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Category: Internet Profit

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2010 12:16
      Very helpful



      Novelty or consistant marketing phenomenon?

      Every once in a while, you hear about the latest online networking sensation. And the folks at streetdaq have come up with a seductive idea.
      The premise of Streetdaq appeals to the frustrated Monopoly player in all of us. Remember those family games when you'd be giving everyone a good thrashing? The swathe of properties at your side, the board covered with the green and red of your buildings which people landed on with satisfying regularity? Streetdaq tunes in to that childhood taste for a real estate empire. You can buy up unique virtual deeds for every one of the UK's 1.8 million roads on a first come, first serve basis, starting from £4.99 for a five year tenure. What you do with these deeds is up to you, blog about them, get other people to advertise on them, sell them on - its up to you.

      **-So why should I spend my money?**
      The owners of streetdaq.co.uk ( the -daq suffix stands for 'data acquistion', by the way) are very confident of the potential of their venture, and the idea behind it is certainly appealling:

      "Owning a virtual street name deed is fun, very unusual, and most important of all - a small investment that can multiply its value and be sold on the StreetDaq virtual deed exchange market at great profit.."

      " We're very confident that the StreetDaq virtual street deed community will prove to be extremely popular and will soon become the next BIG social networking community HIT on the web"

      We're that confident with the success and popularity of our UK virtual street deeds that we've already started working on StreetDaq versions for other countries. Like all Internet Gold rushes, the people that sign up at the beginning, always end up being the real winners

      **-How do I sign up?**
      Check out the website first, search for your road of choice and get shopping. Registration is required, as well as an existing paypal account. But once you've sorted both these out, your property empire awaits. The early adopters have bought up the prime real estate (Trafalgar Square, Knightsbridge, Anfield Road and the rest), but the vast majority is out there still unclaimed. Searching for 'Review Road' at time of writing two streets are available to be snapped up. Click on the road name, and the advertising portfolio appears, with visiting statistics, whether it is owned, and a value. Once you purchase there, is also have an option to write a blog on your new acquisition. Here is one of the virtual deeds I have purchased (St John's Wood Road, London is where Lords Cricket Ground is located) - you'll see the most recent entry of my blog:


      The beauty of blogging is; the more you write, the more your road will appear on the home page of the Streetdaq website. Meaning (in theory) more traffic to your page, meaning (hopefully) more opportunities!

      **It's a great idea, but..**
      As of today, the website is still in its infancy and has several problems that need to be resolved. For instance, if roads have an identical name 'High Street' for example, you need to trawl through each of them to find the specific 'High Street' you want. This may be ironed out during future developments, but makes the search for potential visitors that bit more laborious. Also your deed page cannot be customised in the manner of a presence on MySpace, Regent Street in London looks exactly like Elland Road. The blog interface is pretty primitive right now, it lacks the user friendliness of a platform like Blogger has in spades. In short, functionality is a negative for this Streetdaq right now - however with the keenness of the developers to be in the market long term, you can only expect this to improve over time.

      **So, will the Yellow Pages people be sweating on their livelihoods then?**
      It's to early to say. The simplest ideas in digital media are the most effective, and the makers of Streetdaq have discovered what sounds one of the best. They predict this is the start of the 'digital gold rush' with prospectors staking claims from the comfort of their home computers. How these new prospectors will make their revenues after that and whether a 'stage two' is planned is unclear. Cynics may say the company has come across an excellent approach to generating cash from feckless folks looking for the next get rich quick scheme. I certainly couldnt loudly disagree with that, despite a compelling novelty value, there isnt much more on offer from this site right now. However, I'm prepared to spend my five quid just to see where this particular bandwagon ends up..


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