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  • free vouchers
  • Money for nothing
  • not the highest paying
  • Nonsense offers
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    40 Reviews
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      17.03.2015 00:24
      Very helpful
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      • "Pays mostly next day"
      • Legit


      • "Nonsense offers"

      Good money making website

      I am a member of Swagbucks for few years now. It is a site where you can earn some extra pocket money (it won't make you rich) - for me it is a place where I can kill few minutes in between my work meetings.

      How it works?
      Sign up with your Email address or connect via Facebook.

      Start completing special offers - some are paid offers (for example you deposit £10 in casino and you get 2500 Swagbucks which is about £13 so your profit will be £3 - make sure that your gain is always greater than what you invest), some are free offers (you earn for example by installing free app on your phone or computer)

      Be careful:
      Signing for free trial - you can earn quite a lot Swagbucks by signing up for various free trials - for example: 30 days Credit score trial or 30 days Movies trial. Be sure you cancel your order before the end of the free trial period (I am doing that personally after week or so from signing up) otherwise you will be charged quite a lot money.
      Do not sign up for offers which does not make sense - for example: order your free business cards with £3.99 postage and earn 600 Swagbucks (about £3.00). By this offer you are loosing £0.99 and not gaining any profit. Unless you do want cheap business cards, these offers do not make any sense. Before you complete offer: count carefully how much money you invest and how much you will earn in the end.

      Start completing surveys - you can earn around 80 Swagbucks per survey. The first step is, that you need to qualify for each survey, which is the biggest pain. In my whole history I qualified only for 2 surveys.

      Participate in daily poll - earn 1SB every day for participation in Daily poll.

      Watch various videos and earn Swagbucks (10 watched videos = 3SB).

      Play games and earn Swagbucks (not every time you are playing you get SB, sometimes you get 10, sometimes 0).

      Swagbucks prizes:
      Swagbucks offes a lot of things which you can get for your Swagbucks points. I will show here only the PayPal prizes, for more information check out their website.

      999 SB = £5.00
      1999 SB = £10.00
      4949 SB = £25.00
      9339 SB = £50.00
      17999 SB = £100

      They claim they will pay you within 10 days, but I had my payment already next day after redeeming. I earned altogether £120 from this website. They pay and it is legit.

      I would definitely recommend this site. It is great for earning little extra cash for minimum work.


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        20.08.2014 12:57
        Very helpful


        • "free vouchers"


        • "not the highest paying"

        Great rewards site

        Swagbucks is a site that rewards you for doing numerous things like searching the web, watching videos,completing surveys etc.Membership is free.
        **Layout and design/navigation**
        Once you have logged in it takes you to the home page where it will tell you down the left hand side how many points you have earned that day and what your "goal" is. it also has a search bar for google searches and different offers you can click on in order to gain swagbucks .
        Along the top of the webpage they have set things out in easy to find categories
        shop,search,watch,play,answer,discover and rewards. On the far right you can find out information relating to your account.Depending on what you click on there are sub areas
        **Gaining points**
        Here are a few things i do daily.
        Play the free games x5=10 points .
        Daily poll-1 swagbuck
        noso-2 ?
        daily searches - you get awarded different amounts depending what you search .sometimes you win nothing sometimes it can be 50sb!
        Encrave - i have this on in the background and easily get 20-30 swagbucks a day from this.A lot of people say they get a lot more .
        Swag videos - you get 3 points for every 10 of these you *watch*. You dont need to watch the whole video just about 30 seconds worth(or have it on in the background)
        Swagbucks rewards loyalty so every day they set you a goal. Goals are different for every person and depend on how well you have done on previous days.You get a daily goal and also get extra sb for hitting goal for 7 days,14 days,21 days and for the month. These goals get added on to your account the next month in 2 lots - one for the daily goals and one for the weekly goals.
        Each day they set you 2 goals but to get the reward you just need to get to the first one.
        I tend to just go for the basic goal which for me is around 100 a day .Working full time I know that if I make say 500 on my day off im just going to make it harder to reach the goals during the week .

        **Points and rewards**
        They do have quite a large amount of usa gift cards but things they offer the UK include paypal,amazon new look,charity donations .
        A £3 amazon voucher costs 520 swagbucks. I redeemed one of these at the end of July (less than a month ago) received the code and have used it/received the item! And my points are back up at 1,930 (now aiming for paypal)

        The good- plenty of free ways to earn rewards. Site offers a few different ways to cash out

        The bad- its not the highest paying site for things like radio loyalty,tasks (crowdflower) surveys which is why I haven't went into detail about them.
        You don't get your reward instantly and sometimes they want to verify you


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        28.06.2014 20:45
        Very helpful


        • "Money for nothing"


        • "I find it slow going"

        Steady points towards an Amazon voucher

        I joined swagbucks about 18 months ago after reading about it on another website. It''s a website that pays you for various different things. You get paid in "swagbucks" which are basically points which can then be cashed in for online shopping vouchers. Now I know that there are some people who claim to be making lots of money from this site, but I just don''t understand how!! But this review isn''t about them, this is a review of my personal experience. The tasks that I am aware of on swagbucks are watching videos, daily poll, playing games, search and earn, finding swag codes. The videos you get a few SBs for "watching" videos (although you can just as easily have these running in the background while you do better things tee hee) The daily poll is relatively straight forward - answer a question, get 1 SB. Search and earn you use like google and every now and then you are randomly awarded a few SBs. The swag codes I''m still not really getting the hang of. I understand on their fb page they often broadcast a "swag code" and if you I put it on their site in time, you get a few SBs. You need 825 SBs for a 5 pound voucher so if you just use it as I do for a few bits and pieces here and there it will take a long time to get there, but it''s money for nothing really. Replace your google page on your laptop with SB search and earn and the points just come along as you go about your normal life! I''ve had one cash out and it was problem free, I hope one day soon to get another.


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        13.02.2014 13:44
        Very helpful



        Worth a go, have earnt the most on this site out of the ones I have tried

        Swagbucks.com is an American based website that gives you swagbucks for doing different activities and you can then redeem the swagbucks for different things.

        How you earn
        There are various ways you can earn swagbucks including by shopping online, signing up to offers, watching videos, playing games and taking part in surveys. This can be easy or hard depending on the route you want to take to earn your bucks. If you're already looking at joining something like LoveFilm then doing it through Swagbucks.com will give you a bunch of bucks to get you going. However, you don't have to spend money to get bucks but it can take you longer. In the 'watch' section you click on videos to watch but you need to watch ten before you get a payout of only three swagbucks.

        All the prizes you can redeem your bucks for are e-vouchers or, if you're an extra nice person, you can swap them for a charity donation instead. There isn't much choice in companies you can redeem your points with and the most universal one is probably Amazon. I went with Amazon myself and, even though it says it can take ten working days, I got my e-codes through within around 3-4.

