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News and discussion relating to the BlackBerry.

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    1 Review
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      16.12.2008 17:37
      Very helpful



      A great place to get genuine and free downloads that will not mess up your Blackberry

      Pinstack.com is a site dedicated solely to Blackberry users, therefore it is a must visit website for all Blackberry owners.


      All downloads from this website are free, you heard it 100% free, There are no hidden charges and no catches. It is a case of signing up and then down loading all the content you want and when you want.

      Everything from this site is downloaded on to a laptop or PC. It is then a case of linking the Blackberry to the PC or laptop, via Blackberry Desktop Manager (software provided with the Blackberry) and then dragging and dropping the downloaded files in to the relevant files. It really is that simple.


      There is lots of software that can be downloaded from this website, which is classified in to one of the following categories:

      1) Biz and professional
      2) Finance and banking
      3) News and information
      4) Communications and MI
      5) Maps and travel
      6) Docs and printing
      7) Games and multimedia
      8) Productivity and utilities
      9) Miscellaneous

      Being an American site not all of the software will work on UK mobile networks, therefore they cannot be used on a Blackberry in the UK. One specific example is Vlingo (a speech to text program) and I am sure that there are others. There are also many US specific programs that would be of no use in the UK even if they do work, such as Wall Street planner amongst many others.


      Themes are allocated to Blackberry type i.e. 8800, 8100, 8120, 7200/7500 etc. In order to find all themes available for your handset it is simply a matter of clicking on the appropriate model. This is a great feature since it means that the search will show themes that are available only for your handset without trawling through hundreds of pages.

      There are loads of themes available from cartoon ones to animal ones to serious ones. There are more for the most popular handsets. For example there are currently 297 for the 8100 pearl and 111 for the 8300 Curve.


      As with the themes the wallpapers are allocated to Blackberry type making it possible to look at wallpapers that are only suitable for the type of Blackberry you own, hence saving time trawling through hundreds of pages.

      Most of the wall papers are US based, which is no surprise, and include things like The Statue Of Liberty, Oak Island, New York and the like although there are cartoon and film related wallpapers such as Kung Fu Panda, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Indiana Jones.

      There are more wallpapers available for the most popular handsets. At the time of writing there are 137 for the 8100 Pearl and 57 for the 8300.

      ****Ring tones****

      There are three different types of ring tones available including MP3 real tones, mini/midi and sound effects.

      In total there are 53 different ring tones available. It should be noted that you won't find the most up to date song in the charts in the list but it is varied enough for everyone to find a couple of ring tones they like. It should be noted that these tones are free therefore the fact that there aren't hundreds of them is no surprise since selling ring tones is big business and in order to find a large selection or get the most up to date tones you're going to need to get on a specific website and pay for them.

      Another way of sourcing ring tones is to look at a torrent download, although I have never done this since I have heard some real horror stories whereby a virus has been downloaded with the ring tone that was then put in to the handset, which was subsequently rendered useless.

      I am not sure that the benefits of getting free ring tones out-weighs the risk of potentially wrecking my handset therefore it is something that I don't think I will be doing in the future.


      The site contains lots of guides that can be downloaded. These include items such as device trouble shooting, how to delete programs/wall papers/themes etc. Any assistance will be found somewhere within this section. If you are struggling to find what you are looking for then there is always the forum, as detailed below.


      This site has an excellent forum for any issues, problems or queries that you may have. There is a user-friendly search facility enabling you to see similar questions in the past and how to solve the problems.

      If you cannot find the answer through the search facility then it is possible to post a specific question. In my experience someone has always replied and assisted.

      This is a great site for all Blackberry owners. Whilst there may not be loads of ring tones, applications, themes or wallpapers there is something for everyone and it is the best price of all - Free.

      In addition, you can guarantee that anything downloaded from this site will be 'clean' and will not affect the Blackberry's software or how it operates. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for other sites.

      This site contains loads of technical advice and there are downloadable guides for every aspect of every Blackberry. If you cannot find the solution in the guide then there is always the forum where other Blackberry users can be contacted for advice. All the members are very helpful.

      The best thing about this site is that it is always being upgraded and developed, and new information/tips and advice is posted as new things are released. It is not like other websites that get neglected and then become obsolete.


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