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    1 Review
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      30.05.2002 19:00
      Very helpful



      I discovered the world of Netgoth last year when I was checking out websites aimed at goths. Netgoth is an online community, which includes everything a goth needs to stay up to date! The site is very easy to navigate as it is very clearly set up.There are rarely any broken links as the site is well maintained. UK Net Goth Map: The net goth map allows you to find people in your area to hang out with.You can register a profile,which can include your name,pictures and other details.The NetGoth map is a very useful resource as in each area,people fill in details about clubs,shops,pubs and things of interest.It can be interesting to look and see whats in an area before you go there or just to check whats on offer where you live.If you are registered and submit information,you'll get points.When you get 35 points you get a cool avatar on your profile called a StorTrooper(the image for this topic are two Stor Troopers). EVENTS: The events section gives loads of details of club nights across the UK and in Europe.It is very detailed,and always being updated. GALLERY: The gallery shows all submitted pictures of goths.Its great if you want a little inspiration on make up or clothes. MUSIC DATABASE: Music of many different kinds reviewed and discussed by goths.You can add your own info and vote for favorites.If you vote the information is logged into yur profile and people can see your tastes. ONLINE CHAT: There is an online chat on the website which has many regulars who are online all the time!People may occasionaly seem unfriendly but they are really quite a nice bunch.There are emoticons available and you can private chat with one person.Batmop is used if you want to ask a question or find out information.To use just click on the name to open a private window and ask "Batmop?clubs in Glasgow" or "Batmop seen "name of person"" if you are looking for someone.
      DOWNLOADS & LINKS: Downloads has lots of music available for downloading and links direct you to gothic sites across the web. On the opening page there are "Slashgoth Stories" which is kind of like a message board where you can post questions,discuss music or anything goth related.Theres also a goth of the day with picture and info..it could be you!!!,and a netgoth reviewed game or book. Overall I'd recommend the site if you're into the alternative scene and want to contact people who have the same interests as you.If you're looking for goth friendly clubs,pubs and shops then the site will have lots of information for you.


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