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    1 Review
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      18.06.2009 11:43
      Very helpful
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      One of the best online football management games out there

      SoccerProject is a browser-based online, football management game (MMOG) developed in Belgium and first released in 2004. Comprising teams from 241 different nations and available in 24 languages, the game is played by around 30,000 users (only active ones counted). The game itself is free of charge, but users may purchase a SoccerProject Football Association membership to gain access to extra features.

      Unlike other games of its genre, in SoccerProject teams are not assigned to leagues only with teams from their own nation. The leagues in SoccerProject are global. That is, teams from all nations compete directly with one another. The game is based on one sole league pyramid, compressing divisions labelled by letters, from A to H, with A being the highest. With every step in the ladder, the number of leagues triples - i.e. there is one league in Division A, three in Division B, nine in Division C, and so forth. Leagues in SoccerProject are contested by 16 teams. After league play is concluded, the top two teams are promoted to the higher division and the six bottom teams are demoted to the lower division (except, of course, the ones in, respectively, Divisions A and H).

      A full season in SoccerProject lasts only nine weeks. All leagues within the game consist of sixteen teams, with a total of 30 league games per season for every team. League games are played on every weekday, except Wednesdays, which means a league season is finished after eight weeks. Additionally, a SoccerProject Cup is played. In it, all human-controlled teams take part, and works as a single-elimination tournament.

      The starting point for new managers at level H is relatively easy but as one moves up the ladder it gets tougher. I rate this as the strong point of the game, the competition is hard. Controlling finances and dealing with the ever increasing player wages is an issue even for the top teams. It is not as easy as in some other games where one can expand stadium to a decent level where finances isn't an issue anymore. With the relative short career of players in the game squad management is also tough. A player isn't fully trained before he reaches 100 in experience, which might happen around the age of 25 or higher depending upon the number of games played. The players performance decreases at 31.

      The youth academy is where the best players are developed and is an important source of income which poor and good teams can benefit equally from if it is fully expanded.

      Tactics could be devloped more. The user interface isn't as fancy as in some other games, but it is easy to navigate in. My impression is that features aren't implemented before they are properly tested, so it is very rare to come across bugs. The SoccerProject cup doesn't count much in the game when it comes to prize money or advantages given by the game for a good cup run, this could be improved upon.

      The developers are active in the community and have a positive attitude towards the users.

      All in all, the game is worth a try and do give it a chance beyond the first season as it takes time to get the hang of it. Learning to deal in the transfer market and to spot good players requires time, and the fun starts when this is mastered.


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      Playing the game is very simple: you will become manager of your own team. You will be responsible for the staff, the players, the stadium, the games, the transfers, ...

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