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Online quizes.

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    3 Reviews
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      28.06.2009 12:10
      Very helpful



      a good site, but you will die before you get rich here

      Pickjack is a community based poll and quiz site, where you "Take 10" random questions and see how many you get right and then you can rate the questions.

      ~~~SITE DESIGN~~~
      The site is extremely simple, with a green, and black and white colour theme, very much like Dooyoo!! It has easy and simple to use tabs at the top, only 4, so not to complicate things: My Pickjack, Home, Members and Take 10.

      The signing up process is extremely easy, just provide an email address, password, some basic info, such as date of birth, and you are done. You do not even need to confirm your email address through email!!!

      Once you have signed up, you are on your way to answering questions and making your own!

      Questions range from a very huge array of geography questions, general knowledge, history, entertainment... and then there are the downright stupid questions, which are subjective, yet only one answer is "correct", which makes it obviously biased.

      This is a somewhat good way to learn things and random facts, but beware, there are some questions with wrong answers so take it with a pinch of salt!

      Of course you get rewarded for taking part... You can earn money directly into your Paypal account! But don't hop onto the bandwagon yet, because these are tiny amounts, like cents, not even dollars, and i have no idea how the money is calculated. I have currently got $0.08 since using it last night..

      Doing a bit of research the person made the most money has $14... so it really ISNT a place to earn lots of money!!

      On that note, it gets paid into your paypal account every month.

      Question making is extremely simple, just type the question in the box provided, and the answers in the bottom... you can also choose to upload a picture or provide a link to more information, but these are optional.

      Once you've created your question, you can view it in "My pickjack" tab on the top, and see the stats about it.

      ~~~RATING SYSTEM~~~
      I don't know how the rating is done, or how the grading is done, but after answering each question, you can rate it Good, Medium or Bad. This then generates a percentage rating... Im taking that Good is 100%, Medium 50% and Bad 0%... however, these are all subjective and should not reflect the question quality at all!!

      It appears people rate it bad when they get it wrong, which is wrong in itself, but that's life!

      ~~~THE COMMUNITY~~~
      There is lacking community features, only inbox, where you can send other members messages, but cannot add them as friends. This is rather useless in my opinion. You can also leave comments on the question which will show up on your page, but I have not received any interesting comments, just "k" or "good question".

      I think the site definitely needs better community features, such as adding friends!

      ~~~FUN OR BORE~~~
      I think this is rather boring to be honest, but if you have NOTHING if do, its better than just sitting around refreshing your Facebook page waiting for comments...

      It is a good idea, but the execution is somewhat lacking right now.. it is still a new site i gather, and perhaps it will improve over time.. Whilst the cash incentive is nice, its simply not worth it, with the CENTS that they're giving us.. I might make more begging.

      I would not use the site to earn money as you WON'T get much and it ISN'T worth it.. but im still doing it in anticipation of an increase in reward, and thus will update if such increase occurs... You make more doing dooyoo reviews!


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        20.04.2009 19:58
        Very helpful



        PickJack is a fun site but pays very little and is probably not worth your time.

        What is Pickjack?

        Pickjack is a website that pays its members to create and answer multiple choice questions. They pay about once a month through Paypal.

        How to Use Pickjack

        There are 3 ways to earn money:

        * Answering questions correctly
        * Other people answering questions that you post
        * Referrals

        After you complete the easy sign up process, you can start answering questions. You must correctly answer 20 questions per question you post. After you answer a question, you can rate it interesting (Score of 100%) Boring (Score of 0%) or no rating (Score of 50%).

        There are a few other things you can do here but they don't necessarily earn you any money. You can post a comment on a question, you can report a question if it does not follow the rules, and you can also send messages to other members.

        Other Important Info

        Pickjack only pays active members. Your balance goes down when you are inactive. The balance is updated every 6 hours, and if you are inactive during that period the balance will go down.
        I think this causes a lot of members to give up. I personally recommend spending most of your time on pickjack during the last few days before the payout; that way your balance does not go down very much before you get paid. By the way, the minimum cash out level is only 5 cents, which is easy to reach.

        Before they made some changes to the site, the majority of questions on the site were actually incredibly simple and often dumb. This is still a small problem although it is much less rampant now. Also sometimes a question has the wrong answer. Despite this, I have been able to consistently get around 95% of my answers correct.

        When posting a question, be creative and use good English. Your goal is to have the just the best written, most interesting ones.

        One additional note: Math questions are not allowed.

        My experience

        I joined Pickjack in early February. I received my first payment of $0.66 in PAYPAL on March 5th. My second payment was $0.49, and my third only $0.06. I am not using this site as much now because you have to spend lots of time, many hours, just to make a dollar's worth of pay..


