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    25 Reviews
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      08.08.2012 05:52
      Very helpful



      A really fun website


      Whilst visiting the playandwin.co.uk Website the first thing that strikes me about it is that it is quite colorful and absolutely full of games. You really are spoilt for choice! It is extremely easy to navigate because of this. After all almost everything seems to have been crammed right on to the page you sign in on. On that page you will see a part with the Recommended Games and next to that another section showing you the Top Games and the New Games. If you look to the right you will see a book with a red arrow with go to Challenges written on it. To the left you can see a list of all of your friends who are currently online. You will also see the games you played most recently and and how many emails and shared prizes that you have. Near to the top directly underneath where your Profile Picture you can leave a short greeting for anyone visiting your profile but you can only do that if you are a VIP member. You can also edit your profile in the same area. You will see five icons. The icons represent your Trophies, Medals, Gifts, Challenges and Scratch Cards. In that same part you will see an option to log out. There is a rather funny looking monkey with a crazy look on its face and that sort of gives me the impression the site is suggesting you will be as deliriously happy playing their games as that monkey is. Annoyingly adverts are displayed along the top and all down the right side of the home page and I hate those but nevertheless it is just an advert and doesn't take away from how good this website is. You can also see the Daily Winners and the Super, Extra and Quick Jackpots. Also accessible from this page are the Challenges of the week and your Games, Profile, Help, Tournaments, The Ticket Shop, Prizes, Winners, News, Become VIP and Account Status and at the bottom of the page you can see pictures of the most recently added profiles. You can see all of your tickets for the Jackpots and how many tokens you have to buy them. There will also be a part telling you have limited access if like me you are not a VIP member and giving you the option to read more about it.


      There are lots of reasons to be a VIP Member which I will talk about shortly. I was a VIP Member before because it was so reasonably priced and good value for money. It only cost me one pound at the time and it was really easy to become one because you could even sign up for it via a text message to your mobile phone. All you do is type the given code in and wait for your phone to beep with a pin and then type it in the box provided and it really is as simple as that. It did add to my enjoyment of the website when I was a VIP and I played on it for a significantly longer time. I realized recently that the price has crept up quite a bit to five pounds a month but this is rather confusing because now they are giving their members twelve whole months VIP Membership for 4 pounds and 17 pence. So you get one month for 5 pounds and a whole year for 4.17. It is quite obvious which one is better value! There is also an option to sign up for 8 days membership via mobile phone for 2 pounds. The one month and twelve month subscriptions require a credit card. If you become a VIP there are a lot of benefits.

      Your tickets are automatically purchased for you and that means you probably are more likely to win because you never miss the opportunity. You get to choose which draws you want to be tickets to be automatically purchased for as well
      You get access to VIP Games that only VIP members can play. You also get little extras like in Bingo Stars (My favorite game) you get special Bingo Cards that non VIP members do not get access to.

      You also get Advantages in Games because you are a VIP.
      You get to use Instant Messenger.

      You get rid of all those Annoying Adverts.
      You get Unlimited Access to Tournaments which is really helpful because if you are not a VIP and you wait like ten minutes for a tournament. If a VIP member comes along and enters you get kicked off because they get priority and that is obviously going to be a pain in the neck but it only happens if all of the spaces are full.

      You get Extended Profile Statistics which mean you get to see things that Non VIPS can not. Things like how many people have visited your profile, the number of entries in your guestbook and diary visits etc.
      You get Extended Chat meaning that you have access to Smileys and Icons that Non VIP members do not.

      You get to leave a Short Greeting on your profile page. Useful if you like to leave comments about yourself or how you feel.
      You get use of the Message Editor which means you can leave pictures, change font, make your writing bold, add lots of smileys etc to your messages. To sum it all up you basically get the ability to make your messages look more professional and nice.

      You get Access to Picture Galleries and the opportunity to make several of your own and also you can comment on other peoples pictures.
      You get to add Favorites Lists which you fill with your favorite members.

      You get to add more than ten friends. As it stands Non VIP members are only allowed ten friends.
      You are allowed more than 25 Guestbook Entries.

      A VIP member can get more than 25 emails. They can also use Pictures and HTML in their mail.


      When you want to play a Tournament click on the word at the top of the page. After this you will see a list of all the available Tournaments and the start time for each one. Click sign up for Tournament and then you will be asked to confirm that you are certain you want to partake in the chosen Tournament. All you have to do then is wait until the time counts down and when you are ready click go to the tournament. You will then be taken to a page where you will see all of the participants. You can either stay on that page until the time counts down or choose to just click on in. It is probably a good idea to click on and wait in the lobby because sometimes I click join Tournament and then forget all about it until a second before it is started and by the time I join its too late. To join just click open game which is beside the countdown timer. Once your in you will see a message saying game starting soon and another countdown. At this point all you have to do is wait it out and then you will be entered into the game automatically once all your opponents are found. In the Tournament section the following new options become available. Tournament guide, Tournament plan, My statistics, Recent results and High scores. Tournaments are more exciting because you can win a lot more tokens.


      Jungle Dice - Hover your mouse over the dice while holding in the button and do this over rows of dice of the same or higher value. When you match them they disappear.

      Picture Logic - Pick a picture and copy it with rocks.
      Snakes & Ladders - Roll the dice and climb to the top of the board without landing on snakes and having to go back down again.

      Vocabulum - Find words the longer the better.


      Below I will mention a few of the many Puzzle games with a short description.

      A Glorious World - In this puzzle game you launch balls of the same color at each other to make them burst.

      Balloon Buster - In this game you shoot balloons at other balloons to make them pop and clear them all up to win the level.

      Balloon Buster 2 - Again shoot balloons at other balloons to make them pop and clear the level.
      Diamond Mind - Move the different colored diamonds around in order to have 3 or 4 in a row. When you match 3 or 4 of the same color they will disappear.

      Diamond Mind 2 - Same as the first one match the colors in rows of 3 or 4 to make them disappear.

      Funfair Animals - In this game you simply shoot red balls at animals of the same species or ones with the same number.
      Gem Quest - In this game you match the falling gems to other gems of the same color in order to get rid of them and stop them building up.

      Handyman - In this game you connect pipes of the same color. You have to connect three or more for them to disappear.


      Solitaire - Put all the cards in the right place to clear up the whole deck and win.

      Arabian Solitaire - The original Solitaire game just in different surroundings.
      Egyptian Pyramids - Egyptian style Solitaire just plays as usual but you will be building a pyramid and if you succeed you get to spin the wheel.

      Egyptian Pyramids 2 Same as before just the second one.
      Hearts - In this game the goal is to get as few points as possible.


      Bob Game - Shoot your tiles in the holes to win.
      Ice Cubes - Ice Cubes is another game in which colored things (blocks) fall from the sky and you match three in a row so they disappear and don't all build up on top of each other.

      Sketchmaster - Very like ISketch just draw what you're asked to and let others guess what you have drawn.


