurance/Savings Account/Travel Insurance
          Online Gaming~
          Betting/Bingo Games/Casino/Gaming/Poker
          Airport Parking/Flights/Holidays/Hotels/Trains, Ferries, Coaches/Car Hire/Tours And Activities/Travel Insurance
          Affiliate Schemes/Broadband/Web Hosting

          The other way is to use the other navigation tabs on the right hand side of the page. The headings are:
          I'm guessing the headings are pretty self explanatory...
          And once again, MyVoucherCodes tops them all - with the easiest way to navigate the site, the most options, and who can forget about the cool Trolley Dash game?? Fabulous!

          ~*The Actual Vouchers - How To Use Them!*~

          The way to use the vouchers vary from site to site, and depending on what sort of discount it is. On MyVoucherCodes it usually tells you what to do with the code, and gives you a link to click which takes you to the website. When you have clicked it the discount code will appear in the text box. You can then give the code a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on whether it worked or not.
          HotUKDeals has a slightly different approach to the codes. Most are submitted by random users and therefore some are not so reliable. Also, as they are submitted the codes or information are just featured as part of a posted message. This can sometimes be quite confusing!
          LatestDiscountVouchers lets you click on the name of the brand rather than the offer (this is also an option on MyVoucherCodes) and then lists all the offers for this brand, after an introduction about the brand.
          MyVoucherCodes really does have the easiest way to use the vouchers, and it has the widest range too!


          I hope I have managed to prove to you that MyVoucherCodes really is worthy of the title of the 'UK's #1 FREE Discount Codes Website'! It gets my vote every day. I find it so easy to use and I hope you see that in this review I have attempted to prove to you why, not review three websites for the sakes of it! But, I guess that's up to you guys, so...what are you waiting for?? Go ahead and rate, comment and whatever! I hope all these days of late night writing have paid off....


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            14.11.2009 21:20
            Very helpful



            Check it out, it will cost you nothing but time!

            When you make that first click on MyVoucherCodes.co.uk you're instantly drawn in by the overload of bright and flashy colours and money saving words such as 'discount, save money, voucher, and deals' etc. Who doesn't see the appeal in saving money? Id recommend entering your email on the homepage and signing up for the newsletter, they send out weekly newsletters full of the latest discounts and vouchers meaning you're the first to take advantage of these offers.

            MyVoucherCodes.com isn't exactly a voucher site, it's much more. With offers being thrown at you in every direction and for every person, such as men's fashion, women's fashion and students. They feature exclusive deals, printable vouchers to take with you down the high street, expiring deals to make the most of whilst you can, a range of categories with discounts offered and VIP discounts for members only. Members can even receive up to a massive 75% off so I really would recommend signing up, the best offers directed straight to your mailbox without the dreaded spam and adverts. Maybe you won't save any money and nothing will be off interest to you but at what cost? 2 minutes and no money or questions asked? All at the risk of saving a small fortune.

            There is a downside to this site. Unfortunately there are so many offers crammed among those pages it's difficult to find exactly what you want, and it can sometimes be unclear or hard to navigate, despite their best efforts to organise it all. But at the end of the day there's no downside to saving, and at the least you will have used a couple of minutes you could have wasted away in front of the TV. I really would recommend this to anyone.

            == Good luck and happy saving! ==

            Also posted on Ciao


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            27.10.2009 20:49
            Very helpful



            A website that can sometimes save you money - but you will have to hunt!

            I embraced online shopping quite early on...I have been an Amazon customer for ten years now, and early next year I will celebrate ten years as an eBay member.

            The reason I liked it was the ability to find bargains, to locate items that were hard to find and the fact it opened up other parts of the world to shopping possibilities.

            Of course online shopping necessitates a delivery charge from most sites, and there is something quite challenging whenever you visit a website in trying to knock a little something off the price, especially if it negates your delivery charge.

