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Price comparison shopping search.

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    1 Review
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      03.01.2007 19:20
      Very helpful



      A price comparison website to ensure you find your product at the cheapest possible price.

      I’m always on the look out to get any item at the cheapest price possible, especially when it comes to consumables that I tend to buy on the internet. These vary from CD players to washing machines to DVD players, generally items that you tend to find are cheaper online oppose to in store. There are many sites available online which enable you to simply search for a particular brand or a particular item and find it at the cheapest available price on the internet. The site that I’ve discovered in the past couple of months came through the Mutual Points website as they actually pay you for using Search the Internet. It has since become one of the main ones that I use to find the best possible price of any item I’m looking into buying.

      Search the Internet advertises itself as a “price comparison shopping site” and that’s largely what it is. By entering an item it will compare that item at all the online stores that are currently signed up to use Search the Internet. Of course not all available items off the entire internet can be found on this site, it depends if that particular shop e.g. Currys, sponsors Search the Internet in which case their products will be stocked. There’s no way of accessing what stores currently sponsor the site although from using it multiple times over the past couple of months I can say there are a wide range of results shown.

      The homepage itself is fairly straightforward and the site itself is extremely small compared to other sites on the internet. It basically consists of the homepage which has a search box at the top of the page which you can type into something general such as “washing machine” or something more focused such as “apple ipod 60gb black.” If you’re not sure what you’re looking for then there’s various categories listed below which allow you to click on them and search for them, e.g. by clicking on “appliances” you’ll be presented with a large list including “air conditioners, large kitchen appliances, etc.” and by clicking on them further you’ll eventually get to a list of exactly what you’re looking for.

      Once you’ve found the product you are looking for or one that you want to see a price comparison for simply click on the product’s name which will be highlighted in blue. You’ll be taken to a new page showing a larger picture of the product along with a rating given by other consumers. Below this information is a table containing the shop name, the shop rating (again given by users of the site), the availability of the product (either in stock or not in stock), the price (broken down by product price and delivery cost), the total price and finally a link to the actual shop’s site.

      I personally think this is a really useful site and often a good one to look on as some of the sites that sponsor Search the Internet don’t sponsor other price comparison sites such as Pricerunner or Kelkoo and therefore you get a better overall idea. Most products will produce anything from 1 up to about 10 different sites that stock that item and the prices offered by them are always quite competitive. Sites that are currently shown on Search the Internet’s database include HMV, Purely Gadgets, Littlewoods, Land’s End, LX Direct and of course many sites that are internet based including Amazon, Play.com, Pizmania.com and many more.

      The site is really quick to use and a search literally takes a couple of seconds. If you’re looking to buy a new product, especially an electrical appliance and you’re wanting to find the best price online then it’s well worth checking out this site. There isn’t really a lot more to say on the site as it is really straightforward and quite basic to use, there’s no sections or menus to the site as such and a beginner will get to grips with it within a couple of minutes.

      Thanks for reading and happy shopping!


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