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  • Biodegradable bags
  • A fun website
  • Don't be silly there are none
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    5 Reviews
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      20.11.2014 22:55
      Very helpful


      • "Appreaciates customers"
      • "Creative company"
      • "A fun website"
      • "Heavenly tea"
      • "Biodegradable bags"
      • "Ethical company"


      • "Don't be silly there are none"

      Shall I put the kettle on love?

      We shop online with Ocado and its was sadly only this very year that I have been introduced to Teapigs, I'm working through the shame.

      Here's the naughty bit- the company was started by two people [I won't name, names, head to the website] who USED to work for OTHER tea companies! Shock horror and they started their business off the back of their expertise, passion and knowledge to deliver worthy tea to the nation and beyond!
      The website is great as it introduces you to the whole team so they add that personal touch.

      They believe in real quality tea and use biodegradable teabags temples[ as they call them] The mesh bag is in a triangle shape to allow the full leaf to develop and hence we taste the fullness of a good tea, and my goodness the teas here are amazing! And helps save the earth! Yay

      Having a strong ethical stance, they add their voices to help others, they are currently providing support for the Noel Orphanage foundation in Rwanda. The whole team helps raise money, pictues are available on the websites but what is more incredible is the difference the money makes. Website has photos on.
      This company is also working with the fairtrade rainforest alliance, these are truly good people.

      The Tea!
      It was a free sample in our Ocado delivery that got us hooked. We received Liquorice and peppermint and was bowled over. The site boasts of 75 different flavours, but I beg you to try the one I mentioned, the mint kind of pops in your mouth and is very refreshing, the liquorice is balanced very well and not to strong, only if you leave your teabag in longer than the recommended 2-3 minutes can you make it the strength you like, but too long and the flavour is crushed.

      Other awesome flavours are available such as:
      Chai Tea
      Jasmine Pearls
      Chocolate Flake tea [yay]
      Chilli Chai
      Super Fruit
      Spiced Winter Tea [ is amazing]

      They specialise in
      Green Tea
      Caffeine free tea

      The pricing is very fair, at first I was surprised, but now believe it really reflects the quality of the teas.

      For a box of 15 tea temples its £3.95 [Can use the bag twice we found.]
      Tea temple samples [yes try before you buy] two teabags for £1.30.
      For a box of 50 tea temples £9.95

      You can buy loose or bags, the choice is yours.

      The website is incredible and the company takes a cheeky step further by offering bulk buys or gifts packs described as:
      Adventurous Cheeky
      Ultimate cheeky
      Caffeine free cheeky
      Christmas cheeky
      Detox Cheeky

      Thier clearly is no end to their cheekiness!

      The website is clean, crisp, clear and just really fun and relaxed.
      There is literally something for everyone, of different tastes and styles.
      The range of equipment is very good, clearly you want to brew great tea so they provide the equipment and plenty of helpful tips and welcome any of your own too.

      Gift vouchers are available, tea for two sets, these people know their stuff.

      The site is very easy to navigate round which will take forever as once you go to one section another catches your eye.
      The delivery service was brilliant, quick and faultless.
      We ordered the promotion where you can choose any 12 tea samples of your choice for £15 and the delivery only cost £3.50 more.
      The samples were packed, surprisingly, into a white gift box that when you opened had another free sample and leaflets about their awesome green tea matcha range.
      Honestly we were so impressed and have used them regularly since.It was like Christmas when we opened that box!We definitely felt valued as customers.

      They currently have a Christmas shop filled with great ideas and stocking fillers.

      From the moment you go onto their website the whole online shopping experience is wonderful and the company is so professional in a laidback way.
      I would not hesitate to recommend this service.


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      02.05.2014 00:47
      Very helpful


      • "Vast variety"
      • "Great tasting"


      So many teas, so little time.

      I love love LOVE tea. I have 3 teapots and at one stage owned over 20 different teas. Obsessed? Me? Well... My collection tries to grow but I keep drinking it so when teapigs offered to send me samples to review, I was over the moon! They sent me a fantastic selection featuring mao feng green tea and super fruit. I was pleasantly surprised by their chai tea. I have so many which I simply wouldn''t repurchase but when I brewed this one up with some brown sugar and soya milk - YUM! At Christmas I ended up with 3 boxes of teapigs chai tea, as well as a box of their spices rooibos and chocolate tea. What can I say? My friends and family know me well.

      Generally I have no tea preference as it totally depends on my mood and hunger levels. If you are unsure which tea to drink, their website features a ''mood-o-meter''. Select how you are feeling and they will suggest a tea. Feeling adventurous? How about a chilli chai? Want something more indulgent? A chocolate flake tea is the one for you.

      Award winning teapigs is like no other tea I''ve drank before, and trust me, I''ve drank plenty. Their teas come loose or in biodegradable mesh pyramids aka tea temples. This give the tea room to move in order to brew properly. They only use ''proper'' tea. None of this ominous ''dust'' you see in other tea products. You can actually see the whole leaves, fruit, petals and even chunks of fudge depending on the product. Truly luxurious.


