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Drew and Natalie are married and live in a house in Columbus, Ohio with a baby and two small dogs. They are generally considered to be "humorists" and make their living by selling merchandise based on their comics.

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2009 22:58
      Very helpful



      One of the better webcomics.

      Nataliedee.com is a webcomic site by the same loving couple of Ohio-based popular Internet "humorists" Drew and Natalie who are responsible for such popular sites as ToothpasteForDinner.com and Marriedtothesea.com.

      Nataliedee is a brightly coloured, stimulating and occasionally funny webcomic, naturally in a very similar vein to the above sites. It usually features single-frame photo studio cartoon drawings which, despite appearing bright and cheery, often have dark, satyrical or surrealist undertones. For example, a picture of a huge smiling yellow daffodil with the subheading "AT LEAST WE'RE NOT ALL DEAD! :D" and a drawing of the website's propierter herself with a clock sellotaped to her stomach insisting "Oh you know, I'm one of those Steampunks." or, one of my own personal favourites; two hamsters having a conversation, one with blood and gore dripping from its mouth, one says to the other "So, what have you been up to, my main man?" to which bloodied hamster replies "Oh...eating my young mostly."

      [Its much funnier in cartoon format.]

      The comics are usually well-observed and were originally written to accompany a blog, the humour herein is probably an acquired taste, and despite its somewhat girly, silly and optimistic feel, is usually of a high standard.

      The site is brightly coloured and easy to navigate, with only a few ads, and follows the same "Sharing Machine" formula as the couple's other sites. User friendly scrolly-down archived cartoons. The comics, owing to their highly juxtaposed mode of content and style are always a visual feast and occasionally quite uplifting. They have a notably bipolar feeling about them. Although not quite as good as some of the couple's other sites, I still recommend Nataliedee.com for those with a somewhat jarred or unorthodox sense of humour.


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