        How much effort does this take?
        Swagbucks can sometimes seem to take a lot of effort for small rewards but you have to remember that you're pretty much getting something for free so you can't really grumble. If you also like the Facebook page there is free swagbucks codes almost daily. If you don't have much time on your hands then you're not going to get very far in a short period of time but if you're short of cash, especially in the lead up to Christmas, then it may be worth putting a tiny bit of time in. I've had different videos playing while writing this and I am already on 19 bucks for the day (if I reach a daily target I will get bonus bucks). Managing to pass for a survey is the better way at getting bucks, some don't take long but give as many as 100 bucks and then there's your daily bonus on top of that for extras.

        I am lucky that I am currently only working from home so I have videos running in the background, I check the surveys a couple of times in case I qualify for one and then I play a couple of games when I take a break so I can soon rack up a fair few bucks in a day. If you stick at it then it can be very rewarding. In a couple of months before Christmas I managed to earn enough for £15 worth of Amazon vouchers and I am already upto enough for another £15 with bucks to spare. There doesn't seem to be an expiry date on when you need to spend the bucks but I am still within my first year so I will be keeping an eye on that. It can sometimes seem to take a lot of hardwork for little reward but I am being given something for free so I'm fine with the effort being put in at times.

        Worth giving a go if you have some free time.


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          02.01.2014 13:08
          Very helpful



          Treat is as a bonus not a moneymaker

          Swagbucks.com is a US based reward site which gives it's users a virtual currency called 'Swagbucks' for activity through the site, which can be saved up and converted into vouchers or used to enter Swagbucks competitions. The site has been going since 2008 and I hopped on the swagwagon around 6 months ago.

          Getting started and earning bucks
          To start off with, you need to set up a Swagbucks account and pick a 'swagname', or username much like on dooyoo. You're then ready to go. The site can look a little daunting at first, and a lot of the ads on the front page can look like a load of spam but anything that's a paid offer or requires you filling in your details will be clear, and I've had no problems from a safety point of view on the site. A lot of these ads on the homepage will be directing you to ways to earn swagbucks and there are a number of these -

          Searching the web -
          The easiest and most rewarding way to earn with the least time put in. There is no guarantee that you will earn anything for using swagbucks as your search engine as the swagbucks awarded for searches are done randomly and can range from modest amounts such as 5 or 6 bucks or even 40 or 50 if you're lucky. I have installed the swagbucks toolbar which I use for searching so that I don't have to go through the site every time and don't forget to use them in order to always be in with a chance of earning some bucks, what's more they give you one buck a day just for using it. Whilst it is random, I will always get one reward for searching a day and obviously, the more you search, the more chances you get. The search engine itself isn't bad and usually finds me what I need. You might need to scroll down a little more than in google for example and there are a fair amount of sponsored links as you would expect from a site of this nature. I still use google for general searches from time to time, and for image searches, maps and shopping.

          Daily Poll / NOSOs/ Swagbucks TV
          These are all features that allow you to earn small amount of bucks for little effort.

          The daily poll is exactly what you'd expect, simply cast your vote for one swagbuck - hardly high earning but for one click, you can't really complain. You can also suggest ideas for polls to swagbucks - they can be on anything - and if your idea is used they'll reward you with swagbucks. I've tried a few times but have never been chosen.

          NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers) - These are just a series of thumbnail ads for things such as online casinos, bingo and the like. Just click the arrow to say you've seen them and they'll reward you with 2 bucks. As the name suggests you don't have to sign up to anything or even click on the ad at all.

          Swagbucks TV is an area of the site which features short videos to watch in return for bucks. This is a little more time consuming, with videos ranging for seconds to minutes and you have to watch 10 in order to earn 3 bucks. Subjects range for celebrity facts to cookery demos and exercise classes. Occasionally there is something that will catch my eye and I will watch a video but more often I would just click it to start and let it run on a tab while I get on with other things. Not really the idea but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Even doing this gets a little tedious and this isn't a feature I use very often.

          This is a part of the site I stayed away from for a while as it looks fairly complicated. Don't be put off to begin with by the tournament aspect of the games. All of the games on the site are also free to play. There are a good range of arcade style games, words puzzles and memory games. If you're like me and prefer things like tetris to Grand Theft Auto, you'll be happy but don't expect anything fancy.

          Playing games for free, you'll get 2 swagbucks for every second go up to a maximum of 10. Not really something to do for the bucks but if you fancy a game of something, nice getting rewarded a little for doing so.

          Of course if you get good, you might want to start entering the tournaments. Here, you can use your pot of swagbucks to enter tournaments and win more, or indeed lose them. Costs can start at a low 2 swagbucks up to 100 for the big winners. I've tried a few of these and have won a prize once but overall, lost more than I earned so gave up. It's probably profitable if you're really good at a particular game, but it's essentially gambling.

          Swagbucks offer a generous amount of swagbucks for completing surveys. These can range from 50 swagbucks up to 300 sometimes. The daily survey is always worth 70 swagbucks and there is a limit to how many participants they need, so you need get to it early. This is true of a lot of the surveys and annoyingly it can lock you out of a survey after completing half of it saying they now have enough candidates. Very frustrating. When I started using swagbucks I earned a good amount from surveys but more recently, the swagbucks have never appeared in my account. It seems to be a regular occurrence as they are often posting Facebook updates and blog posts to say they are working on issues with swagbucks not tracking for surveys. I don't tend to do them very often now. Excellent way to boost your balance though...when they work.

          This is an area of the site I only briefly visited and completed a few tasks for a small amount of swagbucks. Tasks such as searching for answers to questions and the like are time consuming and swagbucks, I think, is a little harsh with what it decides is not up to scratch, and I found this whole area frustrating.

          This works very much like a cashback site, by clicking through swagbucks to online shops and shopping as you would normally earns you swagbucks. I did this just once and my bucks didn't track. Most of the retailers are US based, but they are slowly adding more UK sites. The thing is, most of these sites featured in swagbucks shopping are on cashback sites anyway and I'd rather go through topcashback and get money rather than swagbucks.

          Very hour on the swagbucks blog they announce a random winner that gets 1000 swagbucks. Though it's not automatic. If you are that winner you need to see your name announced and claim your prize. I don't know how often this happens, but I doubt very often. You can also enter 'swagstakes' - by paying so many swagbucks to enter you can win high value prizes. Not something that's tempted me to try, but they like to push this.

          These are a nice little feature. On the blog, twitter page or facebook page, they will often feature codes to enter on the site. If you spot one, enter in the box and you will be rewarded. Most codes are only worth 3 or 4 swagbucks but sometimes more.

          What's a swagbuck worth?
          There's no easy answer to this question - it all depends what you want to spend them on. As I mentioned, you can use them a kind of swagbucks currency to enter competitions or play tournament games. When you want to cash out, there are various things to spend on.
          In the rewards page of the swagbucks site there are a list of all the vouchers you can 'buy' with your swagbucks. Most of these places are again, US based, but they are adding more UK retailers here too. Amazon is always a good one, and I tend to save mine up for these. A £5 Amazon giftcard will cost 849 swagbucks, but the more you save up, the cheaper it is to buy the higher value cards, for example the £25 card is 4199 swagbucks. You can also choose paypal giftcards, which I guess you can then withdraw as cash but these are more expensive at 999 swagbucks for a £5 card and 4949 for a £25 one.

