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Category: Sweapstakes

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    9 Reviews
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      31.05.2006 01:05
      Very helpful



      Don't bother, just don't bother...

      When I first started freebie hunting on the net, I was drawn into a reward site called Sweet Collect with the promise of a free tube of Smarties. Sweet Collect is basically a site which rewards you with sweets when you purchase through one of the sites affiliates, sign up for newsletters, join book clubs etc.

      I was thrilled, I didn’t know of the much more rewarding sites which were available and a dozen fruit salads for buying a 50 quid DVD boxset seemed pretty damned good. Come on guys, I’ve learned not to prostitute myself for 10p mixes now – I’m onto the hardcore Amazon voucher sites now!

      Anyway, Sweet Collect. It’s an odd one really. In theory a site which sends you parcels of sweets every now and again sounds like a great idea. Yeah, it’ll always be one of ‘those’ sites where you need use an alternate email address because the lay out of the place just screams ‘spam alert’. But it could be good. But erm… well… it’s not. It’s really, really not a good site and I’d go as far as saying it’s a really, really bad site.

      To register, simply head along to www.sweetcollect.co.uk and when your eyes have adjusted to the garish pinkness of the site you’ll see a ‘Join’ button. As the name would suggest, click here and fill in your personal details – quite personal really as Sweet Collect not only want your name and address but also your household income and phone details. You know what? There’s something about this joining page which says *desperate* to me, and it’s the fact that before you’ve even submitted your information you have to manually click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to no less than ten (10!) advertisements! OMG I’ve not even joined yet, give me a chance!

      Anyway, I clicked the necessary activation link in the email and set out to earn myself a supply of sweets. Getting a fair few sweets is easy in the early days of your account as there are plenty of ways to earn without spending any money; signing up for newsletters, entering competitions and stuff like that. There’s a well laid out list of site categories, and it’s easy to go through these pages and click through to the offers you’re interested in.

      When the honeymoon period is over, you’re kinda stuck with the ‘Daily Clicks’ section of the site. This is quite a good area of Sweet Collect, despite the rather paltry rewards. There are ten or twelve sweets to be earned here on a daily basis, mostly for making a quick search on a price comparison site such as Kelkoo or Dealtime. Thing is, if you don’t leave the price comparison site open for a certain amount of time your sweet will eventually be rejected. This makes earning the equivalent of a 10p mixture a very time consuming business.

      Sweet Collect offer a pretty limited selection of sweets with which to reward its members; mainly Fruitella, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and a disgusting sherbet thing called a Pixie Stick. Occasionally they will introduce a different sweet, Caramacs are currently being used as rewards for completing certain offers, but they never last long. And when they disappear, it’s almost like they’ve eaten into the budget because they’re replaced with the cheapest item in the Sweet Collect cupboard – the Pixie Stick.

      Finding your way around the site is a piece of cake, but only because Sweet Collect appears to have been designed by four year old Barbie loving girls! It’s the most terribly basic site I’ve used in a long time. From the homepage, discounting the category list, there are only six links. Once you’ve joined, you can obviously forget the ‘Join’ link (which is irritatingly always there, even when you’re logged in) so Sweet Collect give its members a total of five links with which to browse the site. It’s just not a welcoming feel.

      Another thing happens when you click the button to view your account, and it’s another irritating thing. You can’t check your account until you’ve gone through all that yes/no clicking with another dozen or so offers. And you know something, when you click ‘no’ on the ads they’ll keep reappearing EVERY SINGLE TIME you check your account! Why don’t Sweet Collect realise that shoving these offers in my face every morning aren’t going to make me decide to ‘download babes to my mobile’ or ‘buy 6 books for 99p’? It just alienates me from the site even more than I already was.

      OK, so you’ve earned your sweets, clicked ‘no’ to a zillion offers and you’re now viewing you account. I bet you’re expecting shed loads of sweets, aren’t you? Mwhahaha Click your ‘approved’ list? Can that be right, after all those hours of clicking offers you’ve only earned seven Pixie Sticks and a Kit Kat? Now check your ‘not completed’ list – they’re all there! Every single sweet you’ve earned is now languishing forgotten and classed as an uncompleted offer.