      There are five Slot Machines in total same game but with different surroundings and mini games when you get three identical symbols.


      There are seven Bingo Games and they are as follows. Bingo 75, Bingo 90, Bingo Spinner, Bingo Spinner 2, Bingo Stars, Yatzy Stars. My favorite by a mile Bingo Stars.


      These are simply games like Diamond Mind, Handy Man and Jungle Dice


      Cut 2 Pieces - The name explains it. You get shown an angle to cut something in and you copy it.

      Monkey Galaxy - Simply use your mouse to propel yourself into the sky and collect as many bananas as you can.


      In the gaming section you can see what others have rated the games and you can see how many people are currently playing in each one. With each game you play and win in you can gain Tokens, Medals and ratings. Whilst in certain games there are different rooms and in each one you have the option of chatting to the members.


      This is my favorite part and the reason I keep coming back to the site. You get five free Scratch Cards every night at approximately eleven o clock. There is a bingo one where you scratch off the panels to reveal bingo balls and if the numbers match those on your calling card you earn tokens and if you get 2 full cards you win a tenner. If you get 3 full cards you win 20 pounds. There is a Treasure Hunter one in that you scratch the panels to find treasure and another one too with a magician on it. They all are basically the same in that if you get a certain amount of something you win. I like to think you never really lose. I have never won any money on it but I always get points which get me tokens and increase my chances of winning money.


      You get tokens for winning at games and every-time you use Scratch cards. The tokens in the picture are golden and once you start getting them you want more and more. It is so addictive.


      At the very bottom of the home page you will see it written Contact Playandwin.co.uk. It says when you click into it that most of the answers to your questions can be found in their FAQ. However if you still want to contact them you might be a bit disappointed to know that if you are not a VIP member you won't hear from them as fast. I really have to say I disagree with this part. Fair enough if they want people to pay for a membership that is understandable but to make them require one just to get a timely response is kind of unfair in my opinion. You can also find options to view a Guide, look at Terms, conditions and data policy, request Technical support, apply for admin position or information about their Advertising and Partners.


      This seems to be a very popular website. I do not know anyone who has won money on it. I did once mention it to my sister and she said she knew someone who won money on it but I think she meant another website. I have not won money but I am still hopeful that one day I might and that keeps me playing games and winning more tickets. The Super Jackpot currently stands at a balance of 1893.54 and it will be a very lucky person who wins that. I have to say as much as the thought of winning might be the motivation for most people (including myself) to use this website. It is a brilliant site on its own merits with or without the offer of the chance to win money. Bingo Stars is my favorite game and always passes in time when I am bored. I also enjoy the slots and match three games too. I really do recommend this website. I also would like to mention the shared prizes because I think it is a really good idea. Every time your friends win you win too and every time you win they do.


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      13.08.2011 15:21
      Very helpful




      I've been a member of playandwin for a few years now but it was only until I finished college and needed something to do between visits to the beach that I decided to use this site more often.

      What is play and win?

      It's pretty much in the title. You play games to win money! What more could you want. In each game you will win tokens which you then turn into tickets to enter a 3 different jackpots: The super jackpot (which goes up to £2000 usually given out to a winner every few months), the extra jackpot (which goes up to £60 usually given out every week or so) and finally the quick jackpot (around £10 given out everyday).

      As well games there is the scratch and where you get 5 scratch cards everyday. With these you can either win money or tickets.

      Games on the site

      The list is very long but there is variety. There are multiplayer games such as bingo or snakes and ladders, Card games like spider solitaire, puzzle games, board games, match 3 games, mini games and slot machine games. There are about 5 games in each section with half of them being free to play.


      With VIP (costing £5 a month or less with a year membership) you get access to all games, a bigger friend's list allowance, advantages in games, smileys and much more. It's a lot of money I admit for a games site when there are many free ones around however, you meet nice people on this site and its much more fun knowing you might win a bit of dosh! :)


      The cost of VIP is a bit of a turn off sometimes but there is always the free option of course. On occasions the site is too busy to load and can sometimes affect loading up games which can take up to 10 minutes (thought my slow laptop cant help!)

      Would I recommend it?

      Yes. To those who have some time on there hands and want something to pass the time then this site is for you. Its fun, you can have a chat with nice people on this site while winning!


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      28.08.2009 10:50
      Very helpful



      I Love Play And Win

      I love playandwin.co.uk cos its the best games site for games that make you think but aren't too much for the brain cells.

      You can play games and you collect tokens as you win. When you feel lucky you cash them in for entries into a prize draw to win a cash prize. I've never won but like playing the games so carry on and just enter as many of the competitions as i can and I hope I win one day.

      I play the single player games most of the time but you can play multi player games like Bingo. I like Egyptian Pyraminds. This is a card game like patience where you have to get rid of all your cards. I get loads of tokens from this game cos when you have a run of 4 cards you work up to a bonus spin and get loads of extra tokens. Its easy to get a bonus spin and the game is all about luck but it takes some thinking to get the runs of cards.

      Whoopsy Daisy is a new game and its fun. You have to match different flowers to get rid of them and earn honey for bonus points. Its one of them games that i don't understand how it works but its fun dragging the flowers along and seeing the disapear.

      They've got mahjong as well and thats good but goes on a bit long for me. There are 2 different mahhjong games and they have got 3 levels but i always play on Easy cos I find the game goes on to long on the other levels. The game takes ages and the most you can get is about 2000 tokens.

      Word Game is good cos they give you letters and you have to make as many words as you can out of them. Its fun and not as easy as you think. You can get a few tokens on this game and i like playing it a few times a day.

      Honey Bee is one of my fave games cos its logic and maths. You have to get rid of honeycombs to get tokens and then when you have cleared enough you get a bonus spin and even though the bonus spins are hard to get youdo get loads.

      Give play and win a try. There are loads of games to choose from to suit every one and you might win a prize.

      The site looks nice and its easy to check how many tokens ive got or change my details. The games are all easy to find and dont take long to load. They freeze ocasionally but not very often and its no trouble to reload it.


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      16.08.2009 17:48
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great site to kill bordom with the possibility of cash earning

      Playandwin.co.uk is UK based "cash earning" site, this is said in inverted commas as having spoken to numerous persons on the games, I have yet to have met anybody who has actually won anything.

      The basic premise of the site is that you play games in return for token points, which you can then exchange for jackpot tickets. This may seem an exciting prospect but the reality is i) there will be people on there who spend their lives earning tens of thousands of tokens each day and exchanging these for tickets (so your 2,000 tokens are probably not going to amount for much), ii) the wins do not seem to occur very often. On the upside the SuperJackpot is often over £1,000, the Extra Jackpot between £30-£100 and the Quick Jackpot £10-30. Also another massive pro (in my opinion) is that if you do win, it is paid directly via paypal, so no need for the annoyance of entering your bank details.

