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Free Games! 10.000 Presents per Week. Over 20 Flash Games

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    2 Reviews
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      29.01.2009 03:36
      Very helpful



      Prizee is well worth a look

      Prizee is one of those game sites, except it's a game site with a difference. All of the games you play as a free site win you Bubz, and a Bubz more or less equates to a Euro. There are 12 original free flash games which are leveled and get harder as you complete each level, and pay more as you progree through the levels...granted each level will pay you in cents rather than actual euros! You just earn the full euros in the course of time. There are also 8 secret games which again you earn as you gain bubz, and medal colour.

      Al of the main games are free, or at least you get one free a day, although you can bet Bubz on chance games, but this has always seemed to be a little bit chancy for me, as it would appear to be wasting what could be earnings. You can also buy Prizee MaxPacks in which you spend about £1.50 to get 20 free games of a single game, as well as a scratch card game and a couple of goes at the flying mole game. You can also (if you really want to) join the Prizee club for about 10 euros a month, which gives you 2 games on each game, double earnings and access to four other games which are only accessible to Prizee members. These games however are pretty awful, and the rewards they give are diamonds...which are even more worthless that Bubz.

      You can cash your Bubz in for either gifts or cheques, however Prizee are a little iffy about sending gifts out of France and so if you life outside of France then a cheque is the best option.

      The games are fun and quite addictive...and it is even occasionally tempting to buy the Prizee pack just so you can pass the next level. The Clans are also quite amusing, although I know that I will never ever win the 500,000 Bubz award. It doesn't help that I have a clan of one when the limit for members in a clan is 10...although I am now in the top fifth this week!

      It's good fun, it's fairly easy to pick up Bubz, and you don't need to pay a penny. It's well worth a look.


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        12.08.2008 17:32
        Very helpful



        A site where you play games for free, earn points and redeem them for presents

        Prizee.com is a site where you play free games and win points (called bubz) which you can redeem for gifts (they send most of the gifts worldwide). The site is originally in French, because the company is located in France, but you can change the language to English, Deutsch, Italian...

        You register at the site and the register process is really simple, you do not have to provide your home address in the begining but you will be prompted to do so in a few days (the page is secure).
        After you have registered you are able to play games at site for free, you have 1 go of each free action game and 3 go's for scratching tickets (there are 12 free games) per day, well as a reward for signing up your go's are doubled the first day. If you want more go's there is an option to buy a so called Maxpack a code, which cost's around 2Euro if you buy them directly from the site. You can buy Maxpacks elsewhere, for example on a web site that is dealing with codes (www.codes-discount.com), where you could get it for something around 1Euro. Or you can win a Maxpack from numerous websites that have the same principal as Prizee (Boomat, Clicqujeux). Anyway buying this Maxpacks is not a condition to receive any gifts.

        The site is really catchy for the eye, because it has lovely colours and its four mascots; Snuggy the rabbit, Bubbly the goldfish, Sinkyfrog the frog who can not swim, Diabolo the little devil and Amok their nemesis. They are always on top of the page and are changing according to the seasons, special events on the site, holidays. They are really to cute.

        The games;

        There are 12 games to be played each day and are for free, there are also some scratching games for which you have to pay from your bubz balance. Many games also have a story describing the background of it, through a short cartoon or as a comic book. Some of the games also have the option of wining jackpots but sadly this is not possible if you do not buy many Max packs. Sometimes a special event game opens, for which you mostly have to have a Maxpack to participate. This game usually lasts for a week and the prizes are really glamorous.

        Blazing Flames:

        Blazing flames is a game where you play as Diabolo. it is an action game. You are in a devilish world controlling your little cute devil fighting against evil ice cubes (which you kill by jumping on them) which were send onto you by an evil Penguin King. There are quite a few levels and after every 3-4 levels you encounter a big icy monster boss that you have to defeat. I think that at the end of game you have to defeat the penguin but I really do not know, since I never was so good. The thing is that once you die (you have 3 lives per level) you must start over with level one. Well unless you are a Prizee Club Member, then you continue at the level where you died.
        You get bubz when you kill an ice cube and if a coin appears and you collect it, usualy you will get around 0.01-0.03 bubz, my maximum with this game was 0.06 bubz, but it depends on luck.

        Veg attack:

        This is a really fun shooter game, where Snuggy and Diabolo get stuck in a nightmare scenario. The vegetables come to life and they are evil. As Diabolo is riding the escape vehicle Snuggy is in the back fighting the evil things with a gun that shoots that thing which is used to unplug the toilet. You get attacked by flying turnips and carrots, jumping mushrooms, screaming leeks, rolling tomatoes, onions. There are also nice vegetables i think one is artichoke which gives you life and the other Is corn which gives you bubz if you shoot it.
        There are 10 levels and before reaching a level 10 you have to defeat a few bosses, one is a giant potato which you must peal, the other is a big flame throwing Halloween pumpkin, one is an evil pea. After the level 10 you will encounter a creature behind all this mess Amok, and will have to deal with him too. If you succeed you will also be awarded additional 0.10 bubz for completing the game. Again loosing a level will result in you beginning on the begging.