        The very nature of this site will make it fun for some and boring for others. Obviously the payments are not a reason to join but they are nice. It appears to be a fairly new site still, probably launched in December 2008, so things could change quite a bit in the coming months. I think it is worth a try.

        Note: It seems that after each payout they make changes to the site, usually they are good improvements. However I am still waiting on improvements in the pay, LOL!

        You can go to their website at www.pickjack.com

        Note: I have posted reviews about Pickjack on other sites under user name K466. This one has been changed slightly to reflect the changes PickJack has made since I wrote the original review.


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          15.04.2009 19:34
          Very helpful



          Recommended to take a look but not for earning cash.


          Pick jack is a web site made up of community members who submit questions and polls for other members to answer, by either answering of asking questions members are paid small cash amounts for their efforts.

          Basically the more polls you take part in the more you earn, if you write and submit the questions payment is determined by the ratings other members give you.

          Basically you have to write good questions that relate to the topic on questioning at the time, after you have written ten relevant questions and polls you can then start a topic by submitting a question of your choice.

          The overall aim is for you to submit questions that other members cannot get correct, and if you are answering you need to try and answer them correctly. Getting the answers correct will improve you states and your earnings.

          To register for pick jack is completely fee and can be done at www.pickjack.com.


          After you have completed the registration to join pick jack, you will have created your account, on the account you will easily be able to look at you statistics very easily and maintain your account relatively hassle free.

          You can check the balance on your account this is updated every six hours so you always know how much you are earning. I personally find this very helpful as I hate to wait the 24 hours for an account up date, this was I can always check my earning progress.

          If you have cashed in your earnings you can also check the payment status on your account, it will display when to expect the payment going into your paypal account.

          Also on you profile account page you can enter as much of as little information about your self, so other members can learn a little bit about you. I only write the minimum if I want to get to know members I can contact them through a message which will only be seen by myself or them, I like that the messages are kept private this way I can speak freely with other members and not having to worry about giving away to many personal details.

          You will also get the statistics for all of your questions and polls asked and answered and answered, so other members can actually see how active you are on the site. Like any other site you have to be very active to get the reads and votes, so you do have to devote plenty of time to earn on here.


          Considering this is how the site actually works it is crazy what sort of questions other members submit, for example What is Garfield? How easy it that, I am not sure how that member expected to earn from that.

          The harder the questions are the better chance you have at becoming the top writer and earn better money. The best question I have seen was a mathematic question as long as my arm, this was multiple choice so I did have a one in three chance of getting it right, but this certain question bugged the life out of me so I sat for nearly three hours to try and work it out. I still got it wrong LOL.

          At first I found it fun to sit and answer questions but they started to become ridiculous and I felt I was wasting my time as this site is inundated with churners who want to make a fast buck and don't really car about the community spirit and fun aspect.

          HOW TO EARN

          Firstly you need to collect points by answering and writing questions and polls, once you have earned enough points you can then exchange them for cash. Everyday pick jack submit what the exchange rate is for that day.

          Here are some tips that helped me, if you are writing your own questions try to keep them in between hard and easy as many members are not bothered about the site and will not rate you, so keep it light and interesting because you need a good member response to earn.

          If you are answering questions, remember the more you do the more you earn and you also build up a trust with other members who will in turn go and answer your polls.

          All members like comments, so I recommend you leave them as members are more likely to remember you and visit your profile.

          GETTING PAID

          After you have converted you points you can cash out at anytime, all payment requests are made to your paypal account.

          The last time I cashed out I got paid instantly but I have known other members having to wait up to ten days for a payout, The payment status tab on your account profile keeps you up to date, so it is really no big deal as this tells you when to expect payment and when it has been sent.


          The site itself is rater bland as it has very limited colour and text, the bulk of the site has a while background with a green and grey Pick jack banner so it is not at all inviting and can be very difficult to navigate through.

          The layout is pretty poor and the text is very small making it very hard to actually read other members poll and questions, the only thing that the site has really got going for it is the fact that it is very east to submit you own questions.

          After you have been on the site a while navigating it becomes easier, but I have to say patience is definitely needed to earn cash on here.

          MY OPINION

          This site is very easy to earn on with little effort, but the payments are basically peanuts so I don't really find it worth while and I feel that sites like dooyoo and ciao are more lucrative, plus that have a great community spirit which is lacking on this Pick jack site.

          After signing up I did spend a lot of time on the site as I found it very amusing and entertaining to take part in polls, but the cash incentive is minimal and I was finding that other members did not really care and were only interested in earning and not participating it the community, so this began to gate on me and I soon gave up.

          By all means I would recommend this for entertainment value alone, you will have some fun but as for earning it is rather pointless as the earnings are pennies and not worth bothering.

          So this is not recommended for potential earnings, but highly recommended for entertainment.


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