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    16 Reviews
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      11.10.2010 11:25



      Terrible customer service.

      I have been a member of Toluna for a couple of years, and last year, having amassed quite a lot of points, decided it was about time to exchange some of those points for rewards - after all, that is the big incentive for us to partake in these surveys, isn't it?

      After claiming my Amazon voucher, I read that it would take up to 8 weeks for my voucher to arrive, via post. Fine, I thought. After 8 weeks, when the voucher had not arrived, I sent an email asking where the voucher might be, as I was perfectly aware it could have been lost in the post, or similar. When, after a week, I had no response, I decided to email again. Still nothing. And yet they still invite me to take more surveys.

      Long story short, it's been months of me trying to get in touch with them, to no avail. I find this kind of service appalling, as this company are supposed to have their questionees at heart. To not make good the promise you make to the people who make your business what it is, I think is a disgrace.

      I have cancelled my account with Toluna, and sincerely hope that others do not have the same unbelievably bad experience that I did.


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      19.09.2008 12:25
      Very helpful



      A pain in the arse

      I've wanted to do a review about this site for a while now, in order to warn people not to waste their time by joining this tedious, tiresome, irritating and an absolute pain in the arse of a survey site. About a year ago Testandvote.com joined together with Toluna and the site is now known as Toluna.com. They are principally a survey site where you receive points for surveys and the points you receive can be exchanged for vouchers. I have participated in quite a few survey sites over the last two years and I can assure you Toluna is one of the worst.

      The website is a cluttered affair and rather slow with pages taking ages to load. It is confusing to navigate and it will take you a while to find out where your account details are located and where the surveys you have taken are listed. You can also participate in opinion polls and register for product testing. I have registered for a number of product tests but never been allocated a product to test. I don't bother with them any more. The main purpose of the site though is for participating in consumer surveys.

      As mentioned you get points for surveys. The points system is very confusing and, as with many such sites, this is designed purposely so that members are always unsure as to how much they are being paid for surveys. Basically you need 60,000 points for a £10/£12 voucher. The main vouchers that interest me include Amazon (£10), Sainsbury's (£10) and HMV (£12). Over a period of roughly two years I have received two £10 Sainsbury's vouchers and one £12 HMV voucher... only God knows how many surveys and how much time it has taken me to get those vouchers. For a survey you receive between 1000 and 10,000 points depending on length. The majority of surveys have around 4000 points. A 5000 point survey will usually last about half an hour. So if you can work it out... it's less than £1 per half hour. As well as points you might also be entered for a prize draw upon completing a survey. Of course... I have never won one of these. But that's not the only problem

      Although the survey invitations via email are quite regular - in recent weeks I've been receiving about one or two a day - you will find that you will be rejected from at least half of the surveys you enter which is considerably frustrating and time consuming. In my experience the surveys issued from this site are also very unreliable and sometimes you will be locked out of a survey after nearly 20 minutes or half way through the survey will crash. Furthermore, for many of the surveys you complete, the site will fail to allocate points to your account. Because points are never allocated straight away (usually after about a month after the survey has closed) this can go unnoticed. For this reason it is important to keep a record of all the surveys you complete and make sure you keep hold of the survey emails that you receive. I am currently in contact with the site over six surveys that I have completed over the last three months (totalling over 30, 000 points). This is the third time I have had to do this since I joined the site about nearly two years ago. I will say that when you send an email to complain they are usually answered quite quickly, but because you have to complain so often it is a time consuming process.

      And if you do finally make it to 60,000 points and you order your voucher, you then have to wait... and wait... and wait for it to arrive. My HMV electronic voucher took a few weeks but my Sainsbiry's vouchers took between six weeks to two months to arrive.

      So to sum up...

      A cumbersome website.
      Unreliable surveys.
      Time consuming.
      Failure to allocate points for many completed surveys.
      Takes ages to reach your points target.
      Takes ages to get your vouchers.

      Conclusion = Stay away


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        03.09.2008 19:13
        Very helpful



        I'm waiting to see how long it takes to earn a voucher.

        I first joined test and vote around 3 years ago, I was collecting points quite well however for some reason I forgot all about it until the beginning of this year when I logged back into my account. I was pretty peeved to find that most of my points had been taken as they have a time limit on them - I did not know that or I might have been more vigilant in logging in for the polls ! I did not have enough points to get a voucher or anything good so I just redeemed my points for prize draw entries and closed my account.

        In the past few months people have mentioned to me that they are earning lots of vouchers from Test and Vote, so I decided to sign up again and this time make sure that I keep visiting the site to register for testing and to fill out the sponsored polls.

        It is easy to register, just go to the website and click sign up; you will be taken to a registration page where you fill out some personal details. You need to select a user name and password and you will also be asked if you wish to take part in surveys - I do not remember doing any surveys when I was a member before so for me it is an added bonus and gives me more ways to earn some points and with any luck I can actually earn some vouchers this time.

        If you wish to you can add a photo, I have decided not to as I am doing it more for the points and vouchers than the community interaction. You are asked to enter your postal address and some details about your education and employment, this is not mandatory but they say that entering this information will give you more chances to win prizes and earn points!

        When you have finished the short registration page you will be sent an e-mail with a link which you click to activate your account. Once you have activated your account you can begin earning your points.

        There are several ways you can earn points from Test and Vote - previously you could earn points by registering to test products, however I have signed up for some and have not received any points so I guess you no longer earn points that way. You can earn points by answering short polls, each poll rewards you with 15 points and there are literally hundreds of polls to answer. Another way to earn points is to answer surveys, however I have not been invited to any yet. When you join you can also answer questions for your profile, which will be used to assess your suitability for surveys. Each set of questions for the profile will earn you 300 points and if you complete all of the profile questions you get a bonus of 2,000 points.

        The points you earn with Test and Vote can be swapped for entries into 2 different prize draws, entries cost 1,500 points each. You are also able to swap your points for discount codes for 6 different online retailers, these codes are for between 10,000 and 30,000 points - personally I use none of these retailers so will be aiming to save for a gift voucher. There are 7 different gift voucher options, you need to accumulate a massive 60,000 points to receive a £12 voucher, the best vouchers on there are Amazon and Sainsbury however I think it is going to take a very long time to reach the required points level !

        There are other features on Test and Vote, you can create your own polls for other members to answer, there seems to be a bit of a community there, people add photos and as well as polls you can also ask questions and hear other people's views on different topics.

        I am going to work my way through the polls and see if I get some surveys and try and earn myself a voucher, it seems it will be a long time until I receive a voucher but I will keep plugging away and if it does not take too long I will stay a member, it is a bit tedious going through all the polls though, so I will only stay a member if I am able to accumulate points at a rate which is reasonable.

        I would say join if you enjoy expressing your opinions and have enough time to spare to sit answering the polls and if you do not mind that this will be a slow process.

        UPDATE -

        I have finally reached enough points for a paypout, I opted for the £12 Love 2 Shop voucher, delivery estimate was 3 months!!!