      As for the games, there are a series of multiplayer games which are quite fun and addictive, but not really stimulating enough for me and the same goes for the single player games i.e. variations on bejeweled and such like.

      All in all, it is a fun site to go on before you put yourself to bed in the evening, but one should guard against getting addicted on the basis that maybe, perhaps, one day - they may earn some money from it.


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        20.07.2009 13:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good site to have some fun on and pass the time quickly!

        Playandwin.co.uk is an online gaming site where you can play games to earn tokens, which are used to enter competitions. You can potentially win cash prizes through the site, but this is very unlikely in reality. The site offers a large variety of games and is a place to socialise whilst having fun. I think you should enjoy these aspects rather than the potential to win something as the site has grown in popularity so much that it's unlikely you will win one of the few prizes every week out of the 1000s of users.

        As I am writing this review, there are 716 users online. If they were the only ones using the site and entering each competition with one ticket, you would have a 0.004% chance in winning. However, some people will save tokens and buy massive amounts of tickets for certain competitions so they have a higher chance in winning. Surely you can do this too, but chances are slim.

        There are loads of games including arcade, puzzle and multiplayer ones. Route 66 for example is an arcade game where you take control of a fun and exciting slot machine. In this game, you invest tokens you have earned to try and win more. It can get quite addicting, as you will tend to win more and more as the game goes on. There are many card games too such as Egyptian Pyramids where you have to erase all the cards by choosing one either side of your current card - for example if you have a 10, you can choose a Jack or a 9 to continue. You can win quite a lot of tokens here.

        The multiplayer games have to be the best. You can play in real time against other players in things like Bingo, Yatzy and Ludo. You can even play snakes and ladders and many more games. Considering the site is 100% free to join, it's not surprising that it is popular when you can play these games, socialise and potentially win some cash.

        You have your own profile, which you can customise and add information too, including about the site and your favourite games. You can add many friends, so it makes a great place for socializing, but obviously beware of people who aren't who they seem to be. One of the latest updates to the site is the Tournaments section. You can enter yourself in tournaments for all different multiplayer games. You will see a timetable of events and can pre-enter in tournaments, as long as you have the game open and loaded by the time it starts. It works really well and is fun to take part in a tournament and hopefully win lots of tokens.

        The layout of the site is very good and it's colourful too. It's easy to navigate around and all very simple. There is a Scratch & Win game, which you can do once a day for free, where you have 5 scratch cards and can win tokens from them. You can even win cash directly from them (£10.00) but it's pretty unlikely too. Overall, it's an excellent site for socialising with friends and having fun but I wouldn't join it to make any money, as it may be a few years before you win just a tenna!

        Thanks for reading,

        Dan ©


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          13.02.2009 09:57
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A good site but not much point to it

          Playandwin.co.uk is a site where you play games as both single player and multiplayer types. The multiplayer games are played against other people online at the time. You win tokens (rather like a Casino), which you can use to enter for raffles to win cash prizes. You do not have to be 18 to join the site and have a chance in winning prizes as you aren't gambling with real money but you simply play games to win tokens.

          There are loads of different games including real life ones such as Majhong and Solitaire. You can also play bingo as a multiplayer game with other people. There are loads more games in different sections such as Arcade, Puzzle and Card games. Some of the games are very addicting - some easier than others.

          The problem with the site is that it has gained such popularity over the years that your chances of winning any money is very slim. You can enter for three draws - each hold different cash prizes. The bigger the cash prize, the more tokens each raffle ticket costs. The site is easy to use and has a bright and colourful layout. This site is ideal for both kids and adults and has a very friendly community but if you are looking to get some cash then I wouldn't recommend this site.

          Thanks for reading


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            03.09.2008 23:19
            Very helpful



            A fun site with some good games to play against others too but not as rewarding as it may seem

            Playandwin is a games website where you earn 'tokens' to enter them into prize draws. I wouldn't call the site amazing - you can probably earn 100 times as much on this site I am writing this review on. This is due to the fact that there are thousands of members on playandwin - some of which play on it all day to earn loads of tokens. Despite your tactics, there are other people who also save up tokens to enter like thousands into a draw to slim your chances of winning anything some more.

            With the ridiculous amount of members, it's pretty much impossible to win anything - your chances are almost as low as winning £10 on the national lottery.

            There are many games on the site to play including arcade, card and puzzle games. Half of the games are multiplayer ones meaning you can play against other members. Some of the multiplayer games are enjoyable such as Yatzy, Bob game (modified pool) and Bingo. Some of the single player games can earn you a lot of tokens but everyone else is playing them too.

            In every lobby there is a chatroom so you can speak to other players and simply enjoy the fun. I would say this site is more fun than rewarding as your chances of winning are very slim. There are some entertaining and fun games on the site, so I would recommend you check it out!

            Thanks for reading


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            26.08.2008 21:14



            This site keeps popping up through my web browser. I have not asked for this and can only assume it is a spyware site. I WOULD URGE PEOPLE NOT TO USE THIS SITE AS YOUR PC WILL BE INFECTED BY VIRUSES AND SPYWARE.


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            17.02.2008 23:04
            Very helpful



            see review

            What is Playandwin.co.uk?

            Play and Win is a U.K. website that allows you to play a variety of games and all for free you can earn tokens. I will explain what tokens are for later. All the games are listed into multiplayer, card games or puzzles each listed in their own category, which is easy to find. I have been a member now for a couple of years and there is a lot of members, which I have become friends with many, and we talk a lot online.

            What are Tokens?

            Tokens are what you can win in each of the games, each game varies on how many you can win, in a tournament, you must finish in the top 3 to be awarded tokens, and all tournament games are rated, so now you want to know what the tokens are used for.

            The site has draws monthly and weekly, to enter these draws you buy draw tickets using you tokens, you can get as many as your tokens allow you to, this is pretty good to say it does not cost anything to join, and no charges for any games played.

            What games is there to play?

            They have a wide selection of different games to play including single player and multiplayer. Here is some of what they have:

            Single player games:
            Egyptian Pyramids 2, Mah-jong 2, Balloon Buster2, Route 66, 7
            Solitaire, Diamond Mind 2, plus may more.

            Multiplayer games:
            Yatzy, Bingo Spinner, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, plus more.

            Some of the multiplayer games are available on tournaments that always start as specific times so you would need to check the schedule, for the different times.

            How do I sign up?

            Signing up is easy and completely free, just go to play and wins home page and click new member, there you will need to enter your email address a user name and a password, you can also chose to put in your address, but that is your choice, as soon as you have signed up you can begin playing for free.

            Can I talk to other players?

            Yes you can there is 3 ways of doing this altogether.
            1) Each game you enter has a chat lobby; in there you can talk to any of the players that are in the same game as you.
            2) There is an instant messaging system, this basically works the same as MSN, its easy to use and you can talk to any other player on the site as long as they agree to chat with you. If someone sends you an instant message you will get a pop up that says the player wishes to chat with you, you can either close it or agree to chat with him or her.
            3) You can also email players, you can only email to another player on the site, as it emails to the user name.

