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Abstract art.

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2006 10:43
      Very helpful



      This is a site worth a look and if you buy you will be more than satisfied.

      Think about what you'd buy for Christmas for the hubby or the missus that is just that little bit different. No ideas? Have a look at this website and you'll have the very thing....an individually commissioned work of art....and it won't bankrupt you!!


      This website will take you by surprise. It's new and not quite finished, but the content is just screaming out to be noticed!
      The home page is a stunning visual experience with a creamy textured background and font colours in reds and browns. Examples of the artwork abound on this page including a wonderfully exciting abstract of a tiger's head, executed in orange and black acrylic and Indian ink on canvas, an abstract of an owl in grey, white and brown in the same medium on canvas, both of which have been sold, a couple of abstracts based upon part of the female form ( the breast ) one in acrylic on canvas and one in graphite on cartridge paper priced at £50 and £25 respectively.
      There is another version of the tiger further down the page which is significantly different from the first version showing that your painting will be unique, even if you choose the same subject matter as someone else.There is also another version of the owl, for sale at £80.


      There is a button along the top entitled "more art" which takes you to another page of wonderfully diverse examples of this artist's talent. He declares that he can produce "made to order" works of art on "varying subject matter" and in mediums including "oils, acrylics, gouash, watercolour, graphite pencil, coloured pencil, pastel, Indian ink and coloured inks" and there are examples of quite a few of these ranging from an erotic drawing of male and female body parts to a masterfully executed watercolour of an elephant. I personally love the charcoal sketch of a lined face and the intricacies of the Indian ink drawing.


      This young man is a "struggling artist" and has even put a "donate" button on his website just in case a rich patron feels generous! He has a photograph of his studio on the site and it is obvious that it's not in some luxurious pad somewhere in the city. It's a workshop, filled with the materials of his labour. On this page he also gives a brief pen picture of himself and his inspirations which include nature, the human form and powerful emotion with inspiration by Geiger and Dali.


      There is a button to a "prices" page which describes the difficulty of pricing the unknown. Due to the individual nature of such commissions a price would be agreed between the artist and the customer dependant upon the complexity and size of the piece and the medium used. There is an example of pricing however, on the already completed paintings shown on the site which range from £25-£80, which is, in my opinion, very reasonable for an original piece of artwork.


      The "contact me" page is very explicit. There are four bullet points with an amazing amount of detail about the process required to produce exactly what you want and to ensure that you are completely satisfied before you part with your cash. In fact, this artist has to be completely satisfied with his own work before he will let it go, as I know because I have already bought 2 pieces from him. He also gives a full money back guarantee.


      There is a guest book and to date there are 5 entries from grateful purchasers. This website is only a couple of weeks old and I feel that it will grow very quickly, becoming a gallery for the work of this talented young man. The pages load quickly and the whole experience is worth a few moments of your time.


      I purchased the Tiger on the home page and another oil painting not on the site which I would reproduce for this review if I could. It is basically a surreal green shape of a reclining female form from neck to thigh surrounded by fractils and my husband loves it! I know that he painted through the night for 48 hours to produce the Tiger because he knew that I wanted it soonest and also because he enjoyed creating it.


      I cannot praise this site and this artist highly enough. Give your senses a treat...........visit NOW!!

      ****IMPORTANT UPDATE******** As this site is brand new you won't find it by googling. You have to enter the address http://www.strangeabstraction.co.uk in start/run on your PC. (I think it also works if you omit the http:// ) Thanks for reading!
      ****FURTHER UPDATE*********This site has been much improved already with more pictures and it's now on GOOGLE!!!


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