            Enter the discount code - a promotional device used by online retailers to lure you in with money off. And after a little more time, enter the discount code website, which would list these codes in one convenient place, making it easy for the consumer to track them down.

            www.myvouchercodes.co.uk is not the first of these websites that I ever used, but it's one I have used several times and am fairly familiar with.

            ~~The Website~~

            What can I say about the first page - other than "it's busy" - and garish. The main colour is predominantly red, which is eye catching, but there seem to be too many links to click on.

            The main feature here is the search facility for codes, but there is also a banner which features the logos of famous brands along with the offers available, meaning if you spot the company you are seeking a code for there, it saves you searching for them.

            There are also "most popular codes" predominantly on show, but the "search" facility is less easy to spot, despite being at the top of the homepage - it seems to be lost in amongst the other links.

            The site also has a forum, links to competitions and a blog.

            ~~My Thoughts~~

            The first time I used myvouchercodes was a couple of years ago. I had been searching for a particular style of trousers and could only find them online on the Littlewoods website. They weren't particularly expensive but I was aware of the fact Littlewoods seemed to permanently have discount codes on the go, particularly for new customers, so I headed off to track one down.

            Doing a Google search threw up myvouchercodes first, and as suspected there were several codes on offer.

            I was making a purchase for £30 and found several codes offering different levels of discount. The first one I tried offered 50% off but it didn't work as it had expired - something that wasn't mentioned on the link on the site.

            I tried another two links and had the same problem. I was just about to give up when I found a code offering £10 off a first order and lo and behold - it was valid.

            I have used the site several times since and have discovered that more often than not, a code that interests me has expired.

            This is the biggest weakness on the site and a major timewaster for me. I cannot forgive the site this even though I have since got free shipping codes for online retailers such as ASOS and Lands End that have worked - so if that makes me an ingrate, I apologise.

            The site also offers links to printable coupons which tend to be predominantly restaurant ones. Sadly once again I found some of these coupons to have expired. If they can ensure people upload these codes and vouchers, surely they can ensure people remove them once they have expired?

            This inability to clean up the site strengthens my view of the site as being cluttered and disorganised, which is probably an unfair assessment overall, but reiterates the importance of good design and good maintenance on a website.

            I have checked out the forum but it doesn't seem particularly busy, or a particularly useful addition to the site.

            You can also sign up for the weekly e-mail newsletter from the site which means you can be kept informed of any deals without having to visit the site to seek them out.

            However it should be pointed out that many of the codes added to the site and included in the newsletter are offers you will probably receive in your inbox if you are on the mailing list of some companies. For instance, I regularly receive e-mails from Boden offering free shipping, a discount and/or free returns, along with free shipping codes from Next and Marks & Spencer by e-mail and these will invariably be included in the newsletter and on the site a few days later.

            Many of the codes have caveats too - such as a minimum spend or only one use per household, so the golden rule has to be to always check the small print.


            Whilst I do not harbour particularly warm feelings towards this site, I do still visit regularly, particularly when I am visiting a website I have never shopped with before, as it's more likely you will be able to pick up a decent voucher code as a new customer.

            I also check it out if I know I am going to be travelling for restaurant vouchers, although overall I find MSE better for this these days - particularly for making you aware of when an offer expires.

            So long as you go here more in hope than expectation, you will not be disappointed, but you do have to bear in mind many of the codes won't work. However, if you find one that does, the site has served its purpose well, so my advice is always visit in search of a code to use when shopping online - but don't expect to find a valid one in amongst the numerous links on this site - you may well have to rummage a bit and try several codes before you find one that works.

            ***Previously published by me on Ciao under the same user name***


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              14.10.2009 23:33
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              If your buying anything online, check this site out, you may just save a packet.

              've come across this website a multitude of times and it is brilliant if your buying anything online, when I come to a screen during my online transaction that says something along the lines of "Enter promotion code" I always check this site to see if there is a code I can use, it only takes two minutes and if could save a nice amount of money.
              A few weeks ago me and a friend of mine were ordering a pizza online from Dominos (a guilty pleasure) and when the website asked for a promotional code I knew I should check MyVoucherCodes.co.uk and boom there was a voucher for 20% off for orders over £20. I was pretty pleased with that, especially seeing as the amount of money we usually spend at Dominos is.... well... we spend far too much money on pizza.