          The other hassle with cashing out is the verification step. The first time, you cashout your swagbucks, you will need to be verified. The only way of doing this in the UK is to have a postcard sent by airmail to the UK with a code to enter on the site. There is also no warning you'll need to do this before you go to withdraw, so if you want it for something special, worth doing this a bit in advance. To be fair to them, they were speedy in sending it out and I received my card in under a week, but once the withdrawal is requested it then takes another few dates to get your voucher code.

          Worth it?
          Swagbucks markets itself as rewarding you for the things you do anyway and I think this is how it should be treated. It's very tempting to see 'free money' and spend a stupid amount of time and effort on survey that don't track, boring, low earning videos and expensive tournament games. If you use it to search the web, install the toolbar, look out for codes and do the daily poll when you're online then it will slowly reward you for no extra time or effort on your part. I've accrued around 6,000 bucks in the last 6-7 months or so which have been a few free Amazon vouchers for me.
          A worthwhile site to join, but beware of it guzzling time for little reward in some areas.


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            02.11.2013 14:50
            Very helpful



            An ok way to earn some extra cash...

            I discovered this website after reading a thread on the Digital Spy forums as a way to make money online.  While I would say that you will never make a fortune, if you are about online a lot, you can make a few pounds extra a month. 
            It is an American owned website, so a lot of the rewards are in dollars but there are some UK rewards as well, including Amazon and Paypal vouchers.  I mainly convert mine into Amazon vouchers, as there is usually something on Amazon that I want or need. 
            The 'currency' on the website is Swagbucks (or SB's)and you can earn them in various ways:
            Daily Polls:  You can gain 1 Swagbuck a day for answering the daily poll question.  The daily poll is normally a multiple choice question and only takes a few seconds to get your Swagbuck. 
            Daily Search:  You can get some Swagbucks for searching online.  This gives me between 6 - 15 Swagbucks a day.  I'm not sure how it works, or if it is particular searches that trigger the amounts, but I generally try to get some points using this everyday. 
            The Games section gives you the ability to earn up to 10 Swagbucks a day playing certain games.  I mainly play Mah-jongg, although not every day.  It is a good way to banish boredom and earn a small amount towards your next voucher.  If you are especially skilful, you can earn tournaments where top prizes can be around 200SB's. 
            TV:  You can gain 3 Swagbucks for every 10 videos watched.  The videos are around 1 minute long, but I find that what I usually do is tab between the videos and other things, so I'm not just sitting there watching videos all day.  It can be monotonous, but if you are surfing the web anyway, you can easily scroll through the videos as well.  Unlike some other video rewards programmes, such as Sainsbury's Adpoints, there are no prompts to make sure you are still watching the video. 
            Daily Surveys:  You can earn 70 Swagbucks for every successfully completed survey.  I do find that it is rare that I qualify for a survey and even more rare when I managed to complete one successfully.  One word of caution (though this may have just happened me, and be unrelated though I think it was).  I was a member of the Toluna survey website and my account was removed shortly after joining Swagbucks, as a lot of the surveys are powered by Toluna.  I wasn't that bothered, as I had just cashed in my Toluna points and I was getting frustrated with the site anyways, but if you are close to a payout on Toluna, it's worth keeping in mind. 
            Special Offers:  This section combines different ways to earn points.  Some are for signing up for sites (including dating and bingo sites), watching short videos, polls or competitions (though I generally avoid these as they seem to be more of a way to get your information so companies can spam you).
            There is a section named Tasks, where you get rewarded for doing various tasks online.  I have tried this a few times and each time I was told I'd done something wrong and it wasn't accepted, so I just gave up on this section of the website. 
            You can also earn Swagbucks when shopping online, but I have never used this as I prefer to use other online rewards sites such as Nectar and Boots TreatStreet.  There are also sweepstakes and competitions on the site.  For a small fee (usually around 20BS's) you can enter competitions where you can win prizes like games consoles, tablets or a large amount of Swagbucks.  I have never entered any of these, so I can't comment on these either. 
            You have a daily goal and if you reach it you are rewarded with extra Swagbucks.  If your goal is 80SB's, you get an extra 8SB's for reaching your goal, 9 for 90SB's and so on. 
            Facebook and Twitter also seem to play a large part in the site and the potential to earn Swagbucks.  There are quite often 'Swagcodes' on the Facebook page, or competitions where you have the potential to win 100 SB's for answering questions.  There is also a toolbar which you can download as an add on for your preferred browser.  I used to have one and it was worth 1 SB every day.  Mine crashed one day and never worked properly afterwards so I deleted it.  The toolbar was useful as you can perform searches through it and it also showed you if there were any Swagcodes available, as it's easy to miss them on Facebook. 
            I have heard that some people can earn massive amounts on this site and while I think this may be possible, it's not the norm.  I do think that people exaggerate how much they earn as an incentive to get other people to join up (as you get so many SB's for a referral), they spend every minute of every day on the site or they lie in the surveys. 
            For me personally, I earn between 10 - 50 Swagbucks on average each day.  As a £5 Amazon voucher is 849 SB's, I usually get enough SB's every month to get at least one voucher.  While it's not a massive amount, this is usually enough to get me a new book, or as I am doing at this time of year, using mine towards Christmas presents.  Mainly I watch the videos, clicking between them and whatever else I am doing online.  I also check the special offers, especially the Peanut Labs ones as they often have short videos on there that are worth 2SB for watching them, or short surveys usually worth 36SB's. 
            I only ever get my points converted to Amazon vouchers, but I have noticed that you can get e-vouchers for retailers like New Look and Marks and Spencer, though these tend to be £10 for around 1700 points. I would recommend this site, as it is a way of slowly getting some extra rewards for being online.  It's not going to make you rich, but if you spend a lot of time online anyway, a few minutes spent on this site could be rewarding.  It can be a bit boring and repetitive at times, but I think the returns are worth it for me, though others may disagree.


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              12.07.2013 11:44
              Very helpful



              Great way to earn extra cash to put towards bills or even to save up for christmas.

              I have been signed up with Swagbucks for 5 months and I have earned £110 in paypal vouchers. So an average of £20 a month which comes in handy with paying the bills. For people who use amazon a lot you would have got much more as you need less points for amazon vouchers than you do paypal. 849 swagbucks is £5 amazon ... 1049 swagbucks is £5 paypal so you need an extra 200 points for paypal for every £5.
              There are many ways to earn money on swagbucks other than surveys which is why I like the site so much and there are a variety of rewards to choose from including gift vouchers but also televisions and PlayStation for large amounts of swagbucks.

