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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2011 19:01
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      Big scam. Don't use.

      If there was an option to use a negative voting slider, I would have used it.

      I am unsure if they are even related to Tesco or not, they have no customer support either by email or by phone (calling will just put you in a long ringing loop and then cut the call). I was naive enough to use this website and sent off a phone and have heard nothing since. No updates, no emails, no letters. Nothing. The worst thing is that you cannot even get ahold of them, I'm thinking that if I have a spare day I may well pay the address I sent the phone to a personal visit. As you can tell, I'm pretty annoyed, if this website is indeed affiliated with Tesco, then they really need to buck their ideas up, this is a complete shambles. I don't know what shenanigans they're trying to pull but it's just ridiculous.

      If this website has nothing to do with Tesco then I just thought I'd warn people about this, as they promise quite alot, but do not deliver. Avoid for your own sake!


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        14.06.2009 17:01
        Very helpful



        Go green and recycle your old stuff!!

        Do you have an old unused mobile phone and thinking of dumping it in one of the drawers or throwing it in the bin? Then, think twice- it could be worth something! Recycle your old phone- that's what Tesco mobile recycle is all about. I know that these days there are quite a few companies who recycle your mobile phone for cash or vouchers but what I found interesting about Tesco mobile recycling is that it accepts any phone. Well this is how it works.

        If you have an old phone, then just go to http://www.tescomobilerecycle.com/ or pick up one of the recycling prepaid envelopes from Tesco stores. If you go through the website, then you will have to enter your phone/address details and they will send you a prepaid envelope with a certificate of posting. They strongly recommend that you take to the post office and get it stamped rather than just dropping it in the post-box. Your phone will then be accessed by their team who will usually send you an acknowledgement letter within a 2-3 days saying that they have received your phone and will be dealt with ASAP. If your phone is one of their named ones on the list, then they will give anything from £5- £150 plus 200 Clubcard points or £2 to their selected charity- currently muscular dystrophy. You could opt to receive rewards either as Tesco giftcard or Tesco mobile airtime.

        I had 2 old phones- Nokia 6288 slide and an old LG phone- I don't even know the model name! I opted for giftcard and Clubcard points. As 6288 was in their list, it was worth £15 + 200 points. As I use points for different Clubcard deals, 200 points=£2 actual value or £8 in Clubcard rewards. I.e. in total I received £23 for nokia. The LG was not on their list so they just gave the 200 points which is still worth £8 in deals. So I bagged £31 from just some 2 phones lying around in the house. Cool!

        Previously when I said they accept any phone I meant that they give 200 Clubcard points whatever is your phone as long as it is in working condition. I think if it doesn't work, they still give 50 points=£2 in Clubcard deals. My LG phone was worth nothing in many recycling sites so I opted for tescos and also for my nokia- this was the one which totalled up the best. But bear in mind if you don't have a Clubcard or don't use it for Clubcard deals, then it might be better to trade your good working phone in some other site.

        If you want to recycle for airtime, then as a Tesco Mobile customer you will receive your top up directly to your handset within 3 days following receipt of your mobile phone

        Which are the best phones to recycle?
        I know this above question seems stupid when you just want to recycle your old phone, but it is good to know that nokia has a good value. LGs and Sony Ericsson has the least except for some of the latest models. I have noticed that many nokia phones even the old ones are of good value and not just in Tesco but many other recycling websites. I couldn't believe that when I was trying to buy the new phone with a new contract, I was thinking what will it worth after a year if I had to recycle it!!!!

        Terms and conditions for Tesco mobile recycling-
        1) There is a limit of five phones per Clubcard holder per calendar year
        2) The value displayed on the Tesco mobile recycle website for a mobile phone is only valid if the mobile phone is functioning.
        By functioning they mean-
        -include a working battery
        -switch on and off
        -contain a display panel which is intact and functioning and
        -not have been damaged in any way (by water or otherwise)

        What is your phone worth?
        These are just a few examples-
        Nokia N95 8 GB= £145+200 points
        Nokia E63= £80+200 points
        Nokia 6120= £20+200 points
        Blackberry 8900 curve= £60+200 points
        LG KF900 Prada= £100+200 points
        LG KE850 Prada= £25+200 points
        Sony Ericsson W960i= £40+200 points

        Sometimes it might just be better to sell some phones on eBay or other auction sites- well someone might need your phone or its parts!!

        Within 30 days this full process should have been completed- atleast mine was finished.

        What does Tesco do with your old mobile phone?
        Some phones are sent abroad to developing countries where they offer a lifeline in terms of communication in places where it is difficult to get access to a landline phone.
        If mobiles don't work and can't be repaired, they are sent to specialist companies who recover the tiny amounts of precious metals from the phone and the battery.
        Let's just say they will recycle it again in the most appropriate way- Well! Let's just hope they do!!!

        I hope you do find something worth in your drawers! Something worth a treat!;o)


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      Redeem your old mobile phone for Tesco Rewards.

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