            Does the site have any sort of moderators?

            Yes the site is moderated by admin members the members can be found under the help section, this will tell you what admin members are online and if you should have any problems you can send them an instant message. I have seen instances though where there has been bad language and people been nasty in chat and admin not been online, so they really should make sure that at least one admin member is online at any one time, as people seem to take advantage when they are not on.

            What else does the site have?

            Every member has a personal profile, that you can chose whether to fill in and if it is made public or for friends only. The choice is yours entirely. There is a guest book where other members can sign it, and leave you messages. Also there is a gallery where you can upload any photos as long as they are not rude or provocative, any rude pictures would be taken off the site by admin.

            You can also see what medals and trophies that you have won, these can be won by completing so much in games and by winning tournaments, also you can see the stats of all the games you have played and the percentage of wins and losses.

            My opinion of the site

            I have been a member of this site for a couple of years now, I have my moments where I do get bored of playing, and take a slight break for a couple of weeks. I enjoy playing more in the tournaments, as I like to be competitive. They do have a wide range of games, so there will be a good selection of what you want to play, if you get bored of one then you can move onto another for a while.

            I have made quite a few great friends on there that I chat to regularly, and most people are very nice on there. I do find though that you get the immature 1 or 2 that can tend to spoil it with petty little arguments.

            I do enjoy playing on this site and I will remain a member of this site for a while to come yet, although it can get boring for me I am sure it wont for a lot of you as I can be very particular with games I play and only like a select few. For free to play this is a good site to have fun and make new friends so why not join and try it out for yourself, you have nothing to lose and you never know you may win one of the draws.

            Also Kineticspade on ciao


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              05.02.2008 23:56
              Very helpful



              Has some good games and you can win prizes, but the chances are minimal.

              I have been a member of this site for a good few years. Recently, I haven't been so active since I re-discovered Dooyoo. I used to go on playandwin.co.uk a lot as it wasn't just good fun and had a nice community, but you had the chance of earning cash too! When I say a chance, I mean a small chance; Very small chance. In fact, I cannot stress how small the chance is with words; perhaps with numbers... I imagine 0.0001% chance in winning anything after a week of constant play and entering the jackpots.

              What is Playandwin.co.uk?

              Playandwin.co.uk is an internet site at which you play games to earn tokens, which can be used to purchase tickets for various jackpots on the site, that give you chances in winning real money. The site is totally free to join and be a part of. There are loads of games, multiplayer and single player. I have no idea how they afford to hand out money, but they must do it through advertising on the site and sponsors or something. You can play in multiplayer games with other people online, and in every game whether you play by yourself or with others, you are never alone with the addition of a chat room in every game, which is good.


              There are three jackpots that you can enter. The chances of you winning really are slim, but someone has to win it! Here are the jackpots with a bit of extra information:

              Name: Super Jackpot
              Tokens per icket: 2000
              Prize: Normally large (over £100 - never huge though)
              Drawn: Randomly

              Name: Extra Jackpot
              Tokens per ticket: 1000
              Prize: £30-100 normally
              Drawn: Randomly

              Name: Quick Jackpot
              Tokens per ticket: 500
              Prize: £10-30 normally
              Drawn: Randomly

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

              You must enter the Ticket Shop to buy tickets. You can buy them in sets of 10, 100 or 1000 if you have enough tokens. You can also get the game to automatically buy you tickets by setting a percentage of your tokens you want it to spend on the tickets (as long as you have tokens) and it will buy some for you automatically before each draw, which can be useful. The fact there are three jackpots increases your chances of winning ever so slightly, but considering there is only 1 winner per jackpot, they are ever so slim with the amount of members they are, and you need to play a lot and earn billions of tickets to ensure a win (when you will probably still lose lol).

              You are able to view the winners every week too, and it normally shows them in scrolling boxes on the side of most pages too, to persuade you to play by showing that people do actually win!


              There are many games on the site, and new ones come into play all the time. There are single player games and multiplayer games. Single player games are under these categories: Card games, Puzzle games, Arcade games. The multiplayer games are mostly arcade, with Yatzy being present too, which is a die game (I mean singular for dice). Every game has a 'bank' that can be won by the bonus spin. The bonus spin will earn you even more tokens when you get to spin it, with the added chance of winning the bank, which can be 1000s of tokens. The multiplayer games feature rankings, which can be raised by winning ranked matches and doing well, and lowered by losing and doing terrible. You can also get a scratch card everyday that you scratch off. If you get three of the same symbol (e.g. 3 x 500 tokens), then you win that amount. There is the chance (once again, very slim) of you winning £10 from the scratch card, as a £10 note symbol can come up. Some of my favourite games are listed below with my thoughts:

              Egyptian Pyramids 2 -

              This is a single player game, that can be played easily by anyone. The idea of the game is to match your existing card from your pack to one of the cards that is being shown in the shape of three pyramids. The card can only match if it is one below or above the value of the other card. For example, a 5 can be matched to a 4 or 6 and a Jack can be matched to a 10 or Queen and a King can be matched to a Queen or Ace, and so on. If there is nothing on the screen you can match your card to, just click the pack to chuck it and reveal your next card. The idea is to uncover every card by working your way through them and matching them, so you can eliminate every card to get onto the next level. Easy to play and earns you many tokens.

              Route 66 -

              Perhaps one of the most addicting games, this arcade game is like one big arcade machine. It is based around some slots, and you can get the chance to play one of around 6 mini-games including many other features to excite it up. It really is a fun game and very addicting - you can sit on it all night with the ability to automatically enter tokens and spin the wheels! The mini-games earn you even more token, and it is just totally addicting to play them and win loads of tokens; very fun indeed.

              Yatzy -

              This game, you must of heard of. It is the classic game where you use 5 or 6 dice (can be played with either) to roll. You can hold certain dice and you have three goes to roll them. Depending on what numbers you get, you can tick off certain scores that you have managed such as '3 pairs' which an example of would be: 3,3,4,5,5,4 or 2x3 alike, which would be something like: 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 3. Only certain scores are in the 6 dice one, as they cannot be achieved in the 5 dice one. There are many more scores, including Yatzy, which is all of the same number and will earn you the most points. It is a fun game, and multiplayer too, so you play against other people.


              One of the more recent updates includes tournaments. You can play against other people who enter for free in organised tournaments, where there is a proper league and tree. They aren't too hard to win, as long as you are quite good at tactics. Most of the games are luck anyway, giving anyone a chance. You have to be in the lobby a few minutes before it starts to be on the safe side, and the live countdown helps here. The tournaments are much fun, and different to just playing multiplayer games, as you can progress through to next rounds if you do well and win your games - One of my enjoyed parts of the site.