      And thus begins the frustrating encounter with Sweet Collect Customer Services. The thing is by the time you realise that the company aren’t approving your sweets, you’ll have amassed quite a few and spent hours earning them. So while you might think it’s silly chasing missing sweets, it’s not, because when you’ve spent time getting them you want to receive the blasted things.

      Via the carefully hidden (ha!) ‘contact us’ button you can choose to either phone, fax, email or write to Sweet Collect to rectify any problems with your account. I’d suggest phoning (freephone) as faxes and emails tend to go unread and you end up having to phone anyway to see if they received the other communications! Also, when you phone you can pretty much demand your account is brought up to date because even the most loyal Sweet Collect staff sometimes seem genuinely embarrassed to be working for such a shoddy company! This doesn’t stop them being as unhelpful as possible, however. I had one parcel which was short 50-odd sweets, and when I phoned customer services I was bluntly told to take it up with Royal Mail despite the fact that the package had been unopened when I received it…

      If you don’t mind the monthly phone calls to customer services, it is possible to earn a lot of sweets in between your dispatch dates. You can expect to receive 3 or 4 parcels of sweets a year, and it’s up to how active you are on the site as to how much is in them. In two years I’ve earned a total of 3358 sweets, with another 496 awaiting dispatch at the time of writing. These have mostly been for completing free offers and doing the daily clicks, as I use proper cashback sites for my purchases so I can earn £7 - £8 rather than 8 Mars Bars.

      Rewards are extremely poor value when compared with other reward sites, for example one particular bingo site offers a paltry 5 bars of Caramac for joining and depositing £10 while I can visit another of my regular sites and earn a £20 Amazon voucher for taking up the exact same offer. Offers are limited too, very few sites seem to have an affiliation with Sweet Collect and the majority of their earning opportunities revolve around dodgy looking ‘win an ipod by joining and completing offers’ sites – these take you to sites which look very similar to Sweet Collect itself… Hmmm, call me cynical…

      Oh yeah, you’ll wait months for your sweets to arrive too. On the page which shows your approved sweets there’s an estimated date for dispatch, and (LOL) this date increases every day until you realise you’re always approximately three months away from getting a parcel of sugary treats! It’s such a terrible site, I almost feel ashamed of myself by giving it the slating I have because the site is such an amateur operation that it’s pathetic.

      I really wouldn’t recommend you join, knowing what I now know about cashback sites I’ll tell you to save your time and head over to ipoints.co.uk or testandvote.com. Anything, just don’t bother with Sweet Collect because you’ll probably be very disappointed.


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        08.02.2006 15:36



        Sweetcollect an easy way of earning masses of sweeties, but never actually getting any.

        I joined Sweetcollect back in the summer of 2005. Like many other users I fancied the idea of earning tangible rewards I could stick in my mouth.

        Having previously joined Mutual points and other such similar schemes (where one mysteriously ceases to receive emails as one nears the target payout point threshold) I thought Sweetcollect was a neat idea.

        Some offers are actualy useful, such as sweets for price comparisons on Kelkoo or Pricerunner. Searches on Lycos etc etc. It is very easy to accumulate a sizeable mass of sweets. Getting them is a completely different matter, however.

        I would say that I have been lucky in that I have received two packages in the 10 months that I have been a member, but one must wait a very long time and one must complain continuously in order to get it.

        While it is a nice idea, it is frustrating and unless you really do have way too much free time, I would give Sweetcollect a very wide berth and stick to buying your sweets from your local news agent.

        Recommendation AVOID!


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          03.01.2006 01:41
          Very helpful



          Join this if you have time and patience

          A friend sent me a link to Sweet Collect saying that if i joined i could collect sweets just by clicking on other company's websites.

          I thought hey why not give this a try so off i went to the website and was faced with a bright pink screen which really blinds you if you are not expecting it.

          So i started my registration which was a long winded affair, it said for every question i answered yes to i would get a free sweet so i went down the list clicking yes to some but had to watch out as some were ringtone clubs and wanted my mobile number it was only because my friend who recommended me to the site warned me that i said no to these but if you werent warned it would be quite easy to give your mobile no and before you know it have money taken from your phone every week/month.

          For every question you click yes to you get emails from so that you can join their sites, this generates a lot of spam that i wasnt prepared for.

          So once i had finally got through this list they said i had to confirm my email address in the email that was just sent, so once i done that i was able to have a good look at the site.