              Each day you can earn 1 swagbucks from the daily poll which is just one questions with multiple choice answers.
              You can earn 2 swagbucks from NOSO where you just click through a few screens of others and fill in the captcha at the end.
              You can earn a maximum of 10 swagbucks from playing games although you can play in the tournament and forfeit your swagbucks to earn more playing against other people.
              You can get a variety of swagbucks just from searching on the internet like you normally do. The swagbucks for these vary with the lowest I have had is 6 swagbucks and the highest been 55 swagbucks.
              You can watch videos and watching 10 videos will earn you 3 swagbucks. You can earn a maximum of 150 swagbucks a day from watching videos.
              You can complete a daily survey which gets you 70 swagbucks and these are available everyday and you can complete one.
              You can complete surveys on the survey tab and these can get you any amount which is usually in the hundreds.
              You can also complete offers which is include watching videos, downloading games, downloading apps, signing up to other site. The list is endless.

              You also have a daily target which will be between 60 and 120 I think is the highest I have seen. If you hit your target you will receive a bonus and if you hit your target everyday in the month you will receive a bigger bonus on top. There are lots of ways to earn and you can just complete the things you like doing. If you spend a lot of time online or have a bit of spare time each day then I would definately recommend signing up. I work and still manage to spend at least an hour a day and a couple of hours a day on my days off. I could spend longer and could probably earn double what I do at the minute but I am happy with an extra £20 a month.

              If you want to sign up here's my referell link swagbucks.com/refer/leanne9955 use the link if you want to sign up!


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                02.05.2013 17:59
                Very helpful



                If played correctly, you can make quite a lot of SB and therefore money in a short space of time

                OK, so for every-man use of swagbucks.com you should expect to be getting about £5 a month in amazon vouchers or an equivalent prize. Prizes come in the shape of gift cards for a variety of different stores like amazon, new look, Starbucks, and are currently given in return for 849 swagbucks (SB). For a slightly more 1049SB you can get a £5 Paypal payment. Gift cards are also given in larger quantities (£25, £50, £100 and a few £500) but the time it takes to build up the extra points to get this probably renders the small saving in SB points offered not worth it (For example, the average person earning 800SB a month from doing 10 surveys and watching a few videos will take just over 5 months to generate a £25 gift card, to save 46SW total on getting a £5 card each time they reach 849SB. Thats a 9SB saving per £5...

                Down to earning on swagbucks. You earn points for a variety of tasks, some of which everybody does anyway. The biggest and easiest earner is surveys. Swagbucks offer daily surveys worth 70SB, however quite often you can be screened out of most and have to keep trying repeatedly. Also, after filling in their own surveys they can match you up to others, which can offer much more SB (400SB for 30minutes of my time is the best I have been offered).

                In addition to this you can install a toolbar which you use to search the internet. With this you can generate random SB. I have found I get a reward on average every 25 searches, of around 2-10SB.

                You can also play games, watch movies and shop, all of which gives a range of different SB values.

                However to gain more serious money, (and this is only for the financially savvy) there are a few mega deals on TrialPay. Swagbucks has a section where other companies post offers through 5 or 6 different agents, all who offer swagbucks for purchasing from them. This is in effect a little like the nectar card online offers. One particular offer was worth 2149SB, about £17-ish. To get this you had to open a casino account and fund it with £20. But in the small print an extra detail- "To get swagbucks you must deposit at least £20 and make at least one bet". A 10p spin on a slot game counts as a bet. Withdraw £19.90, and you have, in just a few minutes, generated yourself £16.90 in SB.

                These offers are few and far between, but definitely worth seeking out if you have the available funds (the £20 will be out of your bank account for a couple of days before the £19.90 is put back in by the casino a few days after withdrawal).

                Finally, good luck seeking out ways to generate the best SB and I hope you make a killing!


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                  20.04.2013 23:49
                  Very helpful



                  Come on in and fill your swag bags

                  I have been using Swagbucks since December 2012 and I have found it a good experience overall but it does have problems, I have found that after I had used up most of the high point offers there was nothing left apart surveys, games and Swag bucks TV.

                  On Swag bucks they have a daily goal for you to try and meet which usually varies between 60-120sb, there is also a bonus for completing 7, 14, 21 and the full month for a bonus (up to 300SB for the full month), there is also a daily bonus (usually 10% of the target) so if you hit the goal for a full month you could potentially gain about 500SB, some days it can be hard to meet the daily goal as there might not be any surveys or offers available and the only way to reach the goal might be to spend hours watching Swag bucks TV (people usually abbreviate it as SBTV) which give 3SB every 10 videos watched (there is supposed to be a limit of 150SB per day from SBTV).

                  The Games give 2SB for every two games played (up to 10SB per day), there are some fun games available on swag bucks such as Fzyood which lasts for a minute which usually helps get the points a lot quicker.

                  There is also the daily poll for 1SB per day and the NOSO for 2SB per day (you click the arrows to look through the offers available).

                  Daily surveys give 70SB when there are surveys available, I often find some days there might not be a daily survey or I might be disqualified from the only survey available that day.

                  Trusted surveys vary between 50 - 300SB and can take between 5 minutes and 30 minutes to complete, some days there might not be any available or you might get 3 or 4 appearing in one day, the only annoyance with surveys (this includes the daily surveys) is that you might get to the end of the survey only to be disqualified, I find that this mostly happens with Toluna surveys as most other surveys will have the screening questions at the beginning of the survey.

                  There is also the special offer walls which are split into 8 different tabs known as Trial Pay, Radium One, Payment Wall, Peanut Labs, Sponsor Pay, Sometrics, Supersonic and OMG (I would advise you steer clear of the OMG wall as it is just offers to sign up for credit cards and are not worth the swagbucks).

                  These walls often have videos which are usually worth 1-4SB which can be handy on a hard day, they also often have free trials to services such as Audible (run by Amazon), Now TV (run by Sky) and E-Music (these free trials are usually worth between 100 and 500SB).

                  They also have offers to download software such as VLC Media Player which I find are offers you should avoid as they could contain viruses and spyware, the only exception to this would be games such as Planet Side 2 as they direct to official websites to download the software (the points are often received before you download the game).

                  There is also the chance to win SB by searching (You can get up to 4 search wins per day), the search wins normally give between 5-10Sb, sometimes you can win up to 59SB from searching (this is the highest I have seen people win), random phrases such as "gonads" also seem to result in a win occasionally.

                  The tasks also give about 4SB per task complete, although the SB are only awarded when you "bank" 20SB, the easiest tasks are the casino tasks as you just have to search google for "casino online" or something similar and look for something like "get $700 free to play casino blackjack", record the page it was on and the ranking, you also have to visit the page and record information such as a telephone number and one of the featured games.

                  The only Major problem with swag bucks is that offers don't always credit (same with some surveys) and it can be a major pain trying to raise a ticket to get the points you are owed (quite often results in a reply of "the company can't find a record of completion" etc), also customer service seems to be a bit lacking as problems can often go ignored on the UK Facebook page for swag bucks, there is also a highly banterful thread on the Money Saving Expert Forums where people will happily help out when people need it.

                  One thing I forgot to mention is that they have codes usually once a day and are usually worth about 2-5SB (sometimes higher) so they help if it is a high target and it saves a round of SBTV.

