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Instantly send music, movies, presentations or any other files to anybody for free!

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2009 22:21
      Very helpful



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      PipeBytes.com is a file transfer service website. The website was first launched in 2007 and after a stressful start due to financial instability has recently returned with faster features and functions. The service does not receive much traffic at present with Alexa traffic research ranking it as the 459452nd most accessed website in the world. It receives most of its traffic from computers based in the Untied States and is followed by India, Germany, Mexico and Argentina.

      In recent months, file transfers have received an incredible amount of restrictions here in the United Kingdom. The primary reason for such burdens on the user is to combat illegal swapping and sharing of music, movies and other copyrighted media. The restrictions have left legal usage in the dark and methods of sending large files amongst two peers have been slowed to a halt. Most currently available and popular methods of file transfer are either slow, unstable or costly. PipeBytes.com alleviates the issues experienced by many British users with design flair and functionality. I apologize in advance if my review begins to sound overly technical from this point on. When reviewing such a service it often becomes necessary, but I'll try to simplify terms more fully.

      PipeBytes.com has become my primary method of file transfer between myself and one other user. There are instances where content is "too big" for a regular e-mail transfer and must be sent through other means. At the moment, PipeBytes.com has no restriction on file sizes and anything can be sent between two users. A benefit to using this service is the website claims all transfers are private and direct between users; no content is stored on any central server. PipeBytes.com will do all it can to ensure confidentiality but, as with anything on the Internet, information can be compromised and accessed by third parties. Users may enhance the available security by clicking "SSL Security" prior to transferring files, and this may prove sufficient for those concerned about sending sensitive data.

      To begin transferring files, the sender must first access PipeBytes.com. He or she will use an area to the left of the page aptly titled "Send". From there, usage is similar to a typical photo or file uploading page with the user first clicking "browse" and selecting the file to be transferred. This will generate a web link or code beneath it which is provided to the receiver. After clicking "Send File" the receiver will then go to the web link provided by the sender or PipeBytes.com to enter the code at the right of the page under the area titled "Receive". The recipient of the file is then shown a brief description of the file which the link or code is accessing, and after clicking "Download" begins the file transfer.

      Speeds of the transfer itself are said to be comparable to a 512 Kbps Internet connection. Actual speeds are in the region of 50 Kb/sec which I find sufficient for most medium sized files under 500 MB. If the file exceeded 500 MB I would probably opt to send or receive the content on physical media such as a CD-R or USB pen drive as the transfer could span into several hours at the currently allowed free speeds. Users may purchase a "speed pass" which upgrades the available throughput to a connection similar to 3 Mbps. This is available through a Paypal transaction and costs $0.99 USD for 24 hours of upgraded speed. Throughout the uploading or downloading process, users are met with an assortment of popular YouTube streaming video content at the bottom of the page which may help pass time during lengthy file transfers. I have personally never made use of these as I find myself discussing files being sent or received with my peer in a separate chat room or instant messaging service.

      The website is ad supported but is otherwise very minimalistic in design. Independent testing reveals that 6.8 seconds are required to load 188 KB worth of content when using a broadband connection. I find this to be slightly overestimated as the website appears to load instantaneously as I log on. There is a slight hang when loading the flash based banner ad at the bottom of the page, but the website is otherwise operable and ready to go quite quickly. The design is a simple black text on white background with various accents of green. I don't find it at all difficult to use and have always been able to work a file transfer with ease.

      Overall, I'm very pleased with the service which PipeBytes.com provides. It is something which I regularly use when I am not able to e-mail a file, and have always found transfers to be complete and without file corruption or error. I would happily recommend this website to those seeking to send files when other avenues of file transfer have been exhausted or restricted.


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