              Its only downside in my opinion, like other reviews have stated, is that the website layout is a little busy, and the actual codes can be very difficult to find sometimes in the jumble of advertising and links. You may find yourself clicking lots of other links that are misleading before you find your actual code (which i'm sure is how they make their money), but the bottom line is that a vast number of the time the codes are there somewhere and you just have to hunt for them, a lot of them are absolutely brilliant when used.

              All you have to do is check it to see if whatever your buying has any codes, if there are codes then great, it saves you money, if there are none then never mind, your only paying what you would expect to.


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                13.10.2009 14:19
                Very helpful



                Not a great site

                We all know that when shopping on the internet that you can get some brilliant offers and bargains if you shop around. The trouble is that finding those bargains can be a bit tricky. One site which has been set up to help us to find the best deals online is www.vouchercodes.co.uk.

                The site itself is very busy and cluttered. It is possible to look for codes by searching for a specific retailer or to browse through a number of tabs showing the most popular, latest and hot deals. The site has lots of flashing banners which really irritate me and is generally pretty loud and garish.

                I decided to look for codes for ten popular online shops with mixed results.

                The first was www.evans.co.uk, the UK's biggest plus sized retailer. There were no current codes available but instead I got a series of ads for full price items in the store, all complete with flashing graphics.

                The second was www.amazon.co.uk, my favourite site on the internet due to the fact that it sells so many things. Again not a single code was available but lists of items available for sale on Amazon flashed up.

                The third was www.whsmith.co.uk who sell books, CDs, DVDs and stationary items. Not only were there again no codes available but there was misleading links there too. The link which told me I could save me up to 15% on WHS took me to a page selling a trowel on www.tooledup.com.

                The fourth site I decided to try and find vouchers for was BHS, a retailer I used recently to buy school uniform items online which were not available in their Edinburgh store. There was a voucher available here for free delivery when you spend over £50 which expires later today. To reveal the code you need to click on a link which opens the BHS site for you, I've got a feeling they get money for click throughs.

                The fifth site I decided to try and find vouchers for was Game.co.uk. Again there were no codes but it does list offers available in the store

                I then decided to change my tactics by clicking on one of the links on the sidebar to take me to the most popular vouchers on the site which is for Pizza Express. There were two vouchers here, both great deals one giving you lunch for two for £10 and a second printable voucher giving you a starter, main and wine for just £10. Unfortunately both of those vouchers had expired and the rest of the page was taken up with adverts.

                My seventh attempt at finding a workable voucher was by cli9cking the link at the top of the screen to find today's hot links. Here I did find some vouchers, 10% off at sportshoes.com, a free greetings card at trueprint.com and 10% of a London pass.

                My eighth attempt took me to the Marks and Spencer site, here I find codes for free delivery which have lots of little green thumbs up signs next to them meaning that they do actually work.

                My ninth look for vouchers was in the printable section. I found vouchers for £5 off at Frankie and Benny's and 20% off at dominos but the rest of the page was filled up with adverts for The London Pass, I wonder if they are partners.

                For my final search for vouchers I decided to look at Fashion. I could not decided which retailer to pick so closed my eyes and moved my mouse around and when it stopped clicked. I got the retailer Steptoes.co.uk which I assume is a shoe retailer of some description. There were no codes listed here anyway.

                It is clear that some vouchers are available on myvouchercodes.co.uk but it seems that they are few and far between. The real purpose of the site is to make money for themselves by getting as many clicks as possible, people will Google for codes for a retailer and this site will come high in the results getting loads of clicks, get loads of people clicking through to retailers and a few people happy to find a voucher and a lot more people frustrated and leaving empty handed. The real winners on this site are the owners who will be raking in the cash from all the people visiting.


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