        I will not be continueing to try and earn points with this site it just is not worth the time and effort, I have changed my rating to 1 out of 5 instead of the origional 3 out of 5.

        Customer services were very abrupt and unprofesional when I had to contact them and the incentives for filling in the polls on this site are ridiculous.

        My only participation in this site will be signing up for product trials as all it takes is a few clicks and you could get to try something nice but I will not be wasting my time with answering their surveys ( 9 time out of 10 I get screened out after filling in LOADS of questions ) or their polls.


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          18.02.2008 22:11
          Very helpful



          Worth a new look.

          Toluna - A new name and Image for an old site.

          Carrying on with my reviews on survey sites, I couldn't find Toluna anywhere. Then I tried the old name, Test&Vote and browsed a few reviews to see if I had the name correct. The answer is that Toluna is indeed the old site, but smartened up and a lot easier to get on with.
          I have been a member for about a year, though I can't remember if I was referred by a friend or if they canvassed me. I belong to about ten sites and I've turned down a few that didn't appeal. There is only so much time in the day after all.

          So What's the new site like?

          In a word- vibrant. A lot of survey sites are cottoning on to the fact that they have competition for new members and this is beginning to change old and weary websites. The new site has a lot going for it and it certainly catches the eye. If I hadn't already been a member I might have joined on the strength of all the options now going on. As it was I was taken by surprise in November when after completing a survey I was shunted to the new site. I had to login and update my profile, but since I got points for this I didn't mind. The only beef I had with this is that I still have some parts of my profile that don't show as "completed". This is because I'm a wrinkly who can't afford/isn't interested in things like mobile phones and the latest technology. I don't have a car, I can't work and I don't play computer games. Hells bells...where would I find the time?

          Okay- back to basics.

          If you want to join it might take a bit longer than other sites as the more you fill in, the more you get invited to surveys. You do get paid bonus points for joining though, and extra points for each profile interest that you complete. These are in the process of changing over at the moment, so I can't give you an exact number, but they used to be 50 points.
          Another thing that's happening with survey sites is that they are getting to be a bit more like review sites, though not in any depth. Once you are a member of Toluna you can start moving around the site and getting to know it. It's worth the time as it can suit people who prefer short, snappy points of view. Apart from now being on the list for surveys, you can join in mini-polls, write your own, make short comments and even have your own space. Like dooyoo and Ciao, you can upload your photo or alias and start to join the community, though this is still in its infancy. An example of a few polls that I took today was on sex.
          Well it sounded like fun! I guess I'm fairly average as given a choice of what was most important in a relationship I didn't choose the word Sex, I chose love like about 70% of others.
          I haven't proposed any of my own topics yet, I'd like to see how that side of the community develops first.

          What about Rewards?

          Each survey taken is rewarded by about 5000 points on average for a 20 minute survey. They can be more or less and you also get a chance to convert your points into prize draws. Sometimes if a survey is a longer one the points are higher and you can get 100 points if you get knocked out. Mini-polls earn 15 points, hardly likely to earn much but they only take seconds. There are quite a lot of ways you can use your points. First there's the points make prizes. But if you prefer not to gamble then you can use points towards outings, meals, transport, I-points, or convert them into online vouchers or shopping vouchers. Generally you need 60,000 points for a £12 HMV, CD Wow voucher, but it's surprising how quickly the points add up. I traded mine in for a CD Wow voucher in December and received the voucher code two days later. As of today I am on nearly 50,000 points which isn't bad for a few months.

          You may think it's not worth joining another site, but I do find that I am usually able to complete one in ever two surveys. I actually completed two today, one for 5800 and one for 4500 points. The better deals are to use your points like Clubcard vouchers, to go towards a good meal out. At the moment I am saving my points to give my daughter a Red Letter Day.
          Available through HMV. So it's a question of choice and if you have the time. I must admit that I didn't do many surveys when they were Test&Vote. The rewards were okay, but the surveys took ages. One good thing is that you can answer the phone, nip to the toilet and still be able to complete the survey.
          I have left the test part of the site out as this is something I don't seem to get invited to try .
          I chose today to review this site as it's in transition and I think it's an exciting time to be able to join in at the start of something new and exciting. I really think this is going to become a model site in the future, so take a look when you can. It won't beat dooyoo (of course), but it's going to stir up the face of the future.

          I love the quote from the site.

          Knowledge is the true Opinion. Plato.

          ©Lisa Fuller Feb 2008.


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            05.02.2008 11:29



            interesting service

            I recently received an email from Testandvote. Clearly, this is just another commercial spam source, despite the stated policy of the opposite. Do we really need more well-pissing half-criminals like this, with greed as their sole motivation? I don't think so. Testandvote adds nothing of value, and serve only to pollute with their electronic garbage. It is a nice scam, designed to allure naive people into working for them for little or no pay. Before contributing to this, ask yourself if you want to be a useful idiot in filling their coffers, or whether you could do something good and useful with your time instead. My recommendation would be to avoid at all cost. There are plenty of lazy people who would rather exploit the gullible than actually hold a job, I don't see why anybody should support them. This is a scam, and a vaste of electrons. I hope they rot.


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            11.10.2007 18:33
            Very helpful



            A fairly easy way to earn rewards for opinions

            I have been a member of test and vote for some time now, at lesat a year but maybe two. I have tried many of these rewards sites but I have found this the best.
            It is pretty easy to register on the site and there are always ways to earn points. When you first register you can complete a profile on yourself to earn a good amount of points to start you off.
            You can earn points by doing quick votes, these earn you 15 points each and there are always new ones to to. You simply answer a multiple chioce question for each one.
            You can earn points by registering to test products. You simply answer two questions. If you are selected to test the product you can earn a lot of points this way, 10000+ as a guide. I have only been selected to test one product so far though!
            You can also earn points by doing surveys which they email to you. However you will have to answer a few questions first to see if you meet their criteria for that particular survey. These surveys can earn you thousands of points aswell, but some can take up to half an hour. Sometimes I find my inbox full of invites to surveys but other times I go weekes without one.
            Once you have got your points you can exchange them for tickets for their monthy prize draws, although they do give you a certain amount of free entries.
            You can also exchange them for vouchers or discuounts from hmv.com, halfords, miles and more, cd-wow, the beautiful company or drinkstuff. You can also exchange them for i-points if you are a member.
            You will need 60000 points for some of these.
            Since being a member I have managed to earn around 90000 points without trying to hard. I do not go onto the site every day or even every week.
            If you are looking to join this site I would definately recommend it.


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              06.07.2007 18:10



              One of the best reward site offer different rewards for filling surveys

              Its been more than a year since I have been a member of test and vote. I have gathered nearly 2and a half hundred thousand till now by participation in the survey invitations. The site offer surveys to their members and in return credit with the points . The points range between 1000 to 15000. The surveys are easy and interesting.

