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Ta-da List is the web's easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn't be simpler.

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2009 19:40
      Very helpful



      An easy to use, straightforward site that does exactly what it's supposed to...but not much else.

      I'm one of those people who writes lists. Shopping lists, packing lists, to-do lists, you name it, I've probably listed it. Lately I have been incredibly busy and in an attempt to get less stressed and more organised I decided to find a website to help me keep track of to-do lists, as I'm on a computer all day at work and it's generally booted up at home.

      Ta Da Lists fits the bill as it is straightforward and easy to use, exactly what I was looking for. Although I don't have one, you can also use it on the iPhone (well what can't you do on them?!) making it even easier to get organised on the go.

      Sign-up takes just a couple of seconds and requires only basic information such as email address, username and password. Once you're a member you can create as many lists as your heart desires, all of which are for your eyes only unless you decide to share it with others, either by emailing it to them or declaring the list public and generating a link to reach it at. With this method people still aren't going to find it unless you link to it off your own blog, etc or tell them the link.

      Creating a list is so straightforward too. Give it a title, and click or press enter to start adding items. Press enter to add another, and repeat. Once you're done, there's no need to press save, just go about your day and come back when you're ready to check something off. Of course, you can always edit items on your list and delete them or the whole thing (although deleting items off your to-do list is cheating!). Printing, of course, is also possible.

      To mark an item as done, simply log in and check the box. The task will appear small at the bottom of the page with a check next to it along with anything else you have already completed. As you get through tasks, a bullet-point icon at the side of the list's title when you log in will get smaller and smaller. There's that satisfying feeling I write lists for!

      So there you have it, simplicity personified and a motivation to do those silly little tasks I would otherwise forget or be too lazy to do. I even have a list for things I've been meaning to review! A nice tool for people who need a little help in getting things done or remembered.


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