                  They also have Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal available in the reward store, here are the current prices;

                  £5 849SB
                  £25 4,199SB

                  £5 1,049SB
                  £10 1,999SB
                  £25 4,949SB
                  £50 9,399SB
                  £100 17,999SB

                  They also have gift cards for Marks and Spencer which I've read can be used in store as well as online by printing them out and taking them to the checkout, most people spend their swag bucks as soon as they have enough for a smaller gift card rather than save the points for a more expensive option.


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                    20.04.2013 21:30



                    Swagbucks is a site to earn money through surveys, searches, games and also acts as a cash back site

                    I joined this site in February and really wished i'd heard about it sooner. So for those of you who don't know Swagbucks is site where you can earn rewards through a range of different activities.

                    The biggest way to earn is by completing surveys everyday you can complete one daily survey which is worth 70 swagbucks, which is about 40p. There is also the opportunity to complete trusted surveys which are normally worth between 80-200 swagbucks, you can answer as many of these that are avaible. Although the money earned from surveys doesn't seem much if you answer a few surveys a day the points soon add up.

                    There are a number of games on the swagbucks site, you normally earn 2 swagbucks for every 2 games played up to a maximum of 10 swagbucks a day.

                    Swagbucks is also a search engine, but unlike other search engines swagbucks gives you the chance to win points when you search. This wins are random but I normally win twice of three times a day.

                    SBTV is a series of videos on different topics, once youve watched 10 videos you get 3 swagbucks, this is a guaranteed way to earn swagbucks if there hasnt been many surveys available.

                    Shop and Earn
                    Shop and earn is a feature that gives you with swagbucks when you shop online, however I have found that other cashback sites such as Quidco pay a lot more.

                    Once you have earned a sufficient number of points you can start claiming rewards, there are plenty to choose from but most people choose amazon vouchers or cash through paypal. A £5 Amazon voucher costs 849 points. Where as a £5 paypal payment is 1049 points, I normally earn £10 through paypal every week.

                    Recently there has been a lot of complaints over surveys not crediting or disqualifying you near the end, but I havent experienced these problems myself.

                    So overall I think swagbucks is an excellent way of earning a little bit of extra cash.


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                      19.03.2013 12:54
                      Very helpful



                      Right now this company could be so much better, be more consistent and reward users better!

                      I signed up for this site last year and completely forgot about it, only at the end of last year did I decide to put alittle time and energy into it to see if it could work for me. Its basically a site where you collect swagbucks that can then be exchanged, when you reach the specified amount, for things such as Amazon e cards, M&S, Paypal etc. This can be done in various ways: Surveys, tasks, watching what they call SBTV which is basically short programmes ( after watching 10 you get credited with 3 swagbucks ), playing games, signing up for different competitions and different companies who have offers etc etc. Also, daily theres a target that if you meet, you get a daily bonus ( which normally would be added to your account at the beginning of the following month ).If you meet your dail targets for a certain number of days you get an additional bonus as well.Thats the short version.

                      So how have I been doing? Well, the thing which I'm sure alot of people who use this site find is its very inconsistent. Some days there can be loads of videos to watch, surveys, special offers then your stuck watching potentially hours of SBTV.When I first started this, there were alot of surveys that I qualified for, and videos but like alot of people have already mentioned they dont seem to exist anymore. So the time it takes you to meet the target set for the day feels like double if not triple with alot more effort on my part.Its beginning to feel like a chore now but alot of what you do on the site eg watching sbtv, you can do while doing other stuff as well.I always stick it on when doing the house, or doing other stuff on the PC.
                      Alot of offers/competitions/sign up fors dont credit. You chase the relevant support section which takes time and energy and even then sometimes no joy.You have to keep screenshots of all of these, just in case they dont credit.And even then dont assume you'l get the points.So many of mine didnt credit and I challenged them, I got an email saying I reached my maximum and resubmit in afew weeks!Cheers for that!
                      The amount of companies asking for details such as DOB, address and companies giving you Swagbucks to download stuff on your computer makes me feel very uneasy.I dont think as a company Swagbucks regulate these companies properly.So anyone taking part in anything with this company I would suggest, DONT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING, think twice about giving info such as DOB, address and tel number and always use a separate email address purely for the junk to flow in and out.

                      The whole idea of doing this is for the Amazon ecards, which come in so handy. I always save up £25.00 per time. Can take up to 2 weeks for them to send it to you and I always apply to my Amazon account straight away just in case SBucks go under for what ever reasons.I am just about getting a £25.00 ecard every 4-5 weeks but I'm tired now and actively looking for something that feels less like hard work and alot more rewarding.Please dont get me wrong-this isNOT a post to bash Swagbuck I've have around £100.00 worth of ecards since late December, but ayone thinking about signing up, at the moment and give it afew days/weeks into it, it can feel like a slog.Dont rely only on this and do other sites etc cashback, survery site etc to help supplement your income.Good luck

                      23 March
                      Wondering if the people behind Swagbucks have been getting anxious over the amount if users who have become frustrated over the lack of positive feeling over the site, as over the last few days there's been quite afew surveys, afew more videos. Not entirely sure about other area etc games, casino as I don't use them. Just my luck I,ve missed out on alot due to laptop packing in and my mobile phone will only allow me to do so much! To be honest, this time off SB hasn't been a bad thing. Anyone on the site will tell you it can be a little additive due to daily bonus targets, the rewards etc. But to me its not cost effective of my time, and will be looking at other things to do that will take me half the time and less frustration. I would like to make some suggestions to Swagbucks though, and would love it if other users made some suggestions too, mayebe they might listen......extra swagbucjs should be awarded if you have been on the site and an active user say after a month? Example, after the month maybe 40sbs popped into your account. After 3months 150sbs. Something so people who are on it and using it are rewarded. More prizes awarded for use, and for it to be spread more evenly between the us site and UK. More surveys with bigger rewards, no one minds doing them if they qualify but more importantly are proportion to the time spent on it to the sbs awarded w.g being on a surgery for an hour should be awarded say 500sbs, where 5min between 60/80. Better still, some you should be awarded by vouchers! My point is, as a company they aren't awarding enough and frequently for what's done. Can't they do a day, even afew hours every month where your points get doubled? Look after your people Swagbucks and they will make your company and others who work with you more money. Simple

                      03 April
                      Would like to give a small and quick update on how Swagbucks is going for me. I have been abit out of attention towards the end of March because of my laptopn dying on me, so have tried to do little on Swagbucks on my mobile phone,which is not ideal. Anyway, so I have been back on the site properly for the last week and I have to say not much change. For example:

                      I am chasing up sbucks from an introductory offer. Swagbucks ( or what ever company in particular were dealing with the offer ) have said I didnt complete it, it never recorded, yet money was taken from my Paypal account-despite the fact I never saw any mention of a fee. Either way, whether my fault or not ( in regards to the fee ) its proven I took it up with the company. Swagbucks see different, but this is something I need to sit down and have a little time to iron out.