              I always check the choice of reward before becoming a member of any site here I found pixmania and Amazon vouchers were available to redeem . Once I tried to en cash the Amazon vouchers but slowly slowly these options were taken away. Now number of other options available like HMV vouchers, CD wow, Miles and more and ipoints. I find ipoints best as ipoint is itself a reward site (I am also a member there). Ipoint is a good site but the conversion of test and vote points into ipoints is really unfair that is 50,000 redeem into 1500 ipoints (which is equal to nearly £5).

              Apart from conversion overall the site is reliable, good and interesting. The site also offer lottery system but I am not interested but there are loads of people who must find this option interesting and loads of different music vouchers for music lovers and young people. There also tester product system . I have never receive any product though but I find it interesting. There are quick surveys available on the site and participation credit the points.

              I am happy with the sites but still did not redeem my points as waiting for better reward site might add then I will redeem my points. I wish there might any jewellery vouchers, Paypal, phone credit or Amazon voucher also add for people like me.


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                27.06.2007 22:46
                Very helpful



                A nice little earner!

                There are many many sites out there on the worldwide web these days that give you a reward for givng your opinions, taking part in surveys, and testing products.

                When I joined Dooyoo, almost 2 months ago, I had never been on a reward site before. I guess Dooyoo got me a little hooked! I read some reviews on Dooyoo about other reward sites, and decided to give a couple of them a go. I signed up to Valued Opinions and Test and Vote on the same day. As yet, I haven't really been offered much from Valued Opinions, and have had alot of use out of Test and Vote so far, so that is how I have come to review this site.

                What is this site all about?

                Test And Vote are a french company who research opinions and feedback on products from hundreds of different companies. The members on this site are the people who do this, and earn a fair amount of rewards for doing so. You build up "points", just as you do on Dooyoo with miles, and convert them into vouchers, or other offers they may have at that time. I will explain a little more about the points and how to get them as we go along.

                The ways in which they do their research, broken down is easy to use and very self-explanatory on the site. Alot of sites like this can be full of jargon, and have "busy" pages, with so much information on, you don't know where to look first, which not only becomes confusing, it makes the site hard to use. Test and Vote isn't like this at all, and the web pages are laid out in a very clear, simple and easy to navigate way. I have found, however, that if you access the site between 6pm and 8pm, the site is very slow to run, and at the moment (it is 7pm now), I have just tried to log-in and can't as the site is down. It also logs me out automatically after about 5 minutes, whether I am active on the site or idle, during these times. I guess the site is just very busy during this period.
                The ways in which you can make points, are as follows:

                ~Signing up~
                Signing up is very easy, just clicking on register, it guides you through how the site works, and how to create your account. Nothing different to any other site out there to be honest. Just by signing up to this site, you get a huge amount of points. You get 1,500 points for just signing up. Then, there are small questionnaires to fill in about you, and you get 500 points each for them. If you complete all of these, and I think there are around 15, you get awarded a further 2,000 points for your trouble. So in total, if you sign up and fill everything in, you are awarded a massive 11,000 points. The questionnaires also increase your chances of being selected for surveys too, so it is a win-win situation for you, as long as these are filled out.

                Test and Vote send you surveys via email and the reward for these can vary from 3,000 to 30,000 points. So far, the highest amount I have got from one survey is 10,000 points. When you sign up to the site, you fill in a series of questionnaires which they use to determine if you are "matched" for taking part in any particular survey. They only have a set number of people needed for each survey, but they will send the survey out to alot more people than this needed number, so this means you have to be quick. If you are not fast to respond, sometimes the number of replies back from the survey has already been reached, and enough members have filled the survey in, so you will get a pop-up saying you are not required as the number of people filling the survey in was reached. This means you have missed out on earning miles, so responding fast is a must. I have missed 2 surveys this way, missing out on 14,000 points.
                Occasionally, you need to answer a couple of questions to see if you are suitable for the particular survey, and if you do not match the criteria they are looking for, it will boot you out of the survey. This has also happened to me twice.
                I have had 9 surveys sent to me in 2 weeks of being a member, earning me so far, 24,500 points just for the surveys I have filled in. These points do not get credited to your account straight away though, and can take up to 28 days to appear. I have had 4000 of these credited so far to me, so I keep a note of how many points are pending, to keep track of this, as there is nothing on the site showing pending points. I only filled out 3 of the surveys in the last 3 days, so I don't expect them any time soon, having said that my 4000 points were credited the next day so it is a little random on how and when they credit you.
                The surveys can be about anything and everything. I have had car, cinema, shopping, advertisments, and magazine surveys so far, and they are very easy to fill in, usually multiple choice questions which you just click on which ever answer is closest to your own thoughts.

                Opinions are part of this site, but don't work like Dooyoo or general review sites. You basically select your topic, and you write an 80+ word opinion on it. These topics vary from products, films, people, politics, advice - very similar to Dooyoo products really. For each opinion you write, you get 100 miles. You don't get any more points for member reads, and there are no crowning systems in place. You get your 100 points, and that is it, so I generally keep my opinion writing to around 100 words, as there is no point in writing a detailed review.
                The opinions are verified by Test and Vote first before they appear to other members, and you are credited as soon as this is done. I have written 7 of these so far, and have been credited within around an hour of submitting each one.
                There is a system in place, for rating reviews, but there is no explanation on how this works anywhere on the site. So far, I have been awarded an extra 5 points for one of my opinions, and a number 3 has appeared next to it. I have no idea how this system works, as there is nothing on the site telling you about it, but you can rate other members opinions, so this must be connected somehow.

                ~Quick Votes~
                Quick votes are a very fast way to earn miles. They are 1 question surveys and mulitple choice. On the Quick Votes page, you simply have a list of questions. Underneath a question you click on "participate" and a drop down menu appears consisting of answers. You select an answer and that is it. You can only answer each question once, and for each one you are awarded 15 points. It took me around 10 minutes to answer about 50 of these questions earlier this week, awarding me with 750 points.
                New questions on the quick votes page are added, usually daily, so there are always ways to make points.

                ~Test Area~
                Test and Vote offer products for you to test out. These can be anything from a hairbrush to a sat-nav system. You register yourself to test a product, by clicking on it, answering 2 questions and if you are selected, the product is delivered to your home address, and you review that product. If you are selected, you also get to keep that particular product. I have registered for 3 of these so far, but haven't been selected, but it really is pot luck and a prize drawer as to who gets this.

                What are the points worth?
                The rewards on this site are very good, and although they don't offer cash I still find them very worthwhile:

                You can exchange some of your points to enter competitions, by exchangin 1,500 of your points per month you can enter a prize drawer to win £1000 cash.
                (When you sign up to the site you are given one ticket for that month's cash draw, free of charge, on top of the points you get for signing up)
                You can exchange 500 points you can enter an Itunes prize drawer to win one of 25 £20 ITunes cards each month.
                You can exchange 1500 points to enter a "Miles and More" competition to win "Miles and More" points.