          The site although very bright in colour was infact easy to navigate through and they have what they call daily clicks which all you have to do is click on links to other websites or do a search etc.

          I faithfully done this every day until i had my minium 25 sweets before delivery could be made then i was told that they would be delivered in Januray 2006 and that they were in a queue (this was in October) so i thought lets keep this going its not long until January.

          As i collected more sweets which took ages to be confirmed to my account the further away the delivery date got, but they kept telling me i was in a queue, i thought that if you were in a queue, you should move closer not further away.

          So i emailed customer service and give them their due they were quick in replying but i had to laugh when i read the reply to sum it up basically they were telling me that the computer didnt know what it was doing and that it just took a date and didnt know when it was. I was really confused so i thought hey i am not going to waste my time on this site anymore.

          I had to get all the email addresses from the spam i was contantly sent and put them in my block senders list and through time i hope to get rid of the unwanted spam from the site.

          So i would say to you if you have patience and are willing to wait then go for it.


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            26.11.2005 17:57



            Good but be prepared to wait for reward

            Sweetcollect sounds a good deal if you like free sweets. However, if you like regular supplies they are not for you. They take months to approve your transactions and then you still have to wait for over two months before your sweets are shipped to you.
            Every day there is a section where you can click to earn sweets, most of these adverts are sites such as Kelkoo and sometimes need two clicks to earn the sweets. Most sweets are chews or pixie sticks but these can be substituted in the final package. Over all it's a good site that's undemanding if you are prepared to wait.


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              27.10.2005 22:38
              Very helpful



              Overall,their service is excellent,the sweets do arrive,e-mails do get answered

              I have been a member of www.sweetcollect.co.uk for a short while but was amazed how quickly my sweets began to grow.
              I stumbled across the web site in my search for freebies,i thought free sweets ? let's give it a go.
              The registration is quite simple,name, address etc.I then received an e-mail straight away from them with my log on details.Once logged in on the left hand side is a panel with various catagories to earn free sweets,the best one is 'daily clicks'by where you can earn various sweets by clicking on the list of provided companies every day.This can amount roughly to 24 plus one of them is unlimited !
              The delivery time can be a bit on the slow side,but this is mainly because they need to get the relevant data back from the companies members have signed up to before they can validate your sweets.This company will go far in my eyes, with already members in australia ,canada & america it's going to be worldwide.
              The downside is that some of the offers are for opening bank accounts,getting credit cards etc of which i wouldn't bother just for a handful of chew bars,but there are many more for just getting newsletters or registering to websites.Just about everything for everybody.
              E-mails from sweetcollect are sent out quite often with a variety of offers & competitions.
              When you have registered or joined companies you do receive lots of e-mails from them,but one of sweetcollect's policies is that those companies must have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of their e-mails so you can opt out soon after you have joined.
              Their customer service is excellent ,i e-mailed wendyharbourck@gmail.com over a small problem and received an e-mail back quite promptly from her explaining everything to me.
              They also have just formed a new forum www.swearch.com/forum/index.php
              which is connected to sweetcollect with any answers you need to know.
              I am earning my free sweets ,are you ?


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                21.07.2005 17:37
                Very helpful



                A lot of earning potential, yummy sweets but can take a while to ariive.


                When I worked for a particular internet firm (A very popular one), I used to find that I had a lot of time to browse the internet at work. A particular colleague of mine told me about the world of affiliate schemes and introduced me to many freebie websites. She would tell me about how she had earned £25 of high street vouchers from simply doing online surveys.

                Even though I was/am extremely experienced with the internet I hadn't actually come across this particular sector before. I didn't really know what to expect….

                Not long after hearing about all this "free stuff" from my colleague, I was tapping away at the keyboard - signing myself up to at least 25 affiliate schemes/freebies sites and gawd knows how many others that offered free things if you simply sign up to company newsletters, free prize draws etc.

                You name it, I signed up for it all in the coming weeks in the hope of earning absolutely anything. Anything at all! Free cash, free sim cards, free gadgets, free sweets, free books, free DVD's and CD's - absolutely anything and everything!

                I still had reservations though, my first reservation was "would I actually 'really' get anything from this" I wanted to believe that it was true but didn't want to be "naive" in the process by signing up for a change of Phone Company just for the sake of a few points or credits! I decided to go slow and review everything…..

