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Has there ever been a show that you wanted to stay on the air, and you wished that you could have your say? This is what SaveThatShow.com is all about. We provide a way for you to voice your opinion quickly and easily. SaveThatShow.com provides you with a way to support new shows that you enjoy and don't want to see taken off the air. Each show can be voted on once per 24 hours. Visitors can also view the results of a particular show and see how other people voted by clicking the Save That Show icon to the left of the screen.

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      26.03.2010 11:52
      Very helpful



      On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog - Anyone got a Scooby snack :D

      Before the 'Big Bang' being the internet, what was it like? All I can recount was houses for filing cabinets, men in braces and Sue Pollard on television. Since the world-wide web popped into human existence, it has embedded into our souls; internet users have most certainly lost their bodily function 'self entity,' the reason stems that all users are able to be an ominous. Now with the ambiguous forms of internet existence, internet users have been allowed to practice their Desktop Publishing trade in the full view of the internet public. I'm referring to websites such as www.savethatshow.com

      During my journey of scaling across links in cyberspace, I have yet managed to seek out a site that aspires to 'doing good, for the sake of human entertainment;' yet falls so far short. Charles Darwin is re-writing evolution theories somewhere in a far off galaxy as I write this. No, I haven't got a draft copy, before anyone asks. I've been drawn to secrecy, just like the vacuous Tories' policies. The site is so badly compiled that the once 'diseased world' of random 'pop-up' adverts, has descended on my unfortunate soul who innocently galvanised a gander; the 'curiosity killed the cat,' that's for sure. - What kind of being would do something as dreadful as this?

      The logo looks as if it is a trident friendly zone; done in a three minute cartoon clip-art manner. I half expected a 'desktop Osama Bin Laden' to step from the home-page and sit on my tool-bar and threaten me with 'infidel' taunts in a white dressing-gown; as a joke. I'm sorry to report that nothing as interesting happened while logging onto the site. 'Savethatshow' is supposedly an opportunity for surfers to vote for their favourite 'TV Show;' the main problem for the British TV viewer, hardly any programmes are British. They're American. Channels are most obviously from over the pond, they're displayed without prejudice almost arrogantly, like brazen hussies waiting to be picked up at probably the going rate of three thousand pounds a day, just ask Patricia Hewett.

      Suddenly I see something relatively familiar on the site; 'Deal or no Deal;' - hardly a sigh of relief and No, I don't want to 'save' the show from the chop. Apparently you can 'vote' for these pitiful shows; hence, 'save that show' term. I can see some relative statistical panel all done in 'HTML' code, handwritten, line by line, painstaking tortoise pace. Well, it looks like it anyway. There is no cohesion on the site. I've counted eight different fonts already, after just thirty seconds. Dreadful alignments and then I'm bombarded with adverts, wanting me to lose weight and a throbbing trident television all written in marvellous 'JavaScript.' - Yet another 'cut and paste' effort that was paraded about around nine years ago, without shame.

      In the top right of this disaster area is a 'Most Popular' ranking list of the top five shows, that I assume is the ones that have had the most votes to save. These again are completely obsolete to me. Ironically, the top show is called 'Trauma;' I hasten a guess it is a surgeon show with absolutely no content of any surgery whatsoever in content, but I feel there are a lot of screen-shots closing in and fading out on an attractive crumpet, pouting like a fish; now enter Matt Le Blanc. Perhaps I've unfairly 'boxed' American dramas. No sign of 'Dallas' on this list, so it must be updated every five years.

      The site could work as a relegation battle, because they're all shows that have been side-lined for the axe; now waiting for the public vote, sounds familiar. It is all a bit Graham Norton isn't it! - My curiosity got the better of me again and I did click onto a link called 'TV Previews' - Not a lot happened, except an Amazon page claiming it will cost me 2 US dollars to view a 'preview.' - Haven't these guys heard of 'YouTube.' - Bringing up the rear is an advert for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. I only scrolled down by accident. These types of sites are obsessed with showing the date, all part of the mandatory brief when the so-called JavaScript, 'cut and paste' janitor submitted this bland concept in 'italics' in the year dot.

      I claim I see this brand of sites as the dark period of the internet 'Big Bang' whereby, calamity outweighed viable content and user-friendliness. Navigation was a method known only by where to put the 'hot website' logo on the home-page. Click counters were often seen in bright blue numerical font, bigger than the text size used in the 'body' of the site. Scrolling messages spurting out insincere 'welcome' messages; "Hello, Great Britain, hello, Canada... " - This was epidemically done during the early period of the internet 'Big Bang,' when crazy irrelevance beggars belief, and waned on a saint's patience. At one point there were at least 20 million sites like 'savethatshow' thankfully, they're diminishing, like all dreadful concepts that fall by the wayside. Modern day internet users now demand dynamic scripts with all sites, along with a aesthetic cohesive graphic language that is 'in song' with the body of text and links that systematic gets the internet user hooked.

      Everyone and his dog, was approaching the new media vision by learning about web publishing earlier this Century, only a few years ago it was 'Property Development,' since the 'crash' all is quiet at present; until another laborious working trend captures the imagination, more than likely in a rumoured second-wind 'e-business bubble.' - Now that 'Google' have topped the advertising revenue fees for the first-time since the internet 'Big Bang;' enterprise possibilities deem fruity - Times are changing, new visions are currently being made.

      'Savethatshow,' I doubt floated on the stock exchange when the rigmarole of new media occupied the fickle stage of predicting finance trends and investment. The site is the remains of a rampant, enthused, vision without any relevant 'real life' grounding; overtly kitsch, and on the same par as the infamous, off-beat movie 'The Clock-work Orange.' Notably, the only thing not present is the 'Star Spangled Banner' anthem. Perhaps that is in the next chapter of 'Dummies guide to blasé copy and paste.'

      I'm ending off this journey with a quote from a New Yorker hacker in 1994.

      "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." I assume he was referring to online dating.


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