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With over 17 years experience, SRO Audiences, the UK's premier television tickets company, is delighted to continue to offer the outstanding service for which we have always been known.

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 11:28



      I would NOT recommend them!

      On the e-ticket SRO sends you it says that you need to obtain a numbered wristband to gain access to the studio. It's true that without a number you will not gain access but the converse is not true - that with a number you WILL gain access.

      We love Lee Mack and wanted to see 'Would I Lie To You?' at Pinewood Studios. Arrived just after 6.00 on a Friday evening, queued and received said numbered wristbands. We were then herded into shitty tent for over an hour, were asked if we wanted 'to go to the bathroom' only to be marched for a communal piss at the public toilets.

      Eventually a very cheery man informed us that we would NOT be going in because all the Priority Production Guest Tickets had been unexpectedly taken up. So we just had to go home! And just for the record, 'Pinewood Studios' may sound glamorous but it actually resembled a cross between a building site and a council waste tip.

      I think that SRO regard their job as 'Delivering Audiences'. An audience is basically a product...'we want a young one', 'we want a noisy one', 'one that mainly reads the Guardian'  etc. I once heard that TV People and Stars sometimes refer to ordinary members of the public as 'Civilians' - draw your own conclusions.

      In summary, I would say that SRO Audiences at Pinewood are OK if you are prepared to wait a long time in shitty tent without proper food, indulge in communal pissing and don't mind wasting your whole evening by being turned away at the last minute.


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      28.04.2010 22:25
      Very helpful



      A little more organisation would go a long way.

      Standing room only audiences is a company which distributes tickets for televised shows on a first come first serve basis to members of the public for absolutely free. If you fancy being part of the audience, seeing a great show with great celebs and maybe even getting on TV then check them out. The website has a list of current shows, you can apply for as many as you like and up to 6 tickets for each. They usually have a choice of dates for you to pick in order of preference. There is also a list of shows which may become available in the future (there is a mailing list which you can subscribe to for free so you get all the up to date information on all shows)

      The tickets are free, there are plenty of shows to apply for and most will have dates which you can choose in order of preference. The website is very informative and easy to follow, the tickets are easy to apply for and it doesn't cost a penny.

      However, unfortunately for me there was a downside...

      I was lucky enough to grab myself 2 tickets for Justin Lee Colins' 'Good Times'. It stated clearly on the tickets that seating is not guaranteed but if seating was required (ie for disabilities etc) there was a number to call. As I planned on going with my mum who has a back injury, I called the number to enquire as to whether or not I could reserve a seat for her. I was told if I got there really early, we would definately get seated so I arrived at 16.30. We were front in the queue but when we eventually went in at 18:30, all of the seats had been filled by Priority pass holders.

      I explained to the floor manager that my mum needed a seat and that I had been told she would get one and she said she would do all she could to find her a seat. As we stood at the side, we watched people who were behind us in line get seated by other staff members and some found seats themselves.

      I had to ask 5 times and each time was told she was still looking. Eventually the show started at 20:00 but we had to leave as my mum could no longer stand.

      If you don't mind standing for 6 hours it's great. It's a free night out, entertaining and different. But if you need a seat, don't count on getting one just because you have been told you will or just because you were front in line. Also don't assume just because you are in the queue and got there early that you will actually get in. Once the place is full, the doors are closed and anyone still outside will get sent home.

      The lack of communication really shows and you are treated a bit like cattle. I suspect this is why the tickets are free.

      It's also annoying to think that people who get there at the last minute and do not manage to gain entry as it is full, get issued with Priority passes so they can go again on a different date, turn up again at last minute and get a great seat. Yet people who queue for hours get shoved into a corner at the back of the room.

      I have complained to the company twice, but have not received any reply so I don't know how they can say they offer an outstanding service.


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