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    1 Review
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      20.01.2004 19:58



      This is a web site that is aimed firmly at the technically minded reader. This is the place to look for reviews of developer books, programming tools, tutorials, books on maths and stats, pop science and so on. While this might sound like a fairly limited scope, it does make the site well-focused. And the reviews are well-written and useful. If you're about to stump up £40 for a techie book it pays to do some research first... Aside from technical content, books are rated as to things like clarity, usefulness, target audience and so on. Good writing is highly rated, which is just as well since a lot of technical books seem to place so little emphasis on this. A big bonus of the site is that all reviews are categorised and indexed. This means that if you are interested in Java, for example, then it's just a case of going to the Java index page to see a listing off all the Java-related books that have been reviewed. Other specialist areas include Software Methodologies, AI, Programming etc. Finally, the site also promises tutorials, though so far there is only a single tutorial - a fairly detailed introduction to the SQL database query language. However, it's not all techie stuff. TechBookReport is also home to 'Meet Joe Bloggs' - an online techie soap opera - imagine Dilbert meets the Office. You don't have to be a techie to read it, just check out the last couple of episodes. Even if you skip the jargon it's still pretty funny (or so I'm told by readers - I'm the author so I'm bound to big it up...)


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