                **Filtering the good from the bad**

                I learnt over a period of time, what the difference was between a good and bad freebie site. I learnt which sites had a good return of remuneration, which sites had realistic goals and which sites I actually enjoyed interacting with….

                Tip: You will get a lot of spam in you email inbox if you don't do your research first on particular schemes and sites. You need to check how reputable a site is by reading reviews first, DooYoo actually offers real consumer reviews on a lot of freebie sites.

                I realise now how it was not the cleverest of ideas to go entering my email address into every site I saw! I get on average between 50-100 spam emails a day from various companies/websites I don't want so please go into this with some common sense!

                This brings me to my review of www.sweetcollect.co.uk

                **Sweet Collect**

                The Principle:

                Basically, "Sweet Collect" believes that every time you click on an advert banner, or website, someone somewhere, gets paid in some form for that click you've just made. They decided that enough was enough and they would actually offer fairness throughout the system. So that everyone would benefit.

                Company Categories:

                You get all sorts of small to large companies (Or merchants) advertising on the "Sweet Collect" network. Some of the more popular and well-known names are; Virgin.net, Lloyds TSB, Debenhams, Jamster, Tru Print and eBay. Each and every advertiser offers a different confectionary type and in different earning amounts.

                There are so many categories to search through on this site that you will soon earn a lot of sweets.

                How It Works…

                …"Sweet Collect" advertise a 'company' on their website

                …Consumers (You and me) are then drawn to the site by the offer of free sweets

                …To earn free sweets you click on the 'company' advertisements

                …The 'company' then signs more customers and sells more products

                …The 'company' pays "Sweet Collect" for the advertising

                …"Sweet Collect" then remunerate the consumer with sweets

                Obviously this results in everyone getting 'something' from it.

                Types of Sweets:

                With "Sweet Collect", you earn sweets of all kinds. You can earn Sherbet sticks (Pixie sticks), Deep Sea Jelly Monsters, Double Dips, Flying Saucers (My favourite), Cola Cubes, Chewits, Pez and lots of chocolate - the type of confectionary is endless as is the earning potential.

                Every 'merchant' that advertises on/through "Sweet Collect" clearly agrees a contract with Sterling Rock (Owners of Sweet Collect). With every contract, comes the agreed earning potential that the consumer can earn in any 1 given transaction. Sweet Collect then clearly marks this on every advertisement on their site so that you know the earning potential for each and every merchant offer.

                Typical earning examples:

                Example 1: You will be awarded 1 x Fruit Salad Chew's for submitting a search on Kelkoo via the internet link provided on the Sweet Collect site. You would simply click the Kelkoo banner or link and you would be directed to the Kelkoo site where you would then perform your desired search.

                Click any search result and you have earned yourself a Fruit Salad Chew! These offers have real potential to earn a lot of confectionary.

                Example 2: You will earn 1 x Deep Sea Jelly Monster if you sign up to and bid on 1 auction on the eBay.co.uk website. You would again, have to click the banner/link on the "Sweet Collect" site to be diverted to the eBay registration page, you would sign up your new account, make your 1st bid and then eBay would confirm the completed transaction with Sweet Collect and your sweets would be approved.

                Another good earning type. We all love eBay so why not earn some sweets in the process!

                Example 3: You will earn 20 x Pixie Sticks if you use the link on the Sweet Collect site to order you're shopping with Iceland.co.uk. Again, the company would confirm with Sweet Collect that the transaction had been correctly completed then; the free sweets would be credited to your account.

                The way I see this is that if you are going to do you're shopping online anyway then you may as well get something for free with it. I also enjoy the fact you can get special discounts off your shopping too.

                There are other types of offers available - too many to list. These 3 mentioned are just the typical types you would come across very frequently.

                New offers are being added all the time so you would want to regularly log-into your account. You would also be emailed special offers to your specified email address (Given at the time of registering). These offers include the earning potential of new offers, special discounts and freebies. New offers can also come through in the form of what is called a 'Voucher Code'.
                These are special codes that are limited to the first 50/100 people who enter it into the 'Voucher Code' box on the left hand side of the site.