                *Straight Claims*
                5,000 = 7.5% discount at thebeautifulcompany.com on all purchases
                5,000 = 10% discount at drinkstuff.com when you spend £50 or more
                40,000 = 1200 ipoints
                60,000 = 600 bonus "miles and more" miles
                60,000 = £12 HMV voucher
                60,000 = £12 Halfords voucher
                60,000 = £12 Cdwow voucher
                160,000 = Priority pass to give you access to 500 VIP lounges in 275 cities worldwide
                How can I track my progress?
                The is a tab at the top of the page called "Personal Area". This page gives you access to your profile, what points have been awarded to you, and for what, and on what date. It tells you if you have a any prize draw tickets for that month and if so, you ticket number. Here you can update your profile, and personal details, along with check any messages you may have recieved from other members, although I don't think the messaging part of the site is used, apart from by people that probably already know each other.
                You can also refer friends to Test and Vote, and each person that signs up that you have "recruited", you get awarded an extra 500 points per person.

                Overall Opinion
                I think the site is a very nice little earner to be honest, and I have clocked up, including pending points, in only 2 weeks - 39,760 points. I am getting an email every other day or so, with a new survey, and write 2 opinions every other day or so, which take no longer than 10 minutes. I also do the new Quick Votes every other day, and in total, probably only log-in for around 30 minutes every other day, and that includes filling out the surveys.
                The site is french owned, and occasionally there can be a faullt in site where certain parts of the page are in French, but if you log out, then back in again, then it usually corrects itself, and I have only seen this twice in a fortnight.
                I am going to opt for the HMV vouchers, which are sent my email, as this is probably the only thing I will use, but I'm more than happy with that, as I shop with HMV quite a bit.
                The only downside to this site, is that there isn't really a community, there is a messaging system in place, but as quick vote, surveys and product tests are all anonymous, then you don't really get to mix with the other members, apart from on the opinions page. There is a private messaging system to use if you want to, but as yet I haven't spoken to one single member, or nor do I know any members of this site. The only reason I think you would need to message someone on this site, is to ask a question about how it works in some way, I don't think it is a "community site", in the way that Dooyoo is.
                All in all, it is a site I have running in the background on my pc every other day or so, making a little bit of pocket money at the same time.

                For more info:



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                  19.03.2007 13:20
                  Very helpful



                  Great for someone with a lot of spare time, quite a bit of input required.

                  Reward sites, hmmm they can be great little sites providing that you get a good deal, I am a member of a few Pigsback, Test and Vote, Just the Answer, Global Test Market, Shop and Scan etc so I have decided this year to just opt for the ones that are really worth my time as there are some I could be clicking for years and only earn a fiver now that is not my kind of thing!

                  So what is this site all about I hear you ask, well it's yet another survey site promising big rewards for a few minutes of your time.
                  Test and Vote is a company that specialises in surveys and collecting consumer opinions ranging from retail products to shows on TV.

                  *~*How do I become a member?*~*
                  As with most sites you will need to click on the register option providing the usual details such as name, age, gender, address, date of birth, marital status, who does the household purchases and what not. You will also be required to select a username and password to access the site on each visit, mine remains the same on all sites.
                  Once you receive confirmation that your username is active you can logon and start collecting points.
                  Registration will earn you 1500 points and if you refer a friend you can get a further 500 points for every referral.

                  *~*Earning Points*~*
                  Theme Based Profiles = 500 points
                  Completion of each theme based profile will reward you with 500 points, these can be accessed at the very top of your personal area, points are credited immediately upon completion. Once you complete all of the topics you will receive a further 2000 points.

                  Quick Votes = 15 Points
                  These are short multiple answer polls on a range of topics and update regularly.

                  Surveys = 1000-20000 points
                  Surveys are delivered direct to your inbox containing a link to take you through to the survey; they will advise the approximate time needed to complete the survey and the number of points that will be credited upon successful completion of the survey.
                  In my opinion this is the best way to earn points on the site as well as the quick votes. Normally there are no more than 2 invites per month for surveys and they vary from 5-15 minutes in length giving you between 7-10 days to answer the survey before it is closed.

                  Opinion = 100 points
                  On the site you will find a number of topics where you can leave your own opinion, you must use at least 80 words once your opinions have been verified they will be published within 24-48 hours.

                  *~*Product Tests*~*
                  If you should ever be so lucky as to test a product you will earn 500 points. I have been a member now for 2 years and have never received a product test from Test and Vote, a friend of mine has received one a while back but says she never gets emails inviting her to test the products, after reading a few reviews it seems there are very few people that have had the benefit of testing products.


                  500 points = 1 iTunes Game tickets, these will enter you into the draw to win one of 20 monthly prizes of £25.00.
                  1500 points = 1 prize draw entry to win £1000 cash
                  40000 points = 1200 ipoints
                  50000 points = 1500 ipoints
                  5000 points = 7.5% Discount on all purchases from thebeautifulcompany.com
                  5000 points = 10% Discount on all purchases over £50 at Drinkstuff
                  60000 points = 800 Lufthansa Miles and More points
                  60000 points = £12 CD Wow Voucher
                  60000 points = £12 Halfords Voucher
                  80000 points = £20 HMV Voucher
                  80000 POINTS = £20 Pixmania Voucher
                  160000 points = Priority Pass entry into Airport Lounges Worldwide

                  Once you have the relevant number of points you simply visit your personal area to exchange the points over, I tend to exchange for ipoints as they build up pretty quickly with other partners I use on the site and can be exchanged for lots of different items at no additional charge. However the HMV and Pixmania Vouchers can give you a better deal if you use them, in my case I do not.

                  I have entered the prize draw a number of times but as with many prize draws never won however I do try to have at least one entry a month.

                  *~*So is it worth it?*~*
                  Yes, actually I have just ordered my first reward by transferring test and vote points over to ipoints and have Borat on route for my other half. The surveys are interesting enough the last one I had was on butter and the adverts recently on tv which had my partner wondering what I was upto on the pc. The more profiles you complete the more opportunities that are sent to you, I have a few questionnaires that I have completed and got all the way through, however some still ask you the screening questions and turn you down which always disappoints me as I like to earn points at every opportunity.

                  Believe it or not the rewards are easy to get as the surveys pay a lot better than Ciao for instance that offer 35p for a 15 minute survey which takes forever to complete. I have had no problems with points not being credited as they always tend to get credited at one stage or another. If you like surveys then this is your thing, they are more interesting however I do wish that more were sent.

                  A great little earner.


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                    09.12.2006 18:31
                    Very helpful



                    Well worth signing up to

                    Today I managed to withdraw “money” from test and vote for the first time so I thought I should celebrate this by writing a review about them. I say “money” because you cannot actually choose to withdraw your points as cash. Instead, once you reach 40 000 points you can choose to convert them to ipoints, a £10 HMV voucher or 60 000 points will give you a £15 Pixmania voucher. Apart from this you can also choose to buy tickets for the monthly draw in which you have the chance to win £1000 each ticket costs 1 500 points. I decided to convert my points to ipoints and will receive them within 3 – 4 weeks according to the site.