        Secret garden:

        It is a game played with Sinkyfrog, and the goal of the game is to collect 100 flowers. It is a puzzle game, you collect flowers by clicking on colorful bubbles which pop; if you for example click red bubble all red bubbles that are linked to that bubble and beyond will pop, giving you 1 flower for each bubble busted. You have 8 moves and the screen is covered with leaves which slowly unfold so you do not always know if bubble you clicked will end up busting 3 bubbles or 50. Bubble that are marked with B, will give you bubz, bubbles marked with a + will give you and extra move, and bubbles who have a leaf on them, will clear of the leafs off the screen. This game can be very rewarding, sometimes you get only 0.01 bubz, but it happened pretty often that I got around 0.20 bubz per game. There are 10 levels, if you lose at one you are at a begging again.


        A fun action game in which you as Bubbly save small caged goldfish from the ocean. You swim, using your mouse, around the terrain and evade dangerous jellyfish, sea urchins and bombs and collect caged fish. You must be careful to not hit the wall also or your "tail". There can be several gold coins in the water to, if you collect them you get bubz. This game has 10 levels, each level there are more fish to find and after you finish you are awarded 0.10 bubz. You only have one life with this game if you loose it well, back on the begining.

        Bubbly's Bubbles:

        As the title goes the main character of this game is Bubbly. You are seeking a treasure map made from 10 pieces. You get a piece of a map after each level you complete. The game is simple in the begining. You have your bubble cannon and you have to eliminate the bubbles upon you by creating groups of three or more bubbles of the same colour and the wall is in the meantime lowering. If the bubbles reach a certain line you loose. As the levels grow, the wall is lowering faster and there are more bubbles and colours to deal with. Sadly I do not know what happens when you get the whole map because I usually fail at 9th level and then, yes you guessed it I must start again.

        Synkyfrog's Ark

        Well here you have it a frog that can not swim. You control Singfroy and you must get him to the highest level before the watter rises and the poor thing drowns. Along the way you collect big flowers which give you bubz (green 0.1 bubz, blue 0.2 bubz, red 0.5 bubz). But the enemy is always there somewhere. At higher levels you can be attacked by an annoying eagle, which catches you and flies off with you and in a very rude manner drops you into the ocean. But if you manage to get to the top you will find another animal there and you will both be picked up by an ark and driven to safety or better to say to the next level. If you make a flawles run, meaning that for each ledge you must jump on you only use one jump you are entered into a wheel of fortune thing where you can get additional bubz, jump a level, get a piece of the rainbow for the rainbow jackpot (if you collect all you win the jackpot) or you get nothing.

        Crazy Memo:

        As the name says this is a game of memory. The story is that by finding all the pairs you will disarm the bomb that evil Amok left on the doorstep of our 4 little friends. The game is pretty neat, it has 10 levels and after completing them you get additional 0.10 bubz.

        The Dare Of Diabolo:

        This is another puzzle game, where you have to get rid off all the blocks on the screen by releasing new blocks onto them, making the groups of 3 or more blocks of same colour to disappear. There are few eggs you have to break each level and in this eggs you will find either a few bubz or a fresco fragments which are collected for the jackpot. As the levels grow the difficulty grows and there are new blocks with different effects added and they are of no assistance to you.

        Guardian Angel:

        Here you play the role of an guardian angel to Snuggy. You get a terrain full of obstacles, carrots, bubz and jackpot vegetables (if you collect all you get a jackpot). You are given a minute to place arrows that are assigned for the level to guide Snuggy to collect all carrots to finish the level. This game is a true brain teaser.

        Snuggy Pies:

        This is a game that could be compared to Bejewled, it is a swap game where you have to swap vegetables in order to get 3 of a kind in a row to make them disappear. Sbuggy has a list of ingredients on the board and the quantity he needs. In order to finish the level you have to get all of those ingredients. So if he wants 7 carrots you have to swap things in a way that at least 7 carrots will disappear from the game. The ingredient that glows is the one that will award you bubz when you obtain it. After 10 levels there is also an award. There is another plus to this game after finishing each level you are awarded a recipe of one dish, and the recipes are gathered from all over the world.

        Sinkfrog ticket, Snuggy ticket

        Well there is really nothing much to say this are tickets on which you can win from 0.01 bubz to 1 bubz and you have 3 go's for each.

