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Let Skinnyr help you lose weight by monitoring it with a weight chart.

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2009 17:34
      Very helpful



      Try it out - why not? It's free!

      Skinnyr.com is a very very simple website that handles details on your weight loss and presents it in a nice, interactive graph. That's the long and short of it really. Here's why you should sign up for your free skinnyr.com account...

      I came across skinnyr.com when I was looking to see what kind of online weight loss tools were out there. There's lots of sites offering calorie counters, exercise regimes, support forums and 'weigh ins'. A lot of the really good ones though have subscription fees. My needs were quite simple though: somewhere I could log my weight and get a slick looking graph to chart my progress. I found this for free at skinnyr.com.

      There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing a big downward sloping line (sometimes with a few bumps here and there) and you can see exactly where you came from and how much weight you've lost. It's great. I recommend charting your weight like this if you're embarking on a new get-fit lifestyle or are in the progress of losing weight. A site like skinnyr.com can provide you with a simple and effective, non invasive, motivational tool. All it does it chart your own progress and I haven't come across any pro-anorexia / fad diet info (I know this is a big concern when it comes to online diet and fitness sites - some do give bad advice out so I've heard). There doesn't seem to be that type of risk with this one though.

      So once you're keen, just sign up. Registration is fairly simple and you don't have to give out loads of personal data although it will ask for your height and weight (for obvious reasons).

      Then you're all set to start filling in your weight loss history (if you have any - I did, I had about a month's worth of weigh-ins and these were easy to log) if you don't have any history you can simply set today as your start date, log your weight in now and you're all done.

      As you log more weigh-ins into the site the graph automatically updates. The interface is clean, attractive and virually ad free. This makes for an appealing and friendly environment to visit regularily.

      The chart itself is very easy to read and if you hover your mouse over a point a tool tip will pop up with the date and weight for that entry. It couldn't be clearer. Underneath the graph you get a box with your BMI in it and it will tell you whether this is 'normal', or 'overweight' for example.
      I really can't fault the interface.

      If you're really keen on the skinnyr.com experience you can upgrade your account (I haven't done this yet but was giving it some consideration). For $12 you get a premium subscription for a year. It's a small price really because already I find the site useful but with the premium account you get no ads at all (though they're hardly invasive or annoying as it is and I have very low tolerance when it comes to ads!) you can get a chart just for your BMI, trendlines, targets/goals and other more indepth analysis of your data.

      Other nifty points to note about the premium subscription is you get access to a desktop widget and an iphone app - so you don't have to always visit the site to log your new data. I think it's good that the creators of the site have thought forward enough to enhance the experience for users.

      So for a straight forward no-fuss weight loss tool, I'd definitely recommend skinnyr.com and if you're really into logging all your weight loss info and analysing it, setting goals and all that - why not pay the small fee for the premium version? I think I might. But for now I'm happy with the free version, it does the job. It's really refreshing to find such a useful little site that just does what it claims to and gives you the essentials for free.

      Very neat.


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