                If you are like me, taking advantage of the 'Search Engine' offers (Example no.1) where you simply click on a search result to earn a Chewit or Fruit Salad chew, it earns you a lot of confectionary. I love doing this!
                Obviously, Sweet Collect are aware of the huge earning potential of these offers so you needn't fear of 100's of chews turning up in the mail - the staff at the Sweet Collect HQ (in Corby, Northants) will substitute each chew for something bigger (At their own discretion), such as a big box of chocolates or sweets of higher value.

                How Do You Get The Sweets?

                After you have accumulated more than 10 sweets these will move to your 'approved' transactions page, ready to be processed for dispatch. Unfortunately this is where you get let down a little bit, by what is normally a very good site. Although you DO and I stress DO, get your sweets, they can take a while to come!

                Several factors come into this. Firstly the advertising company has to approve your transaction with 'Sweet Collect'.

                Sweet Collect will then mark your transaction as approved and it will move in to be processed. After sitting in processing for a while (My experience is anything up to 8 weeks) the status then changes to 'dispatched'.
                Its then in the hands of Royal Mail to get to your sweets to your front door safely and in a timely manor.

                All the packages I have received have been excellently packaged and nothing has ever been damaged but I know that this is not always the case. If you earn enough sweets on a regular basis you will actually find that you will get sweets through much more frequently. This is about the only downside to this scheme.

                A Brief Overview of The Website:

                This is a very simple website to navigate. Nice and clear so that you really cannot get confused. It's perfect for even the most in-experienced internet user. It loads very quickly even during peak periods of use.

                The homepage has several links running along the top and right side of the page to access different features within the site. This also includes a login and search box on the bottom left.

                It is a secure site so your information if more than safe. They also abide to laws of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

                They do use 'cookies' when you browse the site. This is done automatically so that they can identify your log-in and can collect demographic information to identify your browsing patterns.

                This really has no direct relevance to you unless you are using the site fraudulently.

                How To Create An Account & Navigate It:

                Creating Your Account: To do this, you simply go to the website's homepage - www.sweetcollect.co.uk and click on the 'Join' link. You enter your personal details and Sweet Collect will ask you to confirm you registration by clicking on a link in an email they send you to your specified email address (At time of registration). Once you have done this you will have the chance to earn lots of free sweets.

                Navigating Through Your Account: This is so simple, "Sweet Collect" has again, kept this easy for everyone. With the user panel link you can click through all your pending, approved and items dispatched transactions. Each transaction displayed has details of every sweet sent out and the date. This way you can keep a tab on your earnings.

                On the left hand side of your account, there is a vertical list of all the available companies/offers that are advertised on the site. These are listed in several categories so it makes it easy for you to find what you want, by advertiser type. You can perform a general search, browse by category, view all new advertisements and view all previous advertisements.

                There is also an advert on the homepage advertising 'Sweet Collect Island'.

                From my sources, I have heard this is going to be where you can play games to earn even more free sweets and ones of greater value. Stirling Rock is keeping it a secret for the moment, so nobody really knows exactly what this new site is going to be like….. It will definitely be big though whatever it is!

                If you click the link - it simply says 'Sweet Collect Island will be coming soon!' So watch this space.

                Terms & Conditions:

                Of course, like any freebies website there are terms and conditions to abide by. These are:

                • You must provide genuine details when joining Sweet Collect and validate your email address. If any details are entered incorrectly your account will be closed and any sweets in it will be lost. If a transaction is authorised but then the merchants advises Sweet Collect that the details entered were fraudulent then you may be asked to pay for the earned sweets (If they have been dispatched).

                • They can suspend your account for any reason at any time and can withhold your sweets, however apparently this is only done to accounts suspected of fraud.

                • If they are out of stock of a particular sweet then they may send a replacement of equal or greater value.

                • Sweets are only sent out when you have accumulated at least 10 sweets. However with some advertisers you can earn 10 sweets or more in one go so it shouldn't be hard.

                • There is only 1 account per a household allowed.

                • All members must be over 18.

                Pro's And Con's:


                I would highly recommend this site. It really does offer you great deals and you get paid by earning loads of sweets.
                You save loads of money on special offers and it's a great way to stay on top of the current offers available to the consuming world. Earning potential is virtually limitless and is a really nice surprise when you get you post in the morning.

                The staff at 'Sterling Rock' are very helpful so if you have a query or problem you can simply contact them via one of the email address's listed under the 'contact us' link (At the bottom of the homepage). You can also email the general 'Stirling Rock' email which is: danielle.cook@sterlingrock.net or ring 01536 461498 if you have any queries re: signing up, offers or remuneration.

