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      08.12.2009 22:38
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      A Lovely Little Website for Peppa Pig fans

      Peppa's on the Net

      My daughter simply adores Peppa Pig as seen on a few different television channels such as Milkshake on Channel Five and Nick Junior on sky. Even though she is only two years of age, she already loves sitting at the computer with me and so on searching for Peppa Pig I came across this website especially for young Peppa Pig fans and focusing on...you've guessed it...Peppa Pig and her friends and family.

      Peppa Pig is a lovely animated television programme especially for children, though to be perfectly honest - I really like Peppa Pig too! The programme focuses on a lovely pig family with Peppa the main character, her brother George and mum and dad. Within the episodes, we also meet various other families, each being a different type of animal and each with their own characteristics. The episodes each last five minutes long which is great for young children's attention spans, and follow the family as they do day-to-day activities from going on a picnic to riding their bikes, and each episode ending in a lot of laughter - my daughter can be heard laughing out loud throughout every episode of this lovely programme.

      Peppa Pig has been awarded with a few different awards which include "The Cristal for best TV production" at Annecy International Animated Film Festival and "Pre-School Children's Animation" award.

      As you enter the site, which is generally quick to load in, you are met with an interactive screen which is extremely colourful and lovely to look at - my daughter recognises this straight away. Also on entering you are met with sound effects from this home page with is not too annoying though after five minutes you might want to use the sound off button which can be found at the bottom of the screen!

      At the top of the homepage is a pink menu, each with a little picture to help young children find their way around as well as the page name and next to this is the well known Peppa Pig logo so there is no doubting which website you are on!

      The main part of this homepage, as already mentioned, is fantastic to look at. Each part moves and each part tells a little part of the Peppa Pig story, with bits that can be remembered from the television episodes. Each part also has links which can be clicked on to take you to the same pages as can be seen in the top menu. These are not all obvious links, though, and the first time my daughter clicked on a picture it took us to a new page and I had to work out what had happened. Did not take me long to realise, though my daughter was happy when I brought her back to the main screen as she seemed to think she had broken it!

      There is a road along the top in which Grandpa and his train ride along. Please remember that all movements on this page are on a loop so continue over and over until you change page. There is a clickable sign post at either side of the road taking you to the shop and a kindergarten page which is not on the main link menu. Under this road there are a further three sections; The pond with three quacking ducks and the bus driving around the hill which can be linked to messages, the park with all the characters playing within it which links to games and a picnic area with paint and paper on a table which is linked to the gallery. When the mouse hovers over these three areas, a colourful balloon comes over them to show you what it is linked to. Below these three is yet another three sections. The first is a camp site complete with various characters which links to the trophy section, the second Peppa's house and family which leads you to meeting the family themselves and the third a simple postbox with Mr Zebra the postman coming to collect your ecards. Finally at the bottom there is one other main section with a tree house which leads to reading stories of Peppa Pig. There are also various other animated parts on the screen such as Granpa in his boat which do not lead to anything though completes this great look well.

      The first outlook is probably one of the better home pages for childrens websites I have seen and is really something to look at.

      This colourful outlook runs through all the different sections on this site which I will take you through below.

      Although you can use the site without logging in or signing up, there are specific sections which do require you to register though this is simple enough as long as you can find the button to register. I didn't actually realise this part existed until my daughter pressed the upload button to upload a picture and it asked you to log in or register. Once you find the log in screen it does ask for some personal information in which needs to be looked into such as name and address - I believe this is due to competitions. There is a privacy policy in which you can read to see if you feel that it is safe enough for your child as all parents may see this differently. We have not signed up yet, though from what I have seen, it does look safe.

      As already mentioned, all the different sections can be accessed from the main homepage of the site either from the links across the top of the page or via the interactive parts on the main page.
      There are not many sections on the site so it is easy to navigate for children as well as us adults - I find that slightly older children like my friends son who is nearly four can actually work out these types of websites a lot quicker than even us adults do!

      When you enter this section you have a few seconds video clip of Peppa walking to the shop which you can bypass if you wish by the click of the button. You then need to click to get into the shop. This then opens into a separate window and works like most other online stores such as Amazon with a browse aspect, shopping basket, images and lots of brightly coloured merchandise to look through. Prices in this shop are pretty much average to other Peppa Pig toys and games found elsewhere, a few special items a little over the top expensive though not too bad. I was imagining it to all be very over the top in the money department though I am glad to say I was surprised. They actually have many things on sale at the time of writing this review which is great and I think I may actually get some merchandise from here!

      There is an easy to navigate menu on one side to browse all the different things they sell which obviously all centers around Peppa Pig. The categories include toys, books, games, clothing, DVD, homeware, party and deals of the week. All the Peppa Pig things you have seen elsewhere can be found here which is great.

      You do have to create a log in for this part of the site which is obviously an adult part in which you will need to enter your card details for payment etc. Delivery charges vary on how much and on what items you buy though this can all be explained in the delivery option seen in the menu part at the top of the page. This part is a lot to swallow, though, and could have been made simpler though has all the information you need when purchasing items. Delivery charges are in the main average prices. Delivery to the UK also takes between 1 and 4 working days which is great. I can not comment on how reliable delivery is as I have not purchased anything on here yet so will come back and let you know if I go ahead with any purchases.