                    In order to earn points you can take part in quick votes – each will give you 15 points. These are updated regularly so you can earn quite a few points from this in my experience. You can also take part in tests, you get 75 points when you sign up for them, However, I have never been chosen to actually do any of the tests which range from toothpaste to playstation 3. Referrals will give you 500 points, which I think is generous and then there are always the surveys which can give you anything from 1 500 up to 15 000 points. I do have a problem with these though as many times I have been thrown out after a very long time, 15 minutes or so and when I have complained I have just been completely ignored – not good customer service at all!

                    Registering is very easy; the usual form with the usual information and you will get 1500 points just from signing up.


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                      28.04.2006 14:09
                      Very helpful



                      A fun to use survey site that does pay eventually

                      Test and Vote (www.testandvote.com) are the newest addition to my list of favourite money-spinning websites. Unlike most survey sites that simply send you emails to alert you to surveys to complete, at Test and Vote there is a range of ways to earn points which helps them to add up quite quickly.

                      Run by To Luna, a French market research company, membership is available worldwide without any age restrictions, and you can view the website in several languages. More than one member of a family or household can register.

                      The website is very easy to navigate and clearly laid out. Registration is a simple process requiring just a few personal details and the usual choice of username and password.

                      You can earn points by completing surveys in the usual way - you fill out some detailed profiles, they send you an email with a link to a survey, and you will be rewarded with points if you complete the survey. Points for surveys range from 2000 right up to 10,000 points.

                      However, they also award you points simply for registering (1500) , and more for filling out the profiles, so you are ahead even before you begin! The profile topics are home, work, internet, finance, travel, video games, health, cosmetics, food & drink, media, sports, car and high technology and you will get 500 points for filling out each one, plus a 5000 bonus for filling out all of them.

                      The site itself has an area called "Quick Votes" which are mini (one question) surveys, and for each one you do you get 15 points. These change periodically so it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the site every so often. They are randomly generated and you only get to see six at once, so it can be quite irritating when you are trying to find new ones to answer!

                      There is also a Test Area which is worth looking at, where you can register to receive products to test (you get 75 points for registering for each product whether you are selected to receive it or not.) I've not had a product to test yet, but since you get points simply for registering it seems worth doing.

                      A final way to earn points is to refer other people - for every person you refer who signs up you get 500 points (even if they sign up and then aren't active).

                      When you have collected enough points, you can spend them in one of three ways - Amazon vouchers, Pixmania vouchers, or lottery tickets for the monthly prize draw of £350. 40,000 points equals a £10.00 voucher - which may sound like a lot of points, but they quickly add up. The vouchers arrive within about 4 weeks of you requesting payment on the website.

                      I've never had unwanted emails from using Test and Vote, or an inbox full of newsletters that I don't want to read. They value your privacy and hence I would recommend them.

                      You're never going to get rich by using Test and Vote, even if you use several other survey sites, but I do like the odd extra amazon voucher finding it's way into my inbox. I got my first £10 voucher within four months, which isn't bad at all in the survey world.


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                        18.04.2006 15:31
                        Very helpful



                        A survey and voting site enabling you to earn points to convert to vouchers.

                        In my continued quest to make a bit of extra money while still remaining in my cosy and warm house, I came across yet another site promising me multiple rewards for relatively little effort. This time it was in the shape of “Test & Vote” which is the English equivalent of a French based site in the form of “To Luna.” The headquarters of the company are based in Paris, France and have been situated there ever since the site was set up over 10 years ago now. The basic premise of the site is simply explained in the actual site name, participants are rewarded with points for testing products and voting on various issues – voila!


                        Now the first point to make is that registration is completely free, with some sites in the past I’ve filled out all my details only to be informed of a registration charge right at the very end! The whole registration process is very straightforward and takes about 2 minutes; you merely have to fill in a single page of questions including your name, address, date of birth, username, password and then some more general questions on your shopping habits and employment sector. After that your email address is validated by clicking on a link that will be sent to your email account and you’ve got your account all set up!

                        Once you sign in you’ll see that your account has already been credited with 1,500 points merely for joining, it’s easy to increase these points right away! The next step in the registration process is to fill in some short surveys (consisting of between 2 and 20 questions) on a variety of topics including health, car and mobiles, you’ll also see that you earn points for filling in each of these profiles.. It’s best to fill these in as once you have the company will create a profile of you and therefore you will then be eligible to complete surveys on certain topics that match your criteria.

                        The Site

                        The actual site is fairly straightforward to navigate around with links being clearly highlighted in the text. The majority of the site consists of a white background with the logo at the top of each page. Beneath the logo is a list of tabs which will take you to various areas of the site which are detailed below.

                        About – this is basically the welcome page to the site and gives a brief introduction to the company, who they are and what the site is actually there for.

                        Registration – this is the link needed when you first visit the site to allow you to join, there’s a little text explaining the process and then a link at the bottom of the page “more” which will allow you to join.

                        Personal Area – this is probably the most important section of the site once you’re a member as it’s from here you will be able to see your points balance, your rewards and also edit your profile at any time. There’s two links at the top of the page allowing you to edit your general profile or your smaller theme based profiles and below this is what looks very much like a bank statement listing all your points. Each points transaction is shown here by a title (e.g. quick vote, survey) and then to the right you will see the amount of points for that particular action. At the very bottom your total amount of points will be shown as well as the various reward options offered by the site (these will be discussed shortly).

                        The next three links along the top of the page are quick votes, test area and rewards which will all be discussed in more detail below as let’s be honest, the rewards and how you earn them are clearly the most important part of the site!


                        Before I discuss what rewards are actually available on the site I thought it might be useful to inform you of how you can actually get these rewards. There’s basically three main ways to earn points on the site; surveys, quick votes and test area. Surveys are sent directly to your email address and contain a link to the survey, the general topic of the survey, the points you will be rewarded for participating and the time needed to take the survey. The surveys are on a variety of topics, in the past I’ve answered questions on new food products, my personal finance and car security systems. In general the surveys take between 10 and 20 minutes, the longer they take the more points you’ll earn and I’ve always found them to be very self explanatory. For the average survey you’ll be rewarded with between 3,000 and 30,000 points depending on the length and the depth of answers.

                        The second way to earn points is by completing quick votes which are accessed via the quick votes link on the menu bar. These are basically questions that require you to simply mark a box if any of the answers apply to you, for example… “Do you own/drive one of the following cars? Volkswagon, Audi, Skoda, Seat, None of these” and “When is your home insurance due for renewal? January, February, March, etc.” So as you can see these questions are extremely quick to answer, by clicking on the question you’ll be presented with a pop up window with the various answers and by submitting your own answer you’ll be able to see the overall results collected. Each quick vote is worth 15 points and when you can answer about 10 of them in 3 minutes it’s not bad going! There’s always new quick votes going up on the site and at any one time there’s about 50 available, turnover isn’t that quick and I often find that questions I answered about a month ago are still on the site. In that sense you can afford to visit the site quite rarely and be able to answer the maximum amount of questions.

