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We're doing our best to offer you the best poker school worldwide. Thanks to our unique business model we can offer you our high quality poker education for free. Our goal is to make our members the best poker players around and to form an open, friendly and supportive poker community. But not only our professional coaches and experts will help you – we also support the communication between our members so that you can learn with and from each other.

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2011 15:19
      Very helpful



      Great site i would recommend just for the free money :)

      The only site I have found that stakes any new player $50 on a site just for passing a quiz, and you don't have to deposit! Here is a breakdown of the site -

      Poker Strategy offer a wide range of video's to help the players to develop their game, they offer all types of videos for all players from the highest stakes cash games to the micro's and reviews of some of the biggest on the tournaments online, e.g. The Sunday Million to freerolls :)

      There are different statuses you have to have to watch certain videos, Here are the list of statuses:
      - Basic
      - Bronze
      - Silver
      - Gold
      - Platinum
      - Diamond

      With some of the video's on the video's on the site you may have to have a higher status than basic to view them, you can improve your status by either playing with your free bankroll that you got from the site or by using one of the deposit bonuses available and playing poker with that.

      --Deposit Bonuses--
      Poker770 $2,000 Bonus
      William Hill $2,000 Bonus
      PartyPoker $500 Bonus
      PokerStars $600 Bonus
      888poker $888 Bonus
      bwin $1,000 Bonus
      bet365 $1,000 Bonus
      Betfair Poker $2,500 Bonus
      Everest Poker $1,000 Bonus
      Unibet Poker Euro1,000 Bonus
      Poker Heaven Euro1,000 Bonus
      PKR $800 Bonus
      24hPoker Euro1,000 Bonus
      Betfred $2,000 Bonus
      Paddy Power $2,000 Bonus
      EuroPoker $2,200 Bonus
      Titan Poker $2,000 Bonus
      Mansion Poker $2,000 Bonus
      Cake Poker $600 Bonus

      Above are a list of all the bonuses and amounts availabe to collect when you deposit, you will have to earn points on the site in order to unlock these bonuses.

      --$50 No Deposit Bonus--
      Pokerstrategy is the only site i have found that offers you an easy way to get staked for $50 on a site to get your poker career started, $50 is enough to use good bankroll management and build a decent bankroll to get your poker career started.

      All you have to do is sign up to the site and pass one of 3 quiz's, each have help so that you are able to pass it, e.g. the hand rankings chart.

      I claimed the $50 on Full Tilt Poker and had hours and hours of fun playing, really helped me to learn and start off my career.

      --Live Coaching--
      Not only do they have video's for you guys to watch on the site, they also have live sessions available on the site as to where experienced poker players review a tournament or cash game from another player and talk you through each hand. I find this really helps me to learn and improve my game. The sessions are available daily for all Pokerstrategy.com members however like on the video's some of the sessions require a high status.

      They also have a very popular forum where players post about their sessions or anything that has happened to them whilst playing poker and generally get replies from experienced poker players to help them improve. The forum is very popular and there is always someone on there to reply to your posts :)

      If you do end up busting your free bankroll on the site then there is also an option as to where if you sign up through pokerstrategy you are able to play their $100 freerolls, here is the schedule -

      PartyPoker 18:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT 17:00 GMT and 21:00 GMT
      William Hill 17:00 GMT 16:00 GMT
      EuroPoker 18:00 GMT 16:00 GMT
      Everest Poker 18:00 GMT 17:00 GMT
      Poker770 19:30 GMT 18:30 GMT
      Titan Poker 17:00 GMT 16:00 GMT
      Betfair Poker Monday-Friday, 18:00 GMT 17:00 GMT

      Overall this is a very good site for all kinds of poker players :)


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      09.08.2009 03:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Fantastic site to learn more about poker.

      Pokerstrategy.com is a website / forum that offers members the chance to improve their poker skills. The main idea that draws users in is the fact that when you sign up they ask you to take a quiz and if you pass it they give you $50 into a poker account of your choice. There aren't any deposits to make so it really is simply free money for you to play poker with. There is a system on the website where your poker account is tracked and the points you earn on the poker website are transferred to points in your pokerstrategy account. Building up these points allows you the chance to unlock new articles to read depending on your status. These articles are very well written and thought out and teach you valuable poker theory for you to implement whilst you're playing. You can also watch videos on people playing poker and teaching you whilst you watch.

      The forum part of the website offers various sub-forums where you can talk about poker, or non-poker related topics. There are areas where you can start a poker blog, or where you can ask for help about software or poker sites. The only problem is that the forum isn't as active as I would like it to be.

      Overall it's a fantastic site with offers to draw a user in and a friendly, helpful community. In the month or so i've been signed up for i've learned loads about poker and improved my game a lot. The fact that they give you money to play poker with is a massive bonus as well. There are also areas of the site where you can post hands that you have played and get them evaluation by professional poker players so you can find and repair your weaknesses. There are loads of success stories if you look around the forum a bit, with many members earning a living playing poker and a lot of them started off with the deposit from this site.

      I would highly recommend joining this site if you're interested in either making money playing poker or improving your game. Read the articles, watch the videos and participate in the forum. You won't regret it.

      This is my referral link if anyone feels compelled to use it:



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