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Free ringtones.

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2006 11:42
      Very helpful



      An invaluable free tone resource.

      Who does not like a freebie? The problem is actually finding a true freebie. Free samples can lead to endless junk mail through your letterbox, free downloads often contain adware and free software often requires registration or subscription. It would appear that there is little you can get that is truly for free as everything has a hidden “cost”. However, never one to be defeated by logic I searched Google for free polyphonic ringtones and was presented with a long list of sites, the majority of which required subscription. After much wading through the search pages I eventually did find www.polyphonicringtonez.com hidden several pages through the search listings.

      Polyphonicringtonez.com is a rare beast in that it offers entirely free polyphonic ringtones with no subscription or registration required. On accessing the site I am greeted with a clear blue font set against a sparse white background. Ringtones are clearly sectioned into genres on the left menu by genre from rock to pop and even Bollywood! There is a nice top ten most popular tones chart in the centre and along with the latest ten ringtones those who like to keep up to date with the latest releases will probably find they never have to navigate away from this page.

      However, those of us who like our ringtones a little less up to date may well make use of the search engine which works well when looking for a specific tone (typing in either artist or song title yields a good result) or menu system in browsing for our favourites. Polphonicringtonez.com has thousands of ringtones in midi and mmf format which means that if your phone supports polyphonics (which any phone made in the last five years will!), then you can choose any of them and be sure they will work. Whatever your genre there should be tones here for you. My favourite genre is eighties film and TV and I was delighted to find classic theme tunes such as “Rhubarb”, “Ghostbusters” and “Bullseye” to download. I cannot emphasise enough the wide range of tones in a variety of genres available for download and even if its not there you can join the forum and request it be uploaded!

      Navigating the website is very straightforward with everything done using one click menu systems but there can be a speed issue with occasional timing out when navigating between pages. Fortunately, this is generally short lived and the site suffers little downtime considering its obviously heavy traffic. Unfortunately, the site does have a lot of links to premium pay sites and relies on these “click-thrus” as well as paypal donation for revenue and maintenance . However, refreshingly the site openly asks visitors to click on links to maintain the free nature of the site which for me is a small price to pay for a completely free service. The site has also recently implemented a free screensavers section which unfortunately although covers many genres is limited at present to one or two animated pictures. This is likely to increase over time though with screensavers currently being either of naked ladies or Simpsons and Disney characters.

      Actually downloading a tone is very straightforward with you simply collecting an id of the website and accessing the wapsite to download it (enter http://www.polyphonicringtonez.com/ into your phones web browser) although perhaps the only thing the site is missing is an inability to listen to tones prior to download. Some tones are virtual recreations of the original particularly in the case of TV and film themes whereas other genres such as rap sound like Eminem as played by the philharmonic or Snoop Dogg on pan pipes! As you can see downloading is all very hit and miss regarding quality but if it is free then there is problem with downloading an infinite amount of tones and deleting those you dislike. Of course although the service is free the charges of your wap browser apply. Fore example, Virgin charge 30p per day so I tend to download loads at once whereas other services charge per byte downloaded.

      Polpyphonicringtonez.com is one of my great internet finds and is rare in being a completely free ringtone sites. The site itself is not flawless with occasional timing out and some link advertisements but this is a minor gripe at a site that has remained my bookmarks for over a year now and is one of my most frequently visited sites. If you like the idea of a large selection of ringtones for free then it will become one of yours too.

      N.B. Examples of phones used.

      Siemens Sl55 and A60
      Sagem my-5
      Mortorola Razor and V220


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