        "Payable games"

        You have a selection of scratch tickets which you can play if you have enough bubz in your treasury. There is no guarantee that you will win or let me put it like thi there is a grater chance you will loose more than you will pay for.
        They are called Challenge Game
        The Lost Temple (costs 0.05 Bubz)
        Nightmare (costs 0.10 Bubz)
        Ricochets (costs 0.30 Bubz)
        Garden Alert (costs 0.50 Bubz)
        Sweeties (costs 1.00 Bubz)
        The Gift Pond (costs 2.00 Bubz)
        Smash Ticket (costs 5.00 Bubz)

        There are also two legendary games that you can play if you buy a Maxpack. The winnings there are really good, you might get more than you paid fore (since 1 bubz is somewhat equivalent to 1Euro);
        Now Boarding is a scratch ticket with winnings up to 2 bubz, i think you get 3 go's with each Maxpack
        Flying Moles is a game where you fire up a mole and let it fly as far as you can collecting bonuses as you fly. You get 5 go's for each Maxpack.

        There is also a game The Poem Tree which is for Prizee Club Members only.

        The secret games

        This are games that you obtain if you finnish a secret quest or meet up a certain criteria (medals, bubz). They are ticket games and once you obtain them, you have a free go of them each day. The winnings here are a bit higher than in ordinary scratch games.

        So playing all the free games you get a minimum of 0.15 bubz per day in the begining but it seems that as your rank grows (rank is a medal next to your user name and it grows with the number of days you are on board Prizee team, or if you buy a Maxpack), but after a while, when you reach a certain rank and with it the privileges you are getting more than 0.20 bubz daily. If you buy Maxpacks the number is higher off course. These bubz are stored in a nice treasury chest on the left of the page, which gets fuller when you have more bubz. After a while you accumulate enough bubz (and that special gift at day 3 helps ;) and you are ready to get yourself your first present.

        How to win a gift

        There are 4 ways of choosing your gift. First option is the Show window. You chose your desired gift, you see how many other people have chosen it and which quantities of this gift are distributed per drawing. You wait until the end of gifts "listing" and a winers will be drawn amongst all of the people who wanted it. So your chances here can be slim if the gift is really wanted.

        The other option is the auction. You bit for the gifts with your bubz and the higher bidder or bidders win. The prices can be really high here.

        The queue is the third option but my favourite. You get in line for a gift and you have to confirm that line every day. You will progress in the line daily since some people will get the gift and be removed from the line and some will leave the queue. This can be a slow process but it is one that is guaranteed to win. If by any chance the gift is removed from selection you get some bonus bubz as a compensation. If you leave the queue you do not loose your bubz.

        The 4th way is the tickets. There is a number of tickets which can be bought for 5 bubz each day, you can buy one and if you win you win and if you loose your bubz will be frozen untill the next day and after that you can use them normally. So it is a win win situation although you do not know what will you get.

        When you win a gift, they will send it to you ass soon as possible and it will arrive in about 14 days. You can also check the status of your order in your account.

        What are the gifts

        You have a wide range of different gifts too chose from and they start at 3.90 bubz. Wit each gift there is a description and a information if it can be shipped only to France and Belgium)

        1. First section is Prizee collection, where you can find stickers, soft toys (I adore them I have the whole collection, except giant Bubbly because they do not deliver it worldwide) , key rings (they are really of a good quality), magnets, umbrella...

        2. Sports and leisure; balls, board games, mini football table, puzzles...

        3. Look; here you will find wallets, straps, watches...

        4. Office and co. as it says note pads, pencils a levitating pen (been hunting for this one for a while), calculators...

        5. Everyday life; checks are the main attraction here but they really are hard to get.

        6. Multimedia here are some really nice things such as computers but sadly they do not ship them so you can only get DVDs from this category.

        7. Video games and consoles; well video games yes, consoles sadly no, well you can get an electronic sudoku.

        8. Odds and ends; here you will find gadgets that do not fit other categories, telescopes, flashing dices...

        The selection of gifts is really great and everybody can find a little something for themselves.


        You can find a answer to anything in their forums and if you even then do not get a satisfying answer you can contact the team and they will be more than happy to assist you in any matter.

        Prizee Club

        You can join a Prizee Club for 6 Maxpack monthly and you are then getting these advantages; your daily goes are doubled, you continue the game at the level you have lost. You get another free game. You can also choose gifts from a special Prize Club gift option where you can choose one gift per month and you are guaranteed to get it.


        This site really brings a lot of fun and the games can be played by all generations. The winnings are not colossal but the site has its advantage that you can play all the games in 15 minutes which makes it a lovely way to spend your break, or just to shut off your brains for a while. And after some time you can even reward yourselves with this small little gifts. I see that children are enjoying the games too and since you can block the usage of Maxpacks there you can be concern less that they will spend money there. And let me tell you how joyful they get when they realize that they have won the gift. Another good thing is that as I said it only takes 15 minutes a day so there is no worries that this will interfere with they daily work and school stuff. You can even open up more than one account per family, each family member can have their own.

        Not to forget there is also an option to refer people to the site (so your family could sign up each under another) giving you the chance to get the first gift that they win or you can choose to get the amount of bubz this gift is worth.

        A fun site really worth of having a closer look at.

        Thank you for reading!


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