                      Hardly any videos to play. And the ones that are there I cant get to play.

                      9.5 out of 10 surveys that pop up on the site I dont qualify for, and it takes afew questions 9 and alittle of my time ) for the system to let me know that.

                      I am currently relying on SBTV, which isnt too bad when you need just afew points, but when you need to use it to reach ALL YOUR TARGET FOR THE DAY seems absolutely mad. I'm trying to spread myself out on other sites to get a feel of them, such as Zoombucks, Gifthulk, but to be hoest because they are so similar I find my experiences with Swagbucks putting me off putting too much time and energy into these new ones.

                      I truly feel there has got to be a better way of using my time to earn extra money, but alas, I havent found it yet....

                      I would love to read and hear more stories about this company but more importantly how people who are on it now, how you are all doing!


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                        12.03.2013 07:49



                        OK, If you have the time - but you can probably find easier ways to make money online

                        When, I first signed up to Swagbucks - I could easily make £30 a month. I consider this quite a nice chunk of money considering I would spend about an hour a day on there, while doing other things up the same time. However, for the last month or two I have found that the surveys have completely dried up and I find that most of the special offers are garbage. For the surveys that are put on there, I usually get disqualified for one reason or another. I still use the other features on the website (the daily poll, the odd video and Swagbucks tv). However, I am not quite such a big fan as I once was. This website is fine for having open in another tab as you do other things at the same time. I now struggle to earn £10 a month using Swagbucks. Still, I suppose £10 free cash is better than nothing at all.


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                          03.03.2013 19:26
                          Very helpful



                          A site where you can earn money for surveys, tasks and offers online.

                          I feel like the time has come to write a review on Swagbucks. All of the information in this review is correct as I understand it as of March 2013, but like many reviews on Internet sites, certain data, such as the price of a voucher, may not be correct in the future, so please be aware.

                          Swagbucks is an American subsidiary of Prodege LLC, a multi-million-dollar Internet company. Swagbucks is a site where you can earn points (inventively called swag bucks, swagbucks, swag-bucks, et cetera) for filling in surveys, participating in the daily poll and NOSO, searching, playing games, watching videos, and fulfilling third-party tasks and special offers.

                          To be completely conclusive, below I will cover the various ways to earn with Swagbucks, including payment and other details. For reference, 1 swag-buck = 1 cent = 0.67 pence (as of March 2013).

                          Easy earns are the NOSO (no obligation special offers), simply clicking along rows of adverts (2 SB) daily poll (1SB), and toolbar (1SB) all of which you can only fulfill once a day.

                          Swagbucks is also a portal to various surveys:
                          Daily Surveys are worth 70 SB, likewise, you can only fulfill one a day.

                          Trusted Surveys are worth variable amounts of SB, but you can do however many a day there are.

                          There are also surveys on the third-party special offer walls: Peanut Lab (PL) surveys are generally worth 60 SB, and you can do as many as there are a day; Ampario surveys are worth 85 (used to be 90) SB, Trialpay's opinion surveys are worth 24 (used to be 25) SB. You can do the latter couple once a day. Paymentwall has various surveys of variable amounts; you may fulfill them only once a day.

                          Special offers: from signing up to free trials to liking Facebook pages, they are varied amounts paid and frankly, erratically-crediting. They are third-party portals to various offers where you will often have to sign up for things - it is worth making a spam email account especially for this. You will have to learn how to put a support ticket in; generally PL (Peanut labs) and SP (Sponsorpay) are good with crediting; the others, less so. I have had experience with all wall customer service staff I think - some are rude, some are dismissive, but others are good, I suppose it depends on the time of day / type of issue you have. Occasionally entire walls have known to have spontaneously disappeared and reappeared at will.

                          Games and SBTV: Games pay 2 SB per 2 plays, and there is a wide range of games, with copyright-avoidant names like Four Leaves In A Row (Connect 4) and Klondike Solitaire. There are also game tournaments you may wish to participate in for 10 SB entry fee. SBTV pays 3 SB per 10 videos viewed, and generally the videos are of a mind-numbingly boring quality, such as 'How to chop an onion' (a favourite on the MSE thread).

                          Searching: You may win up to 4 times a day for searching (known as dubs, trips and quads consecutively). Usually one in the morning, two during the day and one during the evening; though full quads (and even trips) are as rare as their foetal counterparts. Swagbucks often seems to credit search terms randomly, so there is no precise word or phrase which will get you points every time. You can win anything up to 59 SB (the largest win I have seen).

                          Referrals: you can earn matching points for every referral's search win. Say you get your friend to sign up and they win 29 SB searching "why are there no surveys?" Both you and your friend will have earnt 29 SB. Occasionally Swagbucks will do a special period where you can match your referral's every point, from survey to poll, but this is exceedingly rare and I believe has only happened once, for their birthday. You can refer your friends or family via a special URL found on your account information.

                          Codes: occasionally Swagbucks will release a special time-limited code you can enter on the washing machine (shield, apparently) next to your total SB or alternatively via the side-bar on your ledger page. Codes are usually released via Facebook, twitter or hidden in Swagbucks blog posts. Codes are usually of low point worth, around 5 SB a time, but they are effectively 'free money'.

                          Shop & Earn: I've not personally used this but a few MSE thread people have. It is basically cashback in swag-bucks if you shop through certain sites, such as Holland & Barrett or Littlewoods. Personally, though it varies per £ spent, you are better shopping through cashback sites like Quidco or TopCashBack as Swagbucks does not offer a competitive rate of cashback compared to them. But still, it is a relatively easy way of earning SBs.

                          Daily Goal + Bonuses: not strictly a revenue stream, the Swagbucks site rewards frequent usage. Every day there is set a new target to meet, for example, to earn 80 SB in 24 hours, and if that target is met it will award you a bonus of 8 SB next month. If you fulfill a weeks' worth of goals, it will reward you 25 sbs extra; 2 weeks, 100 sbs extra; 21 days, 200 sbs extra; a months', 300; all + daily bonuses. Every new day (and the end of your time to earn the daily goal) starts at 8am UK time.

                          Videos: sometimes there are videos on the home-page that credit for an SB or two. Make sure your ad-block is disabled so you can see them.

                          Social Networking: You can also earn a little bit from participating on the Facebook or Twitter, for example, during set 'games'. I once won 100 SB for a joke - so it is possible, but it doesn't go towards your daily goal.

                          Tasks: Like many sites, Swagbucks has a portal to CrowdFlower, where you can do tasks for a small amount of money, such as searching for a site and recording information about it, judging the relevance of questions and answers, ect. Swagbucks doesn't pay the best for CrowdFlower tasks - only 4 SBs for Fisher Tasks (searching for Ken Fisher or Fisher Industry related websites) and about the same for the casino tasks (searching for various casino sites, released at midnight GMT), whereas other sites pay more for doing the same thing. Tasks also error a lot - not Swagbucks' fault, but annoying all the same.