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      27.02.2012 00:40



      Tea for people who LOVE tea

      Seriously once you try their tea you will never go back to boring commercial tea bags. I've tried both the tea temples and the loose tea leaves and i'm in love. I've tried their super berry tea, yerba mate, mint tea, creme rooibos, to name a few. If you want tea that is full of flavour (that isn't just like cheaply flavoured hot water), isn't messed around with or trapped in a tea bag unable to infuse, then this is your tea. I also own one of their glass tea pots which is so pretty and fuctional, i love watching loose leaves brew and super berry tea temples infuse and burst with colour. And as if the amazing tea wasn't enough their customer service is outstanding, you get fast replies and they are more than happy to sort out any queries or problems you might have (if you have any at all!) with lightening speed.


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      22.07.2010 15:08
      Very helpful



      Perfect - worthy of a million stars

      Teapigs.co.uk is the online domain for shopping with Teapigs, purveyor of specialist teas and tea making accessories (whose products are also stocked and sold in select high street retailers and served in some of the best tea shops). Established in 2006 by Nick and Louise, the company prides itself on selling the finest, highest quality teas whilst, importantly, being ethical about it. They love to introduce new and unusual teas and aren't stuck in their ways.

      I am a self-confessed Tea-holic, I love the stuff and am always keen to try specialist, unusual, cheap or expensive tea; typically British, I believe that Tea can help heal the world (and it certainly helps sooth your soul when there's a drama going on or work's been pretty rubbish!). When I noticed a little Deli nearby sold 'Teapigs' a while back I had to try them, they just looked fab. I wasn't disappointed and have since become a tea-temple-addict.

      Back to the website, it is lovely. When I typed www.teapigs.co.uk in to the search bar and hit enter, the first thing I noticed was the pretty, subdued colours and cool 'moving' garden, complete with butterflies fluttering across my screen. It's gorgeously designed without being overtly girly. Muted lavender, olive and orange make up the earthy colour scheme. It's quite simple to navigate - you can either chose an icon from the 'garden', i.e. Orange film reel and frothing pop corn takes you to Popcorn Green Tea, or you can chose from the left hand menu.

      Refreshingly, the site is clear and simple to use. There are no complex drop down menus to navigate and adding a product to your basket couldn't be easier, (a nice touch is that you don't have to go in and out of your basket after every addition if you're shopping for more than one item) it's a couple of clicks away. Each product description is informative without being so lengthy that you lose interest. All of the product pages also include short snappy at-a-glance reviews and a star rating for the product - excellent for when you can't make your mind up! The pictures are crisp and clear, well positioned and generally have embedded hyperlinks (that is, if you see a picture you like the look of, click on it and it will take you to the product page, if you're not already on it). You don't get any annoying 'under construction' or 'oops, link broken' screens either, it's an established and well maintained website. I personally feel these elements bolster confidence when making an online purchase.

      The site is a sales platform for Tea; and although that is a clear message, it's not quite so simple - in fact - there's a whole lot more to explore. If you manage to tear yourself away from Tea Shopping, there's a main navigation bar just underneath the moving garden which includes simply named links to 'About Tea', 'About Us', 'Stockists', 'Ethics', etc all including information as their name suggests. Down the left hand side beneath the product links, there is the mood-o-matic teafinder, it's a sweet touch; you simply select your current mood from the drop down list and it suggests a suitable tea. Beneath the teafinder, there's a cute quote generator which displays a different quote on each page, usually focused on Tea or reflective of the ambience of the site.

      Aside from the content of the site (the products and information) I think my favourite element is the language style in which the site is written. It's informal, yet grammatically perfect. It's fun, without being childish or silly. It's simple and unassuming and down-to-earth, in other words, perfectly written for their vast customer base of tea lovers.

      Another spectacular highlight on the site is the blog which can be accessed on the right hand side of the homepage. It's updated regularly (how annoying is it when sites / blogs don't update for months!?), it features competitions, photos, information and fabulous recipes - would you believe you can make cup cakes out of tea leaves? Definitely worth checking out regularly. All in all, the site is bursting with well designed, easy to use features and articles of interest. Worth a visit whether you would like to buy tea or not!

      www.teapigs.co.uk is one of a growing number of sites who will accept paypal as a method of payment. Superb for people who are a little nervous about shopping online as you don't have to share your card details with the company. Though, it is important to note that, the payment system uses secure encryption when sending your details so they cannot be intercepted and used by supercilious online bandits. There is free postage on orders exceeding £25, orders below £15 cost £2.75 to ship and between £15 and £25 it's a bit more at £3.50 (may as well spend the extra £3.50 on another bag of tea then eh? Teehee...); for this you get first class post dispatched within 2 days of your order. They also offer other delivery options for world wide delivery and next working day courier service.