              Look & Feel

              The site has tonnes of features on it. From friends to profiles to statistics and all the rest, there is a load to do, making it quite addicting for some and a 'home' for others. It looks great; very bright and attractive and the star mascot or logo for the site seems to be some weird monkey. The site has a nice look to it, and is very modern too. The feel to the site is also great because of the look. It feels, and is easy to use. The navigation is easy, but some things can be a bit hard to find or understand. Overall, the look is good for so much information and so many small features.

              Personal Thoughts

              I feel that this site is pointless to even go on. The chances of you winning the prizes are just as slim as you winning a 'tenna' on the national lottery. With an average of 1500 people online at any time of day, your chances are slim. There are loads of members that constantly go on, and must have loads of tokens but probably still don't win, or they are saving them all up to enter one day. Everyone has this same idea, meaning it just doesn't work as it is so unlikely you will win.

              Apparently, they have so far given away £56,840.16 to members of the site since launch. This is believable in a way, as it has been going for ages and some of the prizes are large. When you see this, it makes you think 'oh wow, this is amazing. It's totally free too and all you do is play games with the chance of earning cash! How better can it be?' Well, it really isn't that fun. The games aren't great, and I tend to get bored of them very quickly apart from the most addicting ones. There are better games out there online, and forget the cash prizes are there is a fat chance of you winning. Some people may find the site fun and the games good but it's not a site for me, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

              www.playandwin.co.uk - visit and see what you think!

              Thanks for reading,

              - Recon -


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                09.01.2008 10:04
                Very helpful



                Play and chat with friends

                Having signed up to get some free points thought I would gets lots of spam from the site. But to my surprise hardly get any. Have been playing on this site for 18mths now and yet to win money. But have made a lot of friends on here. There are lots of games to play.

                Yazty,Ludo,Bingo,Various card games, Mahjong,Balloon Buster, slots and lots more but I would be here all day naming them. You play for tokens which you can exchange for prize draw tickets.

                There are 3 jackpots:-

                Super Jackpot normally goes £1000 + and this draw is 2000 tokens per ticket but obviously the draw takes longer then the rest as the more people that buy tickets the higher it goes.

                Extra Jackpot is normally around £50 -£100 and this draw is 1000 tokens per ticket.

                Quick Jackpot is normally £10- £30 and this draw is 500 per ticket. This jackpot draw happens regular.

                Scratch Cards
                You get 5 scratch cards a day and you can win 10-1000 tokens per card and if your lucky you can win £10 cash.

                All the winnings are paid to you via paypal. So you do need a paypal acoount just in case your lucky.


                Tournaments are played on certain games like Yatzy, Ludo, Whist, Hearts and on the tournament page it tells you when tournaments are played and when. So you can just click on sign up and play if you are in first three places you win a lump sum of tokens and also a trophy gold,silver, bronze.


                Medals can be gained when you play games like mahjong, gem quest, solitaire, balloon buster and the high level you reach the higher medal you gain. These start at basic and then you have 3 more levels to achieve. Champion is top. You also get extra tokens when you get a new medal and it tells you how many players have achieve that level medal.

                Someone every week wins but its never me. Its is free to join so you dont lose money on this site. You can have lots of fun and make lots of friends. They also have meetings where you can go and meet people that you chat to. I went on one to Blackpool and we had a great time. You can put faces to names. Be careful though you can get addicted to the games, before long the day has gone and you have got nothing done.

                There are multiplayer games Yazty,Ludo,Backgammon,Whist and Hearts. Usually there are lots of players on this site. Yazty is very addictive. There are 8 different card games. You do need to make sure you have a antivirus on your computer as I have got a virus from this site. Nothing to serious but be careful. They also have advertising banners on here some of which slow the games down quite a bit.

                Hope you have fun on this site. And maybe you will be more lucky then me and actually win in the draw.
                Be aware Bingo Spinner and Yazty are very addictive so if you only have 30mins to play dont play these two games. HAHA


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                15.07.2007 14:42
                Very helpful



                A fun way to spend your time online, but beware of the addiction - know your limits!

                Playandwin.co.uk is a very modern website. It has been updated to include various multiplayer online games that are a pleasure to play and best of all, they're free. Another major enticement to join this website is the promise of weekly cash prizes. Each week, 1 lucky winner wins £100, 5 lucky runner-ups win £20 each and 2-5 people win £10 off the scratch card games.

                Getting started is simple. Just fill in simple details such as name, username, password etc. It shouldn't take a minute. Once you're registered, you're ready to start playing and getting points. What I like about playandwin is that it's so easy to find your way around the site. If you want to play a game, just click to the home page or online games page.

                TYPES OF GAMES

                Playandwin.co.uk offer quite a variety of exciting and modern games to play, including highly entertaining multiplayer games. Popular single player games, where you play on your own, risking no tokens, include: Egyptian Pyramids, various other card games like solitaire, poker, FreeCell, mah-jong as well as many arcade / puzzle games like diamond mine, balloon buster and playandwins's spin on the popular Tetris.

                I particularly like Egyptian Pyramids, as, though it depends somewhat on the luck of the cards, it also depends on your own logic. Can you get through all of the cards before your deck runs out? More importantly, can you survive long enough to make sure you get a spin, where you get anything between 400 - 1000 tokens? The spin function exists in all of the single player games and adds an extra dimension / aim to the game.

                It's just a case of trying all the games out to see which you prefer - obviously, it depends on how your brain works, and which game you feel more comfortable with - a complex, brain puzzling word game, or an action-packed game of Egyptian Pyramids?

                I gave up playandwin a while ago when I had blown 300000 tokens or so and still didn't win. I crawled my way back though, and am nearing that figure again today. But, when I rejoined, I noticed there were many new additions to the site. Playandwin had expanded their multiplayer games section to include games like Ludo, Bob and Whist. For a time, I couldn't get enough of Ludo, and spent hours on end trying to win a 10000-point prize. It's really engrossing, and people on the site tend to be very friendly and good sports. Ludo is just like the game of frustration, with added features such as being safe on the world spot, and zooming your way to the next star when rolling a star on the die. By far, this has to be my favourite multiplayer game.

                I don't want to make this review an encyclopaedia about every single aspect of every single game on the site. All I'll say now is try it out! You have nothing to lose, everything to gain (fingers crossed very tightly, lucky charms at bay) and a great atmosphere to experience!

                FURTHER FEATURES

                Other things I noticed upon rejoining were: extra statistics including the number of players online, player statistics where you can boast about your highest scores, gloating and gloating until the next John gets a few points higher! You even have your own profile now, where you can post an image about yourself, tell people a little bit more about you as a person and even start adding friends and creating your playandwin network of buddies! You have a guest book and a mail box, and playandwin has really gone out on a limb to make each and every one of you feel welcomed on the site. Remember - all free?! Any one found abusing your guest book / mailbox can be reported and / or ignored - but, generally, everyone here are happy bunnies just wanting a bit of fun!


