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Watch sebcam t.v online.

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2009 02:57
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      About a week or so ago I was talking to someone I know on Facebook. In a conversation we had over Facebook I mentioned about the fact that I am a member of Dooyoo and had earnt nearly £500 from the site. He was really interested in what the site was about and to cut a long story short he got talking about a website that he was part of called sebcam tv and after I had a look at the site he asked me if I could do a review of the it. So I requested it on here and I was quite surprised when it was up ready the next day.

      **What is Sebcam**

      Sebcam is a light hearted show which has been going for around eight months and runs on Playboy TV at various times of the night and is shown on various nights, The basic concept of Sebcam is that It's a show with a mix of school boy humour and Porn. Each episode has a different adventure-and every segment is all handheld footage-video blog style. The sebcam team have filmed on location in a number of places around the world. These places include France, Spain and Italy as well as The United States. One of the major episodes they did was climbing up the world famous Hollywood sign. Other episodes have seen them in clubs and with beautiful ladies from the world of Playboy TV.

      **The Site**

      Sebcamtv.com is the website address and has been going for around three months now. This site is basically an extension of the show on Playboy TV. You can watch clips from the show aswell as bonus footage. In the videos section of the website you will find a run down of all the videos they have filmed over the course of the series. If you want to you can watch a trailer of the videos to see what they are like and pick out the ones you like or you can of course scroll down and choose from the many videos available. Generally you will find the streaming quality to be excellent and Ollie has done a very good job of editing the videos to get the best bits from the footage. You can also contact them if you would like to comment on the videos or maybe a future show. then click on the contact part and fill in the the thing there.

      **Who is Seb?**

      "Seb Cam" or otherwise known as his porn name "Clarke Kent" is the basically the main man of the show as you may have guessed as the show is called Sebcam. Seb is the cameraman who shoots the footage at arms length giving you, the viewer. A video diary of his experiences on location at various places in Europe and the USA. He also writes a diary of the experience of filming at the various places and also gives an introduction to new videos which are either just posted or will be posted soon.


      Who is Ollie? well he's Ollie Voskan who is the guy I was telling you about at the start of the review. Once Seb has done all the shooting Ollie gets busy and starts editing all the footage filmed on that episode and also takes part in the episodes. you may see him sometimes when Seb shows the viewers who are around in a particular place. Like if they have other people with them at that time. Ollie also posts some of the videos on Facebook for people to see and there's a link to the sebcam website.


      If you asked me to describe what Sebcam is like I would say that it takes some of the best elements of FHM with the best elements of Jackass and rolls them into one to make something different to other video shows and this is a funny, enjoyable 20 minutes of entertainment which goes out on Playboy TV on SKY Channel 900 or if you don't have sky you can of course watch the videos on this site sebcamtv.com. I would say the core audience would be men between the ages of 18-30 but anyone with a school boy sense of humour would enjoy it and there's even enough for the females to enjoy it aswell. Oh and good news they will soon be uploading videos more regularly so watch out for that.


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