                Consistently good 'special offers' straight to your email inbox.

                You will save a small fortune! I know I have.


                A downside of signing to 'Sweet Collect' is that you will get some unwanted emails, offers that you are not interested in. You do have to sign up to newsletters and competitions/surveys to earn your sweets - it not all like this though!

                If you really are one of those people who really detests ALL advertising emails, then I would strongly advise joining against this site.

                Unfortunately, as the merchant has 30 days to approve your 'advert click' it can take a while for your sweets to get to you.

                Partner Sites:

                There are few partner sites linked to 'Sweet Collect' as well such as:

                www.talkfreebies.com - (Find the best freebies sites with this one) Talkfreebies has a great community forum and competitions; you can talk about 'Sweet Collect' and get advice from other members. I actually won £300 cash in a referral competition - so it is certainly worth signing to this forum based site.

                www.alcopoints.com - Instead of earning sweets, you earn credits that amount towards a 'Threshers' gift voucher. You can pop down to your local shop and treat yourself to a bottle of plonk! All for free! Again, over 18's only please.

                www.swearch.com - this is a search engine primarily dedicated to all community members that are a part of any 'Stirling Rock' site. Search for anything, you could like me, even make this your default homepage!

                **My Overall Opinion**

                A great site to spend your valuable time on.

                Brilliant community spirit in the 'Talk Freebies' forum. A must for any 'freebie' lover!

                Simple/straight forward tasks for yummy rewards.

                Excellent special offers straight to your email inbox.

                Lastly, I hope to see some of you about in the forums. I love this site and will give you a warning - it's highly addictive!


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                  23.12.2004 19:40
                  Very helpful



                  Being a skint student and having too much time on my hands during those long student, summer holidays I ended up turning to the internet intending to make myself some pennies and grab myself some freebies. It didn't take me too long to stumble across www.sweetcollect.co.uk.

                  It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I signed up. They entice you with a free packet of sweeties for joining, and they inform you that they will send out your sweeties after you've collected 10 items. They also assure you that it is quick and easy to collect sweets.

                  Sign up is easy and straightforward, but unfortunately, everytime you choose to sign into the sight you have to go through a check list of sites that want you to sign up with them. You get offered a free pixie stick for registering with them, but saying 'no' to the offer everytime you sign in can be a bit of a pain.

                  The site itself is rather garish, with a lot of pink, but you can choose from a category list down the left hand side of the page to be taken to all the offers they have under that category. They do have a few offers where you get offered a sweet simply to click open a page or search around a site a bit, but most offers are from loan companies, credit card companies etc. which I personally would definately not be signing up for just because I'm being offered a free lollipop.

                  They also have a 'refer-a-friend' option where you get the chance to earn a small packet of Haribo for getting a friend to sign up.

                  True enough, if you scour the site for long enough and choose to participate in the offers that aren't going to ultimately cost you anything in money or hassle, you can earn your sweets relatively quickly and easily, but the sweets aren't often very exciting. They seem to give away a lot of pixie sticks, which are, I think, those little plastic tubes containing sherbet.

                  Unfortunately, you end up not getting 'paid' for a lot of the offers. I signed up for some forums as I was getting offered 30 pixie sticks to do so, but the 30 pixie sticks weren't added to my account. I've been talking to some friends who are members of this site and they say that this is a common occurance and that you can usually sort it out by emailing the site management. Personally, though, I don't think it's worth it doing an offer, checking constantly to see if it's went through and then having to ultimately email the management all for the sake of a chewit or a black jack!

                  Even though they say they send out after 10 sweets, you'll probably have gathered more than that before they even consider packing up your sweets. I had about 30 sweets when I began to get disillusioned with the site and stopped using it. After a month or so I checked back on the site to see that my sweets had now been packed in preparation for dispatch. That was about a fortnight ago and the sweets still haven't arrived. I do think they will get here, eventually, but I don't think it's right that they aren't more prompt with their dispatches. To make it worse, I heard that one member got her sweets sent out once and the right postage hadn't been paid on them, so she'd to pay the rest of it herself...hardly worth it for a 'free' reward site!