      Contact for this section:
      Postal Address
      Digital Stores Limited
      Unit 5 Waldo Works
      Waldo Road
      London NW10 6AW
      United Kingdom

      Overall a lovely little shop and not highly priced either which is great. Now onto the more child friendly sections;

      Here is a small section which is interactively showing different photos and pictures of Peppa Pig either drawn by children or such photos showing birthday cakes. There is also a simple way of uploading your own picture to the site which is great for children to see their artwork on the screen. You do need to log into this part.

      Here you are met with Peppa and her family sitting on their sofa facing a television screen. Above them are a few picture frames hanging on the wall in which you can click four of them to watch various clips of the programme. These clips are not the full 5 minute episodes though, only a few seconds worth in each so really a section which does not contain much at all. Even my daughter doesn't like watching the clips as she would rather watch a proper episode on the television.

      In this section you are met with the outside tree house type scene with a book which comes at you promoting the sale of their books in the shop. Once clicked out of this you are able to read the one book there which you click on and it comes towards you. It took me a few minutes to actually work out how on earth we were meant to read it before working out that with your mouse you actually have to move it as though you are turning the page - keeping the mouse button down whilst doing it, which is very difficult for my daughter though older children may be able to get the hang of it easier. If you let go of the button or move the mouse the wrong way, the page falls closed again which is annoying, yet as annoying as it is I also find it quite creative.

      Once you have managed to get into the book there are 10 double pages worth of nursery rhymes with Peppa Pig pictures on the different pages. The text is rather small for early readers though is fine for adults or confident readers to read. My daughter likes me reading this to her though gets upset when she can not turn the page.

      This is probably the biggest section on the site, not including the shop. Here children can play one of the nine games which are linked within the interactive picture of the playground. These games are quite simple and range in both subject and age ability. These games include;

      Peppa's bubbles: A bubble game in which you use the mouse to help Peppa blow bubbles and then pop them with the mouse to make Peppa laugh - my daughter loves this game though struggles a little bit with mouse control.

      Splash and Spell: A slightly older game to help children with some basic spelling. Rather like a hang man layout (without the hangman) you have to click on the muddy puddles to find the missing letter.

      Happy Mrs Chicken: On the series Peppa and George love a computer game of this name and my daughter loves playing this game as she knows it from the episodes. This game my daughter can also do as in involves a simple mouse click to get the chicken to lay an egg and then watch it hatch - simple yet effective.

      Peppa's Mazes: Choose a character from Peppa's family and help them through a maze using the arrow keys. The mazes are simple and a lovely game for older children if it would work properly as I seem to have a little trouble getting the character to move on the screen.

      Peppa's Painting Game: An easy click and colour painting game with two images of Peppa and George. Another one my daughter loves though with my help.

      George's Space Adventure: You have to click and drag items of George's rocket to the other side to build the rocket so George can fly off. This is made easier by the fact the parts spring to the right places on their own.

      Peppa's Mirror Image: With a timer you have to find which items in the two pictures need to be changed so it looks as though it is in a mirror. Cute game to help older children with eye co-ordination.

      There is also a link to a Peppa Pig new game which can be brought in their shop. If you click on the link to this game you are also able to play a version of it on the site with up to two players. This is a simple game of pressing to spin Peppa and choosing the right card. This only allows a few turns before saying you much buy the full game.

      You are also linked to the newest Peppa Pig magazine here though this is only an information part.

      Overall, although the games on the site are very simple indeed, they are lovely to look at with the great images and colours and range in abilities so children who like Peppa Pig can find something to play which also helps them learn in one way or another.

      Here you are able to fill in details of your friend which includes an email address to send a Peppa Pig card. At the moment there is only an option for one birthday card though it does say more coming soon.

      Here you have frequently updated news such as where you can meet Peppa Pig and competitions for your children to enter. The screen is showing Peppa and her family sitting at the table though instead of their voices there is a weird mumbling sound which sounds as though it is needing new batteries and is quite annoying really.

      Another point of the site where log in is required to put a message onto the site

      Here you will find a competition which seems to change every week and there is no limit on how many times your child can enter. This week the competition is to win a Peppa Pig game on the Wii so a nice prize there.
      The final link is to Kindergarten which is only accessed on the interactive part on the homepage. All that I have found here is a screen telling of group competitions and other news which really seems a little pointless as this should be in the main competition and news sections of the site.
      Overall, the site is quite simple with only a few different activities, though it keeps my daughter entertained for quite a while which is great.

      Navigation on the site is easy to follow and find your way around though links often seem to freeze up and need the page refreshing before they work again which can be frustrating for the child. Loading into each page in the main is very fast as there is not a huge amount of information taking up your memory.

      Safety on the site is monitored and there is no child to child chat so nothing to worry about there. There is no safe play mode, though, so the child can navigate away from the page and onto other parts of the internet so keep an eye on this.

      Overall, I think that this is a lovely little website for young fans of Peppa Pig. There is not a huge amount on here, though, and a much smaller site than other children's sites, though the presentation of the site is wonderful. I have sat with my daughter a number of times on this site and she really enjoys going on it. There are a small range of games for different ages and abilities and even my daughter can do a few of the games which is great. The addition of a safe mode feature would be useful, though, which would enable parents to be away from the computer with no risk of the child going anywhere else on the net, though it does seem to be awaiting extra features in many parts so maybe this is something that may come up soon.

      I would completely recommend this site for all young Peppa Pig fans as the games also help the child learn as well as extra fun as the adults can get their television back!

      Website address: http://www.peppapig.com/

      Peppa Pig can be found on Milkshake on channel five and Nick Junior on sky.


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