                        The third and final way to earn points is by participating in the test area of the site. The company regularly test products on members of the site to get their views for the manufacturers. Current products available test include mint and chocolate flavoured tea, the Motorola razor phone and a pop corn machine. In order to be selected to test a product you need to register for it whereby you’ll be asked two simple questions, firstly have you ever heard of this product and secondly have you ever tested this product. By answering the 2 questions which takes under a minute your account will be credited with 75 points for simply ticking 2 boxes. If you’re selected for the test you’ll be informed by email and then have the product and the instructions sent out to you – it’s an easy way to get some freebies! I’ve only been successful for one test and that was for a new kettle out which I got to keep after testing it! You can see a list of all the previous tests on this site as well as viewing the members who took part in them and the findings as well.

                        And finally the actual rewards, the best bit to any site! There’s several different reward options offered on Test & Vote but sadly these don’t include a cash option. However 40,000 points will entitle you to a £10 Amazon voucher or a £10 Pixmania voucher. You can also convert your points into lottery tickets whereby 1,500 points will get you 1 ticket into the monthly draw to win £1000. Lastly a new incentive on the site is to convert your points into Itunes lottery tickets to enable you to win one of 1,250 songs each month from Itunes – this is new this month so I can’t really comment on it! With regard to the Amazon and Piximania vouchers you merely log in and select the type of reward you’d like, then within about 3 weeks you’ll receive an email with a redemption code in enabling you to use them on their appropriate sites.

                        My Opinion

                        I’ve been a member of the site for about 6 months now and in that time I’ve had 4 £10 Amazon vouchers and am close to my 5th as I write this. When you think that if you complete 4 surveys a month and answer a couple of questions you can receive a £10 Amazon voucher it’s not bad going. I would recommend that you do save your points and use them to obtain vouchers rather than entering the monthly draw as the chances of winning are quite remote – unless you’re more lucky that I am!

                        So how often do I participate in the site to earn my vouchers? Well, I tend to get between 1 and 2 survey offers each week for between 3,000 and 15,000 points depending on their length. I also try to visit the site about once a fortnight to participate in some quick votes and the test area too. You can also earn 500 points for referring a friend (so if anyone does want to join let me know, hint hint!) and when they complete their profile questions your account will be credited with the points.

                        I’d certainly recommend joining to anyone who has a few minutes to spare every week or so and doesn’t mind answering a few non-personal questions. There’s also no limit on who can join as there’s no age limit specified on the site. If you’re a regular user of Amazon or Piximania then it’s well worth it to save the odd £10 here and there, very welcome around Birthday or Christmas time as well!

                        Thanks for reading!

                        www.uk. testandvote.com


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                          11.04.2006 19:58
                          Very helpful



                          Another survey company paying vouchers

                          I have been a member of the Test & Vote are a French survey site for just over a year now and in that time I have amassed a total of 120000 which does sound lime a hell of a lot of points to earn, but in all honesty it has taken me little time because the surveys are regular to the point that I am getting 2 or 3 a day estimating between 1000 and a massive 40000 points which is my biggest to date and in doing so I thought I would share my knowledge of the site with you.

                          Test & Vote is run by To Luna, a market research company based in the French Capital of Paris and they specialise in conducting surveys and collecting opinions on the Internet. The Test & Vote panel currently consists of 600,000 members, and was set up conduct online surveys and gather opinions much in the way many other online sites are set up to do.

                          Membership of the Test & Vote panel is completely free and it is one of the most interactive websites that you will find online that will pay you for testing products - everything from footballs to PSP's, voting and replying to online surveys and taking part in little 'quick votes' which often require a one word answer.

                          The website address is www.testandvote.com. Membership is available to anyone from any country in the world with a language database of English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish which to me is pretty impressive and I am yet to find another website which is as accommodating. Another good point is that membership is not limited to one applicant per household, unlike a lot of online survey sites, so you are able to sign up all members of your household without a problem. There also appears to be no minimum age limit for membership.

                          The website can be described as mainly white (well the background is predominantly white) with splashing of black, yellow and light blue which make up the moon shaped logo. I have mentioned already that it is a very interactive website, and everything is laid out very clearly and well signposted so you don’t have to spend hour upon hour searching for anything.

                          So I have tried not to have a too bias view of test and vote but when you enjoy being a member of a site such as this it is very difficult not to rate it very highly. However to join simply go to home page and click on the Registration link which will take you to the online recruitment form. It's a simple and quick series of questions, which you will find, with every market research site you may have joined - name, address, age, sex, email address and then a few questions about your marital status and your income. You then choose a username and a password and you're all done, as easy as that. It takes less than five minutes in which time; you receive an email asking you to click on a link to activate your account.

                          You can now sign in and access your Test & Vote account. Upon singing in you will immediately notice that Test & Vote have given you 1,500 points just for joining their panel. You are then given the opportunity to increase your points by completing 13 further detailed questionnaires on subjects such as - homes, work, internet, finance, travel, video games, health, cosmetics, food & drink, media, sports, car and high technology), and each of them pays you 500 points. The one thing I would comment upon is that they are quite lengthy in terms of questioning so it definitely worth reading through them carefully before answering because your answers will qualify you for future surveys.

                          Once you have logged in you will see a series of links along the top of your web page which I used a quick link to certain areas within the site and those links are:

                          About – This will tell you all about Test & Vote and what they do

                          Registration – Once you are logged in you won’t actually be able to click on this link, but it is simply the link you use to register beforehand.

                          Personal Area – This is perhaps one of the most utilised parts of the website because contained within this section is the number of points you currently have and how you have accumulated them, the personal information which you offered upon signing up which can be changed at any time and finally your theme based profiles which again you can change your answers to should your prioritises and situations change.

                          Quick Votes – This contains all of your quick vote questions which is explained further on in this review

                          Test Area – This again is a short cut to the products currently available for testing and has been explained further in this review

                          Rewards – This section details the information about what rewards you can expect to achieve upon gaining 40.000 points.

                          So you volunteer your services and what do you get in reward? Well rewards for being a member of the Test & Vote panel are paid out in gift voucher system - either Amazon vouchers or Pixmania vouchers. Upon reaching 40,000 points you can cash them in for a £10.00 gift voucher. Yes 40,000 points sounds like a lot but when you consider that their average survey pays between 2,000 to 10,000 points, it really doesn't take too long to build up your point’s base and as I have already mentioned, I have had at least two surveys for 32-34000 points. Upon reaching your 40,000 points, you can use the Test & Vote online form to order your Amazon or Pixmania gift voucher. You'll receive an email from Test & Vote within approximately 3 to 4 weeks giving you the Amazon or Pixmania redemption code, much the same as Dooyoo.

                          With Test & Vote there is also an extra option to use your points to buy what they call ‘lottery tickets’ which go into the Test & Vote monthly prize draw to win a nice £350. You can buy lottery tickets at 1,500 points and enter, as many times as you like, but when you consider the vast number of members and do the maths, the chances of winning are quite remote, so my advice is to save your points and get the vouchers.

