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Games website focussing on fashion, clothing and interior design

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2011 14:58
      Very helpful



      I would definetely recommend this website

      I had recently heard of this gaming website through a friend who had set it up for her younger sister. She told me it was safe and easy for kids to use, so i wsa inclined to set it up for my little sister to get her out of my hair when i was studying for exams this year. Boy, this website did not disappoint.

      The website can be found at www.stardoll.com. It is basically a fashion-gaming website for children, where they can buy, sell and design clothes, play games and design their own little house and furniture, etc. It has a safe mode which parents can set up to stop children from accessing the 'community' or this mode can be disabled by the parent so that kids can have freedom and make new friends.

      So after hearing about this website, i just had to set it up for my sister. I went to www.stardoll.com and signed up, picking an avatar(that could later be changed by my sister), a name, a password and my email address as my sister is under a certain age. It then allows you to apply safe mode, which i did. Safe mode allows the user freedom however blocks them from talking to strangers and individuals they do not know, it's a useful aspect of the website. It has to be verified by email, but it's an incredibly quick to do and a very simple process.

      I had a look around before i allowed my sister to use it, i just wanted to ensure it was 100% safe as my sister is rather gullible for clicking on pop-ups and so on.. Star dollars and star coins are the virtual currency. These can be earned by playing games and updating sections of your website or given as a gift card or purchased by adults. There is numerous tabs which take the user to different parts of the website. First off, the user has a suite. This is their avatars virtual home which they can decorate and store items. There is also a beauty parlor which allows the avatar to be changed at any time by the user. Make-up, jewerelly, hair dyes and many other items can be bought here to spice up the avatar. The Star Plaza is also another option where the user can spend their hard earned money. It is fashion-filled shops allowing the user to buy multiple items for their avatar and home. A virtual camera is also available which can allow the user to take multiple pictures of themselves, their friends, at parties and so on. There are also many competitions and free gifts from time to time. There is also many other options such as clothing celebrities, playing games, blogs, picture albums, albums, joining groups/clubs and even selling and buying clothes on a star baazar. (virtual stardoll eBay).

      The website in itself is safe for kids, yet gives the user enough freedom to enjoy it. It can be monitored by parents and my sister has thouroughly enjoyed using and playing at this website. She still plays it and has never gotten bored of it. It's a real gem of a website and i would definitely recommend it!


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