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Free computer game downloads.

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2009 16:03
      Very helpful



      all about shinegames.com

      Shinegame.com is an online game store which I discover when I was looking for interesting games. They have different categories for what kind of pc or laptop you have, like pc games and mac games etc, also they have new games, online games and stuff. They have time management games, puzzle games, sim and fashion games, all of them are cool games that can be downloaded. Some games are Nanny Mania, Virtual farm, Jane's Realty and the Build-a-lot series and I already tried all these games. Actually those games are just trial version and of course you have to pay if you want to play the whole version.

      This site is just an affiliate of some internet gaming site, Big Fish Games and Playfirst are two of most common. You can buy those games from them through Visa card, American Express card and also through your paypal account. If ever you buy the game whether it is from Big Fish or Palyfirst you will automatically open an account from them, then you will get some access to the games they offer on the site, plus of course you can met some people their who also play online games, its like a social networking thing going.


      About 2 months ago I purchased a game from them and it's from Playfirst and I admit that it was an impulse buying thing. I don't really have a plan to buy the game but the thing is I enjoyed the game and I got hook with it, and because I can only play the trial for an hour I got cut. So I bought the game to continue what I am playing, I use my paypal account here. The process is like this, fill up some forms then provide your paypal email account then after paying they will send you a code through email and receipt, then enter the code to the space provide in the form and you can continue play the game.

      THE GAME

      I bought the Ancient Secrets game, it is a mix of adventure hidden puzzle game, I enjoyed it at first but I finished the game for just a day. The mission is to find the hidden treasure, basically your role here is an archeologist so you will deal with artifacts. There are levels but they are represented through different places and villages, like a forest looking village, a urban place and a garden kind of place and others. Sometimes you have to find things, solve puzzles and of course there are tricky games that will really test your patience.
      When I finished the game I end up thinking I wasted $20 dollars for a this game...LOL


      If you want to relax and you want to play different kind of games just visit the site, what is good about the site is they don't have this crazy advertisement popping out while you are playing, even if you just downloaded the trial version. But like I said you can only play the game for an hour and sometimes the features of the trial game is not as good or enjoyable as the full version, and the first 15 minutes of the trial version is the tutorial stage, so basically be wise on choosing a game and make sure that it is worth the money.


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