      Customer Service from www.teapigs.co.uk is exceptional. Aside from all the amazing work they do, tea tasting, visiting tea plantations, writing blogs and so on; they also reply to emails - not just automated, but in a real person fashion, replicating the tone of the website and dealing with your query, complaint or suggestion properly and timely. A refreshing attribute of customer service this day and age. Not only does their tea make you feel special, but they do too.

      Although this is not a product review, I am going to mention their products a little bit here. You will have deduced from this review that I cannot speak highly enough of the company and website. I absolutely adore the products they make too and they come with a colossal recommendation from me to anyone who appreciates a good cuppa...

      Rather than the regular tea bag, Teapigs use Tea Temples which are shiny mesh pyramids housing the proper tea leaves (not ground down to dust), with plenty of space for the tea to move about and infuse properly. They look beautiful (super-cool for entertaining, pop some in a gorgeous bowl and let dinner guests be surprised by their amazing taste), particularly the Jasmine Pearls Green Tea (look at it on the site; you'll see what I mean). Oh, and they are biodegradable too. Most important of all, they all taste incredible. My favourite is the Peppermint Tea, it's like nothing I have ever tasted, even posher and more expensive brands, the smell and taste is really full on, no nasty bitterness just delicious warm peppermint in a mug. The pricing is really competitive too for a personal and premium brand like this, usually you pay over the odds for such quality and service; for example, for 50 peppermint tea temples you will pay £9.49 which equates to 19p per cup - and they are worth every single, solitary penny.

      Time to wrap this up - you're probably on the site already, having left my review half read. If not, what are you waiting for, this is high quality, interesting, unusual tea at it's finest from a reputable, dependable and gracious company; in other words, a tea lover's ultimate indulgence!


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        12.11.2008 16:41
        Very helpful



        Teapigs.co.uk- Put the kettle on you are in for a treat!

        I was in a local coffee shop recently with my daughter who is a vegan.This particular cafe didn't have Soya milk so she decided to order peppermint tea. When it came I wished I had chosen it because it looked delicious. The tea bag looked like a little tent and it was served in a lovely clear mug as well. My daughter said it was the nicest tea she had tasted and I saw that it had a strange name- "Tea Pigs"

        When I came home I decided to look it up on the internet, but first I spoke to her boyfriend about it as he worked part time in a deli. Oh yes he said we sell those all the time and they are very popular and come in many varieties.

        If you visit Teapigs at www.teapigs.co.uk you will find a website devoted to every kind of tea you can imagine.

        The company was set up in 2006 by two people Nick and Louise who met while they were working for a much larger tea company. Both passionate about tea in general, but also aware that there are so many varieties which never get a chance to be enjoyed; they formed "Teapigs" so that tasting them became a reality.

        So what is the ethic of the company? They believe in rewarding the tea growers adequately for their product and have set up their Ethical Scheme. This means that they have made a pledge to help the people they work with. They are also committed to supplying the tea in the most convenient packaging using environmentally friendly materials. As my daughter is doing a degree In Sustainable Development they appealed to her and me and before long we were making up an order!

        To give you an example one of the teas they make is called Morning Glory and for this they buy tea from The Pfunda Estate which is in Rwanda. It provides jobs for 2000 people in the area and the estate runs a cooperative in the region of which 2563 farmers are members. It is a small estate high up in the mountains at heights taller than Ben Nevis.

        Sadly Ruanda has had a troubled history. Approximately 800,000 people were killed during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The systematic slaughter of men, women and children which took place over the course of about 100 days between April and July of 1994 will forever be remembered as one of the most dreadful events of the twentieth century. There are many orphans in the area many living in an orphanage just near to the Tea Estate who helps to support these children. Tea Pigs have pledged to support them over the next year by providing fruit to help to feed them.

        So to the teas -what a lovely array of choice.
        They come not in a bag but in a temple which is what I first noticed in the café -the triangle shaped bag! Made in Japan these are mesh bags which allow the leaf tea to infuse to create a lovely rich tea flavour. They also sell loose tea.
        My favourite is the Earl Grey which is made from Darjeeling tea grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and then added to bergamot citrus from southern Italy. I am a great lover of Earl Grey and this is the best I have tasted. It has a strong citrus flavour and is lovely with slices of lemon.
        Lemongrass is a lovely tea they sell which is a fresh drink ideal to enjoy on a summers day. They have summer flowers and chocolate flake teas and many many more!

        There is great fun on this website as there is an interactive "how am I feeling?" button to press which will generate a choice of teas to help your mood. I ticked "wrinkly and old" and it came up with a selection of five!
        If you visit their website it will tell you where your local supplier is and you can also mail order. Orders over £25 are free and at cost under that.
        Price for 15 tea temples are approx £3.49
        I think these make great presents and they also sell mugs and tea pots too!
        I know we are all cutting down on extravagances a bit with the credit crunch but these are a treat and I think you'll like them!


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