                          Those are roughly all the ways you can earn with Swagbucks. But what can you spend it on? While Swagbucks would prefer it if you spent your heard-earned SB on their rewards store (Miley Cyrus digital wallpaper, anyone?) or prize raffles for TVs, games, ect, (enticingly called Swagstakes), the main attraction for me is exchanging SBs for gift vouchers and Paypal.. Many people go for either £5 / £25 Amazon Gift Cards, but there are Marks & Spencers, iTunes, Starbucks, et cetera as well as Paypal cash in equivalent denominations. You can also choose to donate to charity from as little as 5 SB.

                          As of 2013 the price of some popular gift cards are as below:

                          AMAZON / M&S: £5 - 849 SB (currently on sale, full price - 999 SB)
                          AMAZON / M&S / iTunes: £25 - 4199 SB (currently on sale, full price - 4699 SB)
                          PAYPAL £5 - 1049 SB
                          PAYPAL £25 - 4949 SB

                          This may just be a jumble of numbers to non-users, but generally it is feasible to earn £25 AGC in a month without the monthly bonus. Others earn more; others, less. It takes around 7 - 10 days for a gift-card to arrive in your email, and longer for Paypal funds to be transferred.

                          Now, on to my experiences with this site and staff. As I said before, Swagbucks is an American site, and there is no British offshoot proper. However there is a British Facebook page (SwagbucksUK) and vouchers/Paypal available in £, so there are several Brits who use the site. I found out about the site through Money Saving Expert forums (MSE) and since then I have been an avid poster on that particular thread. Very simply I could not have stuck out the site without them - they are a big support network for me. Practically speaking, many people alert others to available special offers, codes, ect ect and just make it easier to earn with Swagbucks. So - to the people who know me off the Swagbucks thread - thank-you.

                          Another important aspect of the Swagbucks thread is moaning. Whining. Ranting. Because, very simply, Swagbucks is a frustrating site. There are many times when offers do not credit, surveys do not credit, surveys aren't available, there are site errors upon site errors, and of course the customer service, in a word, is lacking. For example, you could complete an offer or survey legitimately and through some site error, it could fail to credit, and after contacting support nothing would be done - effectively you have lost money as well as time and effort. Of course the best way to avoid this is to screenshot everything and cross your fingers when you click 'submit'!

                          There's also the fact American users have a lot more opportunities to earn bucks - print-out-and-use coupons, earning points for listening to the radio and even (the holy grail of cashback sites) shop and earn with Amazon (though official word is that 'it is just a trial'). This is not surprising considering where the site is based (California), but it is frustrating because British users have to earn more just to cash out at the lowest possible denomination.

                          As for the website layout, it is very slick, but slightly confusing, and reminds me of an old saying - all fur coat and no knickers - which is to say, it is very stylish, but many members would prefer Swagbucks plough their money back into enriching the site for its current users, rather than making things all nice and pretty to attract new ones.

                          Overall, Swagbucks is a relatively easy way to earn money. Since starting on the 12th of December 2012 and up to today, 3rd of March 2013, I have earnt a fair amount in gift-cards. However, my opinion of Swagbucks is less than glowing. As a website it is riddled with errors and irritating Americanisms, especially in the patronising nature of the mascots, Swag Guy and Swag Girl.

                          If you seek surveys, there are sites that pay more than Swagbucks does after commission, and likewise for tasks and special offers (I do like the games feature though). Special offers can sometimes contain spyware and viruses, so be careful what you download (I download nothing from it just to be safe). Not to mention that Swagbucks staff do seem very over-run with complaints and can take a very long time to get back to you - if they get back to you at all.

                          I am not employed at the moment due to health problems, and I must admit Swagbucks is something of a crutch for me - but ultimately, Swagbucks is a business, not some kind of game to play, and it is not always fun. There are often bad patches with surveys or offers, where nothing is available to do or everything seems non-crediting, and making the daily goal is impossible or takes hours and hours. For a pay-to-click site and search-to-win site, there is a lot to improve upon, but for the hour or two everyday I rack up on it, I do enjoy the rewards and I have met some great people from it.


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                            01.03.2013 00:24
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                            Extra money

                            I started using Swagbucks in April 2012 on and off to the present day. Somebody suggested I used it to earn a bit of extra income whilst I was searching for graduate jobs at the same time. Swagbucks is basically a website which involves doing several tasks for swagbucks. Once you have enough Swagbucks in your account you can trade them in for cash or vouchers.

                            There are many things you can do on Swagbucks and it is fairly easy to make £25 per month in Amazon vouchers. I usually cash in my points for a £5 Amazon Voucher which costs 849 points.

                            To earn Swagbucks on the site there are quite a few activities to take part in. For example, there is a Daily Poll which gives you 1 Swagbuck for answering. By installing the Swagbucks Toolbar onto your browser will give you 1 Swagbuck everyday (that works out at 365 for a year for doing absolutely nothing). There are also the NOSO offers where you 'skip' several advertisments and by the end you are awared 2 Swagbucks. These tasks may seem pointless because they offer minimal Swagbucks but they take seconds to do and doing it everyday will soon add up overall.

                            Swagbucks also have their own special toolbar which occasionally awards a random amount of Swagbucks by doing searches. You can win a maximum of two times per day and the Swagbucks they offer you are random. I've had probably 7 Swagbucks as the lowest from searching but other searches have given me up to 50 Swagbucks.

                            The main way of earning Swagbucks is by doing their Daily Survey, if you complete one you will be awarded 70 Swagbucks. You can only do one Daily Survey per day and sometimes they are hit and miss. You may not qualify for it, but they may search for another one for you to do. Occasionally you may end up getting a survey that is mind-numbingly boring and long. I've had surveys sometiems that have taken around 1 hour to complete, and when you work out whether the 70 Swagbucks is worth it for the monetry value you thing is it really worth it.

                            There is also a page of Trusted Surveys which you can enter alongside the Daily Survey. The amount of Swagbucks rewared vary from survey to survey. I've had surveys for as little as 88 Swagbucks but as high as 500 Swagbucks on some surveys.

                            There are several video's on the main page which reward you 1 Swagbuck for watching them.

                            Swagbucks have recently introduces a Shop section where you earn Swagbucks by shopping online. It's similar to online cashback sites but you earn Swagbucks instead. I have yet to use them. There is also a 'Special Offers' section on the site which you can earn swagbucks by purchasing from several websites or sign up to something. I do occasionally take part in some of these but i'd warn you to be careful with somem of the obscure companies.

                            You can play games for Swagbucks and watch videos through Swagbucks TV. I tend not to do this though as I don't have time.

                            Once you have enough Swagbucks you can trade them in for Cash or Vouchers, as Swagbucks in an American company, I think the most valued things you can use your Swagbucks for are for the Cash (through PayPal) or Amazon vouchers. I choose the Amazon Vouchers at 849SB for £5 as it is slightly cheaper than £5 cash.