                - Click and win
                With clickandwin, you can click on playandwin's chosen advertisements for the day and earn 500 points for each successful click! Amount of clicks allowed varies from day to day, but generally, in addition to scratchandwin (more shortly), I get about 5000 - 10000 points a day. This is where playandwin gets its cut, and so it's easy to see why they offer quite a high amount of points for such an easy action. A must as it's so easy.

                - Scratch and win
                Scratchandwin gives you five cards a day, where you can earn nothing, 10, 100, 500, 1000 points or even £10 per card! A fairly interesting game, but don't hold your breath - no £10 for me yet... sob sob. Ironically, though I visit this site called playandwin, I tend to visit every day and do everything BUT play - I scratch and I click, then I move on!

                - Homepage / favourites
                Add the site to your favourites or make it your starting page for 2500 points each.

                - Tell a friend
                Pop a message to a friend and you get 20 points per tip - not much really; a bit stingy I'd say!

                So, you've accrued 18 billion points (seriously, that's a joke - don't exhaust yourself!) and finally think you have about 0.01% chance of winning (maybe)! To be in with a chance to win, just click on the ticket shop link on the left-hand side and purchase however many tickets you wish to purchase. Each ticket costs 1000 tokens, and you can even set it up top automatically take a certain percentage of your tokens and exchange them for tickets for the prize draw. Each draw is made at 10.59pm every Thursday and winners are generally notified on site and by newsletter (optional) the next day. Good luck everybody - go on, give it a go - just know when to put your foot down!

                Benjamin Riches (wbafcben)


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                  29.05.2007 18:12
                  Very helpful



                  Free games, cash prizes

                  I have been a member of PlayandWin since December 2005. Recently the site had had a new lick of paint and has come back with 3 main jackpot prizes instead of the one previously on offer.

                  In order to play games on playandwin, you need to register. This is free and painless and will take no longer than 5 minutes. You will be asked all the standard signup question (username, password, email address, DOB, etc).

                  Games are split into 3 sections, Multiplayer, Card Games and Puzzle. The object of all these games is to win tokens which you can then use to enter the 3 prize draws. The Super Jackpot is the biggest prize draw and costs 2000 tokens per ticket. The payout for this draw is completely random and can easily total over £1000. Second is the Extra Jackpot which costs 1000 tokens per ticket. Prizes here range from £30 to £100. Finally, there is the Quick Jackpot which costs 500 tokens per ticket. Prizes here are between £10 and £30.

                  In total there are 37 games that you can play to earn tokens (9 multiplayer, 14 card games and 14 puzzle games). As well as playing these games, you are also able to chat with other site members who are playing the same game which adds a new dimension to the site. When you have mastered some of the multiplayer games, you can enter tournaments which can earn you mega tokens (up to 150,000 on some games)

                  The most popular games on the site are :-

                  Bingo Spinner (Multiplayer cost 100 tokens)
                  You get 4 bingo cards, each with 25 squares. A spinner choses 10 random numbers and you mark them off your card. You also have some 'joker' spins which allow you to mark off a free number anywhere on your grid or anywhere in a particular column. You get 15 spins to score as many points as possible. The top 5 scorers per game win tokens.

                  Yatzy (Muliplayer)
                  Popular dice game in which you try and make runs, pairs, 3 of a kind etc. This is played between 2 to 4 players and can be played with either 5 or 6 dice.

                  Balloon Buster (Puzzle)
                  Line up balloons of the same colour to score tokens. The more of the same coloured balloon that you place next to each other, the higher the score.

                  Egyptian Pyramids (Card)
                  Attempt to clear all the cards by making runs (ie 4 to 3 or 5, 10 to 9 or Jack) The more cardfs you can clear without needing to use any of the spare stack of cards, the more tokens you win. If you make a run of 4 then you build a piece of the pyramid. Once the pyramid is built, the bonus spinner starts and awards you even more tokens.

                  There are also additional ways to earn tokens. Each day you can scratch off the panels of 5 scratch cards to earn extra tokens or if you are extremely lucky, £10 cash. You can also invite upto 5 of your friends to the site for 2000 tokens a time.

                  On average there are about 1000 people online on this site at any one time which outlines our popular it really is. You'll spend hours at a time on this site trying to become king or queen in your chosen game. The beauty of playandwin is that everything is totally free.

                  If you are lucky enough to be a cash prize winner, you will need a paypal account in order to collect your winnings. All games are Java so you will need to download the Java runtime first if you dont already have it. Occasionally, games do start to get a bit sluggish or freeze for a few seconds but even this doesnt normally spoil the enjoyment.

                  I cannot recommend this site highly enough, it deserves to be bookmarked in everyones favourites.


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                    08.09.2006 10:38
                    Very helpful



                    Good friendly fun website.


                    What is Playandwin.co.uk?
                    Play and Win is a U.K. based website that allows you to play a variety of games free and earn tokens. These tokens can then be used to buy tickets and enter them into the weekly prize draw for a chance of winning a cash prize. There are thirty-one games for you to choose from to play and earn tokens, nine of which are multi-player. All the games are listed into multiplayer, card games or puzzles for categories and are all fun and easy to play. Playandwin.co.uk is a family orientated site with players from all over the word. Each game has its own chat room and it is a great place to have fun, play games and find a friendly chat.

                    What are Tickets?
                    Tickets are like raffle tickets, which you have to purchase with the tokens you, earn on playing the games. Each ticket costs 1000 tokens and you can purchase your tickets to enter into the weekly draw from the ticket shop. The ticket shop also has a feature where you can set the percentage of tokens used to automatically purchase tickets each week if you prefer, this is a good feature if you wish to make sure most, or just some of the tokens you have won are auto-exchanged and entered weekly. The prize draw takes place every Thursday night and when you enter tickets, you are in with a chance of winning.

                    Playandwin.co.uk Games.
                    They have a good selection of multiplayer games featured on playandwin.co.uk, which gives you the opportunity to chat individually with the other game players only whilst playing, or you can chat in the lobby feature of these games as well. The multiplayer games on playandwin.co.uk are` Bingo Spinner`, `Yatzy`, `Bingo`, `Ludo`, `Sketchmaster`, `Hearts`, `Bob`, `Whist` and `Backgammon`. The card games featured on playandwin.co.uk are `Solitaire`, `Pyramids`, `Mah-jong`, `Ace Solitaire`, `Spider`, `Tomb Solitaire`, `FreeCELL, Minijong`, `Video Poker`, `Arabian Solitaire`, `Rocket 21`, and `Rocket 21 Deluxe`. Finally the Puzzle games on playandwin.co.uk are `Lucky Dice`, `Diamond Mind`, `Super Diamond Mind`, `Balloon Buster`, `Money Spin`, `Honey Bee`, `Ice Cubes`, `Sudoku`, `Space Bricks` and `Word Game`. All are easy to play, fun and entertaining and every game has a Bonus token spin feature to earn added tokens.