                          Test & Vote send survey invites by email. The survey invites are short and to the point - they always tell you how many points you will earn from taking the survey, but they don't always tell you the topic. The email will give you the survey link, there is no access to the survey from their website. Upon completion of the survey you will then be told that your account will be updated with the relevant points once the requirement of people taking the survey has been filled. This for me is good advice because it means the surveys don’t fill up too quickly and I am yet to be rejected due to my criteria matching being full.

                          I joined Test & Vote just over a year ago, and I've earned just over £120.00 in vouchers which is a great deal of books and DVDs and to play with from Amazon. Each survey has been different from the last and I have been surveyed on everything from deodorant and television adverts to film trailers and food items. It is the sheer uniqueness of this site, which keeps me as a member.

                          Another good thing to note about this site is that there are numerous other ways to bump up your point limit:

                          (1) Quick Votes are a series of 2-3 questions requiring just yes or no answers. Everytime you answer one of these you earn 15 points. If you click on the ‘quick vote’ section of the site you will note that there are about 30 of these questions to be answered and they do change them frequently so it is worth checking every now and again for new questions. A quick example of one of the questions is:

                          Q – Do you use shampoo and conditioner? To which you simply answer yes or no.

                          (2) About once a week Test & Vote will display one or two new products on Test Area. All you simply need to do is sign up to test the product and in doing so you earn yourself another 75 points per product. The trials are mainly for things like electronic items such as PSPs, confectionary and beauty products and often a few miscellaneous items. I am yet to be selected to test any of these products, but you evidently get an email letting you know if you have been selected for the test.

                          One of the quickest and easy ways to score points is to refer people to join. You earn 500 points for each and every person you introduce to Test & Vote. When the person you have referred registers, you will be notified by email that they have joined and that 500 points has been added to your account. Another good point to mention is that there is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

                          As for criticisms of the site… well they do take ages to answer any email you may send to one of the people in charge should you have a problem of some sort, but again this isn’t something you find totally unusual!

                          So do I recommend people joining Test & Vote? I think from this review you will have come to the conclusion that I most certainly do, it is one of the easiest websites to navigate yourself around and taking into account the fact that you can earn 15,000 points instantly from signing up and filling out a few yes or no answers.

                          ** MORE INFORMATION **

                          There is also a disclaimer on this website saying that your personal details will not be distributed to any third party. If you complete all thirteen questionnaires

                          To Luna
                          204, Rue de Crimee
                          75019 Paris

                          Email: question@testandvote.com
                          Website: www.testandvote.com or Parent Company: www.tolunapro.com
                          Phone Number: 1-800-262-5974


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                            07.04.2006 12:52
                            Very helpful



                            More ways to earn a little treat...

                            So besides writing reviews, my other favourite activity on the Internet is filling in surveys. Now, before you start to think that internet surveys are the route to making your millions, they aren’t but they will give you a little extra money in your pocket and give you an opportunity to have your say about new products that are coming on the market, or ideas that are coming out of various head offices.

                            One of my favourite sites is Test & Vote. Although not particularly the most frequent supplier of surveys, there is a pretty consistent flow. The surveys can be quick to complete, interesting and the real bonus are the additional features of being a member, which other survey sites do not offer.

                            How to sign up

                            So as it is an online survey site, it is not surprising that signing up is online! The website address is www.testandvote.com, if you want to join either head direct to the home page and click on the top tap titled ‘registration’, or if you are convinced then just go direct to http://www.testandvote.com/inscription.php?, either way you will come across a short questionnaire, which is promised to take 2 minutes. To be honest it probably takes less, its just a matter of entering standard details such as contact details, date of birth, selecting a username and password and a few further details to help them categorise you. Don’t forget to tick the box that states ‘I would like to participate in surveys’, if you don’t tick it you wont get any and will block a whole line of earning opportunities!!

                            Once all of your details are in, an email will be sent from test and vote to verify that you are a person who can click a link back to the site, rather than a virus sending random information to their site to create problems. All pretty standard stuff.

                            Why join?

                            Well, why not was my initial reasoning, but now that I have been a member for the past couple of years the reason I stay is because there are lots of opportunities to collect points, which can then be changed into an actual value in rewards. At the moment the rewards a pretty limited, well actually very limited, your choice of redemptions are either £10 Amazon vouchers, or you can use your points to enter into a prize draw where £1000 can be won. The level of choice is definitely where test and vote falls behind some of the other survey companies, but most people can find something they want on Amazon, so ultimately its not such a bad way to justify a treat!.

                            Once enough points have been earned (currently 40,000 for Amazon vouchers and 1000 for entries into the draw) you can cash them in. The results of the prize draw are announced on the site and updated after every draw, if you do choose to cash in your points for entries, the number of entries is only limited by the number of points you have, so multiple entries are possible should you wish. Personally I haven’t ever chosen to enter the draw, well apart from the free entry after registration, so I really cant vouch for it either way. I always opt to change my points into Amazon vouchers, sometimes when I reach the 40000 sometimes I wait to order more than one set at the same time (never a bad idea if you want to get free postage on Amazon!). But whatever you choose the vouchers will arrive in your inbox pretty quickly, normally in a day or two. All of the vouchers are valid for a year from the date that they are sent to you and are valid for Amazon.co.uk so are in pounds. I just checked through my history on the site, and to give you an idea of the amount you may be able to accumulate, in the past 6 months I have order 4 sets of Amazon vouchers, which equates to £40. So like I said not a huge earner, but not bad for a little bit of effort.

                            If you check around on the forums, a few months ago test and vote did receive quite a bit of bad press from their members, after test and vote decided overnight to change the amount of points you needed to accumulate in order to claim your voucher. I agree it wasn’t brilliant as so many people were within 100s of collecting their reward to log in one morning and find the goal posts move. To be honest I don’t think it was anything more sinister than test and vote updating their system, and all of the surveys I received after that date were for far higher amounts than previously, so it was quite proportional. The problem was, most people (me included) had filled in previous surveys under the old rate that weren’t cashed without any warning or adjustment to make things fare. So a bit naughty and really a little bit of communication from test and vote to its members would have settled people a bit. But, at the end of the day most members accepted the change and got on with accumulating points!

                            The key is to remember that not only do surveys get sent to your email address, but there are always lots of points to be picked up on the site itself. So keep checking back on the site to see if there are any points knocking around that may help you get to that 40000 points. Personally, I generally check about once a week, there is normally something to pick up some points around. So half a second logging in is normally worth it.

                            I’m registered now what?

                            So now you are all signed up, its time to explore a bit. The website is pretty straight forward and is limited to exactly what it needs to have on there, rather than pages and pages of waffle explaining the company! But, as there are points to be picked up all over the site, I will take you through each section, so that you don’t miss a trick!.

                            Once you are registered you are immediately given a free sign up bonus of 1500 points and a free entry into the prize draw. But unlike other companies you don’t need to now sit back and wait for the first survey to arrive, your chance to earn points starts right here!