                            Overall, I have found Swagbucks to be a really good site, it won't make you rich but you can earn some pocket money on there. I've been doing it on and off since April 2012 and have earned around £130 in Amazon Vouchers through Swagbucks alone. When I do Swagbucks I only really spend 30 minutes online and have earned sometimes £25 in a month with Amazon vouchers.


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                              14.11.2012 23:13
                              Very helpful



                              The Best of the bunch

                              There are a wealth of sites available now that offer rewards for clicking on pages, searching the web, entering contests, purchasing online, watching videos, surveys and other tasks and other ways to earn. Of the many that I have tried, far and away the best, and the least waste of time, is Swagbucks. Within a month of using the site I have genuinely already received 5 x £5 Amazon vouchers and this is through light use and not making a single online purchase.
                              The set up is straightforward and using the site incredibly simple. You need to give basic personal details to set up an account including an email address. For this I set up a new address to use in anticipation of the huge amounts of spam I would invariably receive. To my surprise, this hasn't actually been too bad and is mostly limited to emails from sites I've signed up to.

                              The site is fun and enjoyable to use. Other similar sites can be quite bland and usually functional and plain. Not so with Swagbucks - this is lively and entertaining and makes the site fun to use. There is a menu at the top of the screen with dropdown options for how to navigate through the pages. This includes different pages for ways to earn (which I'll come to later), setting options and other menus such as referral choices. On the home page you will find news updates and direct links to some choice new earning activities, often a link to a video to watch. Alongside this is your progress meter for how many points you've earned in a day.
                              In Swagbucks, you don't earn money but Swagbucks that are points that can be redeemed for prizes that include goods such as video game consoles or vouchers for retailers such as Amazon or even cash through Paypal but for the latter the exchange rate of SB to $ is worse.

                              Each Swagbuck is worth $0.01 (or £0.0059) based on the exchange rate for Amazon and many other vouchers they have on offer. These come in a minimum quantity of $5 or £5 (849 SB) depending on the territory you are in. Paypal pays slightly less at one Swagbuck being worth £0.0048 and again pay at a minimum of £5.
                              Racking up points is easy and can quickly be done by the following methods.

                              Simply by searching the internet through their site or though their customised toolbar, you can earn Swagbucks. By using the latter, you automatically earn 1sb each day by opening your browser. The search engine is pretty good although not quite as comprehensive as Google in terms of the searching options (e.g can't search by 'shopping') but for simple word searches it works well. I have found that on occasion the search result page won't load and gives an error message. This aside, it works fine.

                              On average you can earn from about 3 searches per day if you use the engine for genuine searches. I don't think these are necessarily based on specific search words but are more arbitrary. Earnings per search are usually 7-10sb but can on occasion reach into the 20's or even 30... on very special occasions, even higher. There seems no rhyme or reason to it so better not to try and second-guess or tactically search. Genuine searches will earn you bucks.
                              Watching Videos

                              This can be done 2 ways: watching TV clips on various subjects from entertainment to comedy to news items, or watching ads. The former isn't that lucrative - you need to watch in their entirety 10 clips to earn 3sb. These clips can range in length from 0:30 to a few minutes. Often they'll have a commercial before them too. It's a slow earner but can be watched in the background whilst doing something else. Be warned though, there is a limit to the number you can watch and any too frequent viewing might alert Swagbucks to become suspicious that you are a robot and your account could be closed.
                              More lucrative is watching commercials. I have found that there is usually 10-15 per day earning 1-2sb each in most cases, occasionally more. These videos can be found on the home page but also in the special offers section (more on that to follow) so it's worth checking both. Some ads can be as short as 0:20 but others 4 mins plus. Again they need to be watched in their entirety to earn (although sometimes it can credit a little before the end).

                              Daily Poll and NOSO
                              These are really easy ways to earn. By giving your opinion in the single question daily poll you can earn 1sb. NOSO just requires you to click through some offers to the end and you'll earn 2sb. An easy no brainer!

                              Special Offers
                              This is a section where marketing companies offer various ways of making more Swagbucks. These often involve signing up for a competition or something 'free'. These can earn often 20-30sb each so a good little earner but be warned, in exchange you are giving away your personal details. I have found that I've not been swamped by junk emails, junk mail or calls as much as I would have thought but am still wary. I don't do ones requiring a mobile number but am considering getting a free SIM card and putting it in an old phone and giving that number. I have also set up a specific junk email account, which I think is worthwhile. As yet, I haven't received anything unwanted through the post. It's more the fact that you are giving away personal data that would concern me but if you're happy to do this, then you can earn considerably.

                              Also in this section are other ways to earn that often include downloading a free bit of software or adding something to your Facebook account. Similar to the above, I have set up a specific Facebook account purely for this purpose. It generally works fine although some require you to have a minimum number of friends for it to work.

                              Surveys are a big part of the special offers with many available through each company. These again range in length and earning but will discuss surveys more later.
                              Finally there are purchase offers that work like most other cashback sites although rather than cash you get points you can exchange for prizes.

                              If you like surveys, you'll love Swagbucks as there is a plethora available ranging in earnings and length - the lowest paying start at around 20sb but go to 70sb or occasionally even higher. There is also the Swagbucks daily survey that you get invited to participate in which earns a flat 70sb for each completed.

                              Surveys I find are a blessing and a curse. When they work and are quick, they're a great earner. The main problem is the number that reject you after you've already answered a number of questions because you don't fit the criteria. I'm eternally suspicious of this and would love to see stats as to whether the answers you give before rejection get used for anything. Occasionally it feels like a scam because you get rejected from so many but if you are willing to persevere, one will eventually accept you. I take issue with it on principle, but occasionally do them and they can earn you some quick bucks!

                              Swagbucks has a huge amount of games available and by playing them you can also earn nominal bucks. I've found this takes a lot of effort for little reward but if you're bored and like playing games it's probably worthwhile but you'll only accumulate a handful.
                              Daily Goal Meter

                              Swagbucks likes to reward loyal users and to that end they have introduced the daily meter. This offers you a bonus if you reach a certain goal of swagbucks in a day - the bonus is usually around 10% and the target is often manageable ranging from 40-100+.

                              Most days, Swagbucks will publish online somewhere a code that can be redeemed for bucks. This is often through their Twitter or Facebook but there are also sites that publish them too. They usually have a time limit and can be territory restricted but get there in time and they can earn you 4-9sb each time on average.

                              As with all these kinds of sites, you can also earn through referring friends - send them an invite and if they join and participate you can earn equal of their earnings up to 1000 SB.
                              I have tried and tested many of these sites and this is by and far the best of the bunch for ease of earning and entertainment. As mentioned at the beginning, within the first month I cashed out 5 times with £5 Amazon vouchers each time (bare in mind they limit cash out of the same item to 5 per month). The voucher came through within a week on each occasion and I've experienced few issues. On occasion I have submitted a task and it has not registered but I have found these to be few and far between and in the majority Swagbucks get credited within minutes of completing something.

                              As with all of these things, it will never substitute a full time job but for a little extra and for a bit of fun, it's definitely worthwhile and one I can highly recommend.


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