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      15.01.2010 11:49
      Very helpful



      I will stick with a diffrent site as this is a bit pricy

      I have just noticed this site whilst looking for something else, in addition with me never hearing of it before i figured i would go and have a investigative look.

      The site is set out really admirably with tabs therefore you can pinpoint the section you adopt to visit with efficiency as they are established at the top of the page.
      When you click the tab you will be given other sub sections which will help, so say you click on the "Games" section you will get another list that will give you console names so you can easily find what you want.

      The Sections they have at play-asia are games , movies, music, toys books and bargains,

      Although they have set the site up to be appealing on the on the eyes i have to admit that i found their prices a bit absurd. additionally even if you do see something you like you will have to check that they will be available for delivery to your address.

      They do state they will deliver anywhere however a chunk of the products they are marketing seem not to be "unavailable for delivery". to certain places.

      The Sections....

      When clicking on to the Toys section you are greeted by another section , which range from ...
      "toys and figures , trading figures, gashapon toys, model kits ,candy toys and solar toys

      They do possess numerous interesting "toys" nevertheless they are more aimed at the adults or the older child, though i do think a youngerish child will get away with the solar toys, but after reading about them i am still unsure what htey do it just claims to add movement to your desk, not to sure what sort of movement as it does not elaborate.

      However if you look in that section you will also see an zone where you can purchase foodstuff items too, i hypothesize this will be restricted as to where they can ship too.

      Though they do have some interesting sweets ,in addition they wont break the bank unlike some of the products , which is rare for this site. They do have some plush dolls advertised on this site but i still would not purchase one , As it does not really go in to description as to what is inside the toy !

      And for those who are like me and are wondering what "Gashapon" toys are , well they are toys that will arrive in something like a ball or one of those eggs shaped containers you get inside a kinder egg, and looking at the price of them that exactly what you are best of spending
      your money on.

      Games ....
      There are too many sub sections to go in too but they pretty much cover the whole range of consoles ever made, But be warned as i stated before about delivery.

      The games on here that you can buy are as you would expect , pretty expensive , even the pre owned games are a bit over priced, you can buy new at asda for a fraction in my opinion.
      the one thing i did like about this section , well what i laughed at was that you can actually buy soundtracks from the games that you like, that to me is a novelty as i have never heard of that before.

      Books ...
      Here you can buy English book Japanese books , game guides and artbooks, which include, magazines, calendars ,posters and language learning tools which you will need as the other books apart from the ones in the English section are all Japanese.

      But do not get too excited the books in the English section revolve around the gaming world, you wont find any Marian keyes or Dan Brown in this section.
      The Colanders seem a bit steep in price at over £18.00 each, and to be honest they do not even look a little bit interesting.

      The posters are expensive too , a large one is £12.80 and they too revolve around gaming , so to be honest you are going to get a lot more for your money if you buy it online somewhere else.

      The art books... are also in keeping with the theme of games and has a lot to do with the anime like Pokemon etc.

      Sadly no JLS, Leona Lewis or Robbie Williams this section revolves around gaming sound tracks or anime soundtracks, they do however deal in Japanese music and if you do not have anything to listen to them on they have a sub section on ipods and iphones and do have a browse as there are some items on there that are relevantly cheap.

      Bargains ...
      Just a condensed section of the other sections which again is not cheap to say it is supposed to be "Bargains".

      Limited, watch for some of the items as you have to order a minimum amount especially in the toy and bargain section and when this occurs be sure to note the price as that is per item not per 12 which is sometime the minimum amount you can order.

      Delivery , there is a charge on delivery and unfortunately this is not as most sites where they have a standard delivery charge , at this site it is all about what you order ,how many and the size which is not calculated until you are at the check out.

      You can additonally buy t-shirts here too but at over £18 for a simple t-shirt i think you are best off looking elsewhere

      Overall i found this site too expensive and basically one for those that are in Asia, in a nutshell i guess they have just tried to imitate play.com, unfortunately that us where the similarities end, they somehow forgot to add play.coms pricing.

      But I'm sure someone will benefit from this site sadly i wont as i do begrudge paying silly prices for something that i know i can get cheaper elsewhere. and in todays current financial situation i need to save where i can.


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