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A website that provides a comprehensive guide to film and media agents all over the UK.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2007 18:35



      The best £20 I've spent.

      Ok, I have been interested in getting into this industry for some time. I made the classic mistake of googling for a general list of agents. If you do this you will get a list of agents that will take your money and not find you work. I have done this. It's expensive and demoralising. So I bought this and have been accepted by 2 major agents and bottom line - I have ALREADY GOT WORK. I've just done a block on Holby and did some days on Eastenders. It was that quick. 2 other agents haven't replied, and another is to arrange a meet up. Bascially, what this guy has done is cut out all the chasing around that you do when looking for work and just given you all the info that it will take, I think, years to work out. It did for me, and now here it is all packaged nicely together. I wish someone had done this for me years ago and saved me a lot of wasted time and money. And, for what it is, I don't think it's expensive.


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        14.07.2007 10:34
        Very helpful



        Well worth the investment, saves huge amount of time and money.

        Been some changes at this website. Price has come down; now a straight £9.99 instead of a rebate. And the actual site looks far more professional and clean and lean. Also I've had some work via the information package, and easily recouped my outlay.


        It's an expression that has been doing the rounds for years. And I've been in the business for a decade or so, so I should now it by now. But what surprised me was coming across a website of that name; and, like it says in the ad. "it does exactly what it says on the tin".
        I did have my suspicions though; but, what the heck, it's only £20 (or could be £10, with a rebate) and it might save me some time and energy, searching (sometimes fruitlessly) for information myself.
        So, I paid my money, received the info by email, and this is what I got:

        1) An introduction to the business.
        2) A fairly comprehensive list of agents and agencies - both online and offline. Including Background/Extra/Supporting Artist agencies; Specialist Agencies; Children's Agencies; Modelling Agencies; Voiceover Agencies and Presenters Agencies.
        3) Details of Unions.
        4) Rates of Pay, throughout the above listed categories.
        5) Addresses of Film & TV studios.
        6) A selection of Film terminology.
        7) The basic terms & conditions.

        All of these things, I believe, would be imperative if you were to start a career in the business. And how I wish that something like this had been around when I started.

        The Background Agency list alone is quite extensive, and quite probably worth the price alone; and it is geared nationwide and not just London'centric.

        Of as much, if not more interest to me, was the Model section; from which I have picked out and applied to two very good agencies; and have had positive feedback from both.

        The other agency sections cover a wide range of options; including uniform (police, paramedics etc.), to twins, lookalikes, doubles and pregnant women. Plus the Children's, Voiceovers and Presenting sections.

        All of this is completed by follow up newsletters and emails, with updates and new information; which, as the site, I believe, is quite new, is too early to assess.

        The website itself is quite easy on the eye, and has a few basic hints & tips, plus a links page, with actually quite useful links (multimap, streetmap, transport for london and trainline), for anybody who needs to get around in this line of work.

        All in all, I would say that for someone who wants to start off in the business, then this is money very well spent; it gives you a clear idea of what to expect and what you can do to improve your chances of success.
        To someone like myself, who has been in the business a while, I would say that it is value for money; in that it has slightly widened my options, as to what I might do or to other agents that I might apply.


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