                  As far as reward sites go, I don't personally think this one is worth the hassle. I don't think they mean to make money through your clicks with no intention to pay, but I don't think they're a very organised or professional site and you could be waiting a long time to receive your sites, that is, of course, if you even get rewarded with the correct sweets for your clicks, anyway! All in all, I think it's easier to just go out and buy the sweets if you want them.


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                    19.12.2004 13:33
                    Very helpful



                    I joined www.sweetcollect.co.uk about five months ago, having a young daughter who loves sweets I thought it might be a good way of saving a few pennies, so signing up was very tempting when the site said that i could earn a free tube of Smarties just for signing up.

                    The site is easy to find, just type in the address above and you'll be taken there, on the first page you will see a form you have to fill in to register which is the usual name, address, email address and the adding of a password so that you can enter the site when you log on.

                    After you have filled in the form thwere is a list of other sites which you can join for which you will earn one pixie stick, which I presume is a stick of soft candy.
                    Remember thought for each site you sign up for there will be extra emails from them in your email box. I have lots of offers sent to me by some of these sites which I joined through sweet collect, yet so far I have not recieved any sweets at all.

                    I have logged onto the site and asked questions about where my sweets are and have no reply, so customer services are not as good as they should be, now after all this time I have had to unsubcribe to all the sites which are sending me spam and I have now resigned myself to the fact that there won't be any sweets arriving at my house.

                    If you have been thinking of joining this site, then I'd recommend you to think again, but on the other hand if you have already joined from the UK and recieved any sweets please let me know, as I'm interested to know if anyone has had their smarties.

                    The lay out of the site is good and the idea of the site is explained in an easy enough way to understand, it is also easy to browse, but if the payout doesn't follow then this site gets zero out of ten from me.


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                      11.12.2004 18:15
                      Very helpful



                      This is one of those rewards sites.

                      To access any area of the site you must be registered. Only one person can register per household and only email address per IP so if you're at school/college and do it through there you may well be stuffed.


                      These vary from tubes of sherbet - "pixie stix"- to chewits, fruit salad chew and fizzers to Dairy Milk bars.

                      It really depends on what the offer is as to what reward you get.

                      You can also get extra sweets for refering other people, using your referal link. These change from time to time.


                      Thes are updated quite regularly. There are some that you can do daily, such as search engines, and others can involve applying for loans and credit cards.

                      Most of them them though are to sign up to other sites. You need to watch this as a lot of sites, like jack pot joy and stricker million are owned by the same people. This means that if you join one you will automatically bejoined to the rest, and therefore won't be able to earn other sweets by joining them. So you need to choose which sweets you like the look of best.

                      ====Approval Time====

                      This has recently gone up from 21 days to 45 days. It has to be said that a lot of things do seem to go into your uncompleted list. Don't panic though. Many things wil be approved in time. I just had loads put through from months ago. It depends on each website as to how long - if ever - they get back to sweet collect.

                      ====How Long Does It Take to Earn Sweets?====

                      This varies. Some websites will get back really quickly and the sweets will appear in your approved list. You must have 10 approved transactions before your sweets will be sent for dispatch. Then it's pot luck as to when they get dispatch, but once they are, they'll be with you within a few days.

                      Getting 10 really isn't that hard, especially when you first join.

                      ====Customer Services====

                      From my experience they are very good. On the occassions I've had to email them, I've had a quick response and the problem sorted.

                      I'venever called them, always emailed. But I hear they are very polite and helpful on the phone.


                      From time to time, you'll receive an email with voucher codes. This enables you to take part in a limited offer.

                      They also run competitions too. They're currently running one to win a PS2.

                      Phone competitions are also run where you get sweets depending on how many questions you get right.


                      No they don't spam you. They do occasionally send you an email from a partner site, but you never get spammed direct from sweet collect.

                      ====Not into Sweets?====

                      Not a problem! You can sign up to be an affiliate. You'll get 50p for everyone who joins using your link. You then send an email to the company with an invoice and you get paid - good if you run your own website.


                      Yes if you have patients and I would also suggest creating an account that you're going to use for the other sites you join.

                      If you don't like enabling cookies - tracker devices - on your PC then there's no point in joining as none of your clicks will be counted.

                      The site does work and to prove it I've received over 400 sweets in a few months. Others who spend hours on it have earned thousands.

                      Thank you for reading


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