                            1. Personal Area (pick up 6500 points plus 5000 bonus)

                            The first thing to do is to fill in what test and vote call their ‘theme-based profiles’, all of which can be found under personal area. There are 13 profiles to fill in and each takes probably 2-5 minutes to fill, so quite a substantial amount of time. But with 6500 points to gain, it really is a must, with a little bit of effort you are more than an 8th of the way to collecting your first voucher. These personal profiles surveys are used for test and vote to assess whether you will be suitable for different surveys, so if you don’t fill them in do not expect to receive too many surveys in your email account.

                            The topics of the theme-based profiles are as you might expect, designed to cover all aspects of life, from motoring to finance to lifestyle. If you don’t have the time to fill them all in, its not a problem, just pop back to the site when you have some free time and complete the rest. BUT do complete them all, once they are all completed you will receive an instant 5000 points. So without having to wait for one survey you now have 11,500 points…..So not a bad start!

                            2. Quick votes

                            Next to the ‘Personal’ tab is a rather mysterious tab titled ‘Quick Vote’. So what does a quick vote mean? Well to you it will mean another site based area to earn points, to test and vote these offer the opportunity to get specific information that they may require either to further profile you for future surveys or to find out the mass feeling on a specific question. The question is displayed on the page, if you click onto the question a new page opens with one question and a selection of possible answers. A typical question may be ‘Do you have a webcam’, when the new page opens there is simply a choice of yes or no, click on the one that suits you and then close the page, and 15 points will be credited to your account. Small I know, but every little bit counts and really for half a second its not really a huge effort!

                            Generally, these are updated quite randomly and left on the site for far longer than they probably require them to, so you may find that some of them already show the results without a chance to input your answer. One improvement that the site have made in the last couple of months is that it is now possible to distinguish between the questions you have already answered or have closed and the ones you can answer. Closed questions have writing that appears in light blue, questions that can be answered have black text. So unless there is a question that you are interested in the results of, only click on the black text questions. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time filtering through!

                            There are normally 6 shown on the page, but keep refreshing your page and they all rotate, so you may reveal plenty to answer and collect your 15 points for! As test and vote are ultimately a French company, sometimes some of the questions are in French by mistake, but as they are always quite basic questions its easy to stab in the dark at which you may select!

                            As with the profile surveys, your points for the quick votes are added instantly.

                            3. Test Area

                            Like the quick votes, the test area is an easy place to get a few extra points. For each test you register for 75 points are awarded. Just click on the register button next to the item to test and a new page will again open with two questions to answer 1. have you heard of this product 2 have you used this product, or something to that effect with a yes or no option for each. Of course in the ideal world you will be selected to actually test the item in question. But, so far I’ve never managed to be selected, which is a real shame as there are always some really good things to test, if you do get selected then you get to keep whatever is sent!. At the moment there are 5 underway:

                            1. Mint and chocolate tea (ok not brilliant but still something to test!)

                            2. Motorolla Razr V3 mobile (now we are talking!)

                            3. Coffeemaker Senseo – Philips (well who wouldn’t want a free coffee machine!)

                            4. Electrostimulation AB Gymnic (could be funny to test)

                            5. Puma rugbyboll (well maybe not my dream thing to test but Im sure someone would love to!)

                            So as you can see there can be some good things to test, but I think there are only ever a few tests sent out and quite a lot of us answering the same two questions to register our interest. So it’s a bit of a lottery, but who cares you get 75 points regardless, and if you do end up getting something to test too, then that is a bonus!

                            So that covers all of the areas to pick up points on the site, the last way to earn points is through the surveys, which as I said earlier are sent directly to your email address. Simply click on the link and fill it in. Generally I have found that all of the surveys I have started I have been accepted into, rather than the trick that some surveys use of getting you to spend ten minutes filling parts of a survey to suddenly be told that you don’t fit their profile! Test and vote appear to have already ensured that you do fit, as I said I personally have found that every survey I have started I have finished so that is a tick for test and vote.

                            Survey length, well it really is a case of how long is a piece of string I’m afraid! Most are around 5-10 minutes I guess, but I have done some that have taken much longer. But the rewards are fair, the lowest number of points I have received is 5000 points which equates to £1.25 (I think!) while the most is 25000, which is roughly about £6. So not bad!

                            The topics are varied and so far I have enjoyed them all, so again worth doing. Topics can be regarding shopping habits, credit cards, cars, movie clips, well just about anything!.

                            But all said although I really like test and vote, they are not perfect. One problem can be the length of time it takes to receive the credit for a survey. Unlike the tests and quick votes, the surveys are not paid out immediately, and the length of time it takes to receive the credit can be months, or can equally be days, it varies that much! So keep a list of the surveys you have completed and just check that you are getting credited (eventually) for your input.

                            So, I would say go for it join up, don’t forget to check on the site for extra points and enjoy the surveys! And if you do start to enjoy the site and surveys, get some friends to join and receive another 500 points for them joining!

                            Contact Details
                            Website: www.testandvote.com
                            Email: question@testandvote.com
                            Phone Number: 1-800-262-5974

                            To Luna
                            204, Rue de Crimée
                            75019 Paris


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                              04.01.2006 22:59
                              Very helpful



                              A great site for earning a few extras

                              Spending a lot of time on the internet i decided to try and make it worthwhile and get a few rewards from it, so i signed up for a few survey sites etc and one of them is Test and Vote. Test and Vote is part of the To Luna Network.

                              I found out about it through another site i am a member of so when i saw there was an earning possiblility i thought why not have a look.

                              So i followed the link and came to their registration page and in a matter of minutes i was a member.

                              There are several areas you can visit first of all there is the personal area where you can get a current update of your account and find out how many points you have and how you earned them as there is an itemised listing of all the points you earn here. Here is where you can also redeem your points but in order to do this you need a minimum of 40,000 points and you are able to trade in for a £10.00 Amazon voucher or a £10.00 Pixmania voucher.

                              If you wish to you can convert your points into entries into the montly draw in which you have a chance of winning £1,000 and the cost of each entry is 1,500 points.

                              The next area is called the quick vote areas where you will be faced with aproximately 30 quick vote questions and its easy to answer just click on the question and give your answer each of these will earn you 15 points not much i know but they soon mount up.

                              Next is the test area where there are products available to be tested and you can register to be in with a chance to test them and each time you register to test you earn 75 points and if you are lucky enough to be chosen to test a product you will be notified by email, sadly i have not been lucky enough yet but who knows.

                              There are also surveys to be done too and you will be notified by email when a survey is available and the reward for each survey can vary. To be in with a chance of having more surveys sent to you, you should fill in your peronal profile by going to the personal area and clicking on "Your Theme Based Profiles" this will take you to a page with a lot of topics on it and for each topic that you fill in you will be awarded with 500 points

                              Apart from the above you can also earn extra points by recommending your friends to join and if they join from the link sent by you, you will earn 500 points.

                              So far i have not reached the minium but i hope to do so soon, to me this is a good site ok i know it can take you ages to raise the points but to me its killing some lonely time i have in my house whilst my parnter is out working and my son is in bed.


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