                    How to Join.
                    To join playandwin.co.uk is easy and free, all you have to do is click on the register link on the play and win homepage and this will take you to the registration page. On the registration page, you need to fill in your full name, choose a username, and complete the email address, password, and country, year of birth, gender and postal code. There is also a section asking you to complete your address, city and phone number however this is only if you wish to, it is not compulsory though. You then need to complete the Turing number section, which is computer generated and click the register button. If the username you have chosen it will tell you to select another until you have chosen one that has not been used already. Before you continue any further on play and win, you need to activate your account via the email link you will just have been sent to the email address you registered. If you do not activate via the link it does not stop you from playing the games but it does stop your eligibility of prize winning.

                    What do you win?
                    One lucky winner each week will win £100, and five lucky winners will receive £20. There is also a scratch card feature in which you can scratch cards five times a day to win extra tokens and three players each week could be lucky enough to win an instant £10 prize. The prize draw takes place every Thursday night and when you enter tickets, you are in with a chance of winning. Make sure you buy your tickets at least two hours before the next prize draw using the auto-exchange feature in the ticket shop. The time until the next draw is clearly displayed on every webpage of playandwin.co.uk and can be found in the top right hand corner of the webpage. It shows you the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until the next prize draw.

                    Each game on playandwin.co.uk comes complete with its own individual chat room but the multiplayer games also have a main lobby chat room for you to be able to chat to other players in before you enter a multiplayer game. It is important to know that you cannot chat in the lobby if you are in a multiplayer game you can only chat with the other player. Chat on playandwin has some important rules about use of abusive or obscene words, as this is a family site. Members who continually break these rules will first get a warning from a member of the admin team, and if the choose to continue to rule break they will get there account frozen and deleted. This does not in any way make you safe from users who choose to break the rules however; this does help it from happening very often.

                    Admin Members.
                    Admin members are members of playandwin.co.uk who are there to help you with any problems you may have with play and win, including technical issues, abusive members, and account issues, if these members are online they will do there best to help. There is a box situated just below the time clock on the playandwin site which clearly shows you the names of the admin members who are currently online and if you move you mouse over to there name you can see which games room they are in. You can also send them a mail with your problems or leave a message in there guestbook.

                    Other Site Info.
                    Guestbook feature on playandwin allows you to leave messages for you friends if they are not online and there is a feature that if you wish you can make the message private to prevent other users from seeing your message. Members on playandwin also like to expand the user profiles with the use of the edit profile feature, which allows you to use HTML tagging to add pictures and more. You can also upload your photo to be displayed on your playandwin profile. On the edit feature there is boxes running down the side of each info box this allows you to decide what information other users can see about you. Scratch card is a link, which you can visit, and play five times a day allowing you to win extra tokens or even £10 to three lucky members; you can as I have already said only scratch five cards a day. Finally there is a click and win feature on playandwin which allows you to click on the adverts and win an additional 500 tokens for each ad you click. The computer randomly decides how many clicks you can have per day.

                    My Opinion.
                    I have been a member of playandwin.co.uk for about three years now and have been lucky enough to make a great number of very close friends on there whom I still keep in touch with. I try to visit the playandwin site at least four times a week, play a few games, and catch up with my friends and messages. All the games in my opinion are good fun to play and entertaining and some of the multiplayer games can be excellent to play on and have a good laugh. You do obviously get one or two members that will argue and fall out and also the odd one or two who have only joined to cause trouble but whenever I have been in the chat room when this has happened I have always notice how quick admin are to come into the room and sort the situation out. I have never been fortunate enough to win a prize on playandwin but that does not stop me regularly playing the games, entering the draw and mainly having fun and chatting with all my friends. I find the games very fun and entertaining and sometimes even addictive. I tend to go on playandwin, once I get chatting and playing I tend to lose track of time, and hours soon fly past. I recommend this site as a family orientated site that allows you to make friends, chat and play games daily, and the site is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. I give play and win 9/10 as entertaining, safe family fun.


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                      03.05.2006 15:30
                      Very helpful



                      A great site to play games and have a chat


                      I think many of us on Dooyoo are with many other rewards sites for shopping etc. Well while on one of these sites I noticed that I could get cash back if I registered with playandwin.co.uk. I don't just sign up to websites to get the cash back as I hate the Spam but I checked this website out and signed up and not looked back since.


                      This was a very simply process and quick to do. The below is a required information:

                      Full name
                      User name
                      Year of birth

                      Then there is further information that may be filled out:

                      Phone Number

                      This information is for if you win a prize but more about that later.

                      There is also a security box that needs to be complete, you know the ones I mean, you copy the numbers and letters from one box to another.

                      Once you have registered you have the option to have auto login, which means that playandwin.co.uk remembers your login in details, and you never have to sign in again, very useful.

                      The Website

                      Once you have registered and logged in you are greeted by the homepage. On the left hand side you have the menu and your chat profile, which includes a guest book and a friends list.

                      In the middle you have some of the most popular games and direct links to them and on the right hand side is your tokens, the count down to the next draw, friends online and the latest winners. Also on the right hand side is the news boards, which admins are online (admins are the moderators and have the power to ban you) and community rules.

                      Now I know many of us like to play games via the internet, well that is what this website is best at. When you play games you earn tokens and once a week you can transfer the tokens into tickets to go into the prize draw. Some games you have to wager tokens in order to win more but more about that later.

                      The Menu

                      Guide - how the website works, this isn't very long but it is very informative for a first time user.

                      Click and Win - everyday there are banners that you can click to earn 500 tokens. No need to sign up to any websites, literally just click the banner, allow the page to load up fully and then close the window and your account will be credited with 500 tokens instantly.

                      Scratch and Win - everyday you are given 5 free scratchcards and you can win 10, 100, 500 or 1000 tokens. If you are really lucky you can even win a real £10 note. When scratching please ensure you scratch off all the panels.

                      Online Games - this takes you to all the games that are available on playandwin.co.uk where lots of tokens can be won. I will give you a full break down later.

                      Ticket Shop - this is the place to change you tokens into tickets. You can either change them manually or automatically. 1000 tokens equals one ticket. To manually buy tickets either click 1, 10, 100, 1000 dependant on your token balance and then click buy tickets. The tickets you have just purchased will be used in the next draw.

                      If you sign up for automatic ticket purchase, you will never have to worry about buying tickets again. Simply check the box that asks you to sign up for automatic ticketing and then choose what percentage of your tokens will be exchange for tickets. Automatic ticket purchase happens 2 hours before the draw.

                      The Token Guide - informs you of how to earn tokens, I have already mentioned the scratchcards, click and win and the online games. You can also send postcards to earn 30 token per time and integrate a banner onto your homepage to earn 5 tokens for every visit and 50 tokens for each registration.

                      Prizes of the week - this displays what prizes can be won every week, there is one prize of £100, 5 prizes of £20 and anywhere between 2-5 winners of £10 each on the scratchcards.

                      The Winners - displays all the winners for up to the last 15 weeks.

                      FAQ - Very useful section that answers the most obvious questions about the site, tokens and the draw.

