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    1 Review
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      30.01.2010 14:41
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      Funny stories of humiliation in comic strip form

      We have all had our fair share of humiliating childhood stories (I think I have had more than most, due to an unfortunate rubber leg phase where I seemed to fall, trip and dive head-first on a daily basis!). However most of us have not had these stories immortalised in comic strip form, unless that is you have submitted your tale of woe to the website Pathetic Geek Stories.

      The concept of the website is quite simple, people email their embarrassing childhood stories to the website and the chosen few are then turned into a very short comic strip. The website was created by Maria Schneider and she says she was inspired by the misery she felt on the day her braces were fitted, her friends then submitted equally pathetic stories and the website was born.
      The comics Maria illustrates are very good and if you were born in the 80's you will enjoy them even more as her art has a very 80's feel to it probably due to the fact that Maria herself was a teen in the 1980's.

      I have found this website to be so funny and sometimes bittersweet (especially the geeky bits that remind me of myself!). Some of the stories you will find on the website are funny stories of average teenage humiliations such as a kid giving a speech with his flies open, but others are truly weird.
      My favourite of the weird bunch are the girls whose class assignment is to create an aerobics video but are not allowed music at home (???) and so are forced to perform an exercise routine at school to the tune of Supercalafragalistic (the only music they could get their hands on). The comic strip depiction of the girls dancing to the song seems so accurate that even though I have seen it a couple of times I still find it funny.
      Another favourite is the boy who is so painfully shy that when his house is to be cleaned, hides in a bathroom cabinet under the sink only to be discovered by the maid, who thinks he is a dead body!

      There are some slightly sad stories as well although I am not sure that they were meant to be. Like the girl who offered to clean the shoes of popular children thinking that this would increase her own popularity, or the boy who was beaten up in his own bedroom when his bullies were let into the house by his parents believing they were his friends. The thing that makes these particular stories sad is the fact that you feel that the people are in some ways still affected by these events even though so many years have passed.

      The website is quite easy to navigate. On the front page is the newest strip, but probably the best thing to do is go to the archives where there are little thumbnails of the comics for you to choose from. Apart from the comic strips there is also a letters page where people have sent in embarrassing stories that wont be illustrated and a fashion section which concentrates on clothing related humiliations.

      There are some bad points to this website however, the worst being that it never seems to be updated. I often check it to see if there are any new stories and there never are. I don't know if the lady has stopped doing them or not, but it is disappointing as her comic strips and the stories are so good that you want to read more of them. A couple of the stories that have been illustrated also don't seem that pathetic, in fact they seem like me on a good day, but on the whole the stories are worth it.

      So if you like stories of humiliation or you just want to see how your childhood compares to these so called 'Pathetic Geeks' you will enjoy this website and you might just realise that the childhood you thought was traumatic was a walk in the park compared to these kids lives.


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