                      Send Postcard - this is where all the postcards are stored and there are about five pages of them. Remember you get 30 tokens for each postcard that you send. To send a postcard you need to a recipients email address. Then simply type in a message and click on send.

                      Technical Support - if the website is not working properly you can click a button in here to adjust your settings automatically.

                      The Games

                      Multiplayer Games - these are games that require other members to join you.

                      Yatzy - this is a dice game, you can play with either 5 or 6 dice and with up to three opponents. You get three rolls of the dice and you have to make the best hand you can. You need to bet tokens in order to win tokens with this game you can also win ratings.

                      Bingo - you get 4 bingo cards and you have to mark the numbers as they come out, when you have made the winning pattern press the bingo but and spin the wheel and win anything up to 200,000 tokens.

                      Ludo - You can play with op to 3 other opponents and you have to get your 4 counters home to win before anyone else. You can also send your opponents counters back to the start. You can play for ratings and tokens

                      Bob - This is a two-player game and once again you play for tokens and ratings. You each have 10 tiles each that you have to pot into one of four holes. Like a mini version of pool really.

                      Sketch master - This is like pictionary you have to draw the word given to you. You can play with up to 9 competitors. You are not allowed use letters while drawing but figures and symbols are fine.

                      Hearts - the classic game that can be played with 4 opponents, the object of the game is to score as few points as possible

                      Backgammon - The classic game where you have to move your checkers to your board. Once again you can play for tokens and ratings.

                      Whist - This is called Ace-whist and there is two rooms available, once where the joker cannot be trumped and the other where the joker can be trumped. You play for ratings and tokens.

                      Card Games - single player games

                      Super 7 Solitaire - This is the usual solitaire game but you have bonus cards that give you tokens for when you out the suits in order. There is also a nice auto complete button that automatically puts them on the piles when you have done it. Once you have completed it you spin the bonus wheel to increase your tokens

                      Pyramids - You have to remove the cards by either go one above or below the main card, you also have a pile of cards should you get stuck but you only have a limited amount. If you are good a keeping the runs going you build and pyramid and then you spin the wheel to get bonus tokens or win what it is the bank.

                      Ace Solitaire - You have to get cards to equal 11 (ace and a ten). In order to get the bonus spins for a chance to win extra tokens or the bank you have to collect letters that spell the word SPIN.

                      Mah-jong - The Chinese game where you have to pair up the bricks and if you get all the bricks removed you spin the bonus wheel for tokens or to win the bank.

                      Spider - This is a game I hate but you have ten card stacks and you have to move them all to the top with a few moves as possible. This is one I don't play much as it frustrates me.

                      Minijong - a smaller version of Mah-jong but a faster version you need to pair up the bricks as quickly as possible to win tokens and spin the bonus wheel.

                      Arabian Solitaire - This is another solitaire game but you do not win as many tokens on this one as you do on Super 7 Solitaire.

                      FreeCELL - You have to move the cards to the home cells using the free cells available, this is another game I can't stand.

                      Rocket 21 Deluxe - you have to make 21 as quickly as possible in order to launch your rockets and spin the bonus wheel. I do really well on this game and normally win about 50,000 in one game.

                      Super Video Poker - single player poker you need to make pairs over ten, straights etc. You will be betting your tokens.

                      Rocket 21 - how many 21's can you make in 60 seconds. This is not very high amount of tokens

                      New Game Tomb Solitaire - you have to make cards total 15, I am just testing this game so I will update.

                      Puzzle & Arcade - single player games

                      Super Diamond Mine - match the jewels in three or more either vertical or horizontally, if can match the jewels in order you get the special Diamond spin. Every time you match the jewels you build up for your bonus spin.

                      Balloon Buster - you have 140 balloons that you need to pop but you can only pop balloons that are the same colour and in groups of three or more.

                      Diamond Mine - very similar to Super Diamond Mine but without the Diamond Spin

                      Money Spin - slot machines bet your tokens and pray the fruit appears

                      Sudoku - The craze at the moment. You need to place the numbers 1 to 9 in each block but no number can be on the same row or line. There are different difficulties to suit everyone.

                      Ice Cubes - You have to remove three or more cubes of the same colour to win tokens. Lines are added at the bottom and if you can't remove the quick enough the cubes hits the top and your game will end.

                      Word Game - you are given 6 letters and you have to spell as many three or more letter words in 2½ minutes. The longer the word the more tokens you will win.

                      Space Bricks - This is just like Tetris, fits the shapes into each other to create lines

                      Other Games

                      Scratch and win - you get five free scratch cards everyday for the chance to win tokens and £10.


                      Every game has a chat room where you can speak to the other members that are also playing that game. In the multiplayer games there is a lobby where you can start off chatting but once you join a game just those playing with you will be able to chat with you.

                      Sometimes the most popular games will have lots of members chatting and it can be difficult for new members to be heard as many of the members do not say hello to you if they have never seen you before but persist, join in and you'll soon make friends.

                      To be able to add members to your personal friends list is a great idea as when you first logon you will be able to see who is online and if you click on their name you will be taken straight to there profile where it will inform you where your friends is in playandwin.co.uk.

                      Your Profile

                      You can create a profile about yourself this is not compulsory and you only have to display what you want in your profile or just to let your friends see your information.
                      You can include name, address, sex, date of birth, zodiac sign, social status, favourite game, hobbies/interests, email, contact information, what you are looking for (i.e. friends) and you can even include a picture of yourself if you want.

                      In your profile you also have a guest book where members can leave you messages either public or private depending on what they choose. You also have a diary to make note of important things, a gallery to included even more pictures and game stats. The game stats are great because it records what you best scores are on each game, it was quite interesting to know that I have played 310 games of Rocket 21 Deluxe.

                      In your profile you have the option to block users from seeing whether you are online or not, which is not a bad thing as there are some unscrupulous members so always remember to be on your guard. Otherwise there are some very nice people on here and I have made quite a few friends.


                      I really enjoy this site and find it a good way to relax after returning from work, I can quite literally spend hours playing various games. My favourites have to be Rocket 21 Deluxe and Yatzy, I had never played Yatzy before joining this site and now I am hooked, which proves that the games are easy to get the hang of.

                      I have never won any the cash prizes but that is not the main reason why I am still using this site. I do buy tickets once a week using the automatic ticket purchase option and possibly one week I could be the lucky winner, you never know.

                      This site is very easy to use and when I first registered I found that I could navigate my way through easily without having to contact the admins for help. I have not personally dealt with the admins but I have heard that they can be quite strict on language and abuse, which is very good when sometimes there are children as young as 12 years old using this site.

                      If you are not already a member then I would highly recommend that you join as it is free and you could win money for simply having fun. You also get the chance to make a few friends along the way and just might get addicted to these games just as much as I have. If you join up let me know and I'll add you to my friends list on playandwin.